The trouble with WOKE comedy

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • This is getting beyond a joke.
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  • Joe Pickford
    Joe Pickford 11 hours ago

    This offends me.

  • Tadgh Foley
    Tadgh Foley 22 hours ago

    I thought he was talking about count dankula

  • Finbarr Buckley
    Finbarr Buckley 23 hours ago

    Fucking brilliant!!!!!

  • rex haereticus
    rex haereticus Day ago

    School shootings aren't funny?

  • meansartin
    meansartin Day ago +1

    LOL............You were pushing for this before you even knew what it was. You willingly helped build the gallows.

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx Day ago

    WOKE isn't that an acronym for Women Operating Kitchen Equipment.... yeah i agree with WOKE.. how are sandwiches going to be made otherwise...

  • Liberty Scott
    Liberty Scott Day ago

    He is right in many ways. But also we we can't think our free speech is being taken away if people say you aren't funny, or they say your joke is tasteless, or they hate it. If you're allowed to say it, they're allowed to say something back. That's how it works. Then you can decide whether to care or not. That in itself is ok. Bigger censorship than that is wrong sure, but if I think Louis CK's joke was dumb I'm not hurting his free speech.

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist Day ago

    That Nimesh Patel incident was hilarious, those stupid woke but*#hurt fem@#$_& organizers.

  • hardlybreathe93
    hardlybreathe93 Day ago

    I wish you were my uncle I can count on in these kind of things

  • nicebagel
    nicebagel Day ago

    This is one of the greatest summations of my own thoughts Ive ever been lucky enough to listen to

  • Carl Wells
    Carl Wells Day ago

    Yes that Simpson's Apu bit was ridiculous and when I really 'woke up' and noticed political correctness gone crazy

  • Crip Cooke
    Crip Cooke Day ago

    Separating the man from his art. A sentence that exists because so many are pieces of shit.

  • Pass The Butter Robot

    I might not like a joke from a comedian, or even be offended by it, but I would still fight for his or her right to be able to tell it.

  • ifyouwereme
    ifyouwereme 2 days ago


  • Snehit Kumar
    Snehit Kumar 2 days ago

    I dunno about you man but even if Louis ck forcefully masturbates on the face of 50 women,but still does a special but it costs like 20 times more now to make it because of all the harrasment lawsuit,
    I'll still pay Netflix 20 times more just to watch his one comedy special.

  • LesPaul2006
    LesPaul2006 2 days ago

    Woke is another word for autistic.

  • george xmas
    george xmas 2 days ago


  • James Tottle
    James Tottle 2 days ago

    My god! I can't possibly like this video more. Dude, you fucking hit the nail so spot on it's incredible.

  • decentradical
    decentradical 2 days ago

    Liberal comedians have to operate within a minefield due to these zealous SJW's ganging up on them while conservative comedians can say whatever the fuck they want because their fans have actually learned to value free speech.

  • whomst'd've
    whomst'd've 2 days ago

    "Alt-right fascists who like school kids being shot to death." This is why no one takes even the moderate left seriously anymore. Their idea of what the right is like is so comically overblown and exaggerated it wouldn't have passed muster in a Monty Python skit.

  • chris palmer
    chris palmer 2 days ago


  • TheQoogle
    TheQoogle 2 days ago

    i for one welcome our nazi pug overlords

  • pax north
    pax north 2 days ago


  • Jason Plessas
    Jason Plessas 3 days ago

    Love this. IMO he should've ended the wokebro/Bernard Manning comparison with "but at least Bernard Manning was funny"

  • Rich samuel
    Rich samuel 3 days ago

    Pie says things that make my blood boil at times & then there’s this one I completely agree with

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy 3 days ago

    Clap clap clap !!! Thank you !

  • Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones 3 days ago

    Get woke, go broke.

  • fascine faggot
    fascine faggot 3 days ago

    The pug did nothing wrong.

