Gordon HATES EVERYTHING He's Served | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • London Purvis
    London Purvis 22 minutes ago

    It's hilarious when you can tell restaurants are trying to plate something up so it looks fancy, but they have no idea how to do it so it looks like shit

  • Mr.Boredom55
    Mr.Boredom55 2 hours ago

    The bar directors got the same name as me

  • guguigugu
    guguigugu 8 hours ago

    dont date people from work, it's such a terrible idea. theres many people elsewhere.

  • Angel Bulldog
    Angel Bulldog 12 hours ago

    If you don't have a discriminating palate, do the world a favor and go into banking or insurance! How can a person own a restaurant and not even be able to taste the food??

  • Bubba Deeks
    Bubba Deeks 13 hours ago

    Doesnt he hate everything every episode though

  • Van Tao
    Van Tao 15 hours ago

    The Asian girl is cute😍😍😍

  • Sofía Beaulne
    Sofía Beaulne 19 hours ago

    I love how the chef said "Ni modo" 😂😂😂

  • B Shells
    B Shells 21 hour ago

    Those girls cute

  • mojneme
    mojneme Day ago

    Love when he starts dissecting the dish and than poking the food with his finger or a fork 🤪. He is most certainly one of the bravest men alive for tasting all that horrible looking food.

  • UnicornsAndCookiesYT

    They are owning a... M I C R O W A V E S H O P!

  • keiharris332
    keiharris332 Day ago

    2:46 like if you shook your head as well

  • Lowkey lyesmith
    Lowkey lyesmith Day ago

    @2:50 I just lost it. Bless!

  • Daisha Sherman
    Daisha Sherman 2 days ago

    this could the the title for any episode tho

  • Oh Crazy!
    Oh Crazy! 2 days ago

    ‘Gordon hates everything he is served’ that’s just a normal episode of kitchen nightmares.

  • Sahvana dennis
    Sahvana dennis 2 days ago

    XD Gordan wanted the camera man\women to try the food and he shook the camera to say no that was funny!

  • Lucas Dobson
    Lucas Dobson 2 days ago

    Lol poor gordan not even the camera man will try it idk how you do it Gordan

  • Yusri Yunus
    Yusri Yunus 2 days ago

    2:42 watchout....somebody is watching you...

  • DIO
    DIO 3 days ago

    If they hold the meat in all the meat-based food then what's left to eat?

  • Noodle Corgi
    Noodle Corgi 3 days ago

    T H E E G G P L A N T I S R A W

  • Harry Angelov
    Harry Angelov 3 days ago

    All the female staff look nice damn owner can get it. And the asian server too

  • fulhamkid
    fulhamkid 3 days ago

    She’s fit

  • chilldude30
    chilldude30 3 days ago

    Pansetta? Lmao

  • panory britz
    panory britz 3 days ago +5

    He got the fact the owner and bar manager were dating immediately

  • It'sJustMaddie
    It'sJustMaddie 4 days ago

    Lisa is *S O T A N* jesus

  • Chris derrick
    Chris derrick 4 days ago

    Milf 🤤🤤🤤

  • Hey_Tammy
    Hey_Tammy 4 days ago


  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 5 days ago

    I saw the microwave and thought "oooooh shit!"

  • Milo ballz101
    Milo ballz101 6 days ago

    The owner is hot

  • Joseph James
    Joseph James 6 days ago

    2:24 is an embarrassment to serve lmao

  • Political Retard
    Political Retard 6 days ago

    This title could be for literally any kitchen nightmares episode

  • Karlo Cobarrubias
    Karlo Cobarrubias 8 days ago

    Where’s the lamb sauce

  • Dashing_Davey
    Dashing_Davey 8 days ago

    The owner is very attractive for a woman her age. Figures she's banging the dweeb ass bartender 🤣

    MAURIICE KIING 8 days ago

    Getting unfrozen tuna loin is virtually unheard of. Even in Ramsay’s restaurants.

  • Miranda2Marvels
    Miranda2Marvels 8 days ago

    Did she just say penceta instead of pencheta lol
    Dating the manager ? Smooth lol

  • Cierra Trudeau
    Cierra Trudeau 9 days ago

    How do you undercook eggplant?!

