DT! Arsenal Deserved It! Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United FanCam

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • DT says Man Utd's luck ran out at Arsenal after the Arsenal 2-0 win but the race for top four starts here. Get the latest Man Utd news on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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Comments • 826

  • Nathan Middleton
    Nathan Middleton 18 days ago

    Why can’t DT behave like this every week and in every arena. He’s a clever well spoken bloke when he’s switched on and not trying to look the big man. Good interview

  • martin charlesworth
    martin charlesworth 2 months ago +3

    Its funny how none of your 2 teams got top 4 😂😂😂😂

  • Emmanuel Omondi
    Emmanuel Omondi 3 months ago

    hahaha united used up all their lucky charms on PSG

  • Dawit Alemayehu
    Dawit Alemayehu 4 months ago

    Arsenal Fc The gunners never die!

  • Sathya Srinivasan
    Sathya Srinivasan 4 months ago

    Good stuff flex .. respect from a gooner

  • Auba Sanchez
    Auba Sanchez 4 months ago

    Man u got smacked up 🤣🤣

  • Stone Mikey
    Stone Mikey 4 months ago

    Here because of DT

  • Oreginal
    Oreginal 4 months ago +2

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....Arrogant Manure got stuffed like a roast chicken at the Emirates. FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dru Lomax
    Dru Lomax 4 months ago

    😂 😂 Do a Arsenal.. Its true but no wenger this time around we have a fight in us now COYG

  • Matt Van Leeve
    Matt Van Leeve 4 months ago

    This is the DT I’d like to see more

  • Ancy Drox
    Ancy Drox 4 months ago +1

    I'm an Arsenal fan but, honestly I've got a lot of respect for this man united guy..! ✋✋

  • Espen Tracker
    Espen Tracker 4 months ago

    I rather win while playing average than draw or lose while playing exceptionally. Flex is just salty about the L.

  • Gospel Pan
    Gospel Pan 4 months ago

    Niceness....this is the DT I like, very professional !

  • Gid Pinky
    Gid Pinky 4 months ago

    Omg did this guy just say i can see everton beating arsenal 😂😂😂 omg deluded

  • Shaban Alphonice
    Shaban Alphonice 4 months ago

    Love the conversion...true fans

  • MrChineyman
    MrChineyman 4 months ago

    Beat which liverpool? Gtfoh dt

  • Herschelle Benting
    Herschelle Benting 4 months ago

    Man utd host is very civil very wow arsenal fans are arrogant

  • Dude RU4 Real
    Dude RU4 Real 4 months ago

    I can see Utd finishing 5th lol

  • mehmut el maneyz
    mehmut el maneyz 4 months ago

    Lets find out when arsenal lost then you met DT thats when you'll enjoy watching DT videos😂😂😂

  • Layla Whittington
    Layla Whittington 4 months ago

    Listen we took our chances but Man U is a dangerous team

  • nila ronda
    nila ronda 4 months ago

    u deserve it united fans!!

  • C Smith
    C Smith 4 months ago

    Lukaku had his timberland boots on

  • Timoh lastborn
    Timoh lastborn 4 months ago

    Ole “gunner”lost his virginity to unai......

  • Solo LW
    Solo LW 4 months ago

    United stand microphone is crap

  • Ugen Jungney
    Ugen Jungney 4 months ago

    King DT is back

  • Monkey Matt
    Monkey Matt 4 months ago

    Wolves should of beaten arsenal . Leno was like de Gea vs arsenal last season. But wolves aren’t a top team because they can’t finish there chances. They have the really pacey winger Adama , if his finishing was better he’d of scored a few at the emarites.

  • Jamall Noel
    Jamall Noel 4 months ago

    Getting on like he won the league

  • Hope tsi MLBB
    Hope tsi MLBB 4 months ago +1

    Arsenal fan but subscribed for being so respectful 👍🏻

  • Kevin Choolun
    Kevin Choolun 4 months ago

    OLE OUT!! 😂😂😂

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 4 months ago

    They aint know getting back in front of us again flex

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 4 months ago

    Flex u should see that beating coming

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 4 months ago

    Ye we have a chance to b top three we need to focus an play to our strenght

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 4 months ago

    Three big points

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 4 months ago

    But we were on our game

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 4 months ago

    Man u played well

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 4 months ago

    Aubame is a top shooter

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 4 months ago

    Man u never stand a chance

  • Lord Turles97
    Lord Turles97 4 months ago

    "Arsenal deserved it"?! 😅 Just speaks of the mentality of that club.. They were only remotely threatening when diving or scoring via gale force. The vastly better team lost. What the match actually showed was how easily United could go through to their goal, even whilst slow and sloppy whilst Arsenal just hit hopeful and clueless long shots all game.

