An Idiot Abroad 3 DVD Promotions

  • Published on Dec 14, 2012
  • Ricky, Karl and Warwick get together to promote the DVD edition of the three An Idiot Abroad specials - coming soon.
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  • Vilkku
    Vilkku 6 years ago +261

    I love how Gervais is always having a time of his life when making videos with Karl. He anticipates every sentence because you never know when another comedic gold pops out of his mouth.

  • 1Kilili
    1Kilili 6 years ago +209

    It's really kind of cute how Karl habitually qualifies everyone as "little".. little Gay fellas, little Chinese fellas, littleToby

    • Tom Valentine
      Tom Valentine 3 months ago

      It's funny ricky always said little karl but ricky is wayy shorter than Pilky

    • William Moore
      William Moore 8 months ago +3

      Wendy's little programme

    • Wajih bec
      Wajih bec Year ago

      Just like Zack Hadel

    • LewisTheGrim
      LewisTheGrim Year ago +1

      @Jeremy C Their little races

    • jm
      jm Year ago +6

      @Jeremy C Give em a game of swingball

  • Daisy Chambers
    Daisy Chambers 8 years ago +181

    4:34 - was beautiful. xD Karl laughing at what he just said was so funny! He was like a child who just got some praise from a parent XD 4:45 - Karl was so pleased with himself xD!!

    • Ant D
      Ant D Year ago +2

      I see someone was going through the same Karl Pilkington rabbit hole 6 years ago

    • Edward V
      Edward V 3 years ago +1

      @Hairy Chinese Kid, have you gotten the eczema and the boil fixed?

    • W8 M4N
      W8 M4N 3 years ago +1

      Hahaha it's killing me!!! 😂😂

    • Jamie T
      Jamie T 6 years ago +2

      +Daisy Chambers Amazing moment hahaaa. This made my day.

  • Saul Richardson
    Saul Richardson 9 years ago +22

    I love it when Karl says something intentionally funny knowing why it's funny. And then the look of joy as he realises Warwick and Ricky find it funny.

  • joesatts93
    joesatts93 9 years ago +27

    Hahahaa, i love it when Karl laughs. It's just like seeing a baby that's been told he's done something right for the first time.

  • Formative 3D
    Formative 3D 5 years ago +5

    What I like about Karl, well one of the things, is that he hardly ever used to laugh but as the various shows he did progressed he started to realize that people aren't laughing AT him but rather the things he says and I guess it makes him feel good about himself and valued. He knows he's not as famous as Ricky and Steve but, in some cases, he's certainly funnier than Ricky and he's demonstrated that many a time.

  • sk0vern
    sk0vern 8 years ago +6

    The way Karl looks up at 4:18 when Ricky leans in killed me, like he was getting into character

  • WhatsTomatoWithYou
    WhatsTomatoWithYou 6 years ago +4

    Karls look round to make sure it was funny and okay to laugh when he says HMV.COM gets me everytime

  • Vall
    Vall 5 months ago +3

    I got the box set for Christmas and it's the best gift I've ever got haha 😂 the first series is pure gold

  • Toldplay
    Toldplay 9 years ago +10

    I love how pleased Karl looks with himself as they all laugh hahah

  • vedicardi
    vedicardi 9 years ago +5

    I love it when Karl makes a joke that even he laughs at

  • -----
    ----- 5 years ago +401

    'I thought HMV were closed' 😂

    • Oliver Holmes-Gunning
      Oliver Holmes-Gunning 3 months ago

      the timing on that was absolutely perfect

    • Pat Buchanan
      Pat Buchanan Year ago +1

      *folds hands*

    • DaGleese
      DaGleese Year ago +2

      Tbh so did I

    • !?
      !? 2 years ago +5

      Always been ahead of his time

    • Luke Allen
      Luke Allen 4 years ago +3

      I think he’s thinking of That’s Entertainment

  • Isle of Self
    Isle of Self Year ago +5

    I like how Ricky just observes Karl waiting for something crazy to come out of his mouth.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 8 years ago +2

    this show is great! if you haven't seen Life's too Short, you have to watch it! warwick, steve and ricky. u can't lose.

