Top 10 Video Games with the Best AI

  • Published on Jul 25, 2015
  • Someday computers may rise up and kill us all, so it’s best to suck up to the most intelligent of them right now. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Games with the Best AI. For this list we’re looking for examples of virtual intelligence, whether it's used as friend or foe that stand tall in the games we love. We're focusing strictly on dynamic and reactive events, where the AI can show its strengths on its own terms, so no scripted sequences here. Also, and perhaps most importantly, we’re not saying the AI in these games are perfect…

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Comments • 5 358

  • Jordan Ross-robertson
    Jordan Ross-robertson 6 years ago +843

    Alien Isolation has brilliant A.I, the Alien notices what/where you do in earlier attempts and it will check those parts first and work out your paths. Ridiculously good A.I.

    • Optimus Prime
      Optimus Prime 3 years ago

      Kolbe Howard ever heard of noisemaker?

    • Ryxeloo_ɢenesis
      Ryxeloo_ɢenesis 4 years ago

      Kolbe Howard then, dont play the game m8.

    • demonic alien cat princess
      demonic alien cat princess 4 years ago +3

      It's the best game I've ever played, and the fact that the alien can be unpredictable and stupid (walking into closing doors and getting scared of its own tail etc) makes it even better. Oh, and the androids with their random phrases and also the glitches, just makes for a really interesting gameplay that makes getting killed 30+ times all worthwhile.

    • Annemarie Hanbury
      Annemarie Hanbury 4 years ago +2

      you mean hello neighbour

    • the goat king
      the goat king 4 years ago

      most things it does are scripted

  • Poekuli
    Poekuli 5 years ago +988

    Fish AI from cod ghosts hands down, they swim away when you get close.

    • Dangerosu
      Dangerosu 8 months ago

      "Move fish, get out da way,
      get out da way, fish, get out da way!"

    • vruv vv
      vruv vv Year ago

      They probably attempt to flank you also

    • Vipar
      Vipar 2 years ago

      You didnt understand this...
      With fish ai they meanded the enemys.

    • Sandeep Athwal
      Sandeep Athwal 2 years ago

      Talking bout cod ghost....I want another part to finish the story.! I thought its campaign mode was sick!

    • Darshil
      Darshil 2 years ago +1

      wut do you expect

  • Syra G
    Syra G 5 years ago +298

    The AI of the Alien in Alien Isolation is awesome

    • Howlingwolf81
      Howlingwolf81 6 months ago

      The AI was so good that IGN gave the game a bad rating because the alien was too smart.

    • Game Lover
      Game Lover 8 months ago

      No the humans are actually pretty dum

    • The KriegsMarine
      The KriegsMarine Year ago

      I can learn from it mistakes

    • Eric Renquist
      Eric Renquist Year ago

      @Chaos Clareon that's terrifying. I know I'm replying to a 3yo comment, but every time I play a horror game, immersion is broken by knowing that the ai won't leave a certain area.

    • Evil Gang
      Evil Gang Year ago

      Oh God courier fucking HIDE FROM THAT THING

  • Molisa
    Molisa 5 years ago +287

    I always thought Fear's AI was amazing and underrated, this video gives it its value

    • Xz0779
      Xz0779 5 months ago

      @Valeri Ševtšenko Yeah , they had some great team- work

    • Xz0779
      Xz0779 5 months ago

      @Crowbar-Man Lol

    • Scott B.
      Scott B. 2 years ago

      The AI was great at pinning me down.

    • Crowbar-Man
      Crowbar-Man 4 years ago +1

      i remembered once i played fear when just 2 of replica soldiers left one of them say "im out of shots" then he replied "shut the fuck up" IM LAUGHING SO HARD THAT TIME

    • Aris Syntra
      Aris Syntra 4 years ago

      yes. FEAR have 2 more parts and their obviously evil if u put them to their limit in things AI. you should try them.

  • Dungeoneer Cartoons
    Dungeoneer Cartoons 5 years ago +186

    Condemned was the first game I bought on 360 and it scared the hell out of me. The enemies felt super real and it scared me even more when they retreated.

    • Dakshesh Thapa
      Dakshesh Thapa 3 years ago

      yeah that game was awesome . but just at about the end my game crashed everytime.

    • Owen Krauss
      Owen Krauss 4 years ago

      Dungeoneer Cartoons makes sense as it was both made by the same developer as fear and used the same ai system fear did

    • I'm the captain now
      I'm the captain now 5 years ago

      30 mins in the a.i is good. Its believable and realistic. Enemies flank. Cooperate. Jump out of dark places to back stab you... you always have to keep tabs on everyone else youre fucked. A.i has to be good and challenging.. what we get these days is fucking moronic a.i and difficulty increase buffs their hp and damage dealt to you.. its beyond shit. Ive had more fun playing against quake and unreal tournament bots in 2000's lol. fear hl hl2 great a.i as well.

