🦄DIY: Miniature UNICORN School Supplies

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Sam is a very crafty slime. But sometimes he needs the help of his friend Sue to make things. This time he needed something trendy and small, that's why he suggested making miniature unicorn school supplies! Why would he need that?... Hmmm... Watch the video to reveal the truth!
    You can make all these crafts yourself! You will only need some craft foam, polymer clay, markers, paper, glitter glue, nail polish and a few other materials, as well as the love for unicorns!
    1:17 Mini unicorn backpack with a zipper that really works!
    4:35 Mini unicorn pen you can write with
    6:17 Mini unicorn rainbow pencil case
    8:25 Mini unicorn notebook with pages you can write in!
    These crafts are so pretty, they're just begging to be given as a gift to someone as miniature, right?
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    This video has English subtitles for your convenience!
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      DIY:Miniature UNICORN School Supplies

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