Hong Kong protests: How technology is changing the game - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie Lam is set to invoke a colonial-era emergency law to ban face masks after months of protests.
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    The ban comes after violent clashes left one protester in a critical condition after being shot in the chest by a police pistol.
    Many protesters have taken to wearing face masks at demonstrations to avoid being identified.
    Since the protests began four months ago, violence has intensified and become more unpredictable as protesters and the police turn to more extreme and unorthodox methods. But how is technology changing the way the police and protesters operate? International editor Gabriel Gatehouse reports.
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  • m x
    m x 20 days ago

    sooo gooood! Love it! Hope to see it in London as well!

  • George Kwong
    George Kwong 21 day ago

    Hong Kong is a blessed place, the most free place, People are free to enter and exit, Funds are free to enter and exit,... Business can be freely traded, Renminbi, foreign currency can be freely circulated, What financial products are available, all can be freely traded, and what financial products are spurred by the enthusiasm of the dream is developed, the double exhibition is small, and the financial thugs are tempting. Hong Kong is a spy paradise, which is the great value of Hong Kong. Hong Kong's wealth is a financing center. Hong Kong is an interest group (black and white), and property hegemony has plundered huge wealth. Hong Kong's surplus value, everyone loves it, Hong Kong's status is rock solid, value is incomparable, what are you worried about? ? Nowadays, there is wine now drunk!

  • Tos Jed
    Tos Jed 22 days ago +1

    Hong Kong: we having over 2 million people stand with HK.
    Winnie: Hold my tanks.

  • Si Filey
    Si Filey 27 days ago

    The West Excersising It's Oppressive Colonial Powers. Evil Western Colonialism Oppression Still Exists And We All Still Suffer.
    They've been destroying countries forever.
    Malcolm X - *How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself and Your People and your Culture*

  • Richard Lumley Smith
    Richard Lumley Smith 28 days ago

    There are leaders and organisers using high tech lcomputers to monitor streets !.Once severe prison sentences and realisation no career in Hong Kong /China and no visa for students going to USA to universities

  • abc 123
    abc 123 29 days ago +1

    @BBC please report some news from Catalonia, where are you BBC? fight for freedom and democracy independence for Catalonia people!!! @BBC Newsnight

  • paulmaking1980
    paulmaking1980 Month ago +1

    Hong Kong protesters are thugs & scums! These mindless idiots with no direction, and probably jobless must be dealt with, I support the policies of China & Hong Kong, America should mind it's own business and not mess with China, or America will suffer consequences! Go China & Hong Kong! 💪🇨🇳🇭🇰

  • CrossSavior ForLove

    a good kid does not throw fire bomb on the street, a good kid go find a job.

  • CrossSavior ForLove
    CrossSavior ForLove Month ago +1

    truely an organic home grown recission for hong kong economy.

  • Warren
    Warren Month ago

    Why would you be afraid about facial recognition if you are not a BAD DUDE, right? What is flip side? Police can catch criminal as matter of minutes, give it a try in China. Let's be honest, can we see the same effectiveness for the 1st world countries in the West? BBC's reporter was trying to test China's surveillance network himself first hand, here is the BBC video thexvid.com/video/pNf4-d6fDoY/video.html


    Oh you have seen it or just heard about it...sorta like the Italians did to the North Africans..Spanish in the America ‘s ...they just enslaved of slaughtered the tribes..now everyone is concerned...one million Armenians via the Turks...if it is true...it is a road we have all been down.

  • gongrun cai
    gongrun cai Month ago

    Be water.

  • gongrun cai
    gongrun cai Month ago

    HK teach u a new way to be a great protest. Let free Ireland.

  • 小胜哥
    小胜哥 Month ago

    The reality of Hong Kong Society

  • Unreal
    Unreal Month ago

    so thats why gas masks are recomended to me on aliexpress and i get discounts xD

  • Peter Hsieh
    Peter Hsieh Month ago

    Viva North Ireland and Scotland Independence!

    BESI MAN Month ago +1

    BBC the fake news..Idiot

  • li heng
    li heng Month ago

    Despite your rhetoric, you still failed to show how police officers are been petrol bombed, how public transports are been sabotaged, and how innocent citizens are been beaten up by those riots. Or, probably you never wanted to????
    Anyway, we need to thank you for showing the world what kind of hypocrite you are, and your vicious intentions behind your so called "unbiased" report, a very well done.

  • x x
    x x Month ago +1

    How’s Brexit doing ?

  • hamster0010
    hamster0010 Month ago +1

    Fake news

  • Joyce Gao
    Joyce Gao Month ago +10

    Don't let the Scots find.

    • 小胜哥
      小胜哥 Month ago

      The reality of Hong Kong Societythexvid.com/video/HYXnPxoNgC8/video.html

  • Yuanchen Li
    Yuanchen Li Month ago +12

    Supporting the independence of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, the island of Argentina belongs to Argentina and Gibraltar belongs to Spain.

    • Claire who
      Claire who Month ago +2

      It is your freedom of speech

  • ss xei
    ss xei Month ago +2


  • kun zhao
    kun zhao Month ago

    fake news

  • Travel Titans
    Travel Titans Month ago

    Anyone agreeing with the protest and violence as it stands now explain to me this video. thexvid.com/video/RFwGqF3QlVc/video.html
    I believed in the protests before but not what it has become now. If you need to go forward you go forward, if you need to step back, you step back.... What a load of garbage, that girl is brain washed worse than so called mainland Chinese

  • Shelly Shen
    Shelly Shen Month ago

    I just know the riot said:even though it's illegal,but it can Disassembled human glory😂😂😂LIKE A FOOL

  • Zhu Huang
    Zhu Huang Month ago

    selective footage only to brainwash peoples....you can still call this a peaceful protest? if this is a peaceful protest why police use force and arrest people? please use your brain to think...