    • Matt Something
      Matt Something 5 years ago

      +The Pisslord that sequel was abhorrently terrible.

    • Matt Something
      Matt Something 5 years ago

      +cody fox ZotE was great. Sadly I think you're right.

  • RandomAtics
    RandomAtics 5 years ago +154

    Why isn't Metal Gear Solid on this list? MGS2 had enemies and cameras with really good peripheral vision, enemies who dove behind cover, work together against you, constantly check in on eachother, call for help, and try NOT to get shot. Also, enemies can see you and hear you even if you are in stealth mode. Metal Gear Solid should be at least #2 or an honorable mention.

    • Xz0779
      Xz0779 5 months ago

      Why isn't Stalker or Halo on this list ?? The list should hold at least 20 great enemy ai

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen 3 years ago +1

      Emmanuel Mateo-Morales the most horse shit comment I’ve seen in a long as time, I’m glad that your the only one who actually thinks such dogshit ideas.

      “Masquerading as stealth games”

      Absolute dogshit claim.

    • Kooners 69
      Kooners 69 3 years ago

      On extreme a.i is a different ballgame. enemies r alert and extremely smart. taking a single step makes a huge difference. Even the first boss will find u and kill u in two hits. Hard the a.i is the same as normal, just more damage is taken.

    • Emmanuel Mateo-Morales
      Emmanuel Mateo-Morales 3 years ago

      Because, unlike the Metal Gear franchise, the Thief series is actually mostly good and, spoiler alert... comprised of actual stealth games and not poorly made action games masquerading as stealth games like Metal Gear Solid. XD

    • Dan Fisher
      Dan Fisher 4 years ago

      As much as I love Metal Gear I would have to disagree. The enemy AI always felt abit wooden as they patrolled on a set path and didn't act very organically. I'd have to say Kill zone 2 has the best AI I've encountered.

  • s1k1
    s1k1 5 years ago +90

    I love at 1:45 when he says "Their vision stretches across the entire room" While he stands in front of a guard that clearly can't see him and then wacks him... Not very impressive AI.

    • Xz0779
      Xz0779 5 months ago

      @Emmanuel Mateo-Morales What a load of shit you just said . Mgs 1 and 2 has a great ai , don't know what the hell have you been playing to say such dumbshit

    • Emmanuel Mateo-Morales
      Emmanuel Mateo-Morales 3 years ago +2


      How about fuck and no, because Thief, unlike Metal Gear Solid, is actually comprised of mostly good games and, spoiler alert, actual stealth games and not poorly made action titles masquerading as stealth games.

    • Hannibal Burgers
      Hannibal Burgers 4 years ago +4

      s1k1 play it in hardest difficulty

    • Nicola Sabbe
      Nicola Sabbe 4 years ago +1

      this game is from the 90s for that time its amazing

    • Sagittarius476
      Sagittarius476 4 years ago

      Sokkawolf yeah instead of thief, MGS 2 should've been there, the AI was seriously no joke in harder modes.

  • Time To Ascend
    Time To Ascend 5 years ago +1

    Just started playing Alien Isolation and the AI (alien in particular) is incredibly responsive and well done. I'm not entirely sure if this is true, but it seems so that if you pull the same diversion multiple times consecutively its less effective until its not even reacted too as the AI knows it is a trick. I kept using the rewire boxes to trigger the same alarm far away to get the alien away, and after doing it 3 times, it didn't respond on the forth. Soon after I triggered the alarm from a different terminal and instead of falling for the alarm, the alien came into the room and killed me ( i think it was close enough to hear me using the terminal). A stupid AI would have gone for the alarm regardless.

  • Filippo. DiBerardino
    Filippo. DiBerardino 5 years ago +156

    fear is a MASTERPIECE

    • Xz0779
      Xz0779 5 months ago

      @Marcelo Ávila And that's why most of the industry went lazy and stupid

    • Denis Ivanov
      Denis Ivanov 10 months ago


    • Marcelo Ávila
      Marcelo Ávila 2 years ago +2

      I love fear, i think it is very underated game, it was responsible for influencing most of the horror/fps games that come after. It's sad that so few games have been able to do an AI as good as that (fear was made in 2005) , it seems to me that the industry is focused solely on multiplayer.

    • Alba Costa
      Alba Costa 2 years ago

      Why ppl hate F.E.A.R 3 so much? I hearded it has more than 1 ending however, i see it more as a action game than a horror games as the previous ones.

    • Filippo. DiBerardino
      Filippo. DiBerardino 5 years ago

      @Bartkus Productions
      aww really? i never played fear 3 but that's a shame

  • KamE
    KamE 5 years ago +1

    Fear was the first game that made my think: "... ARE THEY TALKING!?!?". The enemies gave orders to each other and attacked as a group. Just outstanding.

  • Volodymyr Kaskiv
    Volodymyr Kaskiv 5 years ago +84

    This game's AI even has a cheeki breeki meme, that's how good the AI is.

