• Published on Jun 29, 2020
  • so @Sommer Ray got her pregnant belly done by professional makeup artists and surprised the FaZe House @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Kay
    🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
    📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
    🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss
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  • BrewersFan0715
    BrewersFan0715 Year ago +2326

    Dr.Phil: Jarvis you are not the father
    Jarvis: how I have aimbot I never miss

  • Coverednames
    Coverednames Year ago +598

    Jarvis in bed: *clap* *clap* *clap*
    Kay in the other room: JARVIS YOUR INSANE

  • Crazyironkid 70
    Crazyironkid 70 Year ago +274

    Jarvis: went from a drop out to a streamer to a “dad”

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man Year ago +312

    When the kid watches the dad using aimbot
    *I wanna be just like daddy*

  • Loqsometimes
    Loqsometimes Year ago +483

    Some time in the future:
    Jarvis: sommer is this real?
    Sommer: Yes
    Kay: YoU'rE iNsAnE jArViS

  • HabibiBlocksberg
    HabibiBlocksberg Year ago +1653

    Plot twist: She’s actually pregnant and they’re pranking us.

    • Tactic
      Tactic Year ago

      Wtf that might be

    • Liam Kerzner
      Liam Kerzner Year ago


    • mst_nathan
      mst_nathan Year ago

      Obviously I’m jokin I’m not an idiot 😂

    • mst_nathan
      mst_nathan Year ago

      @Cora Tine you showed off a birthday cake???? That’s not the way TheXvid works :)))

    • Elmer Garcia
      Elmer Garcia Year ago

      @Isabelle Constant ok

  • martin Vega
    martin Vega Year ago +496

    His first word finna be “Trust”😂🤣

  • Ramiro
    Ramiro Year ago +63

    Kay: that's my nephew
    The baby: are you assuming my gender

  • Shyobe
    Shyobe 11 months ago +1

    such a cute couple im just waiting for them to actualy get pregnant and make a family channel

  • Fergcoh Fergy
    Fergcoh Fergy Year ago +82

    Kay: kills Jarvis
    Also Kay: ThAt WaS cRaZy

  • Kodie .0
    Kodie .0 Year ago +872

    Jarvis ain't gonna miss on the hole cuz he got aimbot

  • TheHolyManga📖
    TheHolyManga📖 Year ago +30

    The lesson: dont decide who gets the baby by doing Rock Paper Scissors

  • Sean Lucas
    Sean Lucas Year ago +2

    Normal people when they find out someone is pregnant: “omg congrats im so happy and excited for you. Your gonna be a great parent”

  • Youtube VizalWings
    Youtube VizalWings Year ago +4

    Faze adapt reaction was the best 😂😂😂

  • KSMDread
    KSMDread Year ago +1

    I didn’t expect the Rock Paper Scissors I am laughing my ass of 😂😂😂

  • scott
    scott Year ago +194

    Mate Jarvis has been producing some actual quality content I can’t lie

  • Luhh2hoo
    Luhh2hoo Year ago +2

    Sommer: Jarvis, I’m pregnant and...your the father.🤗
    Jarvis: Told you m8, I have aimbot, I never miss.🥱

  • Molten Liquid
    Molten Liquid Year ago

    Adapts reaction was fking hilarious😆

  • シBtwswoosh
    シBtwswoosh Year ago +55

    Jarvis: YO MATE ROCK PAPER SCISSORS FOR THE BABY me: wtf is this and why is it so funny 🤣

  • Red_ hacker_7
    Red_ hacker_7 Year ago +4

    Jarvis:becomes a dad
    Kay: damn thats crazzyyy!!

  • AydenR19
    AydenR19 Year ago +672

    Notice how they don’t act surprised about Jarvis being the father

    • StxticXI
      StxticXI Year ago

      Rift FN lol

    • ion_know
      ion_know Year ago


    • LEX
      LEX Year ago +1

      @Mayank Shirali you must not know how life works age doesn't matter when your over 18

    • Paskyy
      Paskyy Year ago

      RePriVe yes g they probably are

    • random kid
      random kid Year ago +2

      Mayank Shirali so??

  • Luhh2hoo
    Luhh2hoo Year ago +272

    Jarvis and Sommer are a cute couple: 99% people are gonna see this, god bless u all

  • Jeremy Downin
    Jeremy Downin 11 months ago

    Alex's reaction was priceless

  • Gelo !
    Gelo ! Year ago +69

    Instead of that Tyler guy it should’ve been RICE it would’ve been soo funny cuz we know Sommer and Rice had a thing back in 2017

  • NSG Godly
    NSG Godly Year ago

    This actually got a laugh out of me

  • Aydin
    Aydin Year ago +778

    Plot twist: Sommer is actually pregnant and Jarvis is the dad

  • Mical Yanez
    Mical Yanez Year ago +1

    If this really happened i would have been like YAAAAYYYYYYY MINI JARVIS

  • 1HNR D1EGO
    1HNR D1EGO Year ago +1

    Funniest reactions
    Alex he was like wtf is going on until he saw
    Temperr he had the most well you know he literally just you know

  • maggie kee
    maggie kee Year ago +2

    Adapt looks like he just came back from the speed force.

