• Published on Sep 15, 2018

    This video shows kpop idols having wardrobe accidents while performing live.
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    Please watch: "TWICE KISS PRANK & GHOST PRANK"

Comments • 119

  • tαє tαє
    tαє tαє 5 days ago +4

    Every other group trying to help their members
    Bts laughing at each other😂
    Lol we stan dorks😂💜

  • ARMY Sophia Casillan

    Oof Is jungkook ok?

  • Mustafa Kamal
    Mustafa Kamal 9 days ago

    4:07 wtf is that pirates hand kind of thing?

  • Malak Malak
    Malak Malak 10 days ago

    Ilove you v

  • Rony Kunou
    Rony Kunou 15 days ago +3

    Hmmm.. If the kpop girls felt their wardrobe a lil short skirt over sexy then, so, dont wear them! Whats the point then?!!! wearing short skirts and scared of their undergarments being seeing. They could wear nice pants, long skirts... Nice, fashionable and not too expose. Actually, i felt sorry for the girls. The one to be blame should be their company or manager, or whoever working for them...

  • Manoswita Chatterjee
    Manoswita Chatterjee 17 days ago +1

    Is that jinyoung at 1:06 ?

  • no body can kill my feng shue

    Why girls does have to wear such short dress i mean i think most of them must feel uncomfortable !!

  • Euphy Britannia
    Euphy Britannia 20 days ago +1

    conclusion: don't wear bright red undies.

  • jamjamj Dorknyeondan
    jamjamj Dorknyeondan 21 day ago +1

    So several wardrobe malfunction rules:
    Taemin ruins pants.
    Jungkook tortures shirts.
    Namjoon somehow damages clothes more rarely than anything else.
    Momo's clothes can't manage her dope dancing.
    Idols just don't want shoes on.

  • Jenesis De Guzman
    Jenesis De Guzman 23 days ago

    Fvck this sucks!!!!

  • Hazel Alejandrino
    Hazel Alejandrino 23 days ago

    Ang ganda naman nakita ang pante

  • Nina
    Nina 28 days ago +2

    3:08 i was not expecting that omg 😭😭

  • grumpy twig
    grumpy twig 29 days ago +1

    You keep getting names wrong

  • Hải Hoàng
    Hải Hoàng Month ago

    Yygfugfrug totuy tudjg tudyyb thfigh gugyu yyvv

  • Ahsan Sidhu
    Ahsan Sidhu Month ago +6

    Jungkook's part was not embarrassing but funny 😁 his reaction was cute

  • Khate and friends
    Khate and friends Month ago

    1:40 EXO CHEN?! OR D.O

  • Khate and friends
    Khate and friends Month ago +3

    1:47 Exid?!!

  • Kenn Ermino
    Kenn Ermino Month ago +1

    Who's the lady at 3:36?
    Just curious.
    Please help. 😭😭😭

  • Wada Fatimah
    Wada Fatimah Month ago +1

    The second one is so embarrassing 😭😔😢

  • Diamond Johnson
    Diamond Johnson Month ago

    Stop making them wear small ass shit so they can be comfortable, but that's not how it works so I'll shut up

  • Alisha Etsarani
    Alisha Etsarani Month ago

    These poor girls betting their peivacy

  • fanGirl
    fanGirl Month ago

    What's with this thumbnail?

  • Jade Isabella
    Jade Isabella Month ago +6

    When Red velvet got out the car the 3rd time the manager looked pissed... like excuse me ! She's respecting their fellow members

  • Rochelle Rago
    Rochelle Rago Month ago

    Oh chen its white😂

  • Bree Huchin
    Bree Huchin Month ago +1

    What do men expect wearing tight pants??

  • nirmani pink
    nirmani pink 2 months ago

    1:49 how is that Exid

  • armiichou
    armiichou 2 months ago +19

    Those companies have a lot of money but can’t afford clothes of good enough quality for their artists?

    • Rony Kunou
      Rony Kunou 15 days ago

      Not only about good quality... Look at the girls group!! They keep on adjusting their skirts here and there as if the company didnt have enough budget to make just a lil bit longer fashionable skirts and still they would look nice and preety in whatever they wearing.. Right? Just my opinion...

  • armiichou
    armiichou 2 months ago +1

    Instead of using blankets to protect from having their underwear shown why don’t their companies just stop making them wear very short dresses, especially when the girls are so uncomfortable in them


    My favorite part is Jungkook's shirt 😂😂😂

  • Lucia Romero
    Lucia Romero 2 months ago +18

    why every male idol wears red underwear?? lol

  • Jimins Lil Wolf
    Jimins Lil Wolf 2 months ago +47

    Remember that one time Namjoon ripped Jungkooks shirt in a fake love performance😂

  • 경민한
    경민한 2 months ago

    what's the name of that person? 3:38

  • Round jiggly potato
    Round jiggly potato 2 months ago +1

    0:31 it was kinda cringy to watch since that girl did the jump by herself while wearing a skirt and was embarrassed!! Like wtf

  • dani .l.
    dani .l. 2 months ago

    Si tapan no tiene gracia:v

  • PandaArmy OnceLightTinkerbell

    So you covered girls but not men😑

    • G-Dragon Ball Z
      G-Dragon Ball Z Month ago +2

      I believe the videos that are covered were already originally covered, not by the person who made this video. Sorry if I am wrong😅

  • Sedef Ören
    Sedef Ören 3 months ago

    Who is she 3:35

  • Livia Fidelix
    Livia Fidelix 3 months ago +1

    No chen. Yes D.O

    • yerinnn!
      yerinnn! 3 months ago

      A câmera está focando na calça do Chen

  • Susie Cruz
    Susie Cruz 3 months ago +9

    I really don't understand why these kpop idols are being oblige to wear those skimpy clothing. Seriously, it doesn't look good because the wearer feels so uncomfortable. 🙄

  • i love blackpink Avocachaeng

    0:35 oh my god bom! Your fan right here is angry right now!

