• Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • ►Last day of the holiday break and it's a good one!
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  • Marisa Pitarresi
    Marisa Pitarresi 5 days ago

    what’s the name of the game they were playing @7:40? it seemed like the were just saying random words. is it supposed what all the objects have in common? srry for the dumb question, never heard of it before

  • Hazel O Kelly
    Hazel O Kelly 12 days ago


  • lottery Smith
    lottery Smith 18 days ago

    I eat kiwis like that thought I was the only one

  • Steph L-C
    Steph L-C 23 days ago

    Jo said croissant right, we don't pronounce the "t" at then end ;)

  • Bobin 30
    Bobin 30 25 days ago

    I have go the same teddy as dianna you get them from the national parks xx

  • Grace May
    Grace May 26 days ago

    Ayyyy mark and rina.. hamburger cheese burger lettuce and tomato

  • Suirge& Marley
    Suirge& Marley 28 days ago

    My ex was like that lol. .

  • Katie White
    Katie White 28 days ago +2

    Awww You look so chuffed watching them play that game after you were out. I'm so glad you found someone who makes you so happy!

  • Lucy Evans
    Lucy Evans 29 days ago

    My brother eats kiwi like that and my dad calls him a “bloody weirdo”

  • Lucy Evans
    Lucy Evans 29 days ago

    Love double/spot it

  • Lucy Evans
    Lucy Evans 29 days ago

    Me as an Aussie listening to joe say croissant had me dead.

  • Nicola Prince
    Nicola Prince Month ago

    Hey Joe, a person called Grackle on TheXvid eats her kiwis like that


    18:18 did anyone notice the flash

  • Edman25
    Edman25 Month ago +6

    Don't lie to us, Joe, you've seen her naked at some point 😂

  • ArianaGrande6090 MSP
    ArianaGrande6090 MSP Month ago +11

    I love that Joe's picking up the Australian accent. Was I the only one that noticed that?😅

  • Jayden Purkiss
    Jayden Purkiss Month ago

    What was the game that they were playing and where can I get it !!!!!

  • Samantha Ludlow
    Samantha Ludlow Month ago

    Did you know pheasant taste like chicken 😂

  • Nikki Merch
    Nikki Merch Month ago

    2:53 that's swap not be a bee 😂😂😂

  • martha solomon
    martha solomon Month ago

    i really hope joe's watch was waterproof it kinda gave me anxitey whilst he was sitting in the hot tub

  • L K
    L K Month ago +1

    YOUR’E THE ONLY OTHER PERSON IVE SEEN EAT KIWIS LIKE THAT! it’s so good!! And so much easier!

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams Month ago

    I didn’t know Rolex are waterproof

  • Cecilia Wiser
    Cecilia Wiser Month ago

    Lol in Kansas we hunt pheasants!!!

  • carrona
    carrona Month ago +2

    Joe. Your French pronunciation of “croissant” is absolutely perfect. 👌 👍 You’ll find many non-French speakers just can’t get their heads around the proper way to say the word - so they pronounce it incorrectly with a hard ‘T’ at the end.
    Don’t change the way you say it!

  • Not a player
    Not a player Month ago

    I`m gonna get a copyright strike is a good excuse to stop Dianne`s singing)))

  • nabeela 07
    nabeela 07 Month ago

    Joe: how do you cut the sea in half?
    Dianne: with a mermaid tail
    Joe: nope, with a sea-sore
    Me: cringe😅😶

  • Kayleigh Williams
    Kayleigh Williams Month ago


  • Charlotte Wallis
    Charlotte Wallis Month ago +3

    Nothing I love more than seeing them dance together😩❤️

  • mplwy
    mplwy Month ago

    I know what a fireplace smells like, I don't want to smell it. LOL! Be glad that one closes but you can still watch the flames. 😂

  • mplwy
    mplwy Month ago

    Don't ask me what the fascination is but, yes, most of us girls should have been dermatologists. 🤣

  • Sophie Louise
    Sophie Louise Month ago

    The 'croissant' part reminded me of how everyone jokes about how Tom Holland says it like that 😂 I think that's just how we mostly pronounce it in the UK, because I do too. We go for French-ish pronunciation, whereas America and Australia tend to go more for how it's written

  • Xxthebestascentx_ .x

    Wer ist auch Deutsch?

  • Jon Gregory
    Jon Gregory Month ago

    also, tough to get your luggage in isn't it? ;-P

  • Jon Gregory
    Jon Gregory Month ago

    Joe, hot tubs are also super awesome when it's snowing as well! Even better than rain.