  • Luigi Thebaud
    Luigi Thebaud 5 years ago

    I remember playing a FPS on the gamecube called XIII (13) the AI of the enemies was pretty good, specially in multiplayer. They prey on the weak and injured for easy kills, retreat when outnumbered or outgunned, doddged explosives and usually flanked the player. They also use different tactics based on the guns they're using, if they had a sniper, they would reach a vantage point and shoot you, but if they had a shotgun they would try to kill you from behind. And those were not scripted, it was all multiplayer bots XD

  • Darshil
    Darshil 2 years ago +2

    Far cry 3 also had a really high ai
    If you stealthily kill a guy in an enemy camp and hide the body, the others will notice that he is missing and start hunting you. Also they will stay behind covers if they know there's a sniper

  • Amecareth Qc
    Amecareth Qc 5 years ago +3

    I'm honestly impressed by how the ai in the very first civ could react, depending on your actions. The game was initially released on Ms-DOS in 1991, you know, when people still had a few mb of ram.

    Do not trust Gandhi

    • MrGreenTeaTime
      MrGreenTeaTime 5 years ago

      Ah, ye,
      Zulu nation where always so agressive in that game :)

  • Taekatanahu
    Taekatanahu 2 months ago

    The enemy AI in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is probably my favorite. They are so sneaky and their ability to spot you is pretty realistic.

    I have heard good things about F.E.A.R. as well, but I haven't actually played the game.

    In SWAT 4, while the AI is not perfect by any means, the teammates cover doorways and open spaces which is quite interesting and not something you usually see in video games.

    I feel the AI in video games has not improved much through the years, at least what comes to bigger titles.

  • JazzMan
    JazzMan 5 years ago

    Glad to see L4D there. the AI Director is one of the more impressive things I've seen in terms of game design.

  • Valeri Ševtšenko
    Valeri Ševtšenko 5 years ago +52

    YES! My expectation were correct! The F.E.A.R AI are the most realistic and good in inteligence!The best shooter I have played yet!

    • Simondiuner
      Simondiuner 3 years ago

      @f1r3m4nN1nj4 22 I have beaten half life 1 on hard and the game only gets hard on the xen levels, everything else was so easy.

    • f1r3m4nN1nj4 22
      f1r3m4nN1nj4 22 3 years ago

      Have you played Half Life?

    • M H
      M H 4 years ago

      GRAW2 is excellent too, you should try it.

    • SneakyLeaky
      SneakyLeaky 5 years ago

      Now i'm playing Extraction Point on hardest difficulty. I played the original F.E.A.R on hardest difficulty too but beacuse it was hard and i don't played it a lot it took me 23 hours to complete it...

    • Milton Villacreses
      Milton Villacreses 5 years ago +4

      yeah it was hard even on the lowest difficulty

  • InfernalMonsoon
    InfernalMonsoon 5 years ago +11

    When I was watching the video, I was like "Where the hell is F.E.A.R.?" Good thing you put it on number one because the AI in that game really are that damn good.

  • punkuke
    punkuke 4 years ago

    I really think F.E.A.R earned first place. It's really just an amazing game all around, one of my all time favorites.

  • brabes76
    brabes76 4 years ago

    Socom 2 was brilliant in my opinion. Your Ai team could execute most missions without you even interveining besides giving orders. Your team showed survival skills by taking out enemys if they wondered to close to one of your teamates. This game really nailed the team effort done so many years ago.

  • Feng Lei
    Feng Lei 4 years ago

    I loved how the a.i.'s often took cover and used strategy to try to defeat you.

  • kenji214245
    kenji214245 5 years ago +1

    Man i wish more games could use AI like F.E.A.R did it was an awesome experience and you really trusted that Reflex ability a lot to survive against the enemy since the battles where fast and quickly changing. If the enemy Ai got the drop on you in that game you could get fucked really quick even on easy mode because of i love that game

  • Bavo Nyffels
    Bavo Nyffels 5 years ago +3

    i missed the alien forces in Xcom, and the opponents in watch dogs can be pretty challenging too

  • Steve Back
    Steve Back 3 years ago

    Pleasantly surprised to see Thief: The Dark Project on the list. I suppose the AI was groundbreaking at the time. Thief: Deadly Shadows has also got very good AI - a rather underrated title these days.

  • Volocat
    Volocat 4 years ago

    Original Unreal's foes were a revelation at the time. Also I remember having hard time with Unreal II skaarj stubbornly refusing to be shot.

  • MegaCapitalG
    MegaCapitalG 6 years ago +37

    Good top pick. When I got to #2, I was thinking "Where the hell is F.E.A.R, because you probably put Halo series as #1". F.E.A.R deserves that spot.