  • Cameron Anderson
    Cameron Anderson Year ago +1

    her laugh is so contagious 1:01

  • AK . _ .
    AK . _ . Year ago +463

    Sommer: Why are you not a good dad?
    Jarvis: ITs sO hARd

  • Ob Jr
    Ob Jr 11 months ago

    I cant imagine jarvis with a child😂

  • julia
    julia Year ago

    It’s the laugh for me ✨

  • HawksFan
    HawksFan Year ago

    I was dying when Alex was poking her stomach😂😂😂

  • Flo. On Crack
    Flo. On Crack Year ago

    The way tempeerrr looked when he saw it was PRICELESS

  • Sam Soleimani
    Sam Soleimani Year ago +890

    Jarvis has to show those TikTok boys who’s in charge

  • [F4TAL] Rocky
    [F4TAL] Rocky Year ago

    Adapts reaction just was fucking priceless

  • Hudson White
    Hudson White Year ago +38

    If this was real Jarvis’s name would go from faze Jarvis to faze dad

  • marcoaexvv
    marcoaexvv Year ago

    The way Frazier reacted had me dying

  • Raphy Datoc
    Raphy Datoc Year ago

    Me before this video: this is a prank. Definitely
    Me watching: I KNEW IT!!!! Now they need to do it for real! 😼 They need to do it for real.

  • Slaughtzzz
    Slaughtzzz Year ago +313

    "Rock Paper Scissors For The Baby" - Jarvis 2020

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago +5

    2:03 faze temper really is sweaty goddam

  • John.claytonn
    John.claytonn Year ago +1

    Sommer: has a baby
    Kay : That's crazy bro

  • Allison Maxwell
    Allison Maxwell Year ago +1

    I would be happy if you really had a kid❤

  • jhosue pina pina
    jhosue pina pina Year ago

    I love temper reaction bro it was funny

  • Mystic Wolf
    Mystic Wolf Year ago +423

    alex: “that’s my dargg right there”
    love adapt his vibes are too much

  • Honachii
    Honachii Year ago +2

    I Love how Jarvis and Tayler like the same girl but both really good friends

  • ClawslayzZ_YT
    ClawslayzZ_YT Year ago +4

    2:06 u can see tommy is sweating

  • Ekin Alizade
    Ekin Alizade Year ago

    Faze teeqo with the IKEA joke made me crease 😂😂😭

  • Doki kun
    Doki kun Year ago +2

    That Rock Paper Scissors Game LOL

  • Blake Sewell
    Blake Sewell Year ago +1548

    Imagine that she actually is pregnant but he is fooling everyone so they don't expect it

    K4SHINASH Year ago +1

    Teequo:Do u guys have a name yet
    Jarvis:I think it’s Brotha

  • Elves Arnold
    Elves Arnold Year ago

    I luv how they rock paper scizzor over the baby😂

  • Blowback entertainment

    adapts Reaction though funny af

  • M W
    M W Year ago

    3:46 if only courts settled this way 😂😂

  • Jack Moretta
    Jack Moretta Year ago +12

    Jarvis Been dropping bangers lately great job man haven’t watched yet but I’m sure it’s gonna be great!!!

  • Gh0sT_Carloh
    Gh0sT_Carloh Year ago

    Who actually want to let sommer pregnant?😂

  • Tanjiro hashibira
    Tanjiro hashibira 11 months ago

    Bro imagine being faze Jarvis’ son like bro that would be awesome

  • Jay k
    Jay k Year ago

    I WAS TOTALLY DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊

  • Kierre Tate
    Kierre Tate Year ago

    Dr phill: you are not the father Bryce is the father
    Jarvis : that son of a biscuit.

  • Hunndosha
    Hunndosha Year ago +194

    Adapt looks like hes been in his room for the whole quarantine grown a beard

    • iiskub a
      iiskub a Year ago

      on god

    • Yuvan C
      Yuvan C Year ago

      Well he's probably going through a lot.. car got robbed into (I think) got beat up in Florida.