  • George 27
    George 27 9 days ago

    She’s cute. Ill eat her but Gordon wouldn’t like that

  • bud thedog
    bud thedog 9 days ago

    Gordon: What do you recommend? Owner: I'm Vegan.

  • Alma Gonzaga
    Alma Gonzaga 9 days ago

    gordon ramsay must have a terrible taste😄

  • Baby Sosa 3hunna
    Baby Sosa 3hunna 9 days ago

    " I tHiNk oUR fOoD tAStE gReAT tO mE. "

  • Jonathan Roman
    Jonathan Roman 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay just broke the fourth wall lmfao

  • malikai poma
    malikai poma 10 days ago

    Guy: *gives what could be considered just a compliment*
    Gordon: so you're fucking her

  • Eric Courville
    Eric Courville 10 days ago

    Damn the eggplant looks like an elephants vaginaXD

  • The Living Graveyard
    The Living Graveyard 10 days ago

    **Reads title**
    Sounds different

  • 雲し炎whorable
    雲し炎whorable 10 days ago

    Ok but Lisa's skin is glowing

  • Marcelo83
    Marcelo83 10 days ago

    That lad is doing good for himself... nice cushy position and basically is getting paid to bang the owner.... don't fuck that job up son you are punching way higher than you should be!!!

  • madimatt :/
    madimatt :/ 10 days ago

    I love how when gordan is talking to the lady's boyfriend about her, she just slowly steps back.

  • madimatt :/
    madimatt :/ 10 days ago

    I wouldn't blame him.

  • Chris Sleepsick
    Chris Sleepsick 10 days ago

    "Everything vegetarian I like"
    Is literally saying nothing.

  • Nova RBLX
    Nova RBLX 11 days ago

    Gordon has only liked one thing which was the guacamole burger

  • J_s92
    J_s92 11 days ago

    Once you see Chef Mic, it’s a wrap

  • Nischal Devkota
    Nischal Devkota 11 days ago

    Turn on the captions for the first sentence he says

  • Luis Dominguez
    Luis Dominguez 11 days ago

    I can’t believe that they actually tried to serve chef 👨‍🍳 Ramsey microwaved food. What an awful idea

  • NicksDaBro
    NicksDaBro 12 days ago

    I’m sorry but he hates everything he is served

  • Zachary Spriggs
    Zachary Spriggs 12 days ago

    Gordon: "How are you?"
    Waitress: "Priscilla"
    Gordon: "How are you?"
    Waiter: "Damien"

  • Nathan Aldana
    Nathan Aldana 12 days ago

    Title; Gordon hates everything he's served
    Me: 0:00

  • Wyo Drifter
    Wyo Drifter 12 days ago

    Never take a vegetarians word for it

  • balti4s #79
    balti4s #79 12 days ago

    Owner looks like a great value Ava Addams if you know what I mean 👀

  • Meh Smeh
    Meh Smeh 12 days ago

    I freaking love when the servers KNOW that everything is shit and he orders something that is even more shit than everyone else and they just go “mmmhhhmmmmmmm” 😬 with a fake ass plastered smile on their face

  • poopy snoopy
    poopy snoopy 13 days ago +1

    wtf that dude has a HUGE PENIS 1:23

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 13 days ago

    Lisa would get it

  • Foxglove1
    Foxglove1 13 days ago

    I miss this show. Did they cancel it?

  • Fortnite trolling/roblox Beast

    Gordon how old are you?

  • 3T Gaming
    3T Gaming 13 days ago +1

    Gordon: Hello, how are you?
    Waitress: Prescilla nice to meet you.

  • Beanie Sinister
    Beanie Sinister 13 days ago

    *IM VEGAN*

  • Aoki-Kun
    Aoki-Kun 13 days ago

    The waitress is so pretty

  • londontrada
    londontrada 13 days ago


  • Madz Cat
    Madz Cat 13 days ago

    Gordon always hates everything he tastes lol no one can please him cus everything he makes is food of the gods i guess.