  • Minchi
    Minchi 3 days ago

    I agree, but I kind of give louis ck the same treatment as any other comedian. I really like him (as a comedian) but he can definitely make some fail jokes (like I couldn't sit through louie because it just wasnt funny majority of the time). There were a few in that leaked bit that honestly didnt land, and I think the school shooting one was one of them. Not because it wasnt funny, and not because It didnt meet some objective standard, Ive just heard similar/same before multiple times. It's not like a witty observation, or a leading twist like his killing a baby vs taking a shit bit. It's like when you have people making fun of Trump. It has opportunity to be funny, but usually it isnt due to how typical and repeated the joke is. I dont agree with the hate mob but I also dont think that's an out to say "it's a funny joke get over it", you definitely should be able to critique a comedian, like any profession, and tell them when a joke sucked, but now truth is generally being co opted by people also trying to fight back against hypersensitivity. I really hate our oversensitive society but it literally is everywhere. I remember the eyepatch vet being made fun of, tasteless, sure, but then they had to seek forgiveness etc. Its just crazy. Conversation should have ended at it being a shit joke.

  • Mohamed Issa
    Mohamed Issa 3 days ago

    remember a time when it was conservatives who were the ones with stickes up their arses now!

  • Michael Croner
    Michael Croner 3 days ago

    The thing about woke comedy is, it isn't comedy.

  • Angus Mac
    Angus Mac 3 days ago

    Jonathan Pie is now trying to expand his audience by appealing to the far right....who will like him until he exhausts the "Outrage at PC!!!" and starts back on the Trump jokes again.

  • Miki Mecov
    Miki Mecov 3 days ago

    Woke comedy is versus regimes like Saudi Arabia because that is her mission-to be versus trolls,snobs,main-stream media's fake news and totalitarian countries!

  • 周大維
    周大維 3 days ago

    You need an episode on black mirror

  • Darren Steele
    Darren Steele 4 days ago

    Get woke go broke. Just keep speaking with our money and they’ll hear the big fuck off loud and clear.

  • Trevor Estrada
    Trevor Estrada 4 days ago

    Woke comedy is an oxymoron

  • Al Stone
    Al Stone 4 days ago

    Nothing left on the left, time we all left

  • karasawa21797
    karasawa21797 4 days ago


  • aalever
    aalever 4 days ago

    How does this compare to racism and sexism in dated comedy, like some of the older UK sitcoms?

  • gringochucha
    gringochucha 4 days ago

    I didn't think Louie's Parkland bit was funny, but I agree wholeheartedly with this.
    It's a sad day when comedians are afraid to make jokes.

  • Re Peat
    Re Peat 4 days ago

    Im guessing that even alt-right fascist dont like schoolkids shot to death. 🤔

  • Sandy Mclellan
    Sandy Mclellan 4 days ago

    Countdakulas predicted this

  • Charmaine Clements
    Charmaine Clements 4 days ago

    I Think your brilliant x

  • Steven Hulbert
    Steven Hulbert 4 days ago

    Agreed. and I was able to enjoy this because you've toned down the swearing to a sensible level. You could lose it altogether

  • J Fletcher
    J Fletcher 4 days ago

    “Because he’s not an alt-right facist” looool that was worth the like

  • battlemode
    battlemode 4 days ago

    Count Dankula?!

  • Ranic Khaan
    Ranic Khaan 4 days ago

    Got away from ya at the end, eh Jonny? I can tell the bits you are passionate about.

  • Möebius 2k
    Möebius 2k 4 days ago

    You should do something about that echo if you want to pull off the green screen thing. Loved the video BTW.

  • Nick Davis
    Nick Davis 5 days ago

    And now the weather such a classic line

  • Schitz i
    Schitz i 5 days ago

    Preach it Brother! Preach It!!!! Cheers.

  • NPC Factory
    NPC Factory 5 days ago

    WOKE is that brainwashing recorded "ha ha ha" played when a leftist tries to tell a joke

  • KingEdwards
    KingEdwards 5 days ago

    A Lefty I can agree with. Becoming too and far between now.

  • Chaotic Chris
    Chaotic Chris 5 days ago

    ITS TRUEEEE....The pendulum has swung...The Hard core Liberals have swung so far they've become fucking CONSERVATIVE NAZIS..

