43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat Before You Die

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • This is the ultimate must-try dessert bucket list. From cotton candy burritos and watermelon soft serve to stretchy ice cream and buckets of cookies, here are 43 outrageous desserts you have to eat before you die and where you can try them.
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    43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat Before You Die

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  • Bryceyboy 58
    Bryceyboy 58 7 seconds ago +1

    5:31 omg thats like edible slime

  • Ivan Shivolski
    Ivan Shivolski 34 seconds ago

    This makes me sick just to watch all that sugar. Steak and baked potato for this guy.

  • Layla Concklin
    Layla Concklin Minute ago

    This will make me sooooooo thicccc

  • Bryceyboy 58
    Bryceyboy 58 Minute ago +1

    Hold up I’ve had none of these crap i better hurry but i am still 11 so i have some time

  • Tricia Pratt
    Tricia Pratt 4 minutes ago


  • jason abiera
    jason abiera 5 minutes ago

    M m m m m m

  • Celeste Madrigal
    Celeste Madrigal 6 minutes ago

    I’m am going to go to DO and eat cookies dough I know I am that’s my life goal😂 Cookie dough is my favorite food btw don’t say it’s not a food

  • Xx unicorn animations Xx
    Xx unicorn animations Xx 7 minutes ago

    And people wonder why donald trump is obese

  • thiccy piggy
    thiccy piggy 9 minutes ago

    *Before you die of diabetes**

  • j a m i l a
    j a m i l a 10 minutes ago

    6:00 I literally eat that like every week lmao

  • Anais Hamilton
    Anais Hamilton 14 minutes ago

    43 outrageous desserts you need to eat if you want to die

  • gabby artiles torres
    gabby artiles torres 14 minutes ago

    i’m so glad a lot of these are in ny so i don’t have to buy a plane ticket

  • Little Doodles
    Little Doodles 16 minutes ago

    I’m getting diabetes just by looking at this.

  • DennisPlaysGames100
    DennisPlaysGames100 16 minutes ago

    Oh right yeah

  • AndrewPlay &Productiona
    AndrewPlay &Productiona 17 minutes ago

    At least I live in NYC. Time for diabetes

  • Jane Resende
    Jane Resende 18 minutes ago

    Yall know that brigadeiro is from Brasil and u can make with condenced milk and chocolate right?

  • ugly rat
    ugly rat 22 minutes ago

    This is diabetes in one video

  • kariss was here
    kariss was here 22 minutes ago

    My obese ass is probably going to die soon so to late

  • J A S P e r
    J A S P e r 24 minutes ago +1


  • Caoimhe Casey
    Caoimhe Casey 25 minutes ago

    For that Cotten Candy burrito... if that is ice cream in the middle, that’s like a person with sensitive teeth’s worst nightmare 😂

  • the tea Sis
    the tea Sis 25 minutes ago

    Next up


  • Lol you And Lol to me too
    Lol you And Lol to me too 27 minutes ago

    Diabetes has left the chat.

  • Sabrina Tucker
    Sabrina Tucker 27 minutes ago

    I have already had the pineapple ice cream 🍨 from dole plantation in Honolulu Hawaii it was so freakin’ good

  • XxGacha French FriesxX
    XxGacha French FriesxX 28 minutes ago

    I only live 5 hours away from Las Vegas so when it's summer and. When its our family trip to Vegas like every year I'm going to get myself a cotton candy burrito!

  • sleepiesnail
    sleepiesnail 29 minutes ago

    That cotton candy burrito will make someone die.

  • Morgan 4L
    Morgan 4L 31 minute ago

    Now I have 43 passports and I’m packing my bags

  • How Kawaii
    How Kawaii 32 minutes ago

    OMG my mouth is watering so much I just want to eat everything 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • WaffleTea
    WaffleTea 32 minutes ago

    Sorry hun but cotton candy is just going to rot my teeth and its not good

  • bād llāmā
    bād llāmā 33 minutes ago

    0:00 I’ve already tried that,just less diabetes

  • Blossoming Gacha
    Blossoming Gacha 34 minutes ago

    Fellow New Yorkers?

