Sarah Palin responds to Sacha Baron Cohen prank

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • The former Alaska governor tells ABC News exclusively how she was duped for Cohen's new Showtime show and why she wants the show's proceeds donated.

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  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller 5 hours ago

    She is such a miserable cunt

  • Anchi Betty
    Anchi Betty 2 days ago

    Pitiful. The only people who have been "duped" by Sacha Cohen are ignorant, self-important idiots. There are plenty of other people who didn't fall for his various disguises.

  • Tony Rosales
    Tony Rosales 8 days ago

    Let's boycott Palin!!!!

  • Tony Rosales
    Tony Rosales 8 days ago

    It's not a funny show, it's a frickin hilarious show. Sarah Palin was duped, it's a very easy thing to do!!!

  • Jason French
    Jason French 9 days ago

    Why do we have to listen to this bobblehead? Sarah is a fucking idiot, that has nothing to do with her gender, race, party affiliation, shes just a fucking moron, its disrespectful to every ear, american, any nationality, everytime she makes words come outta her face hole, why are we watching this spectacular idiot anymore?? This is national NEWS, we'd be better off watching a spider monkey trying to hump a football, which would at least be entertaining than listen to this should be Burger King line cook in Siberia try to make words come out of her face, it's an insult to everyone on this planet, living and dead when they point a camera at her, you have to know this, I hope

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 9 days ago

    Sarah Palin would have made a good MILF porn star LOL

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 9 days ago

    No one held a gun to Spencer's head, made him take off his pants, and yell the word n...r 5 times, Sasha exposed some of these GOP morons for who they are...

  • Cedar Addy
    Cedar Addy 14 days ago

    Poor middle class Palin

  • kiddada3
    kiddada3 18 days ago

    I’m a very liberal person I also enjoy really crass humour, but there are boundaries. There is nothing clever about this skit I’m not even American and I feel Cohen thinks life is a big joke making his wages at the expense of other people’s dignity.
    Sure lots of people looked really stupid on his show, but you would be surprised how many people would fall for it being in the same position.

    • pontoon raps
      pontoon raps 11 days ago

      'Very liberal' person enjoys humour.
      ( The 'really crass' stuff - with boundaries & respect for people's dignity )

  • Steven C Highley
    Steven C Highley 19 days ago

    Cohen is funny as hell.

  • Marc Brown
    Marc Brown 21 day ago +1

    I'm dying laughing listening to her describe what happened! 😂😂😂
    I want to watch the actual video now!

  • Gail Coleman
    Gail Coleman 23 days ago

    Dear God...another butt hurt moron who THINKS she represents middle class America. HA! And could she maybe stop saying they are "pimping" this show?! Just sounds dumb.

  • Samuel J. Robinson
    Samuel J. Robinson 25 days ago

    His intent is to humiliate dummies like you Sarah, why should he donate money to your vet son who beats woman?

  • Samuel J. Robinson
    Samuel J. Robinson 25 days ago

    Please air the episode Showtime....I love watching the idiocy of Palin, btw the way Sarah your "vet" son is a cowardly woman beater and your abstinence advocate daughter is a hypocritical whore!

  • PHIL #1
    PHIL #1 27 days ago

    Love how abc interviewer is so kissy kissy ! Shows you how they are so honnest and seeking the truth !!!

  • Nemo Nous
    Nemo Nous 28 days ago

    Palin Snow flake.
    Act tough then cry when exposed.


    Enlightened doesn't mean A beard old monk....... It means who guides you towards light with a laugh...... .

  • Milton Welch
    Milton Welch Month ago

    nail'n palin

  • The Bast
    The Bast Month ago

    Yep yep she as a platform,that's how she's Russia

  • The Bast
    The Bast Month ago

    Robin, fake reporter, did not even watch the actual prank, spent more time sucking up to palin, I thought that as a reporter you actually get the facts other than taking the word of an accuser .

  • MetalizedButt
    MetalizedButt Month ago +1

    Where’s the prank vid???