  • Firstgoon Lasggt
    Firstgoon Lasggt 4 months ago

    An Arsenal thing by raising it for the big games? I’m sure it’s the other way round

  • Joey ZaZa
    Joey ZaZa 4 months ago

    dt came across well here:unusual

  • Jorge Siles
    Jorge Siles 4 months ago

    This guy should have been interview graham

  • Tommy Riots
    Tommy Riots 4 months ago

    Dude on the left has a weird Manchester accent... 😏

  • Dumile Gugushe
    Dumile Gugushe 4 months ago +1

    Is it doing an Arsenal or doing a Wenger?

  • nikhil sanghran
    nikhil sanghran 4 months ago +4

    Arsenal fan, bt i like Flex very much.

  • omar yahya
    omar yahya 4 months ago +1

    That was a good fan cam by DT which is very rare.

  • chatra hang
    chatra hang 4 months ago +8

    Its incredible how last season De Gea had to make 14 saves in a game Arsenal completely dominated United yet they won the game. Nobody said they didn't deserve to win.. Penalties are always debatable you get some you give away some.. Move on.. End of the season will be wat its supposed to be.

  • Jeff Franklin
    Jeff Franklin 4 months ago +3

    I’m a united fan but Flex was wrong about Aubameyang. He made ole move Lindelof to RCB! Lol

  • Daniel Casey
    Daniel Casey 4 months ago

    What a flip flop fat prick.

  • Marvin bangs skengs
    Marvin bangs skengs 4 months ago

    I think that a lot of our fans think we should of won, lukaku had two chances one he missed, we should have scored but lukaku is bad and then second was a good save by their keeper. We did not deserve to win

  • ls5 king
    ls5 king 4 months ago

    Arsenal want to be united so bad 😂 they just compare everything too us

  • Superdoo987
    Superdoo987 4 months ago

    someone shank that wife beater

  • Lord Turles97
    Lord Turles97 4 months ago

    Arsenal deserved it?! They scored via dive and natural disaster after having their woodwork rattled multiple times before proceeding to park the bus and settle for their gifts. Of course it'd take this much for them to beat United. Result honestly couldn't be less convincing

  • Venomfc 07
    Venomfc 07 4 months ago

    Arsenal won't be in top 4 , they have 6 away games coming . 6!

    • Sam Walden
      Sam Walden 4 months ago

      Now now we just beat united and we’re on form in the prem right now

  • Imy Khan
    Imy Khan 4 months ago

    Understand arsenal fans celebrating like they won the league coming up against a fantastic United side. Fair play won 2-0 35 mins solid after that we had the game in our hands just couldn't score but then that pen which shouldn't be a pen but oh well. But we was unlucky should've been a draw I think we had chances. I enjoy this rivalry.

    Shame DT can't behave like this every time come on DT let bygons be bygons. There is mutual respect between both clubs and fans. Just hate how he is most the times disrespectful rude etc. Lets see a change DT.

  • Tyler MACKIE
    Tyler MACKIE 4 months ago +1

    If this were a Man U win DT would be very salty

  • Lemont B
    Lemont B 4 months ago

    Well done DT ..well done Flex..keeping it Mutual...

  • Dry Lettuce
    Dry Lettuce 4 months ago

    balls of steal? ummmmmmm no. It's not like it was 0-0 with minutes to go and if he missed it would of been a draw. get out DT

  • XxPetexXx
    XxPetexXx 4 months ago

    I thought a draw would have been fair... But when you concede those goals we did, you can't say we deserved to win.

  • Aidan Magill
    Aidan Magill 4 months ago

    I remember this guy from such videos as United's F.A cup victory at The Emirates... oh, wait...

  • Mac Bearer lfc
    Mac Bearer lfc 4 months ago

    think with an F.........

  • Quazzi
    Quazzi 4 months ago

    Arsenal did not deserve it. They created zero chances and were lucky that we were not clinical today or it'd be 3 or 4 nil.

      HANDOLOH 4 months ago

      How many minutes does Lukaku need to get a goal? Get the statistics and understand why "should have" is a silly word in football.Stop practising hitting posts in your training ground!

  • Kain Warren
    Kain Warren 4 months ago

    Arsenal should not have beaten Liverpool what is he on about.

  • Hoksworth Wipple
    Hoksworth Wipple 4 months ago

    More southern Man Ure fans. Support you local team you turds.

  • Tony Lock
    Tony Lock 4 months ago

    Very true DT! You can talk sense after all....your team deserved the 3 points....can’t see you smiling at the end of the season... MUFC Rule.....

  • Ronaldo H
    Ronaldo H 4 months ago

    DT is a glory hunter

  • Mogammad Abrahams
    Mogammad Abrahams 4 months ago

    Big up the mandem

  • Mogammad Abrahams
    Mogammad Abrahams 4 months ago +1

    DT way funnier when ranting lol

  • Everything PlayStation Trophies

    Olegunnar be mad 😂

  • I c
    I c 4 months ago +1

    wow this is the DT i prefer, not the immature side.

