• Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • 50 TOTW PACKS!! FIFA 20
    BATESON87: thexvid.com/user/bateson87
    SCUF: scuf.co/castro
    DISCORD: discord.gg/gTdByUn
    Social Media!
    Twitter: Castro1021
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    Snapchat: "Castro_1021"
    Instagram: castro1021
    Video Editor: AdamB156
    ► Music Credit: Music provided by Frequency
    Arc North - Heroic - thexvid.com/video/wRmkrxgIZvo/video.html
    ►Music Credit: Mind Invaders & Joan Ember - Still Kids (feat. Sai Buriticá)
    Music provided by Frequency
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  • ΝΙΚΟΣ Φ.
    ΝΙΚΟΣ Φ. Month ago


  • Henerrz
    Henerrz Month ago

    How many ads do you want

  • Armin Rezvani
    Armin Rezvani Month ago

    A few more ads please u fat snitch

  • Viper-Voke yt
    Viper-Voke yt Month ago +1

    Hi Castro I only have FIFA 19 but I really want FIFA 20 because I want to be able to let you go on my account and open some packs but it’s too expensive for me and I don’t have any money and I said and I don’t have any legends or icons my teams is all gold so I keep on losing and keep on going mad

  • Aa3Dr Gam3r
    Aa3Dr Gam3r Month ago


  • Zonics Zonics
    Zonics Zonics Month ago

    I packed Neymar thexvid.com/video/fQyo3Jv7YEk/video.html

  • Farias 96
    Farias 96 Month ago

    Que nombre me pongo para este canal? Voy a subir fifa 20.

  • InGenious
    InGenious Month ago

    I got IF messi in a pack and I only opened one it’s on my channel check it out

    CHAMPION MUSIC Month ago


  • André Ferreira
    André Ferreira Month ago

    worst content creator of this game.. acting maniac and stuff lol

  • BRFC Gashead
    BRFC Gashead Month ago

    You look good

  • ReactiveRStar Gaming

    I have that exact shirt

  • Julian Ariza
    Julian Ariza Month ago

    how does he have so many packs? it is sbc?

    CAF420ALLDAY7 Month ago

    Spends thousands of dollars on a game for virtual cards... acts like he just won the lotto come on man

  • Jason Bishop
    Jason Bishop Month ago

    Please hook me up with some decent players just got the game Friday and my team sucks

  • Prime Hunter
    Prime Hunter Month ago

    Castro: You look good
    opens the pack
    Gets England

  • Nicolas G
    Nicolas G Month ago

    buying TOTS Hazard and 93 De Bruyne on PS4 FIFA 17. Please message me here or at AwildGoat_

  • scg
    scg Month ago

    Is Bateson voiceovering for Shrek?

  • Fraser Palmer
    Fraser Palmer Month ago +1

    I used to like Castro now he just pure annoys me about everything

  • Calle Swahn
    Calle Swahn Month ago

    Castro u suck

  • Antony Arena
    Antony Arena Month ago

    It is not a video with out Pacheco

  • Caleb Gragg
    Caleb Gragg Month ago

    He clickbaited the hell outta this they got jackshit in the pack challenge and it was 25 TOTW packs instead of 50😑😑

  • Demhasaj Durim
    Demhasaj Durim Month ago

    8×advertising realy Castro tztz

  • Leepg1
    Leepg1 Month ago

    이거 보는 한국인들 읍나

  • Melle
    Melle Month ago


  • Flame Man
    Flame Man Month ago +1

    I packed nothing in the promo the best I got was ter stegan out of a 100k pack😭

  • henry zhong
    henry zhong Month ago

    just did 7-8 totw packs and got tarkowski, pablo, max, and devrij :/

  • רותם דלל
    רותם דלל Month ago

    I opened one pack and got messi untradable :)

  • Cufi_nisi KS
    Cufi_nisi KS Month ago +1

    What a real Mexican looks like

  • OVi
    OVi Month ago

    I got Bruyne in the 100 Rivals wins.

  • Kapunology
    Kapunology Month ago +1

    Batesons a big fat cheater

  • Kapunology
    Kapunology Month ago

    Packing an icon on Castro's account. It's inevitable

  • Bernd - Immer wieder Sonntags kommt der Patriot!

    FUCK CASTRO! KOMMUNISMUS / SOZIALISMUS! AVANTI RAGAZZI! thexvid.com/video/Vgwrx-xl9KY/video.html

  • Bret Poole
    Bret Poole Month ago

    Great vid great keep up the good work thanks for inspiring me to do TheXvid please go subscribe to my TheXvid account Bret Poole please

  • Theodore Bagwell
    Theodore Bagwell Month ago +2

    Castro you were wrong at 15:50. He clarified Blues don’t count but obviously Cavani does

  • B.Schtzmn14
    B.Schtzmn14 Month ago

    Bateson is right

  • N.R.H.
    N.R.H. Month ago +2

    Bro said “Fatro”😂😂

  • Caden Becker
    Caden Becker Month ago +1

    Batson was right fatstro

  • a J
    a J Month ago +2

    I packed inform Ronaldo and A draft token today that’s got to be the rarest pack of all time

  • Daryll Mcbride
    Daryll Mcbride Month ago +1

    Guy on text to audio said totw pack 13. It was lewandoski tbf

  • luigi cosco
    luigi cosco Month ago

    Chiamate questo numero 3278362718

  • LXWI5
    LXWI5 Month ago

    I did a draft I won then got if messi 😍 on my channel

  • Carmine Cardile
    Carmine Cardile Month ago

    Who wants to wager me 10k

  • Mr Patrick19
    Mr Patrick19 Month ago

    I packed Mbappé TOTW in a Ligue 1 pack upgrade

  • Sahel Azizi
    Sahel Azizi Month ago +1

    I packed inform mbappe

  • 10k subs One video
    10k subs One video Month ago

    Song st 1:40?

  • A.R.T.V Gaming
    A.R.T.V Gaming Month ago

    You look like you're scotish

  • Justin Rios
    Justin Rios Month ago

    KDB first pack insane 🤴🏻👑

  • Allend Aziz
    Allend Aziz Month ago


  • Rhys Mostyn
    Rhys Mostyn Month ago +2

    At the start was that the music from that Lego police game on the 3ds😂😂

  • Aarya Ghimire
    Aarya Ghimire Month ago

    How do u know it’s a walkout

  • Jamie Rae
    Jamie Rae Month ago

    Really Castro??
    1ad every 2 mins. Greedy much...

    CRYPTIC CLAN Month ago

    I love your vids

  • David Torres
    David Torres Month ago

    If u think da shirt is tough give a like

  • nobonesyoshi
    nobonesyoshi Month ago

    Why are the fifa points only on sale on Xbox?

  • DB7 FIFA
    DB7 FIFA Month ago

    Sub to twosync

  • game hub
    game hub Month ago

    He is lying

  • messi zavala
    messi zavala Month ago +1

    Bruh i just loss 2 games in a row from a last minute goal

    YURI PINHO Month ago

    I packed hazard