  • David london
    David london Month ago

    Sarah has no soul and no sense of humour miserable cow

  • mrmonkeybuns
    mrmonkeybuns Month ago

    When the camera is off, does she really keep an American flag over her fireplace mantle?

  • American Klingon
    American Klingon Month ago

    Anyone that mocks our vets around me will spit 64 teeth.

  • Doomer K Kid
    Doomer K Kid Month ago

    Still can't believe they didn't air her part. It was literally the only reason I watched the show

  • ssmoly
    ssmoly Month ago +1

    the show is
    a m a z i n g

  • Jasmine Gunnell
    Jasmine Gunnell Month ago

    Sarah takes up space of what could be real news to make up for her hurt reputation. And then manipulatively demands funds for an issue of her interest.

  • bobbysbackingtracks

    “Bone spurs on his testies” LMAOROTF

  • russell stone
    russell stone Month ago

    Sacha is hilarious. The US political system is a joke but it's not funny. It's a predatory self-serving elitist system based on fraud and lies. America is the prison capital of the world and an agressor nation that has murdered millions throughout the world. Shame and eternal shame on America.

  • Dracula Sneeze
    Dracula Sneeze Month ago

    she just did a free add - fooled you twice - "mocking the disabled" - don't be hard on yourself sarah


    Fuck your vets.

  • shell c
    shell c Month ago

    Sarah is such a dolt ... She was not invited to McCain's funeral..

  • darttoyou1
    darttoyou1 Month ago

    “I think a lot about the Department of Energy because energy is my baby,” says Palin. “Oil, gas, minerals, those things God has dumped on this part of the earth for mankind’s use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations for us to importBut it’s really cute that Palin thinks the United States Department of Energy has much to do with energy, like those mineral things. “If I were in charge of that, it would be a short-term job, but it would be really great to have someone who knows energy and is pro-responsible development to be in charge,” said Palin (The Guardian) their resources” (CNN). She punks herself every time she speaks to Mic, and we love Mic, he tells us everything she says.

  • dou40006
    dou40006 Month ago

    She is so pathetically stupid ...of course we want to mock people like her

  • Will Meyer
    Will Meyer Month ago

    She's still hot

  • Craig Catto
    Craig Catto Month ago

    Good thing it airs in the UK and there's nothing you can do about it get wrecked america

  • candofitness
    candofitness Month ago

    she's lying.....also the act like you're middle class....thirdly you don't offer to donate other people's earnings. I will watch you make an ass out of yourself, as usual.

  • henry wiebe
    henry wiebe 2 months ago

    Talk about a snow flake!

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 2 months ago

    Why does Sarah Palin have an Adams apple though ?

  • James Antonio
    James Antonio 2 months ago

    Sacha is one funny dude: bone spurs in his BALLS

  • pumpertube
    pumpertube 2 months ago

    HAHAHAHA! Hillbilly got duped! Only trash people put 'meriKKKan flags up as decoration.

  • Heather Mimi Wahlquist
    Heather Mimi Wahlquist 2 months ago

    He can’t be a liar. He’s a comedian. You got duped like the rest of em, Sarah. Hahahaha.

  • k k
    k k 2 months ago

    "All these men are saying Me too" good lord did she just compare being tricked into an interview by a comedian to being sexually assaulted 😅 what an insufferable moron

  • Mo Raz
    Mo Raz 2 months ago

    can that hosts nose get any browner???

  • captain mirrorboots
    captain mirrorboots 2 months ago

    Palin is one stupid cunt with an irritating accent.

  • funguy29
    funguy29 2 months ago

    All i heard was middle class, values

  • Adventure Washi
    Adventure Washi 2 months ago

    It's just a prank BoRrRRRrrR!!!!!!!

  • Nathan Groenevelt
    Nathan Groenevelt 2 months ago

    Haha, metoo. She figured it out, it seems, her fellow republicunts didn't figure it out. Maybe she's not as dumb as I thought before.

  • Depression & You
    Depression & You 2 months ago

    she needs some D--k!

