43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat Before You Die

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • This is the ultimate must-try dessert bucket list. From cotton candy burritos and watermelon soft serve to stretchy ice cream and buckets of cookies, here are 43 outrageous desserts you have to eat before you die and where you can try them.
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    43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat Before You Die

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  • Shooi _May
    Shooi _May 10 minutes ago

    Yayy Poland! ^-^ // Its so good dessert

  • Heitor Ferro
    Heitor Ferro 47 minutes ago

    Como assim Goiânia apareceu nesse video???????????

  • Tamara Suhail
    Tamara Suhail 56 minutes ago

    thank you so much now my tummy hurts and need to try all these desserts except for the japanese cheescake i tried it before it was good but i felt like i was gonna puke but now thanks to you guys i'm so hungry and it's 11 at night by the time you read this it'll be like 3 in the morning but yeah......

  • 69subs with no videos?

    *holy diabetes*

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri Hour ago

    I'm dead already

  • taraluna01
    taraluna01 2 hours ago

    Been to the edible cookie dough place... not that good...
    Levain cookies are amazing though, I'd recommend the chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips, always warm and gooey

  • Nychole Anthony Cruz
    Nychole Anthony Cruz 2 hours ago

    All of these desserts have diebetes

  • Ludy Trouxona
    Ludy Trouxona 3 hours ago

    5:14 Brigadeiros is from Brazil, here You can make brigadeiros for a party, its só delicious and cute♥

  • H Abda
    H Abda 3 hours ago +1

    I just came to see people overuse some diabetes jokes.

  • EmeMonllor
    EmeMonllor 3 hours ago

    What do u mean edible cookie dough

  • Saccillia
    Saccillia 3 hours ago

    I have 12 new places in NYC I want to go before dying.. But I am pretty sure if I made the pilgrimage to each I would die before getting to experience half of them

  • Kat
    Kat 3 hours ago

    this... this right here is why i wanna travel the world...

  • Karleigh Kennon
    Karleigh Kennon 3 hours ago

    im watching this and like crying
    bc im lactose intolerant😭

  • Saccillia
    Saccillia 3 hours ago

    Woah woah woah wait.

    But seriously how do we prevent these sort of trickeries fro. Happening to us?

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 4 hours ago

    5:11 Joke's on you, I'm Brazilian

  • MrBlik
    MrBlik 4 hours ago

    How does one even find this

  • Stellagator 22
    Stellagator 22 4 hours ago

    Diabetes central

  • Muffinpink AJ
    Muffinpink AJ 5 hours ago

    pretty sure I would die eating this Lmfao

  • Aakash Malla
    Aakash Malla 5 hours ago +1

    How the hell is no 20 a dessert😂😂

  • Kiwi - Love
    Kiwi - Love 5 hours ago


  • Fingerlikingood
    Fingerlikingood 6 hours ago

    Before you die, more like, to die *from* lmao

  • MazeOG Gaming
    MazeOG Gaming 6 hours ago

    What if I'm already dead?

  • Lisal Peiris
    Lisal Peiris 6 hours ago +1

    43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat Before You Die of diabetes.

  • charlie crawford
    charlie crawford 6 hours ago

    1:48 i am just hearing that i love chesse cake meme man just help me

  • xXElite GamerXx
    xXElite GamerXx 6 hours ago

    Welcome to DIABETES LAND

  • Kons37 Flyingreapper
    Kons37 Flyingreapper 6 hours ago

    Cookie dough :0
    1:18 spongebob wants to know your location

  • xXElite GamerXx
    xXElite GamerXx 6 hours ago

    43 Outrageous Desserts YOU NEED To Eat For DIABETES

  • AaronFnaf Racer
    AaronFnaf Racer 7 hours ago

    Bold of you to assume I have enough money for all this.