  • Mia
    Mia Month ago

    ooo Di and I have the same ring!!!

  • Sloth
    Sloth Month ago +7

    “They think cars are their friends” 😂
    We love you Phill the Pheasant 😂💗
    Love you Joe and Dianne 💗

  • kaitlyn XXX
    kaitlyn XXX Month ago

    “Don’t damage the earth cause plastic”

  • Lucy Pringle
    Lucy Pringle Month ago

    OMG I have that game

  • could u not
    could u not Month ago

    What about the BEE?

  • Reece Brandish
    Reece Brandish Month ago

    Dianne let your down

  • Lola Step
    Lola Step Month ago

    Joe how was meeting Diane’s parents for the first time? :))))

  • Lilly Martin
    Lilly Martin Month ago

    People find shark teeth at that beach

  • Laura Borchardt
    Laura Borchardt Month ago +2

    I pick at my husband's back too! I thought I was the only one haha

  • Rosemary Boyer
    Rosemary Boyer Month ago +1

    Joe you stink of poo LOL

  • Lizzie Campbell
    Lizzie Campbell Month ago +2

    Having the door slam behind me whilst putting the bins out and I was in my pj's.. No key, had to knock on my neighbours door for the spare key on the main road in my bright pink pj's...

  • aquablushgirl
    aquablushgirl Month ago +2

    That is the correct way to say croissant Joe. Aussie's and Americans pronounce the R and the T (which is wrong). Best said with a crap 'Allo 'Allo accent.

  • Lillie Hirst
    Lillie Hirst Month ago +1

    This made me miss home! I’m currently living in Australia and used to work at CG. this each is where I grew up and I’ve been gone a few years, gosh I miss it! I especially miss my hotel!!!

  • Aidan Pond
    Aidan Pond Month ago

    I fell in a swamp river when I ran down a hill after a football

  • ThatSophie95xX
    ThatSophie95xX Month ago +3

    Rina: “You get back here!!!”
    Cracked me up

  • Holly Loveland
    Holly Loveland Month ago

    The Mark n Rina Macarena insert will NEVER get old

  • Olivia Bent
    Olivia Bent Month ago


  • Noelle K
    Noelle K Month ago

    I can’t wait for joe and dianne to take on australia! Theyre freaking adorable

  • Chris Ferdinando
    Chris Ferdinando Month ago

    I love spot it!

  • Tonje Karlsen
    Tonje Karlsen Month ago

    Joe! You forgot to take off your watch😁

  • amyowen88
    amyowen88 Month ago

    Squoggy? Is that a squishy/soggy hybrid? Hahah

  • Ariana Norton
    Ariana Norton Month ago +1

    SO weird hearing Aussie accents in a vlog!! Love it though

  • Claire Frances
    Claire Frances Month ago +3

    I've never seen anything more Australian than Dianne's Dad in a Bintang singlet

  • Aubreigh Meyers
    Aubreigh Meyers Month ago +1

    Cutest couple by far

  • Hannah Steedman
    Hannah Steedman Month ago

    it’s not quite perth in scotland

  • katiemary_ 99
    katiemary_ 99 Month ago +6

    10:00 I can't be the only one who noticed Joe call Dianne dot. Which is something her family call her, that's so cute honestly 💕💕

    • katiemary_ 99
      katiemary_ 99 Month ago

      @mplwy nahh it's just a cute nickname her family made for her which Joe seems to have picked up on

    • mplwy
      mplwy Month ago

      Yeah but I thought Dot was short for Dorothy.

  • MarieLin
    MarieLin Month ago +5

    Also can I just say how much I have been enjoying your vlogs, Joe, Dianne just makes them so lovely!

  • Rose Payne
    Rose Payne Month ago +4

    Joe and Tom Holland with their “croissant”

  • MarieLin
    MarieLin Month ago

    "Phil fly the pheasant guy.... PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL" ha!

  • Danielle Connor
    Danielle Connor Month ago

    Give the honey bee a teaspoon of sugar and water or a bit of honey! :)

  • Jen H
    Jen H Month ago

    I've never seen you naked! 😏😏😏

  • Julianne Wilkinson
    Julianne Wilkinson Month ago

    What the hell is a QUAS-ON....