  • Gian Nunag
    Gian Nunag 3 months ago

    I think you made a little mistake...

  • Jelly Sso
    Jelly Sso 3 months ago

    Park Hyomin

  • QueenB
    QueenB 3 months ago +5

    omgg give those girls some inches of fabric my goddd

  • Jenny Park
    Jenny Park 3 months ago +1

    Poor Park bom. 0:26

  • Jenny Park
    Jenny Park 3 months ago

    Poor Park bom. 0:26

  • Jiyeon Dino
    Jiyeon Dino 4 months ago

    Jiyeon Hyomin

  • Misty -w-
    Misty -w- 4 months ago +32

    What's with male idols and ripping their pants 😂

  • yun _
    yun _ 4 months ago

    poor Yunho :(

  • diana fox
    diana fox 4 months ago +75

    3:15 poor him 😱😱😱😱 and he kept performing
    These idols must get better clothes for dancing

  • Perfaith8 Perfaith8
    Perfaith8 Perfaith8 4 months ago +1


  • Perfaith8 Perfaith8
    Perfaith8 Perfaith8 4 months ago

    Correction po sa EXO SI D.O PO yun hindi si chen

  • Malu Manaohar
    Malu Manaohar 4 months ago

    5:20 can anyone plz tell me his name???

    • Lejindary Kookie
      Lejindary Kookie 3 months ago

      @Malu Manaohar no but if i do I'd tell u right away

    • Malu Manaohar
      Malu Manaohar 3 months ago

      @Lejindary Kookieya..a lil bit..but he is sssoouu handsome..
      do you know his name?!

    • Lejindary Kookie
      Lejindary Kookie 3 months ago

      @Malu Manaohar u wanna smack him for laughing right?

    • Malu Manaohar
      Malu Manaohar 3 months ago

      @Norhaya Amirol noo..i mean that guy..who's laughing

    • Norhaya Amirol
      Norhaya Amirol 3 months ago

      She is Hani

  • rainne liza
    rainne liza 4 months ago +40

    mark’s face was so cute when he was looking around when his pants ripped

  • Daniel. Ariel
    Daniel. Ariel 4 months ago

    Who is at 3:42?

  • Yara. Kookie
    Yara. Kookie 5 months ago +101

    You forgot one of the memorable ones it is when bts were performing fake love it was sugas part when rm ripped jungkooks shirt

    SUGA UKE/BOTTOM IS LIFE 5 months ago +1

    Que top tan malo

  • Jimmy Marte
    Jimmy Marte 5 months ago

    Que Lindo🌹

  • Mavice Elmedo
    Mavice Elmedo 5 months ago +18

    0:26 bom what happend?😂😍

    LOVE BFF 6 months ago


  • chan nannan
    chan nannan 7 months ago +7

    Mark:- Red hair and Red😋hahaha!!!


    3:22 моно ссылку на ориг?

  • Cute af
    Cute af 7 months ago

    3:28 what show is that can u send me the link pwsss!

  • Lathifah Ludmilla
    Lathifah Ludmilla 7 months ago +15

    I think... Park bom has the worst..

  • rosé champagne
    rosé champagne 8 months ago +23

    sandara park be like
    nobody seen that😂😂

  • Suga’sMochi
    Suga’sMochi 8 months ago +12

    1:41 EXID HANI😂👌

  • Jungkookie Fan love
    Jungkookie Fan love 10 months ago +3


  • Whiplxsh__jihyo
    Whiplxsh__jihyo 10 months ago +6

    Para eso miramos el video no tiene que censurar porque para eso estamos viendo el video. PSD: No tiene sentido xdxdxd

    • laura cruz
      laura cruz 4 months ago +1

      Exacto además en el de mujeres sí censura y el de hombres no.

  • Sakuya Kiku
    Sakuya Kiku 10 months ago +6

    I’m sorta confused what happend to Jungkook? Sorry a new army...

    • fail_lip
      fail_lip 9 months ago

      There was a hole on the right side of his shirt

  • Alexa Jamorol
    Alexa Jamorol 10 months ago

    well sorry for my english...

  • Alexa Jamorol
    Alexa Jamorol 10 months ago +91

    I have to say,the staffs are really need to be careful in dressing the k-idols...I pity for them who are always adjusting their dress because they are not comfortable at wearing them.Some caused of ripping...Needed to be extra careful...

  • Sea Seo
    Sea Seo 10 months ago +196

    red velvet's case is not really considered as a wardrobe malfunction since they are just preventing off skirts photos or protecting themselves

  • hobijhope
    hobijhope 10 months ago

    Thats hilarious

  • Nikku unpredictable
    Nikku unpredictable 11 months ago +4

    Red Velvet ..🤣🤣 always same case ??

  • Vincent Wu
    Vincent Wu 11 months ago +158


    • chuu
      chuu Month ago +1

      Vincent Wu the next one is snsd - exo while its red velvet😭

  • twicethetic puff
    twicethetic puff 11 months ago +344

    *SHINee's in the house*

  • Everton Lopes
    Everton Lopes 11 months ago +32

    3:20 WHO?