    • Xz0779
      Xz0779 5 months ago

      Fear ai is great but Halo also deserves an spot in this list

    • Explanatory Potato
      Explanatory Potato 8 months ago

      No replies?
      Guess im first

  • FunkiestChickenlawl
    FunkiestChickenlawl 4 years ago

    The original unreal had some amazing AI, especially with the skaarj enemies

  • kimchipower
    kimchipower 5 years ago

    FEAR was the first and only game I've ever played where the enemies will come up with alternative solutions when you have them suppressed. If you hear the gunfire suddenly go quiet, there's a damn good chance they've found a way to sneak up behind you. There have been games where the AI will use the environment for cover, but only FEAR had enemies that would actually problem-solve.

  • Adam R
    Adam R 5 years ago

    love Condemned and Condemned 2! Those mannequin scares were so intense...

  • Poe Go
    Poe Go 5 years ago +19

    Disappointed to not see Halo 2 on the list. That's still one of the few games I"ve ever played where increasing the difficulty actually felt like it changed how smart the a.i. was rather than just making the enemies have more health/do more damage. ESPECIALLY the elites, which on harder difficulties, rolled away from grenades, flanked, used whatever cover they could. And the enemies all displayed very unique a.i.s that reflected their race/personality. The elites always stuck to a fight, whereas the grunts would often flee in cowardice if their numbers dwindled too much, UNLESS they were the battle hardened grunts that held the plasma cannons. They never ran and showed as much determination as elites, which really sells why they're the ones fit to hold the big guns. One of the few times A.I. was so well implemented. (not to mention the downtime when the a.i. would interact with each other, though that may be more scripted than on the fly, but still)

    • philip fisher
      philip fisher 4 years ago

      Loraine Aba ..if memory serves well, on all Halo games the emp discharge from the plasma pistol will track to a degree. As does the fuel rod gun and needler especially in CE where the needles are quite slow and floaty and it's comical to watch a grunt trying to flee incoming needles

    • Loraine Aba
      Loraine Aba 4 years ago +3

      LukeEMH Halo 2 is a terrible example. The AI constantly got stuck on geometry and its own boxes or crouched at terrible times. Not tomention Halo 2 was the worst offender of bullet sponge and damage increases. Their plasma bolts not only moved faster and did more damage, but curved to hit players. Any Halo is better. Reach and ODST.

    • TheBadboyhouse
      TheBadboyhouse 4 years ago

      WFDolphinPilot so true, i remember in either halo 3 or reach when the difficulty was at the max and difficulty skulls were activated, the elites would go invisible and shit, and im pretty sure they would often throw grenades back etc lol

  • Hudesko
    Hudesko 6 years ago +89

    No Metal Gear Solid 2? Come on, the guard AI in that game was genious! They react to the footprints, smells, shadows, sounds, posters, porn magazines, knocked out or killed guards and if you get caught, you still have a chance to prevent the alert by kicking the living shit out of them since they have to call the backup team. And if the call is interrupted or they're late for their "Nothing here" call, they will sent guards there to wake up the knocked out guard! IT'S FUCKING BRILLIANT!

    • ThreeDaysOfDan
      ThreeDaysOfDan 6 years ago

      +Hudesko its just as good in newer mgs games.. when i was playing mgs5 i jumped into a dumpster after killing a guard and being a little to loud ... as two guards came i yanked one into the dumpster while the other searched the building and as soon as i opened the dumpster i heard the other guard say " man whats that smell"

    • Fernando Hernandez
      Fernando Hernandez 6 years ago +1

      +Snythes If I remember correctly Hideo Kojima hired LAPD SWAT consultants to teach his team about realistic room clearing.

    • kenosiar
      kenosiar 6 years ago

      +Hudesko In the third one, they make strategies to attack you, and take cover if you start shooting, they event look for another radio if you destroy the one they were carrying.

    • dada femi
      dada femi 6 years ago +6

      They even sneeze when cold, or sleep when tired and of cuz they don't let go easily once you're seen crawling through a hole, fire in the hole!!
      Lastly psycho mantis reading ur saved games

    • Frost
      Frost 6 years ago +4


      Communication on C-deck has ceased, send an investigation team immediately!

  • Cygnus Darth
    Cygnus Darth 5 years ago +71

    Star Wars: Republic Commando. Our teammates has one of the best A.I. in the video game history....They doing their jobs perfectly!

    • Dangerosu
      Dangerosu 8 months ago

      I don't quite agree. I think most of the commandos' AI was illusionary. They had great voice lines and listened to orders well, but when left to their own devices that is when the illusion would crumble. Many times they would fight out of cover, they would gladly eat enemy grenades, they would stupidly charge at enemies and get themselves gunned down and many times they would block you or each other's line of sight in tight rooms. The game shined when you gave them proper orders to sit in cover or to operate various devices. Otherwise they tended to derp around.

    • Rodrigo Recalde
      Rodrigo Recalde 5 years ago +3

      although you give the orders, they sometimes changes when they were low health, or to toughest enemies, indeed one of the best AI I ever saw

    • kreepthedestroyer
      kreepthedestroyer 5 years ago +1

      yes so true!