    • FearlessInTX2
      FearlessInTX2 Year ago +1

      FOR REAL😂

  • Fatal_ Raider12
    Fatal_ Raider12 Year ago

    Kay has the best reaction

  • wuo
    wuo 6 months ago +1

    brawadis punching air rn 💀

  • j sf
    j sf Year ago

    Someone said he had protection but he had aimbot 😂😂

  • xlllxlllx
    xlllxlllx Year ago

    What if they actually had a baby bro, it would look cute bro💯 fr they make a good couple

  • Yeaz Sire
    Yeaz Sire Year ago +202

    Jarvis: Rock Paper Scissors for the baby right now

  • IDontEvenKnowBro
    IDontEvenKnowBro Year ago +1

    The baby:Hi dad how did u get famous
    Jarvis:use aimbot
    The baby:*Uses aimbot*

  • Axel Soto
    Axel Soto Year ago

    Rock paper scissors for the baby 🤣

  • wespo
    wespo Year ago +1

    dr phil: jarvis you are n-

  • Jhunnel Josh
    Jhunnel Josh Year ago

    I like how sommer laughs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😂😇😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • anonymous x
    anonymous x Year ago +330

    This can’t be real cause if it was actually Jarvis’s baby then the belly would be way bigger just because of the forehead 😂😂😂😂

  • Unrise
    Unrise Year ago

    Jarvis in 2022 : We are getting married with Sommer !!!
    2040 : Faze Brotha on Fortnite World Cup

  • Nitish Narayanan
    Nitish Narayanan Year ago

    I love how the cameraman is imaginary

  • Mina Emad
    Mina Emad Year ago +1

    Imagine if sommer actually pregnant

  • Sidra Bibi
    Sidra Bibi Year ago +1

    Baby use aimbot: that's fun

  • kidkovach
    kidkovach Year ago +384

    Jarvis: "Yo, Sommer is pregnant, she has my baby!!"
    No one:
    Kay: "Yoo that's INSAAANE Jarvis!"

    • Neou Sovannreach
      Neou Sovannreach Year ago

      Jarvis videos is now not inappropriate who agrees

    • 2eeet
      2eeet Year ago

      g0tsp33d damn 🥶

    • -Yaro
      -Yaro Year ago


    • 2eeet
      2eeet Year ago

      That's to basic

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams Year ago

    He should be a father now😂

  • Zaki Khan
    Zaki Khan Year ago +1

    Congratulations 🥳 Jarvis

  • Milk!
    Milk! Year ago +2

    But I do love how everyone was happy and supportive of them.

  • ElementDame
    ElementDame Year ago

    1:43 lol she told him and he still believed it 💀

  • ヲBMON3Y
    ヲBMON3Y Year ago +866

    Sommer gets pregnant: Its not yours Jarvi
    Jarvis: "Its so hard"

  • Tbiscuit843
    Tbiscuit843 Year ago +3

    Alex: what
    Sommer: Why you doing that to my baby

  • Joel Tokeak
    Joel Tokeak Year ago

    The baby looks so real your going be your going be a father yay c: have fun

  • Hilda Menjivar
    Hilda Menjivar Year ago

    right when i saw sommer ray pregnant i was like jarvis is the man wow

  • Connor Povey
    Connor Povey Year ago

    Let’s go #teamjarvis

  • Rosemary 🌹
    Rosemary 🌹 Year ago +228

    Jarvis's son: "Dad what is fortnite"
    Jarvis: "Sit down son I'll tell u 😭"

  • Avirn Jackson
    Avirn Jackson Year ago

    Jarvis had paper Lopez had scissors Jarvis cheating 😂

  • Gabriela Najarro
    Gabriela Najarro Year ago

    That last rock paper scissor part though

  • Avi Patel
    Avi Patel Year ago +1

    When teeqo screamed rayyyyy I lost it

  • Sunshine Lindsey
    Sunshine Lindsey Year ago

    Congratulations Jarvis It's amazing!!! :)

  • Joseph Cowen
    Joseph Cowen Year ago +69

    Tayler: Shoves Jarvis
    Jarvis: Rock Paper Scissors for the baby

  • RA5HED
    RA5HED Year ago +1

    Kay:your insane jarvis

  • Demetria King
    Demetria King Year ago

    LOL if this was real I would be mini Jarvisl LMAO

  • Mystic Poison
    Mystic Poison Year ago +13

    I just realized that she is wearing the same underwear I wear 🤣

  • Gustavo Reyes
    Gustavo Reyes Year ago

    My man Jarvis forgot the condom 🤣🙀

  • Quandavious Fringlebottom

    Sommer: I’m having a baby
    Jarvis: with me
    Tayler: I’m out

  • stikbot fan
    stikbot fan Year ago

    What a prank they thought it was real 😂🤣😂

  • Crimson Nxon
    Crimson Nxon Year ago

    Jarvis: Clap clap clap Sommer: uh uh Daddy chill ughhh. THE NEXT MORNIG: Kay: JARVIS YOU'R INSANE

  • Akio
    Akio Year ago +6

    Teawap to kay:"When is yours coming"
    Anyone who thought of charlotte, addison, lexi.Is legend

  • Ghost 47
    Ghost 47 Year ago

    Nice vids keep it up 👍 🔥