Japanese Street Food - OKONOMIYAKI Seafood Pancake Osaka Japan

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017

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  • Samson VL Hmangaiha
    Samson VL Hmangaiha 55 minutes ago

    if it were from India,people would complain about the hygene.

  • TheJericho1123
    TheJericho1123 6 hours ago

    we had better drumists at my aunt Sylvia`s funeral.

  • Fridae
    Fridae 9 hours ago

    Needed more cabbage!

  • Don Pablo
    Don Pablo 16 hours ago

    (x_x) No thank you.

  • MrLink129
    MrLink129 16 hours ago

    i am so fucking hungry for this.....

  • Sfax Dan
    Sfax Dan 22 hours ago

    Dude, either make smaller portions or get bigger containers

  • Thalles Valle
    Thalles Valle Day ago

    and then you go to a shopping mall, and they serve you bread with shit, and charge you 35 usd....suckers...
    this is why i adore the street market, always a very nice portion
    i could have 3 of that easily

  • Митя Гайкин

    Да и главное перед тем как клиенту отдать кучу говна с капустой надо обязательно коробочку резиночкой перетянуть.

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  • itan iepitas
    itan iepitas Day ago

    all cool but i think the eggs went bad (when the yellow of the egg breaks apart, it is not a circle it means it went bad so throw it away or it will be bad for your stomach, then again maybe the cook did not cracked them with care so the yellow broke apart not shure there. sry for my english.) good video all the same

  • Ric Turner
    Ric Turner Day ago

    Leur crêpes sont blindé de nourriture et coûte pas cher du tt les notre y a que la pâte et du Nutella et ça coûte une blinde 😂😂😂

  • Gouki
    Gouki Day ago

    Is anyone else sick of their country's food?

  • Typon
    Typon Day ago

    tfw you get one with a broken egg yolk...k den

  • little piggie no no Little Piggie No No LITTLE PIGGIE NO NO

    Damn. And here I am. Just eating a bowl of rice. feelsbadman

  • Šhįšhìř Vãįđÿã

    Who else Mouth became waterly after watching this video hit like

  • Hitler's Left Nut
    Hitler's Left Nut 2 days ago

    That Cabbage/Lettuce shredder is seriously Rube Goldberg, but it works like a champ and must cost pennies to repair.

  • cat nip
    cat nip 2 days ago +3

    i think it should be called cabbage overload :D

  • oKirin
    oKirin 2 days ago

    It's more condiment than entree sometimes.

  • Canal Cassia Ternura

    Nossa que delícia vou fazer, mas alguém do Brasil gostou?

  • Vlad Nem
    Vlad Nem 2 days ago

    Чето есть захотелось

  • tarapapi
    tarapapi 2 days ago +2

    Pancake store: What would you like on your pancake?
    Japanese : *everything*

    • AZ DN
      AZ DN 22 hours ago

      Pancake store: What would you like on your pancake?
      Japanese : Yes

  • Fuzzy Duo
    Fuzzy Duo 2 days ago

    7:15 someone smokes like a forest fire.

  • Daniil Belyaew
    Daniil Belyaew 2 days ago

    I think it`s not pancakse with seafood... it`s seafood with pancakes

  • nativeimpressions studio

    What are those flakes you put ontop?

    • Yomi
      Yomi 12 hours ago

      nativeimpressions studio it’s bonito flakes. They’re dried fish flakes. Very yummy

  • Bloop
    Bloop 3 days ago

    This is porn I swear....

  • Morris Broom
    Morris Broom 3 days ago

    Would love to know what that second food item was the omelette looking thing with the shrimp and bacon on top of that egg slurry with some sort of vegetables mixed in it.

  • Gobblarr
    Gobblarr 3 days ago

    This is the organic way to make cow patties if you dont live on a farm.

  • Димон Цитрамон

    There is no pancake in this pancakes! xD

  • Don lee
    Don lee 3 days ago

    where is salt?