  • Danas B
    Danas B 7 hours ago

    Šakotis is Lithuanian

  • aisha abbasi
    aisha abbasi 8 hours ago

    6:45 makes me wanna hurl*VOMITS*

  • Ava The Potato
    Ava The Potato 8 hours ago

    Šakotis isnt from Poland, its a dessert from Lithuania

  • ICEY Plazma
    ICEY Plazma 8 hours ago

    I now have diabetes type 1000

  • krops 4
    krops 4 8 hours ago

    I Guess im dying before i try

  • Astro_ PJ
    Astro_ PJ 8 hours ago

    is there anyone else who actually hates nutella?

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 8 hours ago +1

    Oh.. you literally meant *before* you really die

  • iLenzzz
    iLenzzz 9 hours ago

    43 outrageous desserts that only looking at them will give you diabetes

  • Uçan Kanser Hücresi-Onurhan

    I already ate that lokma

  • V_iod-Roblox
    V_iod-Roblox 9 hours ago +1

    40 Outrageous Desserts That Gives You Diabetes

  • Arick Liu
    Arick Liu 10 hours ago

    Greatest way to die by food

    10 times

  • yuri yurio
    yuri yurio 10 hours ago

    Just looking at this makes my stomach hurt

  • Lily Barany
    Lily Barany 10 hours ago

    43 outrageous deserts you need to eat before you die of diabetes

  • Liv Plays
    Liv Plays 10 hours ago

    If i have aten everything Can i so die?

  • chandan Kumar
    chandan Kumar 11 hours ago

    After Buzzfeed you guys need some cleaning as well

  • Barbara Levanova
    Barbara Levanova 11 hours ago

    🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 why im watching this video???

  • Mr Satan Jr
    Mr Satan Jr 11 hours ago

    This is torture to watch

  • Juustune Jott
    Juustune Jott 12 hours ago

    title should be : 43 Sugar products that give you diabeet.

  • S a d c h i i uvu
    S a d c h i i uvu 12 hours ago +2

    Um... šakotis is a lithuanian food -.-

  • Harshita gupta
    Harshita gupta 13 hours ago

    Jalebi is very famous in India !

  • Beatrice Followill
    Beatrice Followill 13 hours ago

    All of these foods make me wanna lick my screen they look so good 😍

  • me meme
    me meme 13 hours ago


  • Israa27 souly
    Israa27 souly 14 hours ago


  • however
    however 15 hours ago

    This Is why i need to visit NYC

  • Kamaliah Sidik
    Kamaliah Sidik 15 hours ago

    What a savage title....

  • Wild Tiger
    Wild Tiger 16 hours ago

    My blood sugar is going up just by watching this and I don't even have diabetes.

  • The Flea
    The Flea 17 hours ago

    6:45 yeah that's a no for me dawg

  • Jordi Zamudio
    Jordi Zamudio 17 hours ago

    Thank you now I can die

  • moto moto
    moto moto 17 hours ago

    Its a no from me

  • Cosmicyl
    Cosmicyl 17 hours ago

    People are dying when people view this so nothing you can really do about that

  • Red_The_Bastard
    Red_The_Bastard 17 hours ago

    What is this, a channel for rich people? Odds are none of us watching will ever leave the General area we were born in. Not enough cash to leave this side of the country.

  • DJ DJ925
    DJ DJ925 17 hours ago

    did anyone else notice that there was one rainbow chocolate chip cookie that WASN'T RAINBOW

  • Variblemist Doki
    Variblemist Doki 17 hours ago

    Cannoli's aren't outrageous? There quite common in my family (Im Italian)

  • Mayra Ortiz
    Mayra Ortiz 18 hours ago

    I really want to try the stretchy ice cream or the cotton candy burrito

  • Rae Ramirez
    Rae Ramirez 18 hours ago

    What if I eat these, get diabetes, and then die?

  • Mushroom Gaming
    Mushroom Gaming 18 hours ago

    Omg I want to eat them all

  • Sirana May
    Sirana May 18 hours ago

    But the nutella doughnut tho....😍

  • Loaf god
    Loaf god 18 hours ago

    *how to get diabetes before you die*

  • Samir Belica
    Samir Belica 18 hours ago

    Isn’t Hershey’s located in Pennsylvania?

