GOLDBRIDGE! GREENWOOD SUPERB! Manchester United 4-0 AZ Alkmaar Match Reaction

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Manchester United 4-0 AZ Alkmaar! Mason Greenwood is the superstar as United thrash AZ Alkmaar. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Comments • 454

  • Luke Matthew
    Luke Matthew Month ago

    finally talking some sense there in the end, if TUS have the rights to criticized Ole as being an immature manager for talking with his coaches on the bench, positive United fans have the rights to criticized TUS too for trying to find small weaknesses in Ole's management style, there's some progress there

  • federico fox
    federico fox Month ago

    wheres greenwood gunna play if we get haaland

  • The Bolge
    The Bolge Month ago

    Now we have won a few we wont make any signings in January.

  • Djibrane Noorah
    Djibrane Noorah Month ago

    MLS player 😂

  • micha svendsen
    micha svendsen Month ago

    Amazing that you can win 4-0 with 8 players getting an average 6, 2 players getting a 7, and one player getting a 9.

  • dharendranath jugoo

    Pereira is the subsitude of podba when the boss is back he is not going to play

  • Zaher Al-Qassab
    Zaher Al-Qassab Month ago +1

    Regarding new players in January window, we need to reinforce the midfield and attack urgently. Fabian Ruiz (21 years of Napoli & Spain) would be a cheaper deal than Saul Niguez of Atletico, in addition to Vidal (Barca) would be fine. For the attack We need a proven goalscorer with more experience and versatility than Martial and Rashford, in this case the pacy Timo Werner (23 yrs of Leipzig & Germany) would be perfect as he can play as forward right or left and center forward too. However I felt angry, ashamed and upset that UTD has missed on Minamino of Salsberg due to unawareness of cheap release clause of him (lucky Liverpool) and that indicates how poor our recruitment department is in comparison to other clubs that became a joke to our opponents... Other recruitment should be reassessed at the end of the season after disposing useless players.

  • Zaher Al-Qassab
    Zaher Al-Qassab Month ago +1

    Quite pleased with our team performance last night. We have lots of promising talents that are started to glow, yet they have some time ahead to get more involved gradually in more games which should be done with careful and calculated planning in order to make the required progress and technical improvement for the future. However, they will help the team but should not be put under pressure in this season to hold the responsibility as the senior players as it will not be fair for them.
    We need to be patient with Ole and the team till the end of season when their results and performance will be assessed. We must all believe that the interest of the club is the top priority and anybody whether the manager or the players should accept the fact that we don't have plenty of time to make the slow steps for improvement because today's football is quick and so clubs are developing in a pace that we should act rapidly to get back to where we belong in the top, so this season is quite sufficient chance otherwise we should change manager and go to Allegri instead, get rid of average players and replace them with new and very talented skillful players from elsewhere (not necessarily high profile stars) but players with great spirit who would fit in the team and style of play. Playing just on counter attacks as a one dimensional style that would mostly doesn't work all the time (City started to suffer from their one dimensional style of attacking play) due to lack of technical flexibility of playing style with opponents of different styles of play.

  • Stuart Lannie
    Stuart Lannie Month ago

    MOM for me was Mason for his finishing
    Romero 7
    Williams 7
    Maguire solid 7
    Tunzabe 6 dew error
    Young 6 first half terrible
    Matic 6 poor first half
    Garner 5 didn’t rate him today
    Pereira 6 when you think 7 he shoots back to 6
    Mata 6 to past it
    Greenwood 8
    Martial 5
    Chong 6 came on very good
    Jones 6
    Laird 7

  • Donal
    Donal Month ago

    Some of these people saying that the ratings are unfair must think a 10 is scoring a tap in and 1 assist.

    A 10 is essentially scoring a hatrick or greater. United were utter trash in the first half, and AZ fell asleep for 10 minutes in the 2nd half which helped us get back into it. Mark is correct.

  • mark Bateman
    mark Bateman Month ago

    So far, in this competition, results have been more important than performances. Job done, top of the group. There are some decent teams left in this competition and even as group winners we could well draw one so we will have to up our performance level in the next phase. But so far, so good!