  • Darren Kelly
    Darren Kelly 9 years ago +39

    I just headed on over to Amazon to give it a 1 star review, signed by Toby from Worcestershire.... Someone had already beat me to it!!

  • Chris Sayer Anderson
    Chris Sayer Anderson 2 years ago +13

    “Dead mans shoes”is a bonafide classic he is right there. Five stars 🌟

    • Oliver Holmes-Gunning
      Oliver Holmes-Gunning 3 months ago +1

      was about to comment the same thing, one of the best performances I've seen in recent years

  • Mr Upshot
    Mr Upshot 6 years ago +31

    He is completely right, the whole concept of the people who made something trying to sell it to you and telling you why it's good; it's kind of pointless. Get in John Hurt!

  • Sam Mullett
    Sam Mullett 5 years ago +3

    love when Karl laughs 😂

  • Bezo Razo
    Bezo Razo 7 years ago +2

    I've never before heard Ricky sincerely concur so much with what Karl had to say. Made for a nice change :-)

  • cydonie miles
    cydonie miles Year ago +8

    "You'll die without seeing some conjoined twins. I won't" --- That's some wise statement right there!

  • MayerHendrix
    MayerHendrix 8 years ago +2

    Essentially yes! Ironically, HMV almost failed too. It's shares fell in the stock market and it almost went out of business. But I think someone invested around 50 million in it and it was saved!

  • Princess Pentagram
    Princess Pentagram 5 years ago +2

    He's there to promote a DVD and he is more concerned with asking I thought hmv closed then he laughs at the end classic Karl he's funny without even trying :)

  • I'll be dead but never dying.

    Karl looking around for approval after he made them both laugh. Brilliant.

  • Whaltteri
    Whaltteri 4 years ago +3

    "If you don't like it just ignore it, don't write about it, write about what you like" I wish more people were like that

  • MKN
    MKN 9 years ago

    Absolutely amazing. But WHYYY was there only 3 episodes?!
    I'd do ANYTHING for more Idiot abroad series to keep being made!

  • Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith 8 years ago +2

    I love Ricky and his laugh haha

  • Cheesyboy Goother
    Cheesyboy Goother 9 years ago

    I think Karl and Warwick made a good team! I would like to see another series with the two! :>

  • RandomLooney
    RandomLooney 9 years ago

    by far the best show on science channel....wish it could keep going

  • Spannerific
    Spannerific 9 years ago

    Thanks Ricky for introducing this absolute gem to the world.

  • jim
    jim 6 years ago +42

    Karl's right. Dead Mans Shoes is a great film.

  • jackson12016
    jackson12016 7 years ago +45

    4:40 Karl enjoying himself, a rare sight.

  • the virus
    the virus 7 months ago

    Love that Karl mentioned 'Dead man's shoes'. Great, great film.

  • julius caesar
    julius caesar Month ago

    Karl is once again right, this time about the viewer advertising a show and the impact that would make on potential viewers.

  • Dream Walker
    Dream Walker 3 years ago +1

    Karl & Warwicks faces in the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ohhhh I’d piss my pants. Loveeee Ricky’s laugh omg I’d love just ONE day with them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Coombes
    Chris Coombes 5 years ago

    Great to see Karl laughing

  • Elle Sutherland
    Elle Sutherland 6 years ago +4

    Love karl pilkington makes me laugh sooo much

  • JGMusicShow ★
    JGMusicShow ★ 7 years ago +76

    Ricky's outfit is stealing the show a little bit.

    • Tegan Boundy
      Tegan Boundy 23 days ago

      @Joey Lock mate he looks amazing in those lol.

    • Robert Davies
      Robert Davies Year ago

      @Isle of Self tugboats

    • Isle of Self
      Isle of Self Year ago

      I like the shoes

    • Voluntasartem
      Voluntasartem 3 years ago +4

      Daddy tbh

    • Joey Lock
      Joey Lock 6 years ago +4

      At least he's wearing something other than the tight black lowcut collar shirts he always seems to wear.

  • Jameel
    Jameel 7 months ago +2

    "I thought hmv had closed" cracked me the fuck up cause ive been hearing that for the past 10 years

  • Larry Bushey
    Larry Bushey 4 years ago

    1 of the rare moments Karl has a good laugh.