  • B Summers
    B Summers 4 months ago

    RIP headphone users 6:15😂

  • Callum Anthony
    Callum Anthony 4 months ago

    Balls of steel, he took a penalty when 1.0 up...

  • MrJr450
    MrJr450 4 months ago

    If it wasn’t for trashford we would’ve probably won that game

  • kaz caz
    kaz caz 4 months ago

    Wolves Fc is nightmare to any team. Arsenal and Manchester United beware

  • SideHustle TV
    SideHustle TV 4 months ago

    Flex keeps saying auba doesn't do much, he's just a poacher, it's like he's forgotten about a certain striker, first named Ruud.

  • Strong123kid
    Strong123kid 4 months ago

    Good interview

  • Steve ooo
    Steve ooo 4 months ago

    A football game was played one team was more clinical then the other both teams created chances and missed chances
    Did you deserve to win is a silly question, both teams deserve to win only one can though so the better team won the score line says as much
    But arsenal an United are in this top four Tottenham and Chelsea are gonna bottle it

  • Shaz01212
    Shaz01212 4 months ago

    Lukaku & Matic cost us this match but we carry on “in Olé we trust”

  • Jayakumar RA
    Jayakumar RA 4 months ago

    Salty Flex fuming deep inside 😂

  • Ryan Goodwin Poker
    Ryan Goodwin Poker 4 months ago

    Dt isn't all bad

  • Zac Fletcher
    Zac Fletcher 4 months ago

    If Aubameyang and Lacazette rotate as penalty takers, then Aubameyang is ONE of your designated penalty takers. Rashford had balls of steel to take the pen against PSG, Aubameyang is accepting the chance to make it look like he did something in the match

  • I saw s11
    I saw s11 4 months ago

    Leno motm for me. United was poor. But it was a good run for us. Pogba was dreadfully, and magic was so slow. Don't think he should of played think mctominay would of done a better job after the psg win yes he would be tired maybe but magic can come on in the later stages of the game. That I didn't agree with but it is what it is. Hopefully we can get martial lingard Herrera bk to match fitness and in the swing of things soon as.

  • Mikhail Kunneke
    Mikhail Kunneke 4 months ago

    DT blocked me on Twitter🤣

  • kris1976melo
    kris1976melo 4 months ago +1

    I like DT, but i do wonder would he had appeared on here if Arsenal had lost? Doubt it.

  • Kaleem Akbar
    Kaleem Akbar 4 months ago

    Haha Man Utd 😂

  • paisleymc2
    paisleymc2 4 months ago

    This is why Arsenal fans are the best to laugh at

  • Tussy 33
    Tussy 33 4 months ago +1

    Sojkers gone haha

  • Jackson mwasanga
    Jackson mwasanga 4 months ago

    Have i just become a DT fan?😟😟

  • Byron Hall
    Byron Hall 4 months ago

    Balls lol 😂 for taking a pen when 1-0 up already 🤦‍♂️ Fuxk um 5th is waiting for them

  • Abdullah AAA
    Abdullah AAA 4 months ago

    I didn’t thought DT is this nice whats wrong with you Mark 🤔

  • Tom 123
    Tom 123 4 months ago +3

    This side of DT is actually decent viewing, fair play to the lad

  • I believe
    I believe 4 months ago

    Should have beaten liverpool?

  • DBZ
    DBZ 4 months ago +1

    Shut up dt

  • Michael M
    Michael M 4 months ago +2

    Respect to DT and flex for this video, appreciate the unbiased opinions

  • Broewnis Travel
    Broewnis Travel 4 months ago

    Flex more entertaining than wark wolbridge and r@nts

  • Dali Ben
    Dali Ben 4 months ago

    Nice video from Flex my favorite United fan and im happy to see DT clam down and stop his nonesense. A lesson learned for United cocky fans... yall need to accept the fact this is a new era there is no more Wenger our coach in transition 1st season collected 4 points from you this season..
    We will see more challenge next season and thats the football beauty!!!

  • loggo vanbastad
    loggo vanbastad 4 months ago

    Why don't they just blow each other off

  • TT Plumbing & Heating
    TT Plumbing & Heating 4 months ago

    good video lads

  • Sand da floor
    Sand da floor 4 months ago

    Arsenal was lucky we didn't put our chances away and were gifted a penalty via a cheating diver. To say this deserved to win it talking right out of their arsenal.

  • Mark Harriot
    Mark Harriot 4 months ago

    Salty Flex 😂

  • Tristan Paglianiti-Roberts

    We definitely deserved to win today Imo but couldn't finish - last season though when we beat you 3-1 we didn't deserve to win that - thats the beauty of football!