The trouble with WOKE comedy

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • This is getting beyond a joke.
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  • Oliver Linehan
    Oliver Linehan Day ago

    This just in: Jonathan Swift thinks infanticide is a joke!

  • mbolduc
    mbolduc Day ago

    You're an international treasure JP

  • Kelly Vaters
    Kelly Vaters 3 days ago

    This may seem quite...pedantic, but I think the best barometer for the appropriateness and success of a joke might be to ask if you could imagine George Carlin or Richard Pryor telling that joke. Carlin said that he believed you can make a joke about anything; the key lies in how you construct the joke. I don't think either Carlin or Pryor would have constructed jokes about a school shooting in such a way even to get the slightest suggestion that they were making fun of the victims. Both cared too much about kids (Pryor did Sesame Street spots and a number of his movies featured kids), while Carlin specifically would have spun the joke into a larger commentary about entropy or politicians.

    It didn't help Louis CK that his "redemption tour" in the wake of the #metoo allegations against him (to which he readily admitted) was to take the Dennis Miller route and try his hand at entertaining largely older and right-wing audiences. so between that Scylla and Charybdis, Louis's choice of jokes weren't particularly clever and reeked too much of cruelty. Both Miller and Louis CK's careers have been greatly thwarted by such decisions and both, I fear, are past the point at which redemption is possible. This may not be the impression British audiences may get of the situation, but in North America, both comics' careers are essentially over in terms of broad appeal and in terms of their value to the stand-up community.

  • Gully Foyle
    Gully Foyle 8 days ago

    Brilliant! In the US the left is eating its own. ~ fan of Louis CK and proud of it

  • Jack McConnell
    Jack McConnell 9 days ago +1

    Funny how you couldn’t defend Carl Benjamin when it came down to it though

  • Space Funkie fresh
    Space Funkie fresh 13 days ago

    Mr Pie ,could you do a version in layman's terms for the rest of the country plz Sir lol

  • welsh logic
    welsh logic 16 days ago

    As long as one sick bastard somewhere laughs then it’s a joke

  • Adrian Mutimer
    Adrian Mutimer 17 days ago

    Exactly. This joke fascism is the handmaiden of our political correctness and our hate speech laws. Repeal the laws and expunge the po faced wankers who have taken over our country. This is the home of Spike Milligan, Monty Python and true boundary-pushing jokes of all stripes. But not now. The young are so into their images on face book and the kiddy politics that go with it that the country is living in fear... fear of words... here... In England. I have never felt more out of step with the modern world in my life. I now live in a country that is riven with a kind of fascism. I never thought I would see the day. I actually thought we were all deeply proud of our sense of humour. We are world famous for it. Somebody tell me, what happened.

  • Luke Hollinrake
    Luke Hollinrake 17 days ago

    the snake is eating its own tail and it is showing in our polatics

  • Dirk Scooby
    Dirk Scooby 18 days ago

    We must never take these words too seriously
    Words are very important but then if we take them too seriously
    We destroy every thing

  • navisoul
    navisoul 19 days ago

    snowflakes feel offended...there should be a snowflake social network...

    • George Job
      George Job 16 days ago

      Me! I don't give a fuck!
      Do as I like when I like and if some soft arsed bastards don't like me the my advice go fuck yourselves ...

  • LivB
    LivB 19 days ago

    This is so important. Thank you

  • Carlo Zanetti
    Carlo Zanetti 19 days ago

  • Alec McCartney
    Alec McCartney 19 days ago

    When I saw Pie live, it was weird how and when people laughed. Although he chucks in some great jokes, most of what he says is just honest insight into a fucked world, but most of the audience just kept laughing at his angry performance like he was a dancing monkey or something. He's a valuable thinker and I find it reassuring that someone else has noticed and gives a fuck about the widespread wrongness we exist amongst.

  • Uncle Wolf
    Uncle Wolf 20 days ago

    You're safe enough criticizing the Establishment and even making fun of them, just as long as you're not offering foundational criticisms to their moral standards. They're not pro-freedom. They're anti-freedom. They're not pro-democracy. They're anti-democracy. They're not on your side. They are anti YOU.

