FLOAT POD EXPERIENCE ft. ASMR Whispers & Water Sounds

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
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    Today I'm taking you inside a Floating Pod! Also called the Isolation Tank, you'll be in sensory deprivation and likely find yourself in deep relaxation. The water is filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, making you float effortlessly.
    The pod is a heaven to get away from your phone and its parade of notifications! I personally feel very refreshed after floating for an hour. I bring my anxiety and busy mind into the pod and leave with mental clarity and increased inner peace. It's a meditative experience.
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  • Miss Mina
    Miss Mina  7 months ago +6085

    Did you know the isolation tank was developed in the 1950s? I'm thankful for our fellow human beings in their effort to find ways for us to relax and enjoy the moment. It's easy to get busy in this fast-paced, competitive world where it feels like we are just a number. Each of us matters. Whether or not you did well on an exam or succeeded/failed something at work and home life, you deserve healing time and love. It doesn't mean you have to go to the float spa. There are many other ways for self-care and partaking in soul-soothing activities (ie: hiking, hanging out with nature, writing letters to family and friends, cuddling up with a book, etc). With that said, wishing you a cozy weekend ahead filled with things you love to do 💖
    Btw I'm currently in Korea filming more travel videos! Stayed tuned on my SweetAndTastyTV channel for those pixels 🎉

    • anime LAND
      anime LAND 20 days ago

      japan or corea?

    • Icey Rules
      Icey Rules 2 months ago

      Wow,that us actually so cool! I wish i was thereシ

    • Alehlete
      Alehlete 4 months ago

      Why Did u put pictures on front of well ur beind and front u can't see and nobody cares for that probably

    • it'syaboigaming 112853
      it'syaboigaming 112853 4 months ago

      Can I get the link to this spa please

  • gacha cookie
    gacha cookie 20 minutes ago

    Where is it?

  • Angel Potato Narwhal

    Me before doing this: Finally, I will get to relax!
    Me during this: Did I lock my hamster cage?
    Also me: I swear I hear something outside..
    Also me: Mom are you still there?
    Also me: Is my mom ok?
    Also me: Will I get salt in my eyes?
    Also me: Will I drown!?
    Me: **tries to get phone but can't get out**
    Me: Am I allergic to water?
    Also me: *claustrophobia*

  • rcsitant lia
    rcsitant lia 2 hours ago

    It’s not that i don’t like the float spa, i just have claustrophobia.

  • Diciestsnow 6948
    Diciestsnow 6948 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know any of the songs

    DEVlIIL 3 hours ago

    Y'all are weeeeeeeaaaaak

  • Cinnamon toast crunch
    Cinnamon toast crunch 3 hours ago

    That pod is most likely a Schizophrenic’s worst nightmare

  • DyliEpicPotato
    DyliEpicPotato 4 hours ago +1

    Me: I think I would love this!
    (Anxiety comes knocking on my door)
    Anxiety: DiD yOu calL mE? Oh Yeah! You MigHt DrOwn in TherE! ALso Do yOu bEliVe IN gHostS?
    Me: *screams*

  • coochie mygoodsir
    coochie mygoodsir 4 hours ago

    Where can you even find places like this 🤔

  • it's zu
    it's zu 4 hours ago +1

    I am a really active girl, and when I’m alone I can get really crazy just by thoughts. I really wanted to go there but I’m scared I would get insane and kill myself because of my thoughts there. Maybe I could go with my sister, but that means we’re gonna fight on that pod for 2 hours straight lol. I could go with my mom, but I hate all the thing she may said there, I hate it when se starts to lecture about me, my personality, my body, my love interest, and everything. My dad and my brother isn’t even an option. My friend? That would make the spa burst because we’re going to joke all day long.
    I am normal if there’s people around me but if I’m alone, I ‘ll get all this suicidal thoughts, I’ll question all of the universe and that would made me go crazy! I’ve got some therapy tho.... but it gets better so slowly. I wanted to go there, but maybe it’s just not my luck.
    -thank you for reading this, I know you guys won’t even mind and care but that’s my story
    -sincerely, z.

  • Freyja
    Freyja 5 hours ago

    Wow this is so cool!! I definitly want to try it out, man your hair looked so cool while in the tank! Mermaid level awesome 😍

    3rdINFINITE 5 hours ago

    "... Other people..... Can't handle..... The nothingness.... " sounds like a character from an RPG

  • Itz Kenzi
    Itz Kenzi 6 hours ago

    Absolutely nobody
    Me: claustrophobia who

  • Xcaliber The Hedgehog
    Xcaliber The Hedgehog 6 hours ago

    Bruh she legit sounds like a fnaf voice actor in there

  • Hailyn Adams
    Hailyn Adams 7 hours ago

    i would love to try this

  • Riana Taylors
    Riana Taylors 19 hours ago

    Whoa if I was in there, my mind will probably go crazy from scaring myself that there are monsters in there with me😅

  • H A Z E L
    H A Z E L 21 hour ago

    This thumbnail and vid is NOT for boys .-.

