The trouble with WOKE comedy

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • This is getting beyond a joke.
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  • Slide First
    Slide First Day ago

    If Pie had more sense he'd be a Trump supporter.

  • mark blum
    mark blum 6 days ago

    1000 pussies voted thumbs down.

  • Bec
    Bec 8 days ago

    I'm pro gun rights so I really do think school shootings are funny.

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton 8 days ago

    I’m offended by the way Jonathan Pie is shouting at me. I mean, he’s looking at me and now I’m offended and you should be offended too.

  • Anders Christopherson
    Anders Christopherson 12 days ago

    Nah sorry Tom, usually I agree with your rants but Louis CK is a terrible comic and a cunt. You can take this everything's fair game for comedy logic too far.

  • creator generator
    creator generator 12 days ago

    The jester (or joker) has a role.

  • ajax1137
    ajax1137 15 days ago

    Tom Walker is right and he's probably concerned, being a successful comedian.

    DEAN JOHNSON 15 days ago

    Down with this sort of thing. Careful know.😂😎😎😂

  • PhoenixRisingGames
    PhoenixRisingGames 16 days ago

    The problem these modern, netflix special-having comedians have is a large majority of their sets aren't jokes, i've watched a bunch of them where they just spout off about how "orange man bad and has small hands" and "men are evil" and "muh wage gap". They're voicing their opinions and are no longer looking for laughs but the "WOOOOOOOOO" and the round of applause from their audience and they're holding other, actual comedians to the same standard. They assume all comedians are spouting their opinions while on stage because it's what they do.

  • Gölök Z L F Buday
    Gölök Z L F Buday 17 days ago +1

    Oh yeah, like maybe we are a character or abstract form of themselves or microcosms and even human perception that needs to be deconstructed.

  • Kay Falls
    Kay Falls 18 days ago

    Spot-on and very very funny. Clever man!

  • Modwain Allaron
    Modwain Allaron 22 days ago

    how about count dankula

  • thomas clare
    thomas clare 28 days ago

    you are totally brilliant

  • Miss Sarah Ashplant
    Miss Sarah Ashplant 28 days ago

    What did the man say when he fell into the river?
    "I'm in denial."

  • gwho
    gwho 29 days ago

    Rants sound pretty good in british

  • The Mad Baron
    The Mad Baron Month ago

    When a white nationalist party gets elected and starts arresting Liberals for saying "white privilege" or being "Christianophobic" because it's racist then these sanctimonious cunts will care about free speech.

  • david fredericks
    david fredericks Month ago

    I'm sure you're aware that just talking like this aka fucking logic, You are limiting your future job opportunities. I appreciate your zero fucks way of going about things. Bring back real liberalism ffs

  • hakkespade
    hakkespade Month ago

    Political correctness is facism pretending to be manners.
    George carlin

  • Hannele Kahkonen
    Hannele Kahkonen Month ago

    why is he so angry all the time. He needs a nap he looks so stressed, I wish I could give him a hug.

  • Jem Mace
    Jem Mace Month ago

    Well, let's talk about Bill Hicks then.. when they worry about the minds of comedians who represent or present a mind set which can be wildly true!
    Yep that.. is ostracized. Kept out of the media unless it's being vilified while looking through a mirror through a mirror and a camera... sweet dreams.

  • Neel L. Lumi
    Neel L. Lumi Month ago

    Is he hosting the news from outside?

  • Victor Fox
    Victor Fox Month ago

    How about Count Dankula being sued and fined 800 for teaching his pug to do a nazi salute

  • Brett B
    Brett B Month ago

    Saudi head off this infidel! Saudi arms off! Saudi legs off!

  • Col Fordham
    Col Fordham Month ago

    Most of us already ignore and mock the thought police, must be a small minority who buy into what they say and an even smaller minority that actually follow them.

  • EnraEnerato
    EnraEnerato Month ago

    Ähhh... "Jan Böhmermann" created some kind of poem in context of a TV-Show which had the contex of what satire isn't allowed to do, it went scandal and JB still is in court, the BGH of Germany, the highest instance of jurisdiction we have in Germany.

  • Tommy Barlow
    Tommy Barlow Month ago

    There must be limits though right? You wouldn't people on TV make jokes about autistic kids or something, or lynching . Isn't there a line? Just depends who's wants to draw the line.

  • KingKaitain
    KingKaitain Month ago

    Puritanism: "the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy". (H.L. Mencken)

  • Darren Semotiuk
    Darren Semotiuk Month ago +2

    It wasn't Louis CK that UK Police sent to prison for subjective comedy.
    Unless you don't know how to spell "Count Dankula".

