15 Most Useful Gadgets | Under 25$ on Amazon 2019

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • 15 Most Useful Gadgets | Under 25$ on Amazon 2019
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    Twig by Quirky - amzn.to/2t46TFj / amzn.to/2JhZzh6
    Mengo Magnetic Air Vent Mount - amzn.to/2SiEXMl
    Powercurl Mini - amzn.to/2SnXXZK
    Nite Ize Twist Tie - amzn.to/2WwljvL
    Align - amzn.to/2sYqtmF
    Brainwavz Headphone Desk Hanger - amzn.to/2G4xzP3
    Rapid Slicer Cutter Gadget - amzn.to/2MLK2aC
    PowerCurl - amzn.to/2Wxfzlb
    Firefly Silicone Solar LED - amzn.to/2WCnGx8
    Tactical Credit Card - amzn.to/2SdiW1B
    Dual CamJam 1 - amzn.to/2G4xNpk
    Crossover for iPhone - amzn.to/2Wwn9Nb
    Reflective Socks - amzn.to/2Tp9HIU
    Stowables - amzn.to/2WsJDOS
    Wrapster - amzn.to/2Tqpc3j
    Music Credit
    Lensko_Lets - thexvid.com/video/mSLuJYtl89Y/video.html
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Comments • 189

  • Future Tech
    Future Tech  2 months ago +58

    5:50 Sorry Guys it was a mistake to record. It was 2 hours not 200 hours.

    • zederish
      zederish Day ago

      because of your video, I bought it. Now you are telling me it's 100 times less? gimme my money!

    • Ace Cutie
      Ace Cutie Month ago +1

      Wow 200 hours

    • James Woodard
      James Woodard Month ago +8

      Yes. Yes, this video was a mistake to record.

    • Future Tech
      Future Tech  2 months ago +1

      ​@He is _GOATIFIED​
      Hi, ​IOS. Lol ​Sorry, They have finished this product.

    • He is _GOATIFIED
      He is _GOATIFIED 2 months ago

      I need help on the stowables wrong link

  • mr benchpress
    mr benchpress 8 hours ago

    Innovative my foot majority these are stupid

  • DukatiDoctor TARDIS

    At 4:55 I thought I saw Nutella in the bag

  • Hometastics
    Hometastics Day ago +1

    I love to order but there is no pay cash on delivery at amazon ksa🙄

  • King Eris
    King Eris 3 days ago +1

    I bet amazon loves videos like this.

  • King Eris
    King Eris 3 days ago

    Number 14. The magnetic air vent mount. How would that work with a wireless charging phone. Or would it be fine

  • Bullet mage Gaming
    Bullet mage Gaming 3 days ago

    Me am very good English :3

  • jordan secrist
    jordan secrist 6 days ago +1

    Rapid slicer. The product for people that don’t want the hassle of dealing with two ordinary flat surfaces.

  • Michael Mancano
    Michael Mancano 10 days ago

    GadgetsRUS.org UNIQUE GADGETS FOR EVERY FAMILY MEMBER: thexvid.com/video/KTg5BiAZKdU/video.html

  • AF GS
    AF GS 14 days ago

    ojalá hubiese tenido esa engrapadora magnética cuando estaba en la escuela.

  • Pariahs Of Vindication

    This guy message reading has perfect the American accent for reading ringrish. His grammer is make the holy shit

  • Bruce Robb
    Bruce Robb 16 days ago

    You can slice cherry tomatoes with just a couple of dinner plates (and a knife, of course).

  • GiantFlameTV
    GiantFlameTV 18 days ago +1

    7:23 they use those on lockdowns

  • Desmond Low
    Desmond Low 18 days ago

    You're probably just a paid advertiser. No way in hell these are useful gadgets. They're just stupid reinventions

  • Joe McKenzie
    Joe McKenzie 19 days ago +3

    I come for the products, and stay for the grammar errors

  • Molly Johnson
    Molly Johnson 19 days ago

    Break the plastic tabs off the vent mount and add 2 drops of super glue for a pretty permanent mount anywhere on your dash...