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus
      Grimmshred Sanguinus 5 years ago +1


    • Zarathen
      Zarathen 5 years ago +3

      I'm glad someone agrees

  • Kavlor1
    Kavlor1 5 years ago

    Gothic series had an interesting AI,NPCs would respond different to you depending on your status.It was a bit messed up at times as well,you could hit a NPC specially the invulnerable quest linked ones and all the soldiers start attacking them,rather than you.They can't kill or knock out the NPC so the they end up knocking out all the soldier who's AI then resets and they go back to there normal business.

  • The Octopus
    The Octopus 5 years ago

    Evolve had some cool AI, AI navigating and executing strategic hit and run attacks all while evading four coordinated characters who have different abilities and play different roles.

  • Billy Faucet
    Billy Faucet 5 years ago

    I think that destiny's ai was extremely well done. enemies hide and jump and lunge around in very unique and human like ways

  • Joshua Cawthorn
    Joshua Cawthorn 5 years ago

    No mention of Rage and it's incredible range of reactive animations and actions? Such as clutching wounded limbs and limping, diving for cover away from oncoming gunfire originating in an unknown location, npc interaction in hub towns and my personal favourite, the killing of an enemy who continues to run for a while until the message that they have been killed reaches their brain. That was some impressive AI

  • Howdy do Buckeroo
    Howdy do Buckeroo 5 months ago

    I remember seeing a speedrun world record, of a game I cannot find.

    Your on a ship controlled by a rogue AI. This AI is supposed to be able to respond accordingly to what you say to it, or what you do in the ship, and apparently, if u plead with it enough, it will actually decide to let you go home.

    The game’s creator, did not expect that himself, since it was not supposed to do that.

  • Scott B.
    Scott B. 2 years ago

    HL2 has amazing AI. The bad thing is player didn't have access to any kind of stealth., which would have been useful when using the crowbar.

  • Donaldo Trumpé
    Donaldo Trumpé 5 years ago

    A moment that I'll never forget in Alien: Isolation was when the Alien was pursuing me and I hid in a locker before it could see me do so. It came extremely close to the locker, sniffing it and my character was almost going to die from asphyxiation because I was holding L2 for a long time, so I waited for it to move away. When it turned around and slowly walked to the open door of the room, I let go of L2 and my character took a huff of air. As soon as she did, the Alien screamed, dashed to the locker, and before I knew it, I was dead. Dude...

  • The Indie Diary
    The Indie Diary 3 years ago

    I like unpredictable a.i the best. Simply because it feels incredibly natural. The two best examples are Alien: Isolation & The Last Guardian.

    Trico does some weird stuff and half the time does what it wants. Same with the Alien in Isolation. Also on Pc version of Alien isolation. A user created a mod to make the Aliens a.i even more unpredictable. And it's marvelous.

  • Jeremy Garrison
    Jeremy Garrison 5 years ago

    Halo series has some of the most well oriented enemies ever in a video game, they mercilessly hunt you down on legendary difficulty, have pinpoint accuracy with their weapons and dive or sprint to cover when they are close to death

  • Phillip Gnemmi
    Phillip Gnemmi 5 years ago

    Shout out to the Cerberus soldier AI in Mass Effect 3, who would use grenades to flush you out when you were in cover, got Guardians to advance when you were in an advantageous position, and even set up traps. A great AI that made excellent use of their variety of troops in a way that made them feel intelligent and tactical.

  • Belton Tisdale
    Belton Tisdale 3 years ago

    I honestly think the AI in call of duty infinite warfare is pretty good. I played a few games of split screen with a friend. we decided to shake things up by having us vs a bot of the highest difficulty. it quickly turned into a horror game as the bot jumped us when we least expected it lol

  • Blaine Bailey
    Blaine Bailey 4 years ago +1

    Kill Zone 2 was actually the only title in the series I truly can say I thought was awesome. The other tiles just weren't as good to me. I don't really know what it was that I liked so much about that game in particular.

  • Jared Armbruster
    Jared Armbruster 5 years ago

    The AI in the Killzone series has always been great. I have no complaints with it.

  • GoldenDice
    GoldenDice 5 years ago +2

    So glad that Black And White made the list. For a 2001 game it's a real gem. So underrated.

  • Darko Bakula
    Darko Bakula Year ago

    I was just about to mention Splinter Cell Blacklist when I saw honorable mentions. The AI in that game is very good. there is a multiplayer game mode similar to Last Man Standing or King of the Hill, The bots constantly try to flank and surround the player, however AI is nerfed since you can constantly hide into the open or shadows to outmanuever them as long as you break initial line of sight when they initially spot you.

  • B Rye
    B Rye 6 years ago +9

    I don't know about these other AI's in gaming but I will agree that the Xenomorph in Isolation was too smart for Amanda Ripley's good.