  • Anxiet Y
    Anxiet Y 18 hours ago +1

    Should have eaten lunch before watching lol

  • Chriselda Monroe
    Chriselda Monroe 19 hours ago

    Can some of us ether bye one at a store CLOSE to use or MAKE one

  • Miss Gacha
    Miss Gacha 19 hours ago

    I’m from Maryland... :(

  • eric su
    eric su 19 hours ago +1

    I will die before finishing all of these! 😂😂😂

  • Ayden Butler
    Ayden Butler 20 hours ago +1

    The edible cookie dough isn’t only in New York there’s an edible cookie dough place around my house and I don’t live in New York and here’s a tip if you’re going there bring a drink the cookie dough makes you really thirsty

  • Christine Wang
    Christine Wang 20 hours ago

    Even looking at those things I had toothaches

    Also I bet the stretchy ice cream would make great asmr

  • Christine Wang
    Christine Wang 20 hours ago

    What will happen if you go to every single place and eat every single thing?

    The worst case of diabetes you have ever seen and... you basically wouldn’t have any teeth anymore lol💜

  • Pugs Are the best
    Pugs Are the best 20 hours ago

    Title should be :”43 outrageous desserts you need if you want diabetes”

  • Broody Elf
    Broody Elf 21 hour ago

    Brigadeiro is a brazilian dessert and I may be i little offended by this video suggesting me eating brigadeiros in usa. It's so easy to make it and so popular here. We can literally buy it in convenience stores in gas stations. But i thought it was difficult to find condensed milk in the usa. Do they use something else? Like table cream

  • chestnutyan
    chestnutyan 21 hour ago +2

    Sakotis is not polish, it's Lithuanian cake.

  • Lisa e Lena
    Lisa e Lena 21 hour ago

    43 Outrageous Desserts You Will Keep Wanting You Whole Life And You Will Never Eat Them

  • teagbroh643 GDC
    teagbroh643 GDC 21 hour ago

    Honeydukes needs to see this

  • Skyrim 59
    Skyrim 59 22 hours ago

    You mean 40 outrageous deserts you need to before you get executed

    MMS CRYΩR 22 hours ago

    More like if you eat all these deserts you will die

  • Haley Shenandoah
    Haley Shenandoah 22 hours ago

    Most of this stuff you can make by your self you just need the right ingredients

  • XxKcLeMagicalxX
    XxKcLeMagicalxX 22 hours ago

    *dies a second after the video ends*

  • Wait What
    Wait What 22 hours ago

    5:03, just trust me dbz fans

  • Raqueese
    Raqueese 23 hours ago

    5:24 that thing from the thumbnail

  • Self deprekate
    Self deprekate 23 hours ago

    What drugs were they on yo even come up with some of these

  • Aino Patrikainen
    Aino Patrikainen 23 hours ago

    Yea because you’ll die after eating them

  • EDSBeGaming
    EDSBeGaming 23 hours ago

    Most of these look like something to give me a severe case of heart burn.

  • amina oruc
    amina oruc Day ago

    You will not dye

  • amina oruc
    amina oruc Day ago

    I am so jealous

  • Arianna Amato
    Arianna Amato Day ago

    if you want cannolis just come to sicily ffs

  • Angelina Hickey
    Angelina Hickey Day ago

    Las Vegas is gonna give you diabetes I’m sorry

  • Kyle Watters
    Kyle Watters Day ago

    I don't like any of these xd

  • Sam Tovan
    Sam Tovan Day ago

    Call this video 43 sweeetest ways to die

  • Isabela Marques
    Isabela Marques Day ago

    I'm from Brazil and there's plenty of business here

  • king Popplio
    king Popplio Day ago

    43 outrageous desserts you need to eat in order to die

  • Valeria Hoti
    Valeria Hoti Day ago

    i am going to die eating all of this🤣

  • Anuj Mishra
    Anuj Mishra Day ago

    if any one want to eat something special..so plz come in INDIA..

  • Tenz 4
    Tenz 4 Day ago +1

    In my mind: before I die huh
    myself: wish I never die

  • Xiomara Morales
    Xiomara Morales Day ago

    Some of them they did not use gloves so past