Chivalry - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
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    #comedy #cyanide&happiness #chivalry
    M'lady approaches!!!
    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Mike Salcedo
    Screenplay By: Kris Wilson
    Story By: Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Dave McElfatrick, Mike Salcedo, Connor Murphy
    Voice Actors:
    Fancy Gentleman 1: Bill Jones
    Fancy Gentleman 2: Geoff Galt
    Fancy Gentleman 3: Mike Salcedo
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Animation: Alex Anderson Kenney, Bill Jones
    Character Design: Jerald Lewis
    Background Art: Denise Magdale
    Animatic: Geoff Galt
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Sound Editor/Mixer: Ben Governale
    Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
    Music: Steve Lehmann
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Explosm - Autumn Soeder
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 328

  • Always Fabulous
    Always Fabulous 34 minutes ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 omg I'm ded.

  • Blizzard Blast101
    Blizzard Blast101 4 hours ago +1

    I thought they would point out chivalry has barely anything to do with woman.

  • sma flotcher
    sma flotcher 8 hours ago


  • TheSaltKing 4272
    TheSaltKing 4272 8 hours ago

    And not even a thank you?! *RIOT*

  • Keira Beauty
    Keira Beauty 10 hours ago


  • Vishakha kanojiya
    Vishakha kanojiya 10 hours ago

    In the end she is "her lady"....!

  • XxFarmingSimulatorFanxX

    *M I L A D Y*

  • Ra'ees Bello
    Ra'ees Bello 11 hours ago


  • Helen P
    Helen P 11 hours ago

    Of course... because no man can be polite with a woman without having the intention of having something with her, right?... ugh... You throw stones to yourselves with all this bullshit.

  • KSloyan
    KSloyan 15 hours ago

    There's no island in the middle of the Atlantic... lol

  • shadusnox
    shadusnox 18 hours ago

    The problems with chivalry.....
    Guys only being nice to women to try and get laid isn't chivalry, despite what they might think.
    Women are supposed to be nice and polite back, chivalry goes both ways.
    Rude women insisting any kind deed done for them belittles them, and guys thinking with their dicks is what has killed chivalry. : (

  • Byron Washingtonjr
    Byron Washingtonjr 21 hour ago

    The girl everybody was helping

  • Ɓяαηɗ Ɓяαηɗ Ƥσωєяѕ

    This is how white girls play men

  • Professional Player
    Professional Player 22 hours ago

    29 my ladies are heard.

  • PoJostale _
    PoJostale _ 23 hours ago

    I love how the raft said 8008135

  • Kiuxey
    Kiuxey Day ago

    Mylady! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tiper Loc
    Tiper Loc Day ago +1

    I've watched few of those trolley episodes and I want to murder the driver. Things he says and his voice are too damn annoying.

  • PolarNinja23
    PolarNinja23 Day ago

    This is the reason why Chivalry is dead.

  • Audesy Ysabelle
    Audesy Ysabelle Day ago

    A tale of incel men

  • Peter Marsella
    Peter Marsella Day ago

    This is literally just the r/niceguys subreddit

    ÇÔPYRÏGHTS Day ago +1


  • Phantomy Boi
    Phantomy Boi Day ago


  • Enzo Estrada
    Enzo Estrada Day ago

    So she is a lesbian all the time

  • Y e s P l e a s e

    it’s not even my birthday yet and she still brang me all that cake 🍰

  • Destiny the kitten 112725

    Me lady me lady me lady...oh crap she’s gay

  • Abigail Rose Engel
    Abigail Rose Engel 2 days ago

    Chivalry is DEAD😒

  • _Sopheg_
    _Sopheg_ 2 days ago

    w H e E Z E

  • Misterio Dorado
    Misterio Dorado 2 days ago


  • Misterio Dorado
    Misterio Dorado 2 days ago


  • Astha Thakur
    Astha Thakur 2 days ago

    I feel like this woman is me in ten years

  • onur quluzadə 2
    onur quluzadə 2 2 days ago

    0:56 music name?

  • Mathinios
    Mathinios 2 days ago

    Damn, friendzone hurts

  • Art Child
    Art Child 2 days ago


  • Friendly alien Boi
    Friendly alien Boi 3 days ago


  • TheGoldenSwitch 21
    TheGoldenSwitch 21 3 days ago +1

    Who expected that ending???

  • Andres Munoz
    Andres Munoz 3 days ago


  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy 3 days ago

    *i yearn for true gender equality*

  • Geno
    Geno 3 days ago

    0:54 did the white guy on the boat just said, “this is gay”

  • shakir johnson
    shakir johnson 3 days ago +4

    What if they just ran out of coats in the middle of the atlantic

  • Vortical Wizard
    Vortical Wizard 3 days ago +1

    I haven't laughed that hard in ages thanks so much LMAO

  • GILLYbOb
    GILLYbOb 3 days ago

    *M' lady*

  • Cherryblossom ink
    Cherryblossom ink 3 days ago

    I want this hole show to be a video game 🎮 with different out comes every episode u guys have ever made turn it into a game I want to buy them right now it’s so good 😊

  • xKuro
    xKuro 3 days ago


  • ultra mnooolosh
    ultra mnooolosh 3 days ago

    Nice details 👌

  • Sophia's Emporium
    Sophia's Emporium 3 days ago

    👀 - Line Up 4 Pinches. She is no lezzy

  • Philip Krulyak
    Philip Krulyak 3 days ago

    At 0:32 TITANIC iceberg since

  • Magnus Nord
    Magnus Nord 3 days ago +1

    That ass though

  • Der Leuchtende
    Der Leuchtende 3 days ago

    Who is the Genius who has written that stuff?