    "Bigot" comes from German. "By Gott!/By God!" being, one would assume the common refrain of holier than thou puritan moralizers. "By God, you had better not offend me!" "By God, we need to inject female trans/queer black/arab representation in Star Wars!" "By God, we shall rid Europe of Europeans!" They're not anti-racists. They're just racists for their own little ethnic blocs. They're only anti YOUR collective racial consciousness- it doesn't cut both ways. They are not Enlightened. They are not Liberal. They are not anti-racist. They are primitive, puerile, ultranationalists of the most wrathful and imperious kind, and they've successfully managed to shame entire countries into believing that somehow, not caving to their ludicrous demands is intolerance.
    Nationalism, intolerance, and racism is NOT "England is the home of the English people, and I'd prefer it remain that way." Nationalism, intolerance, and racism is some cunt walking into England and demanding that the entire country change to suit THEM- their moral ethics, their standards, their ideas of how YOU should talk, and YOU should act, and the manner in which YOU should live your life.

    You've been fucking gaslit. And the entire government and media apparatus has been complicit in this gaslighting. Wake the fuck UP.

  • Steve Gray
    Steve Gray 20 days ago +2

    Don’t let the yanks near Frankie Boyle 😜😜

    • George Job
      George Job 16 days ago

      Nae chance, they couldn't handle his barbs , snowflakes...
      Let them come to Glasgow..
      Gie them laldy..

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 21 day ago

    Remember this when it comes to Sargon

  • The Outcast
    The Outcast 21 day ago

    Carl Benjamin another victim of the mainstream media's agenda of control....

  • ural wong
    ural wong 22 days ago

    This is utter BS. Whether you agree with the sentiment or not. It's incorrect that this is a new thing or that it was only the purview of the right. In Britain we had loads of really racist and sexist comedians. Like Bernard Manning or Roy Chubby Brown. If people like that hadn't been called out for their offensive hate filled comedy by the new wave of comedians coming up in the 80's that style of comedy would still be around.

  • Jagjit Dusanjh
    Jagjit Dusanjh 22 days ago

    The best way to destroy woke comedy is to just let them tell their crappy jokes and then sit there and not laugh at them.

  • Gordon Oakley
    Gordon Oakley 22 days ago

    had a different opinion about rape jokes i recall

  • Richard Kemp
    Richard Kemp 22 days ago +5

    The late Bruce Forsyth once said 'There's no such thing as alternative comedy, you're either funny or you're not'.

  • Studio Semantics
    Studio Semantics 22 days ago

    the funny thing is, Jonathan Pie is going to benefit from Trump.

  • sterling archer1
    sterling archer1 23 days ago

    The biggest joke is gonna be when we rise up against the left. Will be a very short war

  • Robert John Redrupp
    Robert John Redrupp 23 days ago

    As usual Sir you are absolutely 100% correct . Hopefully I won’t get arrested or sent to a Gulag ( Gulag 🤔.......😂) for txting this but you’ve also got to remember they are miserable sad CUNTS They hate themselves and want us to fall in line and be miserable sad cunts too ... Carry on making me chuckle 👍😉

  • Sexy Slater
    Sexy Slater 23 days ago

    Jonathan for PM!

  • A MAC
    A MAC 23 days ago +1

    No. I actually didn't follow L.C.K.
    So I didn't know his humor well enough to shun him for it.
    I shun him for wanking off in front of women. I certainly won't watch his comedy now.

    • A MAC
      A MAC 23 days ago

      @Odysseus Oh, I don't give a fuck about LCK. I didn't think he was all that funny to begin with. Really no skin off my nose.

    • Odysseus
      Odysseus 23 days ago

      A MAC I’m sure he’ll be torn up about you not watching his comedy

  • Mark Knight
    Mark Knight 23 days ago

    Well spotted, only took you 5 or so years to notice it was happening too.

  • Jasmine Luton
    Jasmine Luton 23 days ago

    We have come to the time when even a liberal is bashing liberal excesses ;)

  • Chris Mark
    Chris Mark 24 days ago +2

    We need Carlin and Hicks to come back to life

  • The Sting
    The Sting 24 days ago

    Bloody well said Pie

  • mangaka08
    mangaka08 25 days ago +10

    The trouble with woke comedy is that it's an oxymoron.

  • Benny Jet
    Benny Jet 25 days ago

    Saw Nannete. Absolute shit by a man hating lesbos.

  • Danthe Couch
    Danthe Couch 27 days ago

    Can’t wait to see a comedy show from a woke comedian. Just kidding.