  • Vavá Pedro
    Vavá Pedro 21 day ago

    Guys really? By the title of the video, i was
    to see cars flying. But, let me see if i understood...
    15: Clips for for earphone cords? (We already have wireless earphones)
    14: What is this? A Phone base?
    13: A charger cord wrapper? wtf?
    12: A wire for tangling things?
    11: A clipper? is this a joke?
    10: Ok, Who... in the blody hell neeeeeeed this??
    9: What is this? A bowl?
    8: A bigger charger cord wrapper? Great.
    7: A lantern? Maaaaan ComeOn.
    6: The tarzan Kit is the 2019 invention, Awesome!
    5: A rope? LOL
    4: this is my favorite... A rubber for me, to put money on the back of my phone... LOL... LMAO.
    3: Guys, what are you doing here.
    2: Another bowl. LOL.
    1: Another acessory for earphone cords.

  • darkflames1284
    darkflames1284 21 day ago +2

    vent phone holders are not a good holder. unless you want to mess your phone up. common sense... but idiots will still buy them

  • Hometastics
    Hometastics 21 day ago +2

    Amazon is really awesome , hope there is pay on delivery

  • David Surran
    David Surran 22 days ago

    Some dumb shit on here thats already around.or useless.

  • Malibu Beatz
    Malibu Beatz 23 days ago +1

    Throughout the decades, I can see the decay of IQ.

  • In Full Bloom
    In Full Bloom 23 days ago +2

    They forgot to add an app that measures radiation levels of cell phones in US.

  • Maureen Seshadri
    Maureen Seshadri 24 days ago +3

    If you feel the urge to buy some of these gadgets, make a coffee and relax, the urge will soon pass. Then if you feel disappointment, that will also soon pass once you total up the cost of items plus shipping you have saved. You will smile again free of all the useless gadgets laying around the house.

  • DedMachine
    DedMachine 25 days ago +4

    @Future Tech, hire me. I will fix your scripts.

  • Natty King
    Natty King 25 days ago +1

    you said 200 hours by mistake

  • Thomas Watts,  Jr.
    Thomas Watts, Jr. 29 days ago +2

    Do you just read verbatim from bad Chinese translations? It's REALLY annoying

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 29 days ago +2

    so this is what happen when script written by man from east, read by man american!
    (yes i did that on purpose XD)

  • Jim Zuehlke
    Jim Zuehlke Month ago +2

    I definitely thought I was having a stroke until I realized I'm not the only one hearing super weird word usage

  • Blue Moon Studios
    Blue Moon Studios Month ago +1

    Listening to english speaking narrator read broken english descriptions from the chinese companies is hilarious 😝🤣

  • Kimshamdra Farmer
    Kimshamdra Farmer Month ago

    Ha ha ha ... you could CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT ...I HAVE 10 INVENTION I MADE ... THAT WILL BLOW YOU OUT OF THE WATER.... I NEED SOME INVESTOR'S ... AND ONE I WILL GIVE AWAY ... THE 45 CAIL SNIPER RIFLE..LIL BROTHER FROM BIG BROTHER 50 CAIL SNIPER RIFLE.. BOLT ACTION .. CALLED 50 CAIL Rhino .. magazine fed $$$ quicker than the 50 CAIL and faster and the same power .. this is one out of 10 INVENTION #Black Pharaoh

  • Don
    Don Month ago +1

    Slicer what a bullshit, just use two plates then you have it.

  • Ryan Watson
    Ryan Watson Month ago +2

    "The durability is at it's high, so damage option can be excluded here". 😙👌

  • H A R
    H A R Month ago +1

    how come all these types of vids are 99% phone chargers

  • Darth Morro
    Darth Morro Month ago +2

    yeah. 100 lumens for 200 hours. exactly.