  • SomeReallyUniqueName

    I am kinda split ... offensive comedy for me is not directly the problem. It is the intention behind it.. for lack of a better term. A white person at the Apollo talking about his lazy black friend is something completely different then someone dressed as a clansmen in Alabama in front of a 'only whites allowed' crowed talking about his lazy black 'friend'... is something completely different. Then one is telling a joke, the other is spewing hate. But the line is the same.. The problem arises when we are unsure of the intention of the person speaking the line.
    Further people have no problems supporting quite offensive jokes as long as they are not the target of said jokes. Or for that matter any taboo people have.. and everyone does have one.
    Also there are also those that seek issues and to be offended for any reason.

  • PainCausingSamurai
    PainCausingSamurai Month ago

    I'm pretty sure people are made at Louis CK for wanking at women.

  • apdanielski
    apdanielski Month ago +2

    Obligatory comment to boost video engagement statistics.

  • Mary T.
    Mary T. Month ago +2

    wait until snowflakes discover dank memes

    • FAWEXX
      FAWEXX 21 day ago

      wait until they discover fully armed and trained right wing death squads waiting for a signal to deploy.

    MIKAL Month ago +1

    Everybody tell everyone you know to subscribe to Jon's channel. He needs to have 7 figures of subscribers.

  • Ronan FitzGerald
    Ronan FitzGerald Month ago +1

    And now back to a Bernard Manning joke.. that no matter how crude was sen and accepted by all as a joke.. it's a work place / housing place joke.. no one is offended.. except for those who decide to be offended on behalf.. and therefore miss the history, the banter in the communities

  • Oh my god it is Spider

    seeing like 90% of the people I follow on twitter retweet skull-shaun saying "rest in peace, louis ck, who is dead" was absolutely not surprising at all.
    I'm an anarchist. it should be really obvious on the off chance anyone has ever seen me say anything. louis ck has always been a great standup comedian. did nobody remember that time he joked about going back in time to rape hitler into a 69 to feel hitler's mustache on his balls?
    gone are the days the lefties celebrate bill hicks saying that hitler had the right idea but didn't go nearly far enough. well, gone for most folks. I'm still right there and god damn it, those days will return. this exact shit happened in the 60s. then carlin came along. we need another one of those.

    • El Matadores
      El Matadores Month ago

      Oh my god it is Spider I like Shaun but he really is in his bubble sometimes

  • Layne Strong
    Layne Strong Month ago +1

    Where is the line drawn? Pedo jokes? Holocaust victim jokes? Just asking?

  • James Simon
    James Simon Month ago

    I usually like Jonathan's comedy, but he's just wrong here. The problem with Louis CK's routine is that he wasn't talking about the general apathy of mass shootings. He was questioning what right the survivors of the Parkland shooting had to testify in front of congress and to advocate for stronger gun control laws. Louis was making fun the weak fighting the powerful for what's right. In comedy, that's gutless and punching down. Real comedians challenge the establishment. Louis CK was being a coward and will be irrelevant in comedy as Dennis Miller.

    • Dominic Lodge
      Dominic Lodge Month ago +1

      James Simon Good God, could you just fuck right off with this prescriptive nonsense.
      ‘Comedy SHOULD be this.....SHOULD be that.....’
      Comedy is formless. Boundary less. You don’t challenge the establishment, the status quo by cow towing to whatever the zeitgeist deems ‘acceptable’.
      Get your fucking head out of your arse.

    • El Matadores
      El Matadores Month ago +2

      James Simon OJ fuck off.
      There’s paedophilic jokes that get a laugh... can you get any worse than that?
      Comedy can be anything. If it gets a laugh it’s comedy.
      Comedy is NOT some sort of political statement to take on the government or those in power.
      Granted, it’s harder to get a laugh picking on the weak but if you can pull it off then you done the job.
      Anyone is fair game.

  • EveryTimeV2
    EveryTimeV2 Month ago +1

    Apparently the rum is not gone.
    Jokes on you. Idiot.

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling Month ago +1

    More victories for stupidity.

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling Month ago

    One of the few ways to deal with difficult subjects is through comedy and satirical humour in various forms.

  • richard holt
    richard holt Month ago +1

    Careful'll be called Alt right soon if your not careful!!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas Month ago

    The words "woke"" and "comedy" do not belong in the same sentence. Woke comedy is gloomy, stale, boring and just so unfunny. And it is true what this character is saying about woke comedy: it is the Establishment telling us what we are allowed to laugh at and censoring humour. It is comedy that has been approved by committees of effete middle-class PC puritans: it is state-controlled jokes; it is the tragic end product of a comedy based on propaganda, intolerance and a morbid fear of causing offence

  • El Matadores
    El Matadores Month ago +2

    If I could like this 1000 times I would.