  • Andy Holland
    Andy Holland Month ago

    Wow, I only just realised that "Jonathan Pie" was actually taking the piss out of Louis CK supporters in this skit, Bernard Manning is a comedian is he not? And a man of a different era at that.

  • zmcg
    zmcg Month ago

    Come to Los Angeles the home of woke and spread your wisdom, you are awesome!

  • Dean Bowden
    Dean Bowden Month ago

    I’m not gay, and I’m already married, but will you marry me, Jonathan?

  • linguistically oversight 86

    It's really simple to understand it's called power politics
    now that your side is in control of most domains of politics
    they seek to consolidate their power
    they do this by shutting down any dissenting voices

  • Erik Jarandson
    Erik Jarandson Month ago

    If you have the power to censor or no-platform someone, you're not an oppressed, vulnerable minority, in need of protection. You're an oppressive, harmful elite, and others are in need of protection from you. By the very nature of the world, censorship can only serve oppressive forces, and can never protect the vulnerable. The entire "woke" mindset is delusional.

  • Orla Seraph
    Orla Seraph Month ago +6

    It's called dark humour and it's a coping mechanism

  • wharf in ships clothing

    Satanic verses

  • Lee Bennett
    Lee Bennett Month ago

    Buy a liberalism find a cure T-shirt of Mark Dice hahaha he has got a point.

  • The Phantom of the Paradise

    I could have told him what the weather would be. Cloudy with a high chance of rain.

  • Bog Splash
    Bog Splash Month ago

    The weather, in the UK? That's a ducking joke that is!

  • Margo
    Margo Month ago

    I'll just say, Kathy Griffin. I wonder why you cited Louis ck?

  • intricatic
    intricatic Month ago

    If I make a joke about the absurdities of modern society, does that mean I support the most ironic parts of that society? It's like chickens and eggs. Maybe people just find absurd irony to be ironic and absurd. Or we could all be moral degenerates who find atrocities amusing. It's hard to say. Hmm.. I'm glad Burger King is selling Sad Meals now. I could use a sad hamburger.

  • Stuart Wallace
    Stuart Wallace Month ago

    The thought police in effect

  • Kev M
    Kev M Month ago

    I don’t know the social background of the ‘Jonathan Pie’ character is but sadly it’s not all the government’s fault, whichever government, because the lower down the social class you are the social pressure of the crab mentality always tries to pull you back down.

  • lyricaltesting
    lyricaltesting Month ago +1

    Jonathan Pie is a fucking genius

  • Matthew Read
    Matthew Read Month ago +1

    Modern comedy sucks.

  • simjem
    simjem Month ago

    If anyone tried to tell me what I can't laugh at, I would stab them to death and laugh . . . A lot 🤣

  • Mark with a C
    Mark with a C Month ago

    "Woke comedy" is a contradiction in terms.

  • dyls fs
    dyls fs Month ago

    And then came the nazi pug...

  • Billy Bowen
    Billy Bowen Month ago +3

    Mr Pie, you have to stand for the general election in 2022.

  • Ratel.H Badger
    Ratel.H Badger Month ago +1

    Remember when in the 80's & 90's the conservative right were the ones censoring art, yeah... well now it's the liberal left.

  • WalterLiddy
    WalterLiddy Month ago

    Right on.

  • Dave54600
    Dave54600 Month ago

    Jokes regarding any grim situation is simply a variation of mortician's humour. Word-play can make anything funny. A particularly funny person reacting to a situation can be funny, if not the situation itself.

  • RtB68
    RtB68 2 months ago +1

    I just love this bloke. Speaks for me...for many, I dare say. We’ve all become so frightened.

  • Stefan Travis
    Stefan Travis 2 months ago

    Woke comedy? It's like christian comedy. A contradiction in terms - but people keep trying to do it.

  • Alec Wilson
    Alec Wilson 2 months ago

    All you negative fucks out there get a grip..Jesus fucking Christ...every fuckers got an opinion about things that don’t fucking matter, so here’s mine...SORT YOUR OWN LIFES OUT AND LEAVE EVERYBODY ELSES ALONE YOU SAD SAD SAAAAD FUCKING PEOPLE

  • ric h
    ric h 2 months ago

    And another bit of trouble is that when I want to learn more, and I do a search for the leaked audio, I can't find just the audio of Louis CK's set. All I find are headlines like, Louis C.K. mocks Parkland shooting survivors during set in leaked audio (from FOX), and "Audio of a New Louis C.K. Set Has Leaked, and It's Sickening" (from Slate). Listen guys, let me listen to the audio on it's own first so I can begin to form my own opinion about it. Please don't tell me what to think before I've even heard it. The one's that did have audio, doesn't let me know if it's been cherry picked, if there's more content before, or after, I have no idea how long it is, I don't know the context. I don't want others doing my thinking for me.