    • B Rye
      B Rye 6 years ago

      @Rαptμs Thɛ Xɛηømøʀph Afraid of your own kind? What is that like? Lol I'm just kidding.

  • Games Recapped
    Games Recapped 5 years ago +4

    FEAR. Iv been saying this since 2005, some of the best AI ever made, even the later FEARs didn't come close. AI teamwork is probably the most important aspect to have in a modern game because seeing examples of it in action shows the complexity of the AI having to deal with dynamic environments, why not have AI completely lose their shit because e.g. you killed his mate and he feels he has nothing to lose or run away and throw away his gun because he's the only survivor? My dream game has always included having a competent AI team on my side (Freedom Fighters?) with rpg elements, I remember loving a game called the misadventures of tron bonn just because of the team you can assemble.

  • mike jones
    mike jones 5 years ago +1

    wow I cant believe F.E.A.R made the top list that was the game I was thinking about for some reason when I read the title of this video! There was definitely something to that AI. I wish the creators could go into that kinda stuff.

  • Kommando293
    Kommando293 5 years ago

    The AI for Monster Hunter is, for a fantasy hunting game, makes one feel like you are actually hunting a monster.

    monsters run when they are wounded, right more ferociously when cornered, and take advantage of their abilities including self healing ones.

  • RichardM8422
    RichardM8422 5 years ago

    Unreal had some fantastic AI, enemies would gang up on you, flank you, sneak up on you, ambush you, chase you across a map, keep their distance if they had the advantage, and RUN AWAY if they were injured.

  • kamesenin999
    kamesenin999 5 years ago

    Well aliens vs predator for pc the first one had a very clever ai, I was camouflaged on my own blood, the alien approached me, with plater knowledge on how the alien see, the alien smelled me and attacked, was pretty impressive

  • Jon Crew
    Jon Crew 5 years ago +14

    No matter how good alien isolation is, the overall fear factor somewhat ruined by my Dad naming the alien Harold an elderly man living in Florida who's just on his way to bingo.

  • Sebastian Duran
    Sebastian Duran 5 years ago

    I did a school project in 9th grade about video game AI and I used Fear as my prime example. They are relentless!

  • One of the 12 Sion Mains

    I still think Alien Isolation, the alien only ofc, was the best. It was incredibly reactive to actions, probabilities, and any unnatural light/sound, to the point of tracing distractions back to you and becoming more used to your style throughout the whole game.

  • Der Wolf Gaming
    Der Wolf Gaming 4 years ago

    I'm surprised they haven't done a second one. Because Trico from The Last Guardian deserves to be on this list. His AI took six years to develop.

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    I often thought about writing an AI if I was ever good at programming, it wouldn't have any knowledge yet, it would just be analyzing data, storing and executing it however it sees it, much like a baby or a dog observing, videogames are really the best place to set one up. The way I see it, you give your own avatar the AI but it wouldn't be as powerful yet, you'd be operating the character while the AI watches and in the future if you ever have to make a move but u don't the AI does it before u remember and it just learns and executes more and more until it completely ignore your commands, also if you install it in GTAV and u go offline the avatar would still be there and just walk like any NPC only this time the AI would be taking over for a bit and do whatever, might also be good to test it out with a group of players

  • Justin Qualls
    Justin Qualls Year ago +1

    Good list. Played most of these, and honestly FEAR wasn't all that. The cannibals from The Forest blow any of these out of the water.

  • Ben Renner
    Ben Renner 5 years ago +6

    Man I love FEAR, though it's funny none of the clips shown demonstrate their advanced AI.

  • Uberjason5000
    Uberjason5000 5 years ago

    Finally Max Payne 3 gets some recognition, the AI in the game were brutal even on the lower difficulties. They were a nightmare on hardcore mode, but in the end that made beating it on hardcore mode even more satisfying. Who here thinks it should be backwards compatible on xbox, I am ready for that day.

  • sam schroeder
    sam schroeder 5 years ago +511

    lol the gta ai sucks if you stand next to a pedestrian for more than 10 seconds they call the cops

    • Ron's_ _Tophat
      Ron's_ _Tophat 8 months ago

      If your character is black they will call cause the white people ai is programmed as RACIST

    • Juice Cheese
      Juice Cheese 9 months ago

      @Brandon J lol

    • i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but-
      i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- 10 months ago +1

      @Brandon J this aged like wine

    • Avocado Toast
      Avocado Toast Year ago

      @AppleGhostCat BLM has been a thing since 2013

    • #DRW
      #DRW Year ago

      Boy go and play Cyberpunk2077 and see how dumb that compared to GTA 5 brilliance in AI , though it's annoying calling cops but feels live and hilarious

  • JP Fragoso
    JP Fragoso 5 years ago +6

    I know im late, but Bioshock should have been on the list.... The Splicers have some rly well done AI

  • nwoggy
    nwoggy 5 years ago

    Far Cry 1 has the very best AI I've ever experienced, and I've played through almost all of the games on this list.

