Top Finishes from UFC Boston Fighters

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Watch the top knockouts and submissions from fighters that will be competing on Friday night at Fight Night Boston.
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Comments • 494

  • THE BEST 20
    THE BEST 20 8 days ago THE BEST 20 UFC KNOCKOUTS

  • mwoz87
    mwoz87 Month ago

    Why Silva have to always be so cocky. Thats what he gets.

  • xddrin 0
    xddrin 0 Month ago

    2:26 his dick tho

  • Jesse Braulio
    Jesse Braulio Month ago

    good fight

  • AFishBicycle
    AFishBicycle Month ago

    I’m glad the ref rushed to help the zombie after the knock out 🙄

  • Peace Maker
    Peace Maker Month ago


  • C T
    C T Month ago

    U need rly Top referees which know when to interrupt. They always hit the face when they lay on the ground thats dangerous

  • Tobias Neufeldt
    Tobias Neufeldt Month ago

    fuck weidman

  • Paddy Gee
    Paddy Gee Month ago

    That elbow on the zombie at the buzzer tho..

  • Ben Scott
    Ben Scott Month ago

    Rumours are circulating that Silva faked the whole ko truely one of the greatest

  • Sham Rock
    Sham Rock Month ago +2

    Didn't know Javale McGee was also an MMA fighter 2:37

  • TONY R
    TONY R Month ago

    Fu($ Boston

  • 20dpm
    20dpm Month ago

    That elbow... 04:45 KZ was definitely winning the fight.

  • Jackson Ace
    Jackson Ace Month ago +1

    I like how they didn’t use the original commentary on the yair vs Korean zombie KO because Paul Felder kept saying it was a headbutt lmao. Smart

  • Lisa Asep
    Lisa Asep Month ago

    A der son silva....fuck..

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago

    The elbow though 👌

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown Month ago

    That armbar thou!!

  • Lucas Cruz
    Lucas Cruz Month ago

    Pre usada weidman.

  • Сергей Мерчалов


  • Chib Rajput
    Chib Rajput Month ago

    Time to retire Jeremy"I hit hard" Stephens.

  • Voldeblort
    Voldeblort Month ago

    3:49 the ref jumped out of his shoe :D

  • United States
    United States Month ago

    The fake replica Masvidal knee kick😄

  • Who Da Fuk
    Who Da Fuk Month ago

    Poor Stevens got dropped like a sack of potatoes

  • Glenn Deal
    Glenn Deal Month ago

    The night of knees

  • Yeowzehmort Yeowzehmort

    So sad that wild eyed Stephens got D'D tonight..

  • Joey Witt
    Joey Witt Month ago

    I will NEVER FORGET that Elbow!!!!!!!!!! Oh & 9/11

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    The UFC has a lot of terrible fighters these days.

  • Rel3ntless R0ge
    Rel3ntless R0ge Month ago

    not a huge fan of rodriguez but that was probably the most impressive elbow ive ever seen

  • Manuel Bache
    Manuel Bache Month ago

    I will vote for this one;)

  • Laurence Lucy
    Laurence Lucy Month ago

    Is this the stickman division?

  • Mathius S
    Mathius S Month ago

    If Yair managed to hit that elbow again , it would have to go down as the move in history of the sport

  • account holder
    account holder Month ago +1

    Dont care how old it is.. I love watching Anderson get crumbled

  • Mr. Husky
    Mr. Husky Month ago

    Weidman has an easy assignment tonight.

  • bow2dking 1
    bow2dking 1 Month ago

    I like how Korean zombie slept after that KO. Like he was trying to pull of the twister again

  • VinylUnboxings
    VinylUnboxings Month ago

    Congratulations Boston on being the most recent addition to United States. #lucky51

  • Bruno Brignardello
    Bruno Brignardello Month ago +1

    didnt know reyes ko canonnier

  • Tommy Arnold
    Tommy Arnold Month ago

    Dos nachos ate that knew well..🤣

  • Positive Vibes
    Positive Vibes Month ago

    Homeboy at 2:57 nickname should be daddy long legs

  • angel cabrera
    angel cabrera Month ago +1

    Why tf WOODSON shaped like he already wearing overalls 😂

  • BB Coll84
    BB Coll84 Month ago

    I still say the up elbow is best KO ever

  • lucifer
    lucifer Month ago

    woodson is so fucking lanky wtf he looks drawn by a 5 year old who's trying to draw slenderman how is he fucking real LMAO

    STRETCH Month ago


  • Dana Red
    Dana Red Month ago

    Weidmans top finish is still Andersen silva from 2013 😂

  • beastboy bennett
    beastboy bennett Month ago +1

    Not saying he will but im saying jeremy Stephens MIGHT eat his words tonight.

  • spacetape
    spacetape Month ago

    If Weidman loses he should just run far away.

  • Liam Morgans
    Liam Morgans Month ago

    Damn really makes you realise how good this card is

  • Grey Kester
    Grey Kester Month ago

    Woodson has such a weird body, looks like some kinda character

  • Ne Mestniy
    Ne Mestniy Month ago

    На телефон Нокия снимали?

  • markobe08
    markobe08 Month ago

    Pre usada weidman

  • Michael Paul
    Michael Paul Month ago

    Andason has to stop those stuffs .... Else he will get put out for real soon

  • Me Bulla
    Me Bulla Month ago

    4:27 nice head movement

  • * Mako *
    * Mako * Month ago

    What a performance by Reyes against Killa Gorilla. Glas chin Weidmann has no chance.

  • Don't Be Stupid
    Don't Be Stupid Month ago

    Anderson Silva just needs to retire. He’s done

  • Hue Wong
    Hue Wong Month ago

    Why is Weidman's KO against Silva in here? The Munoz finish is so much better.

  • Wlsn Dbr
    Wlsn Dbr Month ago

    Barber 0 chance vs Zhang lol

  • jrsolis619
    jrsolis619 Month ago +1

    Wish I Could Go Back In Time And Tell Ortega Let Me Make That Choice For You.

  • JustinPayton
    JustinPayton Month ago

    3:18 Reyes so good, he dropped the ref too.

  • จิตริน วงค์แก้ว

    Very impressive elbow.

  • RM
    RM Month ago

    The last one was incredible. What an unusual knockout.

  • Jamal Kraft
    Jamal Kraft Month ago

    2:34 Ridiculous