  • SR1Records
    SR1Records 5 years ago

    Dead Man's Shoes is an amazing film! My second favourite film of all time!

  • Sharon Sloan
    Sharon Sloan 6 years ago +2

    Ive watched this loads just to see karl laugh!!

  • JamBamRam
    JamBamRam Year ago

    Honestly I would have loved to see Karl and Ricky around the world together

  • Arcadiac
    Arcadiac 9 years ago

    I cant wait for this season to air!

  • Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew Day ago

    First time I have seen Karl laugh 😂😂😂

  • The Male Role Model
    The Male Role Model 7 years ago

    I love when karl gets into stuff

  • Aran
    Aran 9 years ago +1

    Look at how happy Karl is at 4:40.

  • Toni Tuesday
    Toni Tuesday 9 years ago

    I LOVE him when he smiles

  • Greenman422
    Greenman422 Year ago

    Warwick is a great human being and a great talent.

  • Luke Allen
    Luke Allen 4 years ago +3

    I just witnessed Karl laughing

  • leo mason
    leo mason 8 years ago

    Brilliant watching Karl laugh

  • karina andersen
    karina andersen 2 years ago

    Love Karl laughing

  • Samuel B
    Samuel B Year ago +1

    Imagine if Ricky went instead of Warwick it would have been the best show ever made.

  • Joey Lock
    Joey Lock 6 years ago +1

    Pressing 4:26 over and over again creates the sort of effect Ricky was going for.

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc 8 years ago +5

    "You'll die without seeing some conjoined twins; I won't."

  • Olly Baby
    Olly Baby 7 years ago

    Hahaha can't resist Ricky! The Russian part was pretty good!

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 9 years ago +1

    Warwick Davis is so awesome!

  • 2-Bit Gaming
    2-Bit Gaming 5 years ago +2

    I love Karl's little laugh its so cute.

  • MrStraightGrizzly
    MrStraightGrizzly 9 years ago

    Wow, Karl really has come out of his shell since his XFM days.

  • Wildfire
    Wildfire 5 years ago +7

    It's funny that Rick says "Karl doesn't like adventure, doesn't wanna do anything, and Warwick is always up for it and never says no"
    Yet anyone that watched the series knows the Karl did all the shit, did everything while Warwick did hardly anything.

    • Rob _
      Rob _ 3 years ago

      @Sick Of It I've never had a kite

    • Christine Kennedy
      Christine Kennedy 5 years ago


    • Sick Of It
      Sick Of It 5 years ago +4

      i loved it when Karl had him strung up in the baloons, i know he was really just there to wind up Karl, but to be fair he would of done my head in too lol

  • Reno!
    Reno! 8 years ago +7

    Oh my life, the HMV one was incredible

  • Matthew Bragg
    Matthew Bragg 9 years ago

    I think he knows what he's doing and he knows what people find funny, I think of him more as a great comedian rather than just an idiot :)

  • elPrimerSimio
    elPrimerSimio 9 years ago

    warwick davis double take @5:02 killed me

  • Sophie Davis
    Sophie Davis 9 years ago +3

    Karls laugh!!!

  • Zerth
    Zerth 9 years ago

    4:44 Karl is right pleased with himself.

  • Joe Fangers
    Joe Fangers 5 years ago

    Ricky, from a commercial point of view, must have realised at some point that investing in Karl would be an investment with diminishing returns. Karl is, for all his 'twonkness', far more widely travelled than Ricky will ever be.

  • thebossman222
    thebossman222 9 years ago

    I'm ordering this today, this was fucking hilarious xD Karl running with strings attached to him, GASPING, karl in a clown outfit, panda costume, this looks so funny.

  • Stefan
    Stefan 9 years ago

    Karl: I thought HMV was closed?
    Gotta love his blunt honesty.

  • Jamie T
    Jamie T 6 years ago +5

    4:32 Look at his little face!

  • S Rahman
    S Rahman 5 years ago +1

    Karl is going to kill Ricky Gervais by making laugh to death someday.

  • TravellingBlade
    TravellingBlade Month ago

    I love that Karl likes Dead Man’s Shoes. I love that film even more now.

  • Wezzz
    Wezzz 8 years ago +1

    Karl is one lucky man! I think he is maybe the only man in film industry, who can speak honestly, even when he makes the DVD promotions.