  • Pat Reid c/o Colditz Castle

    i be scared if she was my governor. she really that simple,o well sweet heart ,sacha has lifted your profile a lot id say

  • elias salas
    elias salas 2 months ago

    damn sarah palin fine asf though

  • Snaggle Toothed
    Snaggle Toothed 2 months ago

    'Many share your outrage'.
    I haven't heard one person say anything other than
    'It's hilarious. These people must be imbeciles'.

  • Hmbop Baduwap
    Hmbop Baduwap 2 months ago

    "Sarah Palin is musturbation material.."
    -Tracy Morgan

  • Sjaad Ijaz
    Sjaad Ijaz 2 months ago

    He bring it out the true allege

  • L Cardoso
    L Cardoso 2 months ago

    Sarah Palin get a sense of humor. And for the rest grow up, have some humor!
    Being secretive is a great way to do a prank!
    Sacha B Cohen is hilarious 😂

  • Mary Love my Name
    Mary Love my Name 2 months ago


  • jmanley1486
    jmanley1486 2 months ago

    oh please... Sasha is exposing the idiots in power. Believe me... I'm a middle class American with family that served in the military, friends who are gay and the show is F'in hilarious. Take the stick outta ur ass Sarah and watch what u decide to say so u don't embarrass urself.

  • RideSharing en Español

    "He mocks the disabled" - Why does that sound familiar?

  • Jack Jay
    Jack Jay 2 months ago

    She keeps saying middle class are marked ...your moron Sarah

  • Jack Jay
    Jack Jay 2 months ago

    Good for him.. she’s crying baby, snowflake Republican

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon 2 months ago

    Don't the show producers have to get a release, from anyone used in this show, to actually air the show?

  • cornucanis
    cornucanis 2 months ago

    "He doesn't just mock veterans, he mocks gays, jews..."
    As a jewish person, I find Borat fucking hilarious. SBC isn't anti-semitic, only a moron would think the character of Borat reflects his true beliefs. Didn't they even mention at the beginning of this piece that SBC himself is Jewish?? It's obvious to anyone with a brain that he only plays these characters because it makes people who truly have these bigoted feelings feel comfortable sharing them with "Borat." The perfect example is when he sings "Throw the Jew Down the Well" and has a whole crowd of prejudiced fuckers singing along with him because they feel comfortable opening up to this person who they think is a fellow bigot.

  • DDTPhoenix 12
    DDTPhoenix 12 2 months ago

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon 2 months ago

    Haha americans are so fucking dumb and uptight. 😂
    Go Sasha. More power to you.

  • Nader Nasiri
    Nader Nasiri 2 months ago

    He is a jew you dull ....

  • hinanochick
    hinanochick 3 months ago

    It mocks intellectual challenged people like you Palin

  • Tavon Fenwick
    Tavon Fenwick 3 months ago

    Palin, I’m disabled, I wasn’t offended at all

  • Tavon Fenwick
    Tavon Fenwick 3 months ago

    What maires it even more funny is that she is so angry about being pranked LMAO!!!
    Gosh she’s so darned stupid

  • Gary Kidd
    Gary Kidd 3 months ago

    Hahaha! A proven liar? Oh my god! The shows whole thing is lying to idiots and see if they'll take the bait and they did. Holy shit this woman is so stupid!

  • Alden Buyer
    Alden Buyer 3 months ago +2

    Sarah Palin net worth estimated at $12 million. So even if it's 1/12 of that she's worth $1 million. She's not a middle class American, she's a liar.

  • Cory LaRose
    Cory LaRose 3 months ago

    I am outraged by these fuckung monkeys getting offended by this when they are here on my land oppressing my people you can shut up you fucking baby killer! Sarah Palin and all non red skin politicians are no different then ISIS. Fucking terrorist organizations. They deserve to be in prison.

  • Cory LaRose
    Cory LaRose 3 months ago

    Psychological perspective when someone says you are wise or someone is wise to not believe something it means they believe them to be the fools who being doped by them in the present. It's a fact those words make her a liar and trump uses it each lie he says that are proven to be lies. They think everyone is as stupid as a trump supporter.

  • Alvaroeduardo
    Alvaroeduardo 3 months ago

    "He mocks jews" yes he is a jew. That's what comedians do.