  • glen jackson
    glen jackson 5 days ago

    They can shut people up, but they will never change their mind...

  • Sonicron86
    Sonicron86 5 days ago

    A major point of comedy and, specifically, satire has always been to push the envelope and provoke, by mocking established tropes and rules and speaking truth to power at the same time. By going "GASP! The OUTRAGE!", self-proclaimed progressives expose themselves as a laughably regressive bunch. (And should, as such, probably be the target of more satire.)

  • MURP Burp
    MURP Burp 5 days ago

    Woke Or Comedy you can not have both, the laws of physics forbid it.

  • Pixelchaser
    Pixelchaser 5 days ago

    Perfectly written with perfect delivery. Fuck Yeah !

  • Vicky Villeneuve
    Vicky Villeneuve 5 days ago

    They're not puritans. They're censors.

  • Albert Ferguson
    Albert Ferguson 5 days ago

    Whats funny is that the question that refuses to be asked is "what the fuck are we doing here?" That is comedy.

    DANDY 5 days ago

    Its nice to see a good comedian standing up for jokes-freespeech.

  • Fry
    Fry 6 days ago

    Nazi Pug was here first!

  • Charles Thornton
    Charles Thornton 6 days ago

    Jokes about topics such as mass shootings don't promote mass shootings, they give people an outlet for their grief. In that way, it speeds up the process for dealing with that grief on mass scale.
    Example after the Challenger disaster: What does NASA stand for?
    Need Another Seven Astronauts.
    Most would see this as prioritizing the need to find out what went wrong through humor. Except for the woke, who would complain about the word "astronaut" as being gender discriminatory, and thus, misogynist. This is not "woke" any way you look at it.

  • Bad Smile
    Bad Smile 6 days ago

    1:14 the British WTF. i din't know it exist

  • stevie bops
    stevie bops 6 days ago

    "Now it's us, The Guardian" etc.
    You can't sit with them any more, you know this by now.

  • Tiny Tuds
    Tiny Tuds 6 days ago

    I'm blind in one eye... Seriously, not a joke :D But I don't take offense when comedians make jokes about people being blind, partially sighted or anything. I laugh. It's funny. Because quite a lot of the time the jokes they are telling about how we see or behave are true! Which is why it's funny!
    I never understood why people take humour seriously and get offended at the littlest thing. There's no point. I live with PTSD and have weekly non-epileptic seizures. But I can pretty much guarantee if they were to crack jokes about the feelings and behaviours of those things, i'd find it funny too, because again.. Comedians are to be taken as non-malicious entertainment. It's SUPPOSED to be funny.
    I suppose I have it easy to accept though. I have had a boyfriend for the last 15 years who has a very dark, dry witted sense of humour. :)

  • AmericanGoonerMax
    AmericanGoonerMax 6 days ago

    The voice of reason.

  • Ismael Freytes
    Ismael Freytes 6 days ago

    Left wing are not liberal

  • Ed Bowden
    Ed Bowden 6 days ago

    Go woke, go broke.

  • Samuel Cleife
    Samuel Cleife 6 days ago

    I noticed Al Murray the pub Landlord has disappeared, imagine how anti Europe his act would be lol.

  • muzvh1
    muzvh1 6 days ago +2

    One of the worst is Russell Howard - he's a non-comedian, a sanctimonious prat. At the other end of the spectrum, there's Jimmy Carr who is actually funny.

  • Travis Jones
    Travis Jones 6 days ago

    3:59 absolute truth

  • Al an
    Al an 7 days ago

    Go and see Jerry Sadowitz.

  • Mikayla Stewart
    Mikayla Stewart 7 days ago

    "and now the weather" haha

  • TheOnlyWAR10CK93
    TheOnlyWAR10CK93 7 days ago

    You are 'woke comedy'

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas 7 days ago

    Hurry up and grow up Gen Z and replace these millennial fuckwits

  • improveyourself
    improveyourself 7 days ago

    Bernard Manning was funny as fuck. So funny in fact that after he got un personned (((Mike Reid))) made a career of stealing his jokes.
    Edit to add: his turkey drummers were nice too.