  • Tang Ke
    Tang Ke 22 hours ago


  • Kent Antenero
    Kent Antenero 23 hours ago

    being an introvert, i need this everyday

  • StarBucks 42367
    StarBucks 42367 Day ago

    How warm is the water?

  • WhyDraco
    WhyDraco Day ago

    when you cover up ur pubic hair

  • One Fap Man
    One Fap Man Day ago

    If she had bigger tits this video would have at least 3 times the views

  • quagmire bosserie

    My claustrophobia could never handle such thing🤣

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Day ago

    Where is this at?

  • __uteki
    __uteki Day ago

    this is both satisfying but terrifying at the same time because i can’t swim nor float :,,>

  • keanu zevers
    keanu zevers Day ago

    aight who here knows the pods bc of big bang theory

  • YNW Melloy
    YNW Melloy Day ago

    Tout est carré comme ta machoir

  • Gamer Shai
    Gamer Shai Day ago


  • ᴄᴢᴏʀᴄʜ.8083

    so like i’m half introvert half extrovert
    i could totally float around but i need someone to do it with me lmao

  • darkwolf
    darkwolf Day ago

    They are evolving

  • Horsey Heaven!
    Horsey Heaven! Day ago

    Ooofff I would get soo clostrophobic

  • TDF_ W0rldKeY
    TDF_ W0rldKeY Day ago

    bruv what if the pod is what death is like

  • NomadicRev
    NomadicRev Day ago


  • callmehpanda :3
    callmehpanda :3 Day ago +1

    U can sing there 😹👌

  • Chizuru hakito
    Chizuru hakito Day ago

    She sounds like a robot

  • Madhav Lama
    Madhav Lama Day ago

    She wissper as ghost

  • Airi Iyama
    Airi Iyama Day ago

    Poor claustrophobic people

  • itzYâmîrah.
    itzYâmîrah. Day ago

    Is it deep?

  • Eesh SinGer
    Eesh SinGer Day ago

    Me getting in the pod:
    The next day
    Man drowned in the pool

  • Layla Editz
    Layla Editz Day ago

    Im scared to be alone :')

    GAMER ANTONIO21 Day ago

    Im a deep sleeper so i would totally drown


    I want to try this!!!
    Thalassophobia: No U Dont

  • Cecedidic1401
    Cecedidic1401 2 days ago

    Lcl füllung !

  • Senpai
    Senpai 2 days ago

    People can't do this for long periods of time because they can't be alone with their mind.

  • Kangwa Master
    Kangwa Master 2 days ago

    Everyone: I’d get anxious and claustrophobic
    Me: A 2 hour trip to the void that is my soul sounds blissful

  • HeyItsMeeTee
    HeyItsMeeTee 2 days ago

    i want to do this but its legit 70 bucks for an hour

  • SushiWolf
    SushiWolf 2 days ago

    Gets locked in

  • *Nebula_ Gacha*
    *Nebula_ Gacha* 2 days ago

    I want to do that mostly because I was born with water in my life and want to be with it for the rest of my life……

    Where are these pods…?

  • Richter Belmont
    Richter Belmont 2 days ago

    _Turn off your phone completely._

  • Mirage
    Mirage 2 days ago +1

    This is incredibly interesting. Weird. But interesting.

  • Ava Hom
    Ava Hom 2 days ago +1

    Is it hard to breathe in there?

  • Jacob Djelou
    Jacob Djelou 2 days ago +5

    That moment when your ears are under the water makes me feel so relaxed and I feel calm and nothing in the world can get me out of it (unless your sister splashes water in your nose 😤I was happy till that moment

  • Mr. Freeze
    Mr. Freeze 2 days ago +1

    You have a hot body

  • Chrizia Nightwolf
    Chrizia Nightwolf 2 days ago +25

    Me going to this pod
    My anxietys


    • omgshutup
      omgshutup 4 hours ago +1

      @BadGirl Gamer wake up as ur soul

    • BadGirl Gamer
      BadGirl Gamer 5 hours ago

      You can't wake up when you're dead...

  • kpopphan
    kpopphan 2 days ago +20

    i feel like i would just cry in the pod and add more salt to the water

  • Chi_Chi :3
    Chi_Chi :3 3 days ago +1


  • Yert2Dirt21
    Yert2Dirt21 3 days ago +12

    Imagine bieng in there and the water slowly increases and getting locked in there.

  • Beyyooo edits
    Beyyooo edits 3 days ago

    Me: standing infront the pod
    Claustrophobia: are you sure u want to do this?

  • Solta o São
    Solta o São 3 days ago +1

    Isn't it claustrophobic?

  • tea cupps
    tea cupps 3 days ago

    my claustrophobic ass can’t survive the pod