  • leo reece
    leo reece 9 years ago

    Karl's face is brilliant when he booms "HMV.COM" haha

  • Bumble Douche
    Bumble Douche 6 years ago +15

    "It was a tragedy but he liked it" lol

  • Adrian Siska
    Adrian Siska 9 years ago

    These shows are great, but now we desperately need a movie with Karl in leading role.

  • Forward path
    Forward path 2 years ago

    Would love a season 4 of The Ricky Gervais Show but with clips of Karl and Steve insults lol

  • reallyfunnyusername
    reallyfunnyusername 9 years ago

    They should do one with all karl, steve and ricky travelling together!

  • SkaterVinceyy
    SkaterVinceyy 9 years ago +1

    when Karl smiles he looks even more like an egg! :D

  • Lumisatmi
    Lumisatmi 8 years ago

    4:22 That just might be the best commercial for any TV show ever... Fucking priceless.

  • IFailAtEverything
    IFailAtEverything 9 years ago

    I want Karl to hot something, like an awards evening. He'd just go on stage and say " 'alright"

  • J J
    J J Year ago +1

    Pure Gold🌟

  • rbeck3200tb40
    rbeck3200tb40 2 years ago +1

    Ricky looks like he got his wardrobe from satan
    Karl looks like he got dressed in the dark at a thrift store
    Warrick looks like he raided an 6 year old's closet

  • Robert Gerrard
    Robert Gerrard 3 months ago +1

    Little Bald headed buffoon but he is and he's great 👍. His stuff with Ricky and Steven Merchant is classic.The Ricky Gervais show is brilliant 👏 😀 with the animation that's like Hanna Barberra aka The Flinstones

  • thehoneybadger1223
    thehoneybadger1223 5 years ago +113

    *out of tune Czechoslovakian piano music plays*
    Ricky:-Nonsensical deep mutterings
    Karl: HMV.COM!

  • Marvin Werner
    Marvin Werner 5 years ago

    This was officially the best!

  • OwtDaftUK
    OwtDaftUK 8 years ago +7

    I'd like to see an idiot abroad series where they do the UK overseas territories, so Falkland islands and they could stop off at Argentina before hand, Gibraltar and stop by at Spain before hand, Virgin Islands and they could go piss off Beardy Branson on Necker Island before hand.

    • dom85ross
      dom85ross 4 years ago +2

      OwtDaftUK that sounds.....shite

  • Atsu
    Atsu 9 years ago

    Karl's laugh! :)

  • Mon Frere Second Channel

    "Just talk about the stuff you do like" "Hang on you never do that" :')

  • Helene Finlayson
    Helene Finlayson 4 years ago

    I need to meet Karl love him lmao

  • Alex Crocker
    Alex Crocker Year ago

    “I thought HMV had closed” 😂😂

  • Tobbe E
    Tobbe E 8 years ago

    04:31, I never get enough of it :).

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens 6 years ago +1

    'Warwick never says no....' He does, always.

  • Exoamylase
    Exoamylase 9 years ago +12

    Never mind your beard, Where've you been for 3 days?!

  • L
    L 8 years ago

    "jesus christ it's like a primark sale" hahahaha

  • Lord Basil
    Lord Basil 9 years ago

    I'm glad Karl liked Dead Man's Shoes, it's a great film.

    CENTRA STUDIOS 7 years ago +4

    half way through it ''....i thought HMV are closed.'' lmfao

  • Tyrant O'Fynder
    Tyrant O'Fynder Year ago

    I'd give him a million 🌟's if I could.

  • Capt. Slightly Blue Beard

    "I thought HVM had closed?" haha lol so did I to be honest.

  • pictureperfect06
    pictureperfect06 4 years ago

    Didn’t know Karl liked Dead Mans Shoes. Great movie 😂

  • MayerHendrix
    MayerHendrix 8 years ago

    His Master's Voice, abbreviated HMV, is a trademark in the music business, and for many years was the name of a large record label. It has retail outlets in most British towns and cities and sells CD's, DVD's and games.

  • Mythagoras
    Mythagoras 9 years ago

    Haha Karl "Ive got a picture to prove it." You also have a DVD series to prove it, lol