Rainbow Six Siege 2

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
  • Rainbow Six Siege 2
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    Welcome to Roblox Six Siege!
    This is what you get when you combine Roblox with Rainbow Six Siege!
    …well, sort of.
    It was really hard to find a decent Siege server on Roblox. Most of them aren’t that good :|
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    So, what do you think about Roblox Six Siege? Are there any other mini games on Roblox you want us to play? Let me know with a comment! ^-^
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Comments • 20

    M3RKMUS1C  11 months ago +958

    *LIKE* this video for more DANK Roblox/R6S stuff! ᕙ(˵ ಠ ਊ ಠ ˵)ᕗ

  • Ginja Ninja
    Ginja Ninja 9 months ago +1

    *_I think I just splooged all over this video. UwU_*

  • MAGinthe AK47
    MAGinthe AK47 11 months ago +43

    Noo play operation scorpion on roblox please M3RK its ACTUALLY rainbow six seige

  • TheManWithTheLegendHimself
    TheManWithTheLegendHimself 11 months ago +66

    I loved ur black ops 3 videos, if u do a video where you go back and play it id love you

  • aerh
    aerh 11 months ago +85

    It’s time to reinstall Roblox

  • ThatGuyKash
    ThatGuyKash 11 months ago +305

    Who else misses his guitar content?

  • Scrubing
    Scrubing 11 months ago +78

    This is the best roblox Six Siegeing I have ever seen (◕‿◕✿)

  • RussianTails :3
    RussianTails :3 11 months ago +34

    Rainbow 6 Siege 2 leaked gameplay.

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 11 months ago +25

    Graphics look better then Rainbow Six Siege

  • Chickenhunter22
    Chickenhunter22 11 months ago +37

    Hey it appeared in my subbox finally.

  • R Private Account
    R Private Account 11 months ago +108

    He has a twitch?! What the HELL am I doing on youtube then?!

  • Zakary Ricketts
    Zakary Ricketts 11 months ago +435

    This is on track with what we want Eric. Thank you

  • al/one
    al/one 11 months ago +56

    Damn. Fortnite has *GOD* graphics

  • Dankest Supreme
    Dankest Supreme 11 months ago +3

    HES BACK he’s finally fucking back the editing the energy merk if you read this you need to make more of your videos like this and I guerentee that you fan base will cherish you

  • Justin Connelly
    Justin Connelly 11 months ago +565

    These games are the physical return of Christ

  • The Almighty Loaf
    The Almighty Loaf 11 months ago +677

    Honestly roblox is actually pretty fun when you play wacky games and well made games

  • Penguin Bait
    Penguin Bait 11 months ago +359

    yay he's back

  • A Magical Bucket
    A Magical Bucket 11 months ago +571

    If Roblox Seven Siege is so good where is Roblox Eight Siege

  • Dinolava
    Dinolava 11 months ago +404

    Finally another upload M3rk

  • Cmanbrink BO3
    Cmanbrink BO3 11 months ago +1373

    Merk I’ve been a fan since under 100k subs and I will support you forever but just sometimes listen to ur fans and let criticism be ok love ya