  • adrian adrian
    adrian adrian Month ago

    It's worse than this, clubs are starting to vet comedians joke by joke!

  • BrytheP
    BrytheP Month ago

    "watta u call a 1000 cops at the bottom of a lake"? "a good start." so that's okay?

  • Rhys Shanahan
    Rhys Shanahan Month ago

    Yeah just gloss over the wanking bit you fucking misogynist

  • BaldDonkey
    BaldDonkey Month ago

    Jesus Christ will you let me make your babies? I mean there might be some logistical issues to address, but I'm willing to give it a go if you are.

  • ybbok
    ybbok Month ago

    Problem with Louie, he presented himself as thoughtful liberal humanitarian, woke! So when he said fucked up shit I laughed with him. I listened to that set, but Louie didn't have the same magic for me I just didn't feel that set. Louie can come back. But maybe he should sell himself as a middle aged pervert

  • Gypsyscotty9
    Gypsyscotty9 Month ago

    The question is what can one laugh at? There is nothing funny anymore. The comedians are overpaid bores, the left, right, middle, up, down, liberal, conservative, this ism, that ism, rabbis and bye byes and on and on. Sit right down and cry.

  • Quillo
    Quillo Month ago

    M8, yer dugs a Nazi

  • Michael Schmitt
    Michael Schmitt Month ago

    Thank you for your words of wisdom 👍😎

  • Johnny 666
    Johnny 666 Month ago

    Jonathon Pie! My journalistic hero! A national treasure! A god-like creature!

  • killboybands1
    killboybands1 Month ago

    Our culture is dead.

  • NPC000 361
    NPC000 361 Month ago +1

    They don’t look for laughs, they look for audiences to sit there and say “oh I agree, this comedian is so virtuous, like me of course” it’s a virtuousness circle jerk.

  • Charlie charlie
    Charlie charlie Month ago

    I couldn't give a fuck about people's feelings...

  • Co nein
    Co nein Month ago

    In the Netherlands in 1969 the ""Actie Tomaat"" this wash to throw tomato at the actors out of protest. The SJW in 2019 don't have tomato but are the same,, not living in realty.

  • Mr_Meng
    Mr_Meng Month ago

    It's funny all the people who rail against people having a problem with jokes say it's an attack against freedom of speech even though the people who have a problem with the jokes are exercising their freedom of speech. That's how freedom of speech works: you can say what you want but literally everyone else is allowed to disagree with you.

  • 100 Year Challenge
    100 Year Challenge Month ago

    You pose as a labor/liberal but you speak as a Conservative. Balls up and declare your position. Sitting on the fence supports the oppressors.

  • Rat King
    Rat King Month ago

    Count Dankula, louis CK

  • sn0r
    sn0r Month ago

    Here Here!!!!!

  • Arjen   Christian  Helder

    Well done man, you make allot of sense!

  • Dante Welch
    Dante Welch Month ago

    One day nowbody will be comedian because everything will be considered offensive that will be a sad day. Also the woke comedians won't be doing shows because there not funny so that parts good atleast .

  • ZantherY
    ZantherY Month ago

    I believe British Courts found some guy, who got his pug to do a nazi salute, guilty of hate 'speech', although the Judge admits that the whole thing is a joke, the problem is THAT SOME MAY NOT SEE IT AS A JOKE!! Guess too many idiots in the UK?

  • Benjamin Jonathan James Sisko Archer Tiberius Kirk

    Mr. Pie, I fucking love you.
    There's a Frankie Boyle joke - "Finishing in the cafeteria, Harry and Ron turned their wands on themselves".

  • jam Sandwich
    jam Sandwich Month ago

    Snowflakes, SnowflaKES EVERYWHERE

  • Bret Ellis
    Bret Ellis Month ago

    That Louis CK set was 100% hilarious

  • Swnsasy _
    Swnsasy _ 2 months ago

    I freaking love this guy I swear! 😂😂 It's sad when a joke is blow trying to be censored, I'm sick of it!

  • Sianne Shepherd
    Sianne Shepherd 2 months ago

    And yet Cards Against Humanity is ridiculously popular... It's possible to be both "woke" and still have a sense of humour that appreciates irony, satire, and the darker side of life.

  • Jonas Lodahl
    Jonas Lodahl 2 months ago

    I guess theres parts to blame on the companies aswell to listening to woke people. I do think they are somewhat innodcent tho as they are simply going for the numbers and the money when they rewrite, direct and sells stuff.. its just bad that it have gotten so out of hand that it acturally felt beneficial for companies to go that route.. : / i hope it turns, for the sake of my own nostalgia.