  • Miyuden
    Miyuden 2 months ago

    Jede Minderheit hat ein Recht auf Diskriminierung ("Every Minority has a right to be discriminated") - Serdar Sumuncu

  • Jaques Swart
    Jaques Swart 2 months ago +1

    I find American liberals to be a joke and quite a funny joke at that!

    D COSBY 2 months ago

    If wasn't funny, you can say anything if it's funny.

  • Not Pocketsoviet
    Not Pocketsoviet 2 months ago +3

    Im gonna say the

    this world is Not-good

    • taggartlawfirm
      taggartlawfirm 2 months ago

      Pocket Soviet YT too late ... you thought it.

  • redback209
    redback209 2 months ago

    what about count dankula?....a video of a pug raising its paw with a nazi documentary in the background. He has been fined $800 for a youtube video....a friggen youtube video that isnt in any way supportive of nazis

  • Wannabe Shady90
    Wannabe Shady90 2 months ago

    MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP....

  • JSkillz
    JSkillz 2 months ago

    This is the best one yet... Fucking sick of these cunts! Thing is, there is a line, but they've missed it by miles! Having said that, is the line universal for everyone? I don't think so. Therefore everyone's line is different, so it can't possibly be set by anyone.

  • Elaine Payne
    Elaine Payne 2 months ago +4

    Is it ok to absolutely agree with 99.9% of what JP is saying? About time somebody said what we are all thinking.

    • Colin Duffy
      Colin Duffy 2 months ago

      The Court Jester says what the Courtiers can't.

  • David O'Dea
    David O'Dea 2 months ago

    Your right, there allowing us to laugh at what they chose, the government's i mean

  • Azivegu
    Azivegu 2 months ago

    Personally I didnt find that joke from Louise very funny, but I must have missed the memo to be outraged and have him drawn and quartered at the market. I'll do better next time.

  • Maryam Dadar
    Maryam Dadar 2 months ago

    It’s definitely the jerking off at women. Everyone loved his jokes before we learned he was a pervert.

  • boson96
    boson96 2 months ago +8

    .....And now the weather.

  • Evan Jaundzems
    Evan Jaundzems 2 months ago

    Man, every one of your rants I have seen have been on point..

  • Miguel Urdaci
    Miguel Urdaci 2 months ago

    Come back Bernard Manning; all is forgiven!

  • Blue Falcons Suck
    Blue Falcons Suck 2 months ago

    How does the WOKE husband screw in a Lightbulb?...

    He leaves a note for his Wife's boyfriend to do it before he goes to work.

  • Peter Phil
    Peter Phil 2 months ago

    Class act... seriously considered and subject wise, JP shocks the politically correcting slumber party.

  • Philip Rowney
    Philip Rowney 2 months ago

    #dankMeme =]9¬_D

  • Mike Scarborough
    Mike Scarborough 2 months ago

    Louis CK's professional demise has nothing to do with his comedy which has almost always been somewhere between brilliant and legendary. Louis flushed his career down the toilet by acting like a miserable, sad little weirdo.

  • Rick Owens
    Rick Owens 2 months ago

    I opine that Louie C K's school shooting jokes are neither funny nor are they irony. He doesn't have the chops for that.
    Now you say I can't have that opinion without being " an illiterate, middle-class. fucking idiot twat".
    Now, who is the Fascist, Joanathan?
    I don't need you or Louie C k to "shock" me into awareness. I'm well aware.
    Cheers, and be sure to take your medication. 😎

  • Terry
    Terry 2 months ago

    What constitutes tasteless? tasteless to 65 million Brits or a couple of hundred?

  • Black Monday
    Black Monday 2 months ago

    You say alot how I feel and give a good Frank view on the subject matters of real importance but I genuinely see the the pain and frustration i feel a grim feeling in my stomach with how things are of late feel like limbo or something like all this crazy 🤪 is a dream but I hope people will see what's in front of them great content very real with an entertaining with the grim realities of stupid people and media agendas and what they think we should be saying

  • Hula Beulah
    Hula Beulah 2 months ago +1

    Anyone remember Nazi Pug?