  • Stanley Tam
    Stanley Tam 36 minutes ago +1

    I’m not going to die

  • I love water
    I love water 36 minutes ago

    Wow this is looks so go-- **dies**

  • WildRed Doggo
    WildRed Doggo 37 minutes ago +1

    You actually think I'm just gonna get up and go visit these places?
    Nah man I'm packing my bags and moving. XD

  • Lavender K
    Lavender K 41 minute ago

    To good for me to even think of.

  • iiSugaarii
    iiSugaarii 48 minutes ago

    More like *EAT THIS SO YOU CAN DIE! :D*

  • Positive Lucie
    Positive Lucie 50 minutes ago

    All cookie dough is edible if you can eat cookies

  • Melted Clouds
    Melted Clouds 50 minutes ago

    How to get diabetes in just 8 minutes.

  • The Gay Is OK Just Look At Me

    I'm so glad that you put Kopps in there because their custard is amazing and their burgers are huge!

    ALLCITY VANDAL 52 minutes ago

    I’m going to die cause of this

  • Alpacas-or- Lamas
    Alpacas-or- Lamas 53 minutes ago

    You also need to try superior dairies ice cream in Hanford, Ca. Look it up

  • Calii Who
    Calii Who 57 minutes ago

    I'll die just by eating one of those

  • you know I had to do it to em

    *what do you mean cookie dough isn't edible?!*

  • Rebekah Rempel
    Rebekah Rempel 58 minutes ago

    I so want to be the person that just gets to go trVeling and eat and get paid for eating dream job

  • startu rqn
    startu rqn Hour ago

    I'm not a big fan of deserts..

  • Ann Zhou
    Ann Zhou Hour ago

    6:16 do these people think about salmonella

  • Elementia David
    Elementia David Hour ago

    How to die a happy life, p.1

  • Valmor Jourdain
    Valmor Jourdain Hour ago

    My favorite is 2 3 4 and 5

  • Self Regional at Vessel Trench

    I have rolled ice cream where I’m from

  • Unwanted Paradox
    Unwanted Paradox Hour ago

    Y’all forgot about *Wonders!*
    It’s in Minnesota
    Good luck yall❤️❤️

  • Lídia Sândalo
    Lídia Sândalo Hour ago


  • Jumanne Howell
    Jumanne Howell Hour ago

    I regret watching this while full😂😂

  • Megan Johnson
    Megan Johnson Hour ago +1

    Why is like everything in New York city

  • Maricela Cruz
    Maricela Cruz Hour ago

    Type 2 diabetes has entered the conversation no offense

  • Elli McMurray
    Elli McMurray Hour ago

    I wanted all this food so bad.

  • Wendy Faundez
    Wendy Faundez Hour ago

    *Big Boiz Have Joined The Chat*

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye Hour ago



  • Lisa McGrath
    Lisa McGrath Hour ago

    Talk about sweet tooth here we come

  • V3Z
    V3Z Hour ago

    Light moderation is ok

  • BlueGirlWaters Msp
    BlueGirlWaters Msp Hour ago +1

    *Diabetes Has Joined The Chat*

  • spicy pickles
    spicy pickles Hour ago

    the reason why you might die is this

  • Leona Basilio
    Leona Basilio Hour ago

    what if you die from eating the spicy ice cream and never get to try the other foods??? 🤔

  • Sugar cookie04
    Sugar cookie04 Hour ago

    4:38 , I think that if you want to eat a really good "cannolo" , you have to go Sicily in Italy (I'M ITALIAN) THEY ARE SO GOOOOD🤤

  • Potato Magicarp
    Potato Magicarp Hour ago

    I tasted those sweet marinas cookies they are delicious I have lived in that state all my life and just now living in Cali

  • Irene And Marine's Kitchen

    Love love love this!!!!!
    My sister and I got out of our comfort and started our own Food channel on youtube!! Would love some support and feedback! Please check us out

  • grasshoppertommo lll

    I'm gonna get diabetes

  • a.j. baker
    a.j. baker Hour ago

    i'm exhausted .....the thought of these things wore me out. only had the junior's cheesecake, ordered it from nyc delivered to california. we're new yorkers.