  • AFranco Vlogs
    AFranco Vlogs 13 days ago

    And this is why my Hispanics stay making Tacos 😂

  • Sam Nutting
    Sam Nutting 13 days ago

    Server: He said it tastes like frozen tuna.
    Chef: It is frozen tuna.
    Server: Fuck you, you wrinkly-ass motherfucking bitch....

  • DCFunBud
    DCFunBud 13 days ago

    I hate it when people can't admit they don't know the answer to a question. "It's fresh." Well, it wasn't and when she found out it was frozen, she didn't tell Gordon.

  • Hyper Ninja23124 YT
    Hyper Ninja23124 YT 13 days ago

    Say this quick Eye M A P ness

  • Xx412xxbluntz
    Xx412xxbluntz 13 days ago

    3:46 what the fuck was that thing in the corner 😂

  • R3PTIL3
    R3PTIL3 13 days ago

    nothing new

  • Daniel Dai
    Daniel Dai 13 days ago

    This is not surprising. Gordon doesn’t like anything that’s not fresh, microwaved, or store bought. I see why, I can make this at home, why do I pay you to cook food I can cook myself?

  • Rap’Bunny
    Rap’Bunny 13 days ago

    “Err..She’s a lovely manager”. 😂

  • Darren Hebert
    Darren Hebert 14 days ago

    The owner looks like she just woke up from a whole night out clubbin with hoes so with a hangover she’d eat anything 😂

  • Shao shao Stengel
    Shao shao Stengel 14 days ago

    Why does every restaurant microwave their foods

  • Samantha Gill
    Samantha Gill 14 days ago

    The title describes every video

  • Lowly Furcunt
    Lowly Furcunt 14 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a solid salsa chunk with an avocado slice shoved inside. That shit's nasty

  • Callia Jacobs
    Callia Jacobs 14 days ago

    Anyone 2019

  • Jesse Robledo
    Jesse Robledo 14 days ago

    Lisa can get it anyday she is fine asf

  • Averi zzstu Zale
    Averi zzstu Zale 14 days ago

    “Past- a salad”

  • Sad Boi
    Sad Boi 14 days ago

    The Asian waitress oh my god

  • Martin Mitchii
    Martin Mitchii 14 days ago

    Gordon: Hi, mate. How are you?
    Damian: Damian

  • Elena
    Elena 14 days ago

    Ok so the owner is getting banged by the headwaiter. The kitchen is beeing lead by two brothers who are 18 fucking years in this kitchen and from the previous owner. No menue change since she took over and she runs around like a princess... im 15yo but even I can see she is a kid in an adult body. Not fit to be an owner at all damn😂

  • K covers
    K covers 14 days ago

    She’s dressed very inappropriately for her work what the hell is this highschool??!

  • P Bro
    P Bro 14 days ago

    2:50. LOL

  • Ruchir Jain
    Ruchir Jain 14 days ago +1

    are vegetarians a rare species that no one sees often and are they hated so much??

  • brandon shattuck
    brandon shattuck 14 days ago +1

    Did she even need to mention she was vegetarian? Lady no one cares...

  • jia min
    jia min 14 days ago

    if ramsay says it taste like shit then it taste like shit🤷🏻‍♀️

  • kelly mcintosh
    kelly mcintosh 14 days ago

    I love the music when he digs into the food. Like a horror film.

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time 14 days ago

    1:57 The new Avengers

  • nes
    nes 14 days ago

    The dish they served looks disgusting...

  • D
    D 14 days ago

    Priscilla lowkey fine af

  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson 14 days ago +1

    Even the camera people said no

  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson 14 days ago +1

    If I was him I would say about how they are all looking at you like a hawk .-.

  • Kyro Parado
    Kyro Parado 14 days ago

    2:50 *When Gordon Ramsay breaks the fourth wall*

  • Two Face
    Two Face 15 days ago

    Here's the menu.
    It'S rAW.

  • Lori Riggs
    Lori Riggs 15 days ago

    He is skinny but eats very often in a good way lucky

  • Jason Pabon
    Jason Pabon 15 days ago

    Fking microwave