  • junzhe see
    junzhe see Month ago

    Pereira probably needs a run of games in the CAM role (at least till pogba is back).. Pereira porbably can be a younger version of mata.. but he need to show that he can be creative and unlock defenses more. Or else he will be lingard version 2

  • jack james
    jack james Month ago

    why is ole talking to hes staff even a talking point? looool are they not allowed to discuss the game together? theres not one mould of how managers need to act with their coaching staff loool what is this strange observation

  • Magnificent Pets
    Magnificent Pets Month ago

    Tbh I really think Mark Goldbridge when it comes to explaining football analysis, you are fantastic but a little more obsessed with Martial.

  • Irwan Bin Soekadi
    Irwan Bin Soekadi Month ago

    Fantastic Greenwood👍

  • Antoine Duquaine
    Antoine Duquaine Month ago

    Mata 2 assist and 1 goal : 6 ....Martial nothing and 6 ?? A game of 2 half ok, but Martial don't deserve a 6 so... Don't understand

  • Distracting_Disaster

    Mata 7, young 7

  • Dave Openshaw
    Dave Openshaw Month ago +1

    A pass to the goal scorer isn’t an assist now when it suits his agenda. Christ on a bike.

  • Dave Openshaw
    Dave Openshaw Month ago

    WTF is he talking about, Ole speaking to Carrick shows naivety. I am really starting to actively dislike this bloke. Talks utter broken biscuits.

  • leanne16195
    leanne16195 Month ago

    Yous are all getting way to ahead of yourselfs alot of games left

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    I think pereira deserves a higher rating. Showed great creative at time’s. Would probably give him a 7. The only thing lacking is consistency.

  • That Should Work
    That Should Work Month ago

    look at mctominay how important it is to have playing time. let the young players through

  • Lloyd Milliner
    Lloyd Milliner Month ago

    Do we dare hope?

  • David Underwood
    David Underwood Month ago

    Ha, Ha Mark. Looks like you got slapped hard with a big Boris Brexit fish!!!!

  • Tristan Paglianiti-Roberts

    We willing to give Ole time yet? It's abundantly clear what he's trying to do and we've had our identity back since he took over!

  • Jam on toast
    Jam on toast Month ago

    i hope this is where united's season actually turns a corner.. but one game at a time lads.. lets hope that a good run of form recently doesnt mean Woodward will come out and say "we dont need new transfers anymore", he deserves a slap if he does, players look more confident and motivated

  • Chris Wood
    Chris Wood Month ago

    Young a 6? Don’t let your dislike of him cloud your judgement. Don’t forget about that finish that set the game up for us! And Mata got a goal and assist how can that be 6 even with the first half display?

  • Stuart Grant
    Stuart Grant Month ago

    Mark, do you reckon it’s the pressure getting to Ole that’s making us perform lately ? With all the rumours and knowing there’s managers out there

  • James
    James Month ago

    The Everton game will be tough. Big Dunc will have them scrapping for everything. Utd will need to be up for the fight.

  • William Eriksson
    William Eriksson Month ago

    Against Everton i would like Ole to sub off James and bring in Greenwood to that front 3. He's left foot is deadly on that right wing

  • norbert czelusniak
    norbert czelusniak Month ago +1

    Let it snow let it snow let it snow and Mark is a prat is a prat is a prat

  • Fred Chepkong'a
    Fred Chepkong'a Month ago

    This guy really hates Mata, he didn't even realize that Mata made an assist for Greenwood's second goal. Again, if 6 for mata is due to balancing first and second half points, how much would Greenwood possibly get for the first half to deserve an average of 9? This is unfair for mata who has given his best for manu all these years. Matic yes, but Mata, no. This is too critical.

  • Troy Trey
    Troy Trey Month ago

    He has the van persie strut!

  • Mafia Farming
    Mafia Farming Month ago

    Good job again but I still stick to my words ole is not the man to lead he sits alot telling players what to do but there's no way those players have the time to watch his hand going up and down but it is what it is 👀

  • arch285
    arch285 Month ago

    I really hope that that greenwood get proper guidance and does not end up like ravel morrison

  • ATP Synthase
    ATP Synthase Month ago

    People angry at mark for being realistic. People just want to beat their meat whenever united win but people like mark are looking at the overall performance and what that means for the future

  • ATP Synthase
    ATP Synthase Month ago

    Pereira needs to step up. He's had seasons on loan at big clubs and isn't a kid anymore. I don't want another player wasted.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor Month ago

    Sounds like three signings spread over the next two transfer windows. That's not enough.