  • Kayla Couch
    Kayla Couch Hour ago

    Some of these are just giant sizes of normal foods, most of us have tried them before 😂

  • white mans whore
    white mans whore Hour ago

    *dentists have left the chat*

  • Galaxies make meh happy folks

    Omg I’ve had jalabie it’s so good lol

  • Egg Ribbon
    Egg Ribbon Hour ago

    All I have to say for this is, "yum Diabetes!"

  • Milky Linda :/
    Milky Linda :/ Hour ago

    Now I’m hungry :(

  • Aniiimeee
    Aniiimeee Hour ago

    *best way to get diabetes*

  • Ayana Wood
    Ayana Wood Hour ago +1

    4:08 I try this thing when I was like five and I still remember the taste. This hands down is one of the best things I've ever tasted

  • Random A
    Random A Hour ago

    That’s very bold of you to assume that I would die.

  • MimiSter
    MimiSter Hour ago


  • 77 hotffins
    77 hotffins Hour ago

    Foods we need to eat before we all *die*

    That’s something you don’t hear everyday

  • tigernika123 123
    tigernika123 123 Hour ago +1

    And after this all i need is a strawberry :P

  • Ayana Wood
    Ayana Wood Hour ago +1

    When you're depressed because you've watched this and you eating McDonald's for dinner

  • Gacha Starlight
    Gacha Starlight Hour ago

    None of these are near me!!

  • King Waffle
    King Waffle Hour ago

    They look good but the before you die part is sort of harsh

  • Isabela de Queiroz Serednicki

    The one about cotton candy with ice cream inside 🤢 🤢 that’s so disgusting. Don’t people know how much sugar is in that?

  • Suga Kookies With Jam

    Are you trying to rush my life -_-

  • Suga Kookies With Jam

    I'm pretty sure everyone has tasted all of these but hasn't realised it

  • phanhasruinedmylife

    i live a couple islands over from honolulu, so that’s easier for me to go to, and i was at legoland in june last year and i didn’t get to try the apple fries

  • Antiseptic Eye
    Antiseptic Eye Hour ago +1

    I wouldn't say the same about all of them

  • Gracie Stifter (Student)

    I am from Minnesota I thought other people could get those cookies they are something I get every year

  • Palôma Gabrielle

    you can find brigadeiro in every single house in brazil, in our schools we learn to cook brigadeiros since grade 1

  • JoJo_ _Joycie
    JoJo_ _Joycie 2 hours ago

    I came here for the stretchy ice cream

  • BryannaEscamilla BryannaEscamilla

    doesn't paleta mean popsicle in spanish ???

  • Rylie Hood
    Rylie Hood 2 hours ago

    I think I would die from these because I'd eat to much then get diagnosed with diabetes ._.

  • Kasie Bryan
    Kasie Bryan 2 hours ago

    There is delicious frozen custard in Washington Court House Ohio I live here and it is soooooo good

  • Damaris Ramirez
    Damaris Ramirez 2 hours ago +1

    If I eat that Hershey's bar I'll die of a heart attack before I finish it

  • Sergio Sagayno
    Sergio Sagayno 2 hours ago

    "Outragoues desserts you need to try before you die", a warning that this video is the reason why you are going to die.

  • Shoomoop The Weirdo
    Shoomoop The Weirdo 2 hours ago

    "Edible" cookie dough?

  • Audrey,Brittany AndCrystal

    This stuff looks so good

    And also a major stomachache

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson 2 hours ago

    Before you die that's dark

  • Mclovin Your Mclove
    Mclovin Your Mclove 2 hours ago

    Let's observe a moment of silence for all those people in this video who died eating what they love
    I can't believe the "before you die" part comes right after you've eaten it. oh well so long life, Giant bowl of ice cream HERE I CCCOOOOMMMEEE!!

  • Vuong Vu
    Vuong Vu 2 hours ago

    Before they eat those delicious desserts,

    they take a pic

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat 2 hours ago

    I just stuffed myself with food and now I’m hungry again

  • Multi shipper Madness
    Multi shipper Madness 2 hours ago

    I live in Canada so off to New York I go