  • Luca Blight
    Luca Blight 7 days ago

    Oh well, you reap what you sow.

  • Opfor McDonald
    Opfor McDonald 7 days ago

    Get woke Go broke.

  • Edd O'Donovan
    Edd O'Donovan 7 days ago

    Can you go on Joe Rogan plz

  • BLT
    BLT 7 days ago

    Imagine domebody doing an anti-libtard routine and throwing the retarded gun thing in there.
    London's a very nice city to live in.

  • Angelo Dela Cruzz
    Angelo Dela Cruzz 7 days ago

    Round of applause for this lad. Also subbed

  • dim sung
    dim sung 7 days ago

    Comedy = being funny, making people laugh. Woke comedy = ideological dissemination, disguised as comedy, to spread an ideology. By definition its emphasis is on the 'woke' not on the comedy. It's about censoring comedy based on 'woke' agenda. Whatever the fuck that is at the moment, or for that person or for that group. ie it is an ideology, which essentially don't have concrete, substantive values instead they have ever morphing, changing values based on who is able to have the most influence.
    The ONLY way to decide is, does it make me laugh...? Some 'woke' comedians can make me laugh, but they are not 'woke comedy', In the vase majority, 'woke comedians' (now these because of their aspect of 'majority') are woke comedy and most often, woke is... simply... yawn. ie NOT comedy.

  • Ady Day
    Ady Day 7 days ago

    788-790 Finchley Road....the more paranoid government becomes over control is a direct result of guilt and fear.........

  • Sufficiently Dara
    Sufficiently Dara 7 days ago

    Man, isn't weird how he doesn't actually quote or reference any of the people he has a problem with. Almost as if he actually did that, that person could so easily just say "You're horrendously misrepresenting me". The closest he comes is saying that they're middle-class, which would almost be a valid critique if it was especially true. If he didn't have the wealth to be middle class. If he wasn't growing richer and more established by doing this.
    Absolute dickhead. Caress my entire working class ass.

    • Sufficiently Dara
      Sufficiently Dara 7 days ago

      +R Kelly Boy, say where the lie is or get out.

    • R Kelly
      R Kelly 7 days ago +1

      Worst argument I've ever heard

  • Steven Kothenbeutel
    Steven Kothenbeutel 7 days ago

    Jonathan, next time I am in London, I need to buy you a beer.

  • João Abramo
    João Abramo 7 days ago

    Again, go fuck yourself you monumental muppet. There is NO excuse. The wanking debacle is the most vanilla thing ever, and imbecils like YOU are making it sound like it is OK to be a puritan.
    Fuck off, wanker. Be truth to your true socialist self, start chanting the International and kill yourself!.

  • Siren Hound
    Siren Hound 8 days ago

    #RehireJamesGunn... except WB has him now so... uh... #DisneyWasPlayed?

  • Johnno Villa
    Johnno Villa 8 days ago

    There's a war going on, the communists/socialists are well entrenched and the not very bright public have been brainwashed into submission...a most terrible time, people need to stand up and be counted.

  • DutchGabbers
    DutchGabbers 8 days ago

    To be fair.. Apu from the Simpsons is actually not even a bad stereotype.. He is a business owner, hard worker, great father to 8 children.. Happily married to his wife.. And always a incredibly friendly man and loyal to his friends.. And even to Homer even though he knows that he actively screw him over at every opportunity.. But he doesn't even care.. Is just happy to help out usally..
    So how is that racist? Nowhere in the series is there even any real negativity around him as far as I know so people from India are coming away very easy with this one and argueably even positive.. Family guy and South Park both have done way worse.. It is the people complaining that are actually incapable to look past the character he is and only see him as a foreigner..

    • R Kelly
      R Kelly 7 days ago

      Yeah the Apu thing is ridiculous, especially when you look at how other people are portrayed in the show. The whole thing is a satirical cartoon, Homer is a complete retard and is portrayed as the average American man. The more "offensive" character is Cletus but even then it's a fucking cartoon.

  • Oisin Lally
    Oisin Lally 8 days ago

    This is a reporter!