  • Magnus Matheson
    Magnus Matheson Month ago +1

    Goldbridge cannot have been playing much football himself or his understanding of the game seems low. He always (every single time) call out the tactics when we are not producing or holding possesion, seems like he forgets that football actually has opposition, sometimes the other team is pulling it off then we look defensive, but that is not always down to Solskjaers’s tactics. Saying he plays back hitting on the break as a main tactic is wrong, or you are saying Solskjær is lying. We play direct! We have a last option, you have an agenda, you actually believe you can do better yourself, you are cringe CRINGE!!!!

  • Falming Smith
    Falming Smith Month ago

    Imagine if or front four was Rashford martail greenwood and James pace pace goals goals

  • Umar Playzz
    Umar Playzz Month ago

    Arsenal fans are going to be pissed because the drew 2-2

  • zahrans
    zahrans Month ago

    Matic was static

  • desfefe
    desfefe Month ago

    I really think Perreira is done at Utd. He has been absolutely terrible going into the first team, and the thing is, he has had the most experience amongst all the young players thrown into the deep end. It is quite telling to see Willams or Garner doing better than him. Different positions, I understand, but still, Perreira still looks out of depth.

  • Jake Marshall
    Jake Marshall Month ago

    I only caught the first half due to my night shift, shocked when I checked the score at break time, I was expecting 2-0 at least to them. Pleasant surprise GGMU

  • Vishnu Sasi
    Vishnu Sasi Month ago

    Andreas Perreira is a a squad player for us. To play in the Europa League and Cups. We dont need to sell the lad because he has a good relationship with the squad and the coaching staff. He is one of those guys who loves the club and keeps the dressing room happy!

  • Abhinav Loomba
    Abhinav Loomba Month ago

    this guy is a hypocrite

  • Rishabh Singh
    Rishabh Singh Month ago

    What i love about greenwood is that his finishing is so calm and composed, not a single one of his goals is a scrappy finish, he has the maturity of an experienced striker.

  • Ay0X Games
    Ay0X Games Month ago

    I agree loaning greenwood is a dumb idea, we can manage him and bring him along no need to rush him through

  • Quewin Nicholson
    Quewin Nicholson Month ago

    Hi Mark. Do you think Ole can win trophies with us

  • Rishabh Singh
    Rishabh Singh Month ago

    Didnt Notice Williams? He was amazing, looked so confident on the ball!!

  • CzfG
    CzfG Month ago

    people forget how good andreas was in spain, was one of the top creators when over there, like fred, getting a run in cm, if andreas had a consistent run in cam you'd see something, definitely not wanting him to be a starter now, but definitely offers something, and the talent is there to be a starter down the line if we gave him that chance. he also has a great engine, and can be effective defensively. herrera was a cam when he signed, then he became one of the most complete midfielders in the league. would prefer garner given a chance in that deeper role however

  • adnan naemaz
    adnan naemaz Month ago +2

    Perreira works best in a 3 man mid where he is allowed move up and down sorta like Fred with a cdm .
    He is a squad player we do need depth

  • bwrush00
    bwrush00 Month ago

    Andreas pereira is terrible. Half the time he can’t play a 5 yard pass. He has moments in games where he does alright, for a midfielder that’s not good enough. Even when having a bad game, and not having an influence, the ball cant be given sloppily away in the midfield.

  • DJ high level
    DJ high level Month ago

    buy cavani-kai havertz-sancho------- mu be the champion...

  • lazzer james
    lazzer james Month ago

    Luke Shaw over Williams all day long luke shaw is a underrated legend

  • Girish Nair
    Girish Nair Month ago

    To break teams we need some creativity upfront which we lack It’s easy to say, Ole just sets his team to soak up the pressure. I think Ole is doing the best with what he has

  • Fawaaz
    Fawaaz Month ago

    i had a long note to post after watching that 1st half. Then the second half started and they changed my mind. Lets hope we can keep the consistency throughout the remaining year. The knockouts looks a bit tough in europa. So I am glad we went for the win and got seeded instead of laying back getting the draw and even the loss.

  • Efrain Avina
    Efrain Avina Month ago +1

    Happy with the result, but I'm still Ole out. The team is too inconsistent and many times he is tactically outmatched.

  • Hamzooni Moham
    Hamzooni Moham Month ago

    Mason is intelligent
    I am sure he will win Ballon D'or with Manchester united

  • Oliver Moreno
    Oliver Moreno Month ago

    Seriously why doesn’t united sign Milinkovic-Savic? The guy is a beast with lazio and can play any position in the midfield and has rockets for legs because he can shoot with both.