  • ArcanistSickle
    ArcanistSickle Month ago

    200000 Scottish people just went on march for Independence, why aren't you reporting that? Spending all the time try to sabotage other countries and did not even mind if your ass is on fire. Goodjob BBC.

    • t joe
      t joe Month ago

      ArcanistSickle They had to save the world before their own people . 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • höpö nasu
    höpö nasu Month ago

    Hong Kong governament goes on global ad campain: they had paid advertisement - full page in Helsingin sanomat sunday issue (main newspaper in finland) so one has to conclude that if they do so in small nordic nation they have done so all over the world. wonder how much that cost but probaply CCP but the money ?

    • Marina Koleva
      Marina Koleva Month ago

      That's interesting, I had an unexpected ad on youtube for Freedom Hong Kong. So I guess both sides have decided it's worthwhile to invest in global opinion. But how odd is it, this ad about an internal politics issue from one government targeting population outside of that country. very weird

  • Rex Winfield
    Rex Winfield Month ago +1

    UK is learning from China, haha

  • Yong Tang
    Yong Tang Month ago

    So oooooo peaceful riots! Sooooioo peaceful distruction!UK, please take all your democratic high tech mob doggies.

  • ChilledSkunk
    ChilledSkunk Month ago +1

    Lol the whole world is monitored, people keep demonising China. The zionist jews have socially engineered your mind. Wake up. New world order is upon us, China and Russia is the only hope we have before we have a fully policed world. Unfortunately, it will be to late, and everyone will say i told you so.

    • Dream Man
      Dream Man Month ago

      R u sure mate? As a Russian, that shithole is a complete and utter police state. Everywhere in the world is a police state. Some places are just full blown totalitarian

  • LI Lianos
    LI Lianos Month ago +1

    Free Scotland!

  • Pam Janlekha
    Pam Janlekha Month ago

    One thing... Just one thing I dont understand.... It is so easy to make it difficult for protesters... CUT OFF THE INTERNET CONNECTION!!! HK gov should just cut off the way they communicate among each other.

  • John Brandon
    John Brandon Month ago

    should we do something like that in the U.S?

  • Lee steven
    Lee steven Month ago +1

    I live in HK for 32years, i have never seen this chaos before, the protester destoryed anything, yesterday, a 78 years old man r killed by them, just cuz he disagreed them, they have already taken over the city, they go to our house, to ask if you support them, if you don't they begin to destory anything, today , more than 17 subway station are destoryed. they fired anything , who can help us . the HK polices is beaten by them all day. the western media r confusing right and wrong, who can help us ,we wanna live ,we wanna survive.

  • Neville Thomas
    Neville Thomas Month ago +2

    Semi-autonomous Hong Kong plunged into unrest in June and has been the scene of anti-government demonstrations over an extradition bill that would have allowed local authorities to detain and extradite suspects to be tried in mainland courts.
    On Wednesday, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced the formal withdrawal of the bill.

    • Neville Thomas
      Neville Thomas Month ago

      It's like the Chinese interfering in Hawaii affairs ....u.s. regime would declare war

    HAIANDY Month ago

    ✖️Hong Kong! BBC Supports Anti-Democracy Protests!? thexvid.com/video/vWHZf3F-R8k/video.html

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago

    GO HONG KONG!!!!! Time to form a militia!!!! A government should be by and for the people! No taxation without representation!!! If a government oppresses its citizens they have the right to rebel. Just like in the revolutionary war in the United States. It's time to get guns/weapons and form a well organized militia that uses violence to the minimum extent needed to accomplish goals. Maybe the people of Hong Kong can get them from India or smuggle them in. 3-D printing is another option in today's age. Who's going to be the Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Pain of Hong Kong?


    Most news is engineered Propaganda and Brain Washing and not unbiased or truthful..Chinese vids are more honest than those coming from western sympathizers ...at least the mainlanders are not hypocrites...the apocalypse of the American Native populations came from who? the Chinese? No ,the Countries the Hong Kongers think they can trust.

  • Sebastian BLOH
    Sebastian BLOH Month ago

    The whole world is watching !
    Free HK !!!

  • jena wen
    jena wen Month ago

    Please see the truth of what these people have done.

  • iga1
    iga1 Month ago +1

    The shot of Shenzhen enveloped in smog while a red sun floats in the sky is hauntingly beautiful

  • Inverted Face
    Inverted Face Month ago +1

    BBC Fake News 香港是中国

  • Robert Price
    Robert Price Month ago +3

    BBC is dead.

  • ku yong
    ku yong Month ago +5

    Support independence of Scotland from china

    • 小胜哥
      小胜哥 Month ago

      The reality of Hong Kong Societythexvid.com/video/HYXnPxoNgC8/video.html

  • Aha Ya
    Aha Ya Month ago

    In current situation, bbc still insists it is a peaceful protest. That’s another joke.

  • Aha Ya
    Aha Ya Month ago +1

    It just normal safety camera which provides WiFi function. Those protesters