  • user295295
    user295295 8 days ago

    Count Dankula

  • Phillius Phoggwick
    Phillius Phoggwick 8 days ago

    The fucking joke is that you've been sucked into believing what is printed in the media is actually representative of the genuine publics views. Also its acceptable to not find a joke funny, it was an unfunny joke man, no real wit there. Basically you've been utterly sucked in by clickbait headlines, whoever you are me angry video man.

    • Phillius Phoggwick
      Phillius Phoggwick 7 days ago

      +R Kelly people all over twitter are simpletons.

    • R Kelly
      R Kelly 7 days ago

      Actually people all over Twitter are talking about it and going mad so you're wrong

  • Bill Ben
    Bill Ben 8 days ago

    This guy needs to be prime minister. No shit.

  • Darren Munsell
    Darren Munsell 8 days ago

    Pie ! You Know Better ! Germany incarcerate comedians !
    Don't you know everyone is Nazi that disagrees with the Puritians with power.

  • Daniel Collier
    Daniel Collier 8 days ago

    My mate says he tried to exchange Tom Walker's support for Labour at face value one night in All Bar One and got punched in the face and called an over-educated, patronising twat.

  • George Wade
    George Wade 8 days ago

    The trouble is that a lot of ordinary people take to heart the sentiment behind jokes if it confirms their already held beliefs. Cf Apu and schoolkids bullying asian schoolmates by calling them Apu. In a world of clever people, your points make a lot of sense, but the public prove time and again they can't be trusted.

    • R Kelly
      R Kelly 7 days ago

      That shouldn't ruin life for the rest of us. Should we not have cigarette lighters or sharp knives because retards hurt themselves? Cars? Beef burgers? Alcohol?

  • BucKt0
    BucKt0 8 days ago

    clearly these journalists didn't see the latest south park series...........

  • TWG
    TWG 8 days ago +1

    The term Nazi is now virtually meaningless . Fascist as well . White supremacy used to be about rural quasi-paramilitary types who genuinely believed it. Now it's virtually all white males and anyone who even hints that the regressive left might be anything other than absolutely right about everything . Seeing youngsters waving the hammer & sickle is ineffable. The great issue facing the world today is not poverty, war , disease or climate change but what toilet/bathroom a trans person can use. You can safely ignore everything I've just said as I'm part of the post-Enlightenment patriarchal hegemony and need the services of a re-education camp.

    • R Kelly
      R Kelly 7 days ago

      Yep. The world is going to shit while these fucking student dickheads fight over crap. There are kids getting abused in care homes every day, people getting raped in prison and families having to use food banks. And we never talk about any of it.

    • TWG
      TWG 8 days ago

      +glyn hodges Yeah , I was pretty idealistic as a youth - and convinced I was right of course. I never threw tantrums though or stuck my fingers in my ears and went 'lah lah lah' and we would have laughed at the idea of emotional kindergartens AKA safe spaces. I remember the way the Socialist Worker's Party would hijack other peoples marches all the time and I was furious when they tacked on to a parade I helped organise. There is something palpably different about youth culture now - Western teenagers - some of the most well off people in the world in every measure , screaming and shouting at people but seemingly unable to tolerate hearing anything that might make them feel uncomfortable. The completely uncritical acceptance of post-modern gender ideology , I find bizzare. Victim hierarchies is another. The ridiculous site of students at a good university chanting 'We have nothing to lose but our chains" - you couldn't make it up.

    • glyn hodges
      glyn hodges 8 days ago

      It seems to me as though youth needs some sort of a cause to fight for. Some injustice to right. Since the western world is at peace and even poverty has to be defined in a relative way these days there is a shortage of real issues to fight for. So any little thing that can be found as a target is now attacked with all the passionate intensity of which only the young are capable. They absolutely need something to be wrong so that they can put it right and make the world a better place.

  • Wayne Riley
    Wayne Riley 8 days ago +1

    he's on about you, you lefty retarded twats

  • Bikerbish
    Bikerbish 8 days ago

    100's of "Mary Whitehouses" nowadays ... spot on