  • TotalRookie_LV
    TotalRookie_LV 6 years ago +14

    Once upon a time the AI in "Unreal" and "Unreal Tournament" was considered quite impressive. It doesn't look so staggering now, I guess.

    • ambulampce
      ambulampce 5 years ago

      unreal tournament 4 pre alpha has an impressive ai

    • vertik7
      vertik7 5 years ago

      +SwineNahNah Yes, Unreal AI was tough, compared to other games of that time.

    • TotalRookie_LV
      TotalRookie_LV 6 years ago

      @PRAR Alexander
      Haven't tried that. I have UT3 (2007), but I actually prefer UT2004.

    • PRAR
      PRAR 6 years ago

      What about the newest one? (Its in alpha and it's awesome)

  • Robot Raptor
    Robot Raptor 5 years ago

    i loved condemned i wish they would make another one

  • TKing677
    TKing677 4 years ago

    Operation flashpoint:Dragon rising Had some of the best team A.I in video games. Was really hoping to at least see it here an an honorable mention. I think Freedom fighters should have got a mention too.

    BIG QUAZZ 5 years ago

    I think that Titan Fall 2's AI is very good. They know when someone is shot, they can actually realistically hear you, robots act like robots, you team mates are usefull, and were made as realistic as possible!

  • Fallout BoyXxV
    Fallout BoyXxV 5 years ago +8

    What happened to The Last Of Us? Ellie throws bricks, or bottles to immobilize enemies, so that you can go for the kill :/

  • Adam Jacob
    Adam Jacob 5 years ago

    You forgot the AI in Shadow of Mordor. Amazing AI in that game.

  • The Artist
    The Artist 5 years ago +3

    Even tho the game is cancelled....the silent hills demo for me, the ghost....she was the 1st encounter was a surprise but after I was aware of her and she didn't come out until she knew it was ready...i thought that was so interesting

  • sivanhe
    sivanhe 4 years ago

    The Xenomorph should've been at the #1 spot. The AI for that thing is freaking brilliant.

  • Jason Harr
    Jason Harr 5 years ago

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series had really good AI for nearly the same points you mentioned in FEAR series

  • AgentXRifle
    AgentXRifle 6 years ago +7

    So glad FEAR was #1. I quick saved before entering a room, then sneak in and hide in a room with a window. I waited for a few seconds expecting to hear footprints patrolling... Then I hear the window smash and see a grenade behind me. Load the quick save and hide in the same room again... Wait for footsteps... Then hear the window smash and a clone jumps into the room through the window. Everytime I loaded the reacted totally different... I love it!

    • Datph 0
      Datph 0 6 years ago

      and glad thing F.E.A.R 1Has best AI Compared Nowdays GAME

    • nstorm2424
      nstorm2424 6 years ago

      Yeah, sometimes they throw the granades without saying granade out, in combat or when they see you first.

  • The One
    The One 5 years ago

    Battlefield 2 for me at this moment. I had this game for years and just played it for the first time this week. I never play war games except cod up to world at war. I have never been shot at and found out every time i moved to a new location on the map. Cod AI never challenged me like that. Plus getting cover behind walls is not even a option anymore since it all gets blown up. They are precise with their aim and their are explosions everywhere all the time. If battlefield 2 is this good, i can't wait to start the others.

    • UnboundPlace
      UnboundPlace 5 years ago

      The One Battlefield 2? the ai is rather dumb, I could run around the map killing all of them

  • Fox Fit
    Fox Fit 5 years ago

    I totally forgot how awesome Condemned was. First 360 game I played.

  • Duke Nukem SLO
    Duke Nukem SLO 5 years ago

    what about far cry 2, i thought AI was pretty good there: enemies would often try and flank you, they will try to drive you over, if they are hurt they will crawl away and hide or they will be picked up by their other team mates and carried away...
    i really liked that game

  • Adam Podlewski
    Adam Podlewski 5 years ago +3

    Unreal (1998)! Compared to Half-life (game released a year later), Unreal had much superior AI, esp. among elite Skaarj enemies.

  • Daniel Welker
    Daniel Welker 6 years ago +108

    Came hoping to see F.E.A.R. Left satisfied.

  • Owen Kerrison
    Owen Kerrison 5 years ago

    They should've mentioned that in Alien: Isolation if you die, the path of the Xenomorph and other enemies will be drastically
    different to what it was before you died.

  • Brian Power
    Brian Power 5 years ago

    I was hoping FEAR would make the cut. I am still impressed this many years later that the AI will MAKE cover by toppling objects, but if you play through the same area again with the same foes they may not make cover for themselves.

  • matt b
    matt b 5 years ago

    Insurgency on Steam has some great AI on harder difficulties. They are great shots and know how to cover and flank very well.