  • Jessica Boswell
    Jessica Boswell Month ago

    You guys are so cute❤️

  • Mary V. C.
    Mary V. C. Month ago

    Your jokes are so "dad-jokes" 😂 still funny tho

  • Cerys Griffiths
    Cerys Griffiths Month ago

    Kiss kiss kiss Kiss......

  • Leah Brownie
    Leah Brownie Month ago +1

    I eat kiwis like that too

  • Leah’s Life
    Leah’s Life Month ago +1

    Love you guys!!! Xxxx

  • Jade Lauren
    Jade Lauren Month ago +4

    It feels like yesterday when Joe and Dianne went to the treehouse for the first time, we were all desperate for rare early days official Joanne content and now look! Loving these vlogs ❤️

  • Joanna Ashfield
    Joanna Ashfield Month ago +1

    My most embarrassing moment today was when I burst out crying in front of my friends 😭😭😭😭

  • Jade Miller-Squires

    Love bite on Diane’s boob. Or strange placed bruise🧐

  • Leora Milner
    Leora Milner Month ago +1

    And people mock when Tom Holland says quackson, smh

  • Kiera Webbber
    Kiera Webbber Month ago

    That’s gross ! 😂😂😂😂

  • Katherine cumming
    Katherine cumming Month ago

    i thought i was the only one who could eat a Kiwi like that omg 🥝

  • simona mirela stoica

    Joe!!!!you are supposed to peel the kiwi boy!!! Google it!

  • Dee
    Dee Month ago +2

    Dianne: "Listen to the way Joe says croissant."
    Joe: "Quakson."
    Me: "QUAKSON CLAKSON EVERYBODY! Joe takes after Tom Holland. Maybe it's a British thing."

  • Heartz
    Heartz Month ago +2

    Fun fact: my mum actually had an uncle named bob and an aunt named fanny

  • Rachel B •Farmiga Fan•

    It's a shame you took Dianne's parents to Chewton Glen but then came back a night early. I would have been pretty disappointed lol

  • Peaony温凯仪
    Peaony温凯仪 Month ago +1

    4:54 > I say (kw-ah-s-on) and I'm also Britsh so maybe it's a British thing, I don't know...

  • Lib And Ed Gamez
    Lib And Ed Gamez Month ago +23

    Joe: "Mark and Rina!"
    *plays macerana*
    I lost it every time 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Martha Howe
    Martha Howe Month ago

    That place looks beautiful,Joe x

  • little miss buswell

    oft i'm excited for christmas 😂❤️

  • The Artist's Store Melbourne

    Americano has seen better days.

  • Danielle Cheddesingh
    Danielle Cheddesingh Month ago +3

    4:27 he also says QUACKSON!!😂🤣😂😄

  • Grace Goater
    Grace Goater Month ago

    Do you know what we need?????
    Mark and Rena TheXvid channel!!!
    Omg that would be the best!! 😂😂🥰

  • Crumble Cat
    Crumble Cat Month ago

    My embarrassing moment today is that I was driving home (I’m a learner) and I saw a group of people from my class and they all watched me drive past. May not sound embarrassing to you but i was freaking out! Haha

  • Alicyn Senior
    Alicyn Senior Month ago

    He says croissant like Tom Holland 😂😂😂

  • Natalie Dedu
    Natalie Dedu Month ago

    Joe thinks there only pheasant in the uk😂

  • Imi Jones
    Imi Jones Month ago +2

    WE NEED JOE TO COME TO PERTH!!!! still can't believe that somebody mildly famous has come out of our tiny town. (bar troy sivan but still)

  • Sophie Z.
    Sophie Z. Month ago

    I love Dobble!

  • deaser92
    deaser92 Month ago

    21:32. I thought Dianne was necking neat vodka for a second!!

  • Lilli Krapljanov
    Lilli Krapljanov Month ago

    Best beaches are in Perth!!! Represent!

  • Luna Mystic
    Luna Mystic Month ago

    Barely being able to talk when meeting Jacob Elordi

  • Jessica k
    Jessica k Month ago

    the rain you got there, destroyed our whole village in Germany yesterday...lovely -.-

  • nicholas fraser
    nicholas fraser Month ago

    Not the brightest family in the world 😂

  • Finn Jones
    Finn Jones Month ago

    Is Joe sponsored by moncler 😂😂

  • Georgie Stott
    Georgie Stott Month ago +3

    Half an hour vlog of joe and the buswells, nothing can beat that 💕

  • Jess5_11
    Jess5_11 Month ago +1

    Never seen such a competitive game of Dobble hahahah