  • The fandom Wanderer
    The fandom Wanderer 3 days ago

    I would have let her drown. Too many coats

  • Levent Kaur
    Levent Kaur 3 days ago +1

    The first one lol

  • Radd_ Themad E
    Radd_ Themad E 3 days ago


  • Joe_Chill
    Joe_Chill 3 days ago

    Niceguy army

  • Cyber Legends
    Cyber Legends 3 days ago


  • XXxDemon-Chan xXX
    XXxDemon-Chan xXX 3 days ago


  • Forbsinator
    Forbsinator 3 days ago +1

    She’d be extra thicc!!!!!!

  • DragonClawZero
    DragonClawZero 3 days ago

    I would have watched me

  • ll_Extremely stressed_ll

    It be like that sometimes

  • I'm just a commenter

    Put on captions and watch this video. Whenever someone says my lady, it does the lenny face.

  • Tylerthe Guitarking627

    She’s got one fine ass

    SAND_CASTLES 4 days ago +1

    Isn’t Tom a name of one of the creators of cyanide and happiness?

  • Mighty Tasty
    Mighty Tasty 4 days ago +1

    They did not say m'lady nearly enough even lesbians will fall weak to a gentleman. /s

  • minecraft boy2009
    minecraft boy2009 4 days ago

    Wow just wow

  • komrade Ed
    komrade Ed 4 days ago

    0:50 was inspired by me

  • Eltrio2
    Eltrio2 4 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how she walked across all the way across the Atlantic to fucking Spain just so she could see her girlfriend? Cause this bitch WALKED from one of the Carolinas to goddamn Spain. *THAT* is commitment.

  • Zoe Bullock
    Zoe Bullock 4 days ago

    I wish people respected me that much me lady me lady me lady.

  • Trey Gameing//TG
    Trey Gameing//TG 4 days ago +6

    That's TOUGH they did all that to find out she was lesbian I'm dead

  • Liam da Lemon!
    Liam da Lemon! 4 days ago +1

    how did they have that many coats?

  • サンチェスエリ

    White knighting and "nice guys" at its finest

  • Tom Bathan
    Tom Bathan 4 days ago

    Pls me UWU

  • LadyZubat
    LadyZubat 4 days ago


  • FastestPickle InTheWest

    Me and the boys trynna smash.

  • davís goodman
    davís goodman 4 days ago

    Ugh...god damn Trolly tom again. No I don't want to support your stupid card game. I WANT TO WATCH CARTOONS!

  • Peter 6233
    Peter 6233 4 days ago

    I feel bad for them

  • Mr. Ecklestone
    Mr. Ecklestone 4 days ago

    The captions lmfao

  • AnnoyinglySalty
    AnnoyinglySalty 4 days ago +3

    They protecc
    They attacc
    But most importantly
    They drop their coats
    Because baby got baccc

    • AnnoyinglySalty
      AnnoyinglySalty 4 days ago

      I mean seriously, look at her dress...
      No crinoline be shaped like that....

  • Mr. Biscuit
    Mr. Biscuit 4 days ago


    AMV SHIEGION Bays 4 days ago


  • Bubble berry
    Bubble berry 5 days ago

    walking through ocean just to meet ur soulmate, #relationshipgoals

  • PolarBro
    PolarBro 5 days ago

    I’m getting the game tomorrow

  • Ahegao Akunie
    Ahegao Akunie 5 days ago

    They basically saying the real hot girls are the ones that are gay

  • Freethinkers Politics/discussion

    This is funny because it's true. It hurts for the same reason...

  • Bill Singe
    Bill Singe 5 days ago


  • Dusan Mandic
    Dusan Mandic 5 days ago

    Totally unrealistic. No woman would ever walk that far for ANYTHING

  • Niall Lee
    Niall Lee 5 days ago

    Chivalry is dead because of women

  • RandomAtics
    RandomAtics 5 days ago

    If only Americans were actually that courteous...

  • African Princess
    African Princess 5 days ago


  • CalAnthony 13
    CalAnthony 13 5 days ago

    Make more like this one. PLEASE!

  • Caleb Spacher
    Caleb Spacher 5 days ago

    How chivalry died

  • Dood
    Dood 5 days ago +1

    The concept of “chivalry” is from another time. A time when women had their lives revolve around having a husband, and them having no real way of making decisions. Nowadays it’s just creepy. Be a good person, don’t overreact, take things slow, and if you get nothing in return, so be it. A relationship shouldn’t solely be based on sex, anyways.

  • Samuel tv chomik wszechświata

    0:52 number on life raft 8008135 means boobies i think

  • Daniel Pogosoff
    Daniel Pogosoff 5 days ago

    Lesbians, ...... ughughughugh

  • soviet wolf
    soviet wolf 5 days ago

    turn on subtitles

  • Jamaes Sieverts
    Jamaes Sieverts 5 days ago

    The kid that has cancer

  • ㄒ丨爪乇丂ㄩ卩

    She's got ass

  • Philip Myers
    Philip Myers 5 days ago

    I Kant decide....

  • Egib Julaton
    Egib Julaton 5 days ago

    How to stop a trolly😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • Potato Potato
    Potato Potato 5 days ago

    Is she lesbian or just a guy disguising as a girl?

  • Reaper Chop
    Reaper Chop 5 days ago

    Broooo this shit actually made me mad

  • Xx_sin_xX Gaming/animation


  • Luminescent Rabidity
    Luminescent Rabidity 5 days ago +1

    Never treat a female like a friend, because she will see you as only that.

    • Astha Thakur
      Astha Thakur 2 days ago

      ‘Female’ oof maybe try NOT to sound like an incel