  • eanday
    eanday 3 days ago

    7:15 dayı kısa winston içiyorsun bizden kaçmaz :D

  • Lekha Pratap
    Lekha Pratap 3 days ago

    Today at home:
    Fuckin Okonomiyaki
    You guessed it

    SOUREDRUM 3 days ago

    GOD i miss JAPAN so muuuuuuuuuch

  • Lucas An
    Lucas An 4 days ago


  • Skuash
    Skuash 4 days ago

    The food in Japan always makes me drool quite easily.

  • Bethsabath
    Bethsabath 4 days ago

    Em 6:54 , caramba !! O cara esta' com um unheiro cheio de bacterias na unha , e passando isso pra tudo quanto e' comida ... Que nojo ...

    • Lucas An
      Lucas An 4 days ago

      Eu não ligaria pra isso, a comida parece maravilhosa.

  • Lala lala
    Lala lala 4 days ago

    I want to go to Japan. I want to go to Japan. I want to go to Japan. I want to go to Japan.

    *Did I mention that I want to go to Japan?*

  • Chris Plissken
    Chris Plissken 4 days ago +1

    It's why I love Asian places ..the street food is amazing

  • Ronnie Floyd
    Ronnie Floyd 4 days ago

    What is the liquid base they out diwn first and then onto of the cabbage?

  • Петр Сидоров

    Да это же совершенный пиздец! Антисанитария полная.

    • Петр Сидоров
      Петр Сидоров 4 days ago

      +Олег Елисеев как скажешь, дорогой.

    • Олег Елисеев
      Олег Елисеев 4 days ago

      +Петр Сидоров, Сидор Пидоров, дебил ты, общаться не умеешь, стяни хлебало и cиди ровно

    • Петр Сидоров
      Петр Сидоров 4 days ago

      +Олег Елисеев вы дебил? Как это взаимосвязано? Сосиски и шаверму тоже могут в дерьмище делать.

    • Олег Елисеев
      Олег Елисеев 4 days ago

      Петр Сидоров
      вот потому и жрём, одну шаурму, да сосиски в тесте, потому ,что вот такие как ты одни санитарные врачи

  • Mack Log
    Mack Log 4 days ago +1

    you can put cabbage if you like

  • Tony-x92
    Tony-x92 5 days ago

    Bacon and eggs level *:9000*

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 5 days ago

    I wish it were easier to find those lil' dried shrimps. I get the feeling I could eat them like popcorn. Specially if you deep fried them first to make them more crispy.

    • Nf L
      Nf L 3 days ago

      theres always some in my fridge. those lil dried shrimps are salty, at least in my town they make it salty

  • Domenico Sorrenti
    Domenico Sorrenti 5 days ago

    Con tutto il rispetto per i giapponesi ed il Giappone. Ma na pulizziata na' vota ogni tanto cià putiti dari

  • b7ray32
    b7ray32 5 days ago

    each pancake has 2 billion milligrams of sodium....

  • Дмитрий
    Дмитрий 5 days ago

    Блин... Так кушать захотелось...

  • قنات الضحك Jihla

    Chine had rwina

  • Dudu
    Dudu 6 days ago

    Deve ter gosto de repolho pq só vai repolho

  • Larry the Lobster
    Larry the Lobster 6 days ago

    Looks fucking delicious

  • Armando Casas
    Armando Casas 6 days ago

    Is there a restroom nearby?

  • Jeremy Ware
    Jeremy Ware 6 days ago +6

    I like how they make litterally EVERYONE wait until they are COMPLETELY finished

  • Abad0N 0666
    Abad0N 0666 6 days ago

    пойду поблюю

  • Abad0N 0666
    Abad0N 0666 6 days ago

    помои блядь какие то

  • Galogen Galogen
    Galogen Galogen 6 days ago

    Кошмар.Моя бабушка кормила свиней и их еда называлась"Хряпа"-я снова её увидел.Повара грязные,грязь везде,жуть.

  • Mayur Gangawane
    Mayur Gangawane 6 days ago

    4:03 you know her ass phat when it sound like that when you smack it

  • Hernan Bp
    Hernan Bp 6 days ago

    heelp im starving

  • Раис Азанов
    Раис Азанов 6 days ago +10

    я так себе готовлю ,когда с работы голодный прихожу

    • Dmitrii Serz
      Dmitrii Serz 3 days ago

      как тесто готовишь?