  • Dermot OConnor
    Dermot OConnor 2 months ago +1

    Woke comedy is the death of comedy

  • Kurt Vinlander
    Kurt Vinlander 2 months ago

    Hasan was the one being "woke", criticizing the monarchist capitalist tyrants of Saudi Arabia. Censoring it is good old fashioned right wing nonsense.

  • Momchil Barbolov
    Momchil Barbolov 2 months ago

    Louis CK is a piece of crap dirtbag tho and people liking him don't like him because they're fashists, but because they're humourless douchebags who can't think of anything funny other than racist/any-phobic stereotypes, i.e. laughing at what they already think should be funny.

  • Breakfast Boy
    Breakfast Boy 2 months ago

    No count Dankula mention?

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 2 months ago


  • Smed Highfield
    Smed Highfield 2 months ago

    I love this guy.
    I fucking love this guy.

  • Yann Chambrier
    Yann Chambrier 2 months ago

    #Gillette 's new shaving cream is so woke that I no longer need my Double-Frappuccino Soy Milk Latte in the morning. Thank you Gillette!

  • Toby Stewart
    Toby Stewart 2 months ago

    Well said, pie.

  • Joe Pickford
    Joe Pickford 2 months ago

    This offends me.

  • tig f
    tig f 2 months ago

    I thought he was talking about count dankula

  • Finbarr Buckley
    Finbarr Buckley 2 months ago

    Fucking brilliant!!!!!

  • rex haereticus
    rex haereticus 2 months ago

    School shootings aren't funny?

  • meansartin
    meansartin 2 months ago +1

    LOL............You were pushing for this before you even knew what it was. You willingly helped build the gallows.

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx 2 months ago

    WOKE isn't that an acronym for Women Operating Kitchen Equipment.... yeah i agree with WOKE.. how are sandwiches going to be made otherwise...

  • Liberty Scott
    Liberty Scott 2 months ago

    He is right in many ways. But also we we can't think our free speech is being taken away if people say you aren't funny, or they say your joke is tasteless, or they hate it. If you're allowed to say it, they're allowed to say something back. That's how it works. Then you can decide whether to care or not. That in itself is ok. Bigger censorship than that is wrong sure, but if I think Louis CK's joke was dumb I'm not hurting his free speech.

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 2 months ago +1

    That Nimesh Patel incident was hilarious, those stupid woke but*#hurt fem@#$_& organizers.

  • hardlybreathe93
    hardlybreathe93 2 months ago

    I wish you were my uncle I can count on in these kind of things

  • nicebagel
    nicebagel 2 months ago

    This is one of the greatest summations of my own thoughts Ive ever been lucky enough to listen to

  • Carl Wells
    Carl Wells 2 months ago

    Yes that Simpson's Apu bit was ridiculous and when I really 'woke up' and noticed political correctness gone crazy

  • Crip Cooke
    Crip Cooke 2 months ago

    Separating the man from his art. A sentence that exists because so many are pieces of shit.

  • Pass The Butter Robot
    Pass The Butter Robot 2 months ago

    I might not like a joke from a comedian, or even be offended by it, but I would still fight for his or her right to be able to tell it.

  • ifyouwereme
    ifyouwereme 2 months ago


  • Snehit Kumar
    Snehit Kumar 2 months ago

    I dunno about you man but even if Louis ck forcefully masturbates on the face of 50 women,but still does a special but it costs like 20 times more now to make it because of all the harrasment lawsuit,
    I'll still pay Netflix 20 times more just to watch his one comedy special.

  • LesPaul2006
    LesPaul2006 2 months ago

    Woke is another word for autistic.

  • george xmas
    george xmas 2 months ago


  • James Tottle
    James Tottle 2 months ago

    My god! I can't possibly like this video more. Dude, you fucking hit the nail so spot on it's incredible.

  • decentradical
    decentradical 2 months ago

    Liberal comedians have to operate within a minefield due to these zealous SJW's ganging up on them while conservative comedians can say whatever the fuck they want because their fans have actually learned to value free speech.

    • El Matadores
      El Matadores Month ago

      Imagine how much funnier Richard Prior would be if only he had ‘think pieces’ written by some 23 year-old from the Huffington Post?

  • whomst'd've
    whomst'd've 2 months ago

    "Alt-right fascists who like school kids being shot to death." This is why no one takes even the moderate left seriously anymore. Their idea of what the right is like is so comically overblown and exaggerated it wouldn't have passed muster in a Monty Python skit.

  • chris palmer
    chris palmer 2 months ago


  • TheQoogle
    TheQoogle 2 months ago +1

    i for one welcome our nazi pug overlords

  • pax north
    pax north 2 months ago