• Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Comments • 208

  • Kieran Emery
    Kieran Emery 24 days ago

    Class mate 👍from villa fan

  • standrews100
    standrews100 27 days ago

    leeds shitting it as usual all mouth

  • David Poulton
    David Poulton 28 days ago

    If you hate Birmingham City sing a song if you hate Birmingham city sing a song ,, Leeds have a fearsome reputation for putting people to sleep everyone loves a good lullaby

  • wearederbysuperams
    wearederbysuperams 29 days ago

    Leeds fans quite rightly not happy about a female Leeds fan getting hit.... but a Leeds fan punched a female Derby fan in the face not too long ago outside the Elland Road.... Fact!

  • FootballMania HD
    FootballMania HD 29 days ago

    Quality video mate 🙌🏻

  • Sam Flint
    Sam Flint 29 days ago

    Bouncing in there!

  • Joseph Gunter
    Joseph Gunter 29 days ago +1


  • buxton fp
    buxton fp 29 days ago

    I was there Saturday and I was there the day the wall came down, one of the first on the pitch, you are not hard pushing women stewards, time I went back to Birmingham for a day out.

  • Lenie Barnes
    Lenie Barnes 29 days ago

    Do you ever score over 1 goal

  • Al J
    Al J Month ago

    Leeds have the best fans in the city 😁😁

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +6

    Leeds have always been all mouth, still nothing’s changed

  • BIRDYBOYO2019 Birdy
    BIRDYBOYO2019 Birdy Month ago +1

    Top class yet again pal ALAW MOT

  • Tom Double Yah
    Tom Double Yah Month ago +1

    6:04 💙💛💙💛

  • Aston villa
    Aston villa Month ago

    Heard leeds chased them out of town is it true

  • Cods Vlogs
    Cods Vlogs Month ago


  • Shane Shanks
    Shane Shanks Month ago

    Great win and still need to put away more chances ✊ and the Birmingham fans disgraceful with hitting a woman 😠. (ALAW ) ❤️ ⚽ ✊

  • Meilyr Sion
    Meilyr Sion Month ago

    Two scum clubs with two set of scum fans.

  • Mani Shoker
    Mani Shoker Month ago +1

    Are Leeds utd a big club, as they are always in the lower league...

    • Thomas O'Flaherty
      Thomas O'Flaherty 28 days ago

      Mani. Yes, this struggling club have been in The Championship now for 15 long years. They used to be famous over 40 plus years ago. Their fans still think they are!.

    • Mani Shoker
      Mani Shoker Month ago +1

      @Thomas O'Flaherty
      Ah.. Thanks Thomas! So basically rubbish then.

    • Thomas O'Flaherty
      Thomas O'Flaherty Month ago


  • Garry Lowes
    Garry Lowes Month ago

    how does that song go mate leeds are scoring goals 20yds...ect

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor Month ago +2

    Singing ‘if you hate Leeds United have a go’ whilst filming everything on phones, whilst Blues fans are actually having a go. Get a grip lads

  • lauget 06
    lauget 06 Month ago

    quality mate. mot

  • Calvin Liu
    Calvin Liu Month ago

    What a game for Leeds united

  • George Macpherson
    George Macpherson Month ago

    RIP Birmingham. You shall never be missed. They must have an average iq of zero.

    • standrews100
      standrews100 27 days ago

      from a wank set of idiots who pay homage to jimmy saville

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones Month ago +1

    That sit down stand up at the end was so cringey. Its like summit you'd see at a kids birthday party or butlins 🤣... Great result though MOT

    ZOUMA IS A GOD Month ago +1

    Cheers for that lads. From a villa fan

  • mighty white
    mighty white Month ago

    were Leeds Utd we`ll see you outside, didn't see them though

    WACCOE Month ago

    Great video mate MOT!!!!

  • Finlay Brooks
    Finlay Brooks Month ago

    Love these vids 😍 brilliant video as always 😍👍

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson Month ago +6

    Leeds give it large all game soon as brum do owt u just stand there singing have a go 🤣

    • warboots35
      warboots35 29 days ago

      @millwallholdings what the fuck you talking about, they came out of the ground broke out of the car park, threw some things then got slapped and ran back into the car park. Bit like your lot in early 2000's when you came out of the South Stand bouncing about then ran back inside when a few of yours took a punch or two. Explain how they took the piss?

    • millwallholdings
      millwallholdings 29 days ago

      @warboots35 Yeah when you have the numbers, ohhh hard well done Brummies #tookthepiss

    • Jack white
      Jack white Month ago +2

      Thomas Wilson fucking Oright giving it large inside the ground as soon as they got outside wasn't quite as much enthusiasm

    • warboots35
      warboots35 Month ago +1

      Bit different outside the ground though eh? Those Blues lads got more than they bargained for

  • Neal Holden
    Neal Holden Month ago +1

    Tossers the lot of you..

  • Mick
    Mick Month ago +1

    Well done Leeds to cap off 💯 years and I've done 50 of them.