  • Squid Robertson
    Squid Robertson Month ago +6

    Ironically I watched a Grammerly ad in the middle of the video

  • Lil Feast
    Lil Feast Month ago +2

    I skipped ads to watch more ads..

  • themarinebuoy
    themarinebuoy Month ago

    Headphone hanging bracket ffs? I use a 25p cup hook for mine. This inventor shouldn't give up their day time job.

  • Meran Berwyck
    Meran Berwyck Month ago

    one gadget = one commercial, not a bad ratio. But why?

  • Lily Val
    Lily Val Month ago +1

    Wow I need those tires ! I been looking for good ones ! I never knew of them. Glad found this video ! I like all of them !

  • Richard Duncan
    Richard Duncan Month ago +1

    Number 3 was designed by a non-engineer: those extra coils will build resistance into the charging circuit wasting power as heat. Probably not a deal breaker but it will make a fairly large electromagnetic field, which some people spend money to mitigate. I just put the charge cable behind the desk, boom simplicity.

  • Decentralize Now
    Decentralize Now Month ago

    Shitty products and to many commercials, won't be back

  • creator Space
    creator Space Month ago

    We made it well.

  • Heather Thompson
    Heather Thompson Month ago +1

    I see it cuts black olives but what about Green olives lol

  • moe green
    moe green Month ago

    I wasted my fucking time watching this garbage

  • Chad Hendershot
    Chad Hendershot Month ago

    Great reviews awesome stuff

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas Month ago +4

    "can last up to 50 wash cycles"
    every day I jog and do laundry .....or the socks get smelley!
    ...these socks last less than two months for $16?
    so.... $96 a year for socks?
    why not use reflective removable bands?

    • MilesBellas
      MilesBellas Month ago +1

      @Carlos Benjamin
      Merino wool can unfortunately shrink and for socks may itch and wear quickly.
      The best design solution is reflective bands that can be removed and reattached, IMO.

    • Carlos Benjamin
      Carlos Benjamin Month ago

      MilesBellas they should make a merino wool version. Less washing.....

  • k johnson
    k johnson Month ago +1

    what happened to the stowables? link does not go to it nor can i find searching on amazon?

  • Cuppy Cake
    Cuppy Cake Month ago

    The airvent gadget is great ... till you have to turn the heat on and cook your phone

  • Mathias X Keo
    Mathias X Keo Month ago +1

    Who the hell is cutting grapes in half?

    • lucky43113
      lucky43113 Month ago +1

      Cut in half for a fruit salad.

  • Geoff Rey
    Geoff Rey Month ago

    All garbage.

  • Mayudin Musani
    Mayudin Musani Month ago

    Your gedgets prise $ me pleas rupeas Vale video bataye

  • Brad Brock
    Brad Brock Month ago

    Wow, the script writer must be a toddler.

    • Brad Brock
      Brad Brock Month ago

      @Carlos Benjamin oh believe me I understand. I live in eastern KY. My English probably sounds crazy to other people too.

    • Carlos Benjamin
      Carlos Benjamin Month ago

      Hiram Brock an adult might realize there are non English speaking people in the world and take a secondary clue from the title.

  • Brock Olsen
    Brock Olsen Month ago +1

    Why is the English so weird...?

    • Vlad Rangotchev
      Vlad Rangotchev Month ago

      Because it was written by a Brit and red by Yank LOL

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Month ago +5

    Jesus. It's "ORIENTED," not "orientated."

  • CW Roberts Tablet
    CW Roberts Tablet Month ago +1

    The NiteIze twist ties are actually pretty good quality, but are very expensive. That means, the outer rubberish cover doesn't crack with repeated use. They are about $12usd for 2 medium ties. The outer layer is not actually real rubber, but a soft polymer, or maybe silicone. I actually have the NiteIze buglight which has 2 twist ties for feet on a tiny microlight that is LED. I'm very happy with the light. It can be attached to any pole, hooked around things, or use the feet to lay the light on a flat surface and point upward.