    • Blue Falcons Suck
      Blue Falcons Suck 2 months ago

      Actually searched for this comment or one like it.
      Absolute MAD LAD. 👍

  • neil hartop
    neil hartop 2 months ago +1

    countDankula anyone? He got fucked over for a joke, hes from the uk.

  • Soroush Falahati
    Soroush Falahati 2 months ago

    This is true, however, you can't simply ignore that in the long run, it's going to have an effect on the mind of people as well as normalizing the situation. It's a hard argument and you can't go through all angles in 5 mins.

  • Liam Vertal
    Liam Vertal 2 months ago

    The issue with these jokes is not that they themselves are offensive, but that they normalize subjects that relate to racism, fascism, etc, and make it easier for actual racists and fascists to pass their own ideas off as legitimate. There are legitimate criticisms to be made of making jokes about school shootings, racism, and other sensitive issues. This is not to say that such jokes cannot be made, but in an environment in which fascist terrorists are already known to be festering it is clearly a dangerous act and sweeping it under the rug as elitists being out of touch is simply irresponsible.

  • Tye Wolfe
    Tye Wolfe 2 months ago

    Basically, school shootings is Vietnam for the modern age, and it's hard to make jokes about it. Louis C.K. was playing the part of Cronos. Cronos gets old and angry and throws his youth into the meat machine. And we're taught the constitution is so important that the threat of guns in our lives is as natural as a weather disaster. The status quo-- guns for everyone -- is making certain forces rich without having to take any responsibility. The forces behind gun violence are so powerful they can fool the left into self-censorship.

  • Deborah Shaw
    Deborah Shaw 2 months ago

    It makes you have poor taste. Louis CK has never been funny. He’s just crass and gross on stage and a disgusting person.

  • first Impression
    first Impression 2 months ago

    I grew up in an environment in which people would make jokes about black people being lazy and stupid and criminals. Do you think these jokes should still be around ?

  • Cwirpc
    Cwirpc 2 months ago

    I think I found my spirit animal.

  • JohnEnigma
    JohnEnigma 2 months ago

    Tryanny with a smile.

  • coldguyRONE420 Oh, okay

    As somebody who considers themselves to have quite ‘liberal‘ views I fully stand by this, comedy is a different world! Comedy is a release and though Apu is a trope he’s a funny trope, just like Homer is! Plus he’s pretty 3 dimensional anyway right?

  • kACID
    kACID 2 months ago

    Thanks mate

  • this is , for my love
    this is , for my love 3 months ago

    This mf is soo funny, but yet I can now understand all the political bullshit 🤣🤣

  • ScoriacTears
    ScoriacTears 3 months ago +1

    . . . dont care how strong you are you ain't throwing a "Fat Kid" anywhere, I'm not in America but we had one at our school and even the P E teacher couldn't lift chunk off the ground if he didn't want to run round the track, all you'd be able to do is take cover behind him.

  • Birgit Lorbeer
    Birgit Lorbeer 3 months ago

    Why do I find all his comedy to be not that funny? But so true !!!!

  • Ian McGarrett
    Ian McGarrett 3 months ago +168

    The only legitimate rebuke of a joke is not to laugh.

    • Tiny Small
      Tiny Small Month ago +3

      I have always liked the eye roll . and the pssshhhhhhhh while I am turning to walk away....

  • karen Burrows
    karen Burrows 3 months ago

    Jonathan Pie: Brilliant argument. Any comedian has the right to say any joke they want; and the audience has the right not to like it. Therefore, comedians will rise or fall according to the prevailing social mores. However, we both know there are such things as inappropriate jokes. The skill lies in your timing and your audience.

  • shabberto
    shabberto 3 months ago

    Spot on

  • mongoose 96
    mongoose 96 3 months ago

    You seriously think that the average Simpson viewer was aware that the Indian shopkeeper was parody of a stereotype? From my experience most young people that watch it just think he's a funny little Indian. C

    • ßrändön ßütler—Lewis
      ßrändön ßütler—Lewis 2 months ago +1

      mongoose 96 It’s pretty obvious that it’s an exaggerated stereotype, isn’t it? He has a heavy accent, owns a convenience store and has 8 kids