  • stephen todd
    stephen todd Month ago

    The Best club in the world, MOT

  • Paula Clarke
    Paula Clarke Month ago +16

    I would like Leeds United football fans and club members, to say a big thank you to the stewards team for jumping In to help their team mates out because they also were beaten up, and two ended up with crush injuries,my sons clothes were ripped off him, black eyes and broken nose, Leeds have come along way from fighting, but yesterday just shows, someone of the security team could have been killed, either by a weapon or a kick in their heads, please remember they all have families and kids, please send messages to the club and support your stewards and Marshall please xxxx
    I'm a mum of one of the security team xxxxx

  • FreddyLUFC
    FreddyLUFC Month ago

    Class vid mate stupid brummy cunts crying cause they lost 1-0

  • The Fifth Kind
    The Fifth Kind Month ago

    What a set of fuckin' idiots

  • Crazy Cole
    Crazy Cole Month ago

    I find this actually good win.

  • luca milanesi
    luca milanesi Month ago +1

    Great, emotional vid, fantastic atmosphere. Thank you for this beauty. Precious 3 points for the centenary!!! Love you guys, forza Leeds!!!

  • Jamie Is Here
    Jamie Is Here Month ago +1

    Great video great ground great club! Here's to another 100! Fitting how a Leeds lad bags the winner 👍🏻

  • 4drecord
    4drecord Month ago

    Another quality vid 👍🏼 #mot

  • Grayz BTW
    Grayz BTW Month ago

    very good video!

  • Ben Sykes
    Ben Sykes Month ago +5

    was nuts outside after the match just seen ther fans getting leveled left right n centre

    • eva jpa
      eva jpa 28 days ago

      Ben talks shite prob related to there own jimmy S

    • millwallholdings
      millwallholdings 29 days ago

      @Aston villa Yes

    • Aston villa
      Aston villa 29 days ago

      @millwallholdings was u there

    • millwallholdings
      millwallholdings 29 days ago

      "their" and did not happen #liar

    • Aston villa
      Aston villa Month ago

      @david mwana be hard men pussy cunt villa do it don't talk about it

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood Month ago +2

    Biased or what. This guy has edited the video that well it doesn't include Birmingham fans sining. Haha. Not a true reflection though is it!

    • Oo_ELECTRO_oO
      Oo_ELECTRO_oO Month ago

      Birmingham were definitely "sining" at the end 😁

      LUFC VLOGGER  Month ago

      This is a Leeds channel, I record Leeds fans not other fans + Birmingham were silent for majority of the game.

  • TheLeedsleedsleeds
    TheLeedsleedsleeds Month ago

    On a brighter note good vlog pal
    Always good 👍👍
    Might see you at Preston or Wednesday

  • john perry
    john perry Month ago +1

    Soon be falling apart agaaaaaain

  • C Dalton
    C Dalton Month ago

    Ledge ..if i was brum id shit. keep it up woody


    Quality win lad. Next up Preston on Tuesday. Some of the brummie fans spoilt the occasion. Villa fans will love this result.

  • hayden britton
    hayden britton Month ago +1

    Good show Birmingham from leeds.lets see more of that always respected the zulus.

    • mighty white
      mighty white Month ago

      they didn't want to know after the game when a 1000 Leeds charged the coach park, gobby twats

  • Robbie GF900 AKA J Walker

    Back with a bang! Great result, great blog! Brilliant reporting. Well done.

  • RC1402 -
    RC1402 - Month ago

    Noisy fucking bastards😂 well done on the win today, we just weren’t good enough, all the best for the rest of the season

  • LeedsUnited Vlogs
    LeedsUnited Vlogs Month ago

    It was amazing!

  • Matthew Cantara
    Matthew Cantara Month ago


  • Matthew Cantara
    Matthew Cantara Month ago


  • Matthew Cantara
    Matthew Cantara Month ago

    Leeds Utd. At The Kareokee .. A piss poor One at that ..
    Brum turned up while you sang songs.
    Outside more sad cunts singing.how about You have a go instead ofSinging

  • ITZRanger 03
    ITZRanger 03 Month ago

    Apparently the cunts wer rippen seats up

  • Sean Roberts
    Sean Roberts Month ago

    Happy Century LUFC!! ALAW!

  • Robert Billing
    Robert Billing Month ago

    I heard "We'll see you outside" went outside and saw none of the soft southern cunts outside.

  • Johnyc321
    Johnyc321 Month ago +1

    Do u not think we rely far too much on Pablo to get us goals?? We are doing okay but if we want promotion think we will need a good striker next window

    • Richard Mills
      Richard Mills 29 days ago

      Johnyc321 You’ve got one in nketiah... he just doesn’t get enough minutes lol

  • Gerry Guinn
    Gerry Guinn Month ago


  • TheLeedsleedsleeds
    TheLeedsleedsleeds Month ago

    Beyond pathetic today Birmingham City Fans
    Smacking female stewards etc shameful and pathetic FUCK EM

  • J B
    J B Month ago +27

    If Leeds fans behaved like that there would be fines, bans, and possibly even executions.

    • Chris Cross
      Chris Cross Month ago +2

      If leeds behaved like that the US would invade us for have WMD's