  • George Avgeris
    George Avgeris 5 years ago

    Totally agree with F.E.A.R as number #1
    It's the only game which i still yet to forget it's AI

  • Assailant
    Assailant 6 years ago +3

    The Last of Us had great AI. Honestly I mostly stayed alive because of the friendly AI.

  • Rayaan Ekilah
    Rayaan Ekilah 5 years ago

    Arkham Knight had smart AI when it came to predator missions. If you hang around grates too much, they'll bomb them. They can also mine vantage points, be told to stay together

  • Junaid Yunus Soni
    Junaid Yunus Soni 5 years ago +2

    Far Cry 2 - Not sure they are as smart as the AI's on this list, but they sure are relentless, and when they are alerted to your presence, it really becomes a struggle for survival, as they are extremely accurate shooters and marksmen..

  • Salvie
    Salvie 4 years ago +1

    I agree with killzone 2 having great ai and same for killzone 3

  • Christopher Schneider
    Christopher Schneider 4 years ago

    I was waiting for F.E.A.R first time I played that game I was only a few levels in and I came to a room with 6 or 7 soldiers in it and when I walked in they lit me up. I backed out of the room expecting them to come out one at a time but they were just lobbing grenades out of the room and a single one found a back route all the way around the level and came to me hitting me in the back. best AI in any game ever

  • Amoogos
    Amoogos 6 years ago +39

    good pick with the killzone 2. I thought the AI was pretty good as well

    • RevanBladeZ
      RevanBladeZ 5 years ago

      I remember once when i was almost dead and one Helghast gets around my cover but before he can kill me, one of my squadmates shotguns his head off.

  • Science follows the evidence.

    I was hoping you got the No.1 right and you did :) It is, without a doubt, the best AI I've ever come across.

  • Christopher Bateman
    Christopher Bateman 5 years ago

    I disagree with Killzone 2, I've seen the enemies scream "Grenade!" and had the entire room swarm around it and stare at it, only to be blown up.

  • 6611nitro
    6611nitro 5 years ago +1

    I'd say Dwarf Fortress deserves a spot because there AI has gotten far closer to replicating human behavior then nearly anything else I can think of. Just he perfect mix of brilliant, idiotic, psychotic, and logical. For example if they experience enough horror and loss to close together they eventually snap and depending on personality either go totally bonkers running around stripping to there skin, end up chronically depressed with a chance of suicide, or simply snap and turn on one another with violence. But at the same time if they experience trauma and fear but don't snap they eventually grow jaded.

    Of course that's just skimming the surface of an AI that keeps track of hundreds of individual aspects for a character.

    • Mike O'.
      Mike O'. 5 years ago

      Yeah, I was hoping to see more than just FPSs (mostly) in this.

  • Stephen Green
    Stephen Green 5 years ago +8

    Rainbow Six... honestly the spartest AI in the Terrorist mode, you are always watching for a flank or a sneak attack.

  • Ronn Paolo Maigue
    Ronn Paolo Maigue 4 years ago

    The last of us has very realistic AI and enemies can attack your teammates, throw molotovs, sometimes melee attack you and you can distract them or stealth kill them

  • Nikita Goishyk
    Nikita Goishyk 5 years ago

    I don't know about you guys but I think that fallout 4's ai was cool at some points. For example, the mirelurks rushing at you and covering with their shells or deathclaws jumping from side to side dodging your bullets and then lifting you and piercing your body with their claws or a raider in a power armour who doesn't stay in cover and just rushes forward while the non-protected guys just shoot you down.

  • Jared Kuntz
    Jared Kuntz 3 years ago

    F.E.A.R deserves a remaster, because today’s graphics with that AI engine would make for one of the most terrifying FPS horror games ever made.

  • josh fritz
    josh fritz 4 years ago

    they forgot the indie game called "starsector"
    i say before watching the video, completely confident that one of the most terrifyingly competent AIs in all of indie gaming is overlooked because no one has ever played or even heard of the game.

    also, i guess MGSV had some pretty good AI...

  • Hamster On a swing
    Hamster On a swing 4 years ago

    ghost recon phantom AI is really good. when you sneaking if a enemy sees you your comrads if they get a chance shoot the enemy with a silence weapon. and you can command them to use a turret but sometimes they do it automatic and they always moves in covers if you not running

  • Agxtaxor
    Agxtaxor 2 months ago

    Payday 2 AI. If you teleport your player around the map with mods and use a free flight camera, you can see the police clear every room, create formations based on the situation, and attempt to prison the player at the start of the first assault because the player isn't deemed a big threat yet. In the game's files, there are voice lines for almost every action, as well as taunts too. Really makes them feel alive.

  • Christopher Bateman
    Christopher Bateman 5 years ago

    I disagree with the Killzone 2, I've had it to where I threw a grenade, One enemy Yelled "Grenade!", and instead of avoiding it, EVERY enemy in the room gathered around it.