  • Jason Petrunik
    Jason Petrunik 3 months ago


  • mariemonstre
    mariemonstre 3 months ago

    Lol oh wow, she is just wow.

  • Teddy Ytt
    Teddy Ytt 3 months ago

    The fuck why hasn't this interview been leaked yet, fuck palin

  • Esteban Garita
    Esteban Garita 3 months ago

    Does she seriously keep referring to herself as a "middle class" American?... because when they sell that line to us on the campaign trails, they make it sound like they are talking about your average "paycheck to paycheck" Americans... well, this explains a lot.

  • Brian Pils
    Brian Pils 3 months ago

    Omg Sacha is exposing the truth. Dumb Sarah Palin shouldn’t be upset that she got tricked into showing her true colors

  • Montello 90
    Montello 90 3 months ago

    its all fake, they all get paid folks.

  • Stephanie Curri
    Stephanie Curri 3 months ago

    It's even funnier now because who else do we know of that mocked the disabled and insulted veterans and draft dodged using bone spurs as an excuse ... Lower standards for Presidents than comedians

  • Linguini
    Linguini 3 months ago

    Too many soft cunts these days

  • Twig Bleek
    Twig Bleek 3 months ago

    Sarah “pimping this thing hard” Palin

  • Twig Bleek
    Twig Bleek 3 months ago

    Sasha is an EVIL GENIUS

  • Skye JP
    Skye JP 3 months ago

    Bone spurs in the testes is funny. Period.

  • Aljoscha Long
    Aljoscha Long 3 months ago

    People, you don't get it: Sarah Palin is not real! She's a parody of stupid America! Come on … no one can really be that stupid!

  • Walter Daems
    Walter Daems 3 months ago

    I love it when the people he mocked are reacting and making even more of a fool of themselves.

  • Bashiir Mohamed
    Bashiir Mohamed 3 months ago

    ABC fake news. Trying always to please whoever they are speaking with. Because of stupid political correctness we can not even have comedy anymore.

  • Damian Santos
    Damian Santos 3 months ago

    Sarah palin shut up why don’t you talk about your president donal trump he has made fun of a lot of people including veterans so take a chill pill is just comedy wawa wewa I can’t wait for the democrats take back the White House.

  • JEAN-LUC Collins
    JEAN-LUC Collins 3 months ago

    ....they used John McCains past as a reason why Sachas joke was bad in taste but Trump LITERALLY insulted the fuck out of John McCain and no one gave a shit....okay

  • jefferi chang
    jefferi chang 3 months ago

    her word and expression sound fake than cohen's prank works.

  • blackaface
    blackaface 3 months ago

    I don’t know how I am so attracted to Sarah Palin 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Niel Ivarez
    Niel Ivarez 3 months ago +1

    Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who is America?' is utterly disrespectful and nonsensical ...

    ... for someone who doesn't understand how comedy works.

  • JP M
    JP M 3 months ago

    Sarah Palin does NOT represent the middle class. 😂😂😂

  • JP M
    JP M 3 months ago

    Did she really just hijack the MeToo movement? Oh, Sarah. 🙄

  • pisswobble
    pisswobble 3 months ago

    Well as a fellow sufferer of bone spurs in my testis I am appalled Sarah at your lack of compassion

  • The Sufi M.D
    The Sufi M.D 3 months ago

    He was not disabled he was conserving his finite energy lol

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 3 months ago

    I'm tempted to send her "The Elephant Scene"... The Brothers Grimm

  • weaponext
    weaponext 3 months ago

    No stupid bitch... he was exposing you hahahaha. But I bet you’re but hurt because the show didn’t even used your clip hahaha. The clip about the art lady donating her pubs it a lot more fun and entertaining than watching your stupid face. And this anchor is an idiot!!!!!!!!

  • Edwin Walther
    Edwin Walther 3 months ago

    How does a person with such an obviously low IQ like Palin get anywhere in life? My mind is blown that she was governor of Alaska.

  • thesicknessforever
    thesicknessforever 3 months ago

    I would like to lick her pussy and butthole. As long as she keeps her mouth shut, I guess a little moaning would be okay.