  • Zero Saber
    Zero Saber 6 days ago

    Gotta love how wholesome these streetfoods are, definitely a step up from the diabetis causing foods you see here,

  • tobinho
    tobinho 7 days ago


  • Almighty Sagittarius
    Almighty Sagittarius 7 days ago +1

    I like how it's so simple.

  • Dennis Wan
    Dennis Wan 7 days ago

    Not a good idea to tour or visit in Vietnam now. Under
    communist’s corruption system, nothing is safe there, human life is not worth
    more than half of a dog. North Vietnamese AKA "Bac Ky Cho'" had
    killed 2 young men just because they stole a dog from a village and the
    authority communists ignored it. Poison foods are everywhere, you may eat
    fishes that fed with human waste, and city rats curry!.

    With unlimited border crossed no check points and no
    custom inspection at China borders, most of foods from Vietnam are
    chemical contaminated made - For example, poor people would boiled corns with
    discarded AA battery containing zinc, and manganese which shorter cooking time and make the corn look more
    attractive to buyers. Not like America, Vietnam communists’ systems have NO
    FDA, NO Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), and
    NO Centers for Disease Control, etc. Therefore, Vietnamese restaurants would serve
    you port cooked from African swine fever pigs diseases. And yet, Hospital
    filled with fake doctors, fake medicines are normal in Vietnam!

    With the communists corruption system, unsafe streets and
    non-standard highways almost are in the whole country, Truck/car drivers who
    are under influence of drugs have killed thousands of people daily, you can get
    kill anytime even you stop at and wait at the red traffic light - Not mention
    gangsters fights with machete and you may become a victim somehow!

    Pickpockets, thief’s, robberies, diseases are everywhere!
    When you arrived at the airport, your luggage could be cut a hole and steal
    those valuable inside it directly by the airport officers. You cannot complain
    or do anything because they (officers) are all thief starting from the TOP!
    Everything in VIETNAM are scams, faked, cheat, dangerous poisoning foods and cunning
    rib off services from taxi, hotel, shopping to restaurants, etc. I WOULD NOT
    SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, Myanmar or JAPAN instead!. Vietnam is HELL ON EARTH and
    it’s NOT fun as you think - Mark my words!

  • marlow smith
    marlow smith 7 days ago

    you guys want to know why no one wears gloves? because theres no health regulations thats why its so cheap

    • steve gale
      steve gale 7 days ago

      There are very strict health and hygene regulations here in Japan, higher than the dump you live in. Stop posting lies.

  • André Lindner
    André Lindner 7 days ago

    OSAKA - the kitchen of japan :-D

  • Lincler
    Lincler 7 days ago +14

    So much food he had to RUBBER BAND the container. what a hero

    • Tony-x92
      Tony-x92 5 days ago

      I was like no way he's putting that whole thing in that little container 🤯

  • Денис Акимов

    а че они ойкают это что значит

  • Дюша
    Дюша 7 days ago

    "С" - Санитарные нормы.(ничего против не говорю, я ел в подобном и да же не просрался, но всё же)

    • Viktor Britva
      Viktor Britva 7 days ago

      Дюша вкусно вообще? А то выглядит как гавнище

  • Geo Mondiale
    Geo Mondiale 8 days ago

    To be honest, that looks gross, dirty food handling

    • steve gale
      steve gale 7 days ago

      +Geo Mondiale FYI chickens in Japan are vaccinated against salmonella. Go boil your ignorant head.

    • Geo Mondiale
      Geo Mondiale 7 days ago

      +Puggle Slimes yes I agree completely, however handling eggs without gloves can spread salmonella. This cook clearly inserted an egg into the food to make an impression. I have been to Asia many times for work and would not hesitate to eat at most food vendors. Respectfully I would decline this one.