    • munkyzunkle
      munkyzunkle Month ago

      Have been using NiteIze products for several years now, and have been very pleased with all - keychains, lights(recharchable bike lights, mini keychain, attatchable etc.), gear ties, and more - and they have never failed or disappointed me... not even once. Great company. Have a good one. Peace!

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis Month ago


  • Deepak chetry
    Deepak chetry Month ago

    Waw great

  • Sam Pimental
    Sam Pimental Month ago

    The vent mount is a HORRIBLE idea sure in the winter when the heat is on full blast bc you live in new england like I do your phone over heats smh

  • James Woodard
    James Woodard Month ago +3

    Also, there are too many ads for the length and quality of content of this video. So much for me watching any more of this channel's content.

    • xmetrix xmetrix
      xmetrix xmetrix Month ago

      what ads? i havent seen an ad on youtube in years. get ublock origin?

  • James Woodard
    James Woodard Month ago

    How does the obviously-English-speaking voice artist go along with reading that horribly mangled excuse for English?

    • Carlos Benjamin
      Carlos Benjamin Month ago

      James Woodard I might possibly believe that if you hadn’t doubled down in your follow up comments as to his lack of standards, etc. Your criticism has continually been more about his accepting the job than anything else. In fact, only two of your comments do not impugn the narrator, and that’s because you assume I’m calling you out as a bad person. I’m not. I’m pointing out your actions. We’ve all seen horrible movies based on terrible scripts but a particular actor might still give a remarkable performance. What most people do is credit the actor for elevating what otherwise would have been a complete flop. I don’t know what you do for a living, but I wouldn’t castigate you for doing it even if I personally wouldn’t take the job.

    • James Woodard
      James Woodard Month ago

      @Carlos Benjamin ,
      This is my last response, Carlos. You need to learn to let go. As you said, I did refer to the voice artist in the original comment, but I only did so AS A WAY TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SCRIPT. Yes, he bears some responsibility for being part of the crap even though he was maybe the best part of the crap. I believe he is open to simple (short comment on a YT video) criticism for this. We can agree to disagree. However, it should be clear, even if you disagree about that, that my main issue was with the writing of the script itself. If anything, you can see my original comment as a sort of backhanded compliment. Whatever the case, I hope you learn to stop assuming the worst about people based on a single criticism. As I said, the is my last response.

    • Carlos Benjamin
      Carlos Benjamin Month ago

      James Woodard Yeah.... I thought not. I had hope that having it pointed out might help. Here’s a better example: “This Video is full of grammatical errors.” Subject = Video. Look at your initial comment where the subject is the obviously English speaking voice actor. The criticism is that he accepted the poorly written script for a job. And now you’re claiming a greater degree of importance!!! Never once have I said you’re a bad person, but I have pointed out that you’re criticism is misdirected, blasting the well done voiceover instead of the terrible translation and shaming someone for making the best of a bad situation. I doubt you’ll see it though......

    • James Woodard
      James Woodard Month ago

      @Carlos Benjamin ,
      It's not a double standard. It's about priorities. Degrees of importance. I see a badly done video, I criticize it in the comments. You see said critical comment and write several paragraphs over the course of a day telling me how bad of a person I am. Which one of those things seems like a proportionate response? "Get off my back" doesn't mean "criticism is bad! You aren't allowed to criticize me!" It means "Enough already! Don't you have a different dead horse to beat somewhere?"

    • Carlos Benjamin
      Carlos Benjamin Month ago

      James Woodard you’re just full of double standards here. “Get off my back”, getting annoyed by others criticizing you, but criticizing the voice over guy for the bad script he had to work with is a fair assessment, and anyone who disagrees needs to “grow up”. Do you really not see that?