    • Puggle Slimes
      Puggle Slimes 8 days ago

      Geo Mondiale Japan is one of the most hygienic country that exist so I think there’s not a problem :)

  • monica carolina ortiz
    monica carolina ortiz 8 days ago +1

    Que rico se vé !!! 😋😋😋😋😋 🇦🇷

  • Abdul Malik
    Abdul Malik 8 days ago +1

    I tried at my house

  • Sarah Foleck
    Sarah Foleck 8 days ago


  • Most Hated
    Most Hated 8 days ago


  • Ashally Duncan
    Ashally Duncan 9 days ago +6

    Seems like you can take anything and make a pancake

  • Mary Yummy Cooking
    Mary Yummy Cooking 9 days ago

    It's look amazing! I love street food

  • Tatyane sacramento
    Tatyane sacramento 9 days ago +2

    Gostoso de ver adorei 👏🏾👏🏾🤩😘

  • lar4305
    lar4305 9 days ago

    why do there eggs look so much healthier then the ones in the USA?

  • LadyHeathersLair
    LadyHeathersLair 10 days ago +1

    At the 9:00 mark: That's a lot of green onion!

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 10 days ago +1

    fuck me iam alsomst die for hungry and i watched this

  • Joel Tonconi
    Joel Tonconi 10 days ago

    Veo eso y mi corazon quiere vacaciones :V cuanto colesterol.

  • Albert Sau
    Albert Sau 10 days ago

    Que interesante sería probar esta comida me gusta probar comida diferente

  • juace presh
    juace presh 10 days ago

    un chancho nomas comeria eso

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen 10 days ago


  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 10 days ago

    Can anyone tell me exactly what was all the ingredients in the 1st clip

    ALYSSA TAPIA 11 days ago


  • Jon Louie
    Jon Louie 11 days ago +3

    Japanese cooking is amazing.
    Can anyone tell me what kind of
    that brown sauce he sprinkling over
    towards to end.

    • Minapoly
      Minapoly 9 days ago

      +Jon Louie Just look up recipes for "tonkatsu sauce". It won't be quite the same, but you can get something similar with simpler ingredients

    • Jon Louie
      Jon Louie 9 days ago

      Thanks, but I can't get either Okonomi Sauce or Bulldog Sauce
      in my area. How do I do either one at home?!?

    • Minapoly
      Minapoly 9 days ago

      It depends on the area but either okonomi sauce or bulldog sauce. You can usually buy a commercially made version at an asian market.

  • Connie Charley
    Connie Charley 13 days ago +3


  • max manzur
    max manzur 13 days ago +7

    be right back.. went to the fridge

  • Socially Impaired
    Socially Impaired 13 days ago

    Can I have some cabbage on that?

  • Food HDTV
    Food HDTV 13 days ago

    oh, wow ... amazing food

  • Donal.J Trump
    Donal.J Trump 14 days ago


  • Connie Charley
    Connie Charley 14 days ago +11


  • OnTheMap
    OnTheMap 14 days ago

    Those look so good. My dad makes this for me from time to time but uses cucumber instead of cabbage. I hope I can film this one day for my channel.

  • SEAN
    SEAN 14 days ago

    Where the FU##### is our street food in San Diego or in California

  • Food Taster
    Food Taster 15 days ago

    The best street food I have ever seen. I will try it. Small youtubers Let's help each other out. Loyal here I'm fast. Let's swap subscription ;) just comment if done 👌

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 15 days ago

    japanese version of epic meal time

  • Unknown
    Unknown 15 days ago

    Street food 🤢🤢🤢 the bacteria itself is infected and sick.

  • Gloria Martinez
    Gloria Martinez 16 days ago

    Gloves people please!

  • Story Time
    Story Time 16 days ago +7

    JAPANESE LOVE their breakfast foods??? WOW

  • Bert Cochran
    Bert Cochran 16 days ago

    Would rather have that than sex.

  • Helielton Pereira
    Helielton Pereira 16 days ago

    filha da pulta, pq nao tem isso aqui no brasil? eles só vem para ca vende um monte de parafernalhas de produtinhos de plasticos e tudo mais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • علي علي
    علي علي 16 days ago

    That's amazing

  • 事峯利絵か
    事峯利絵か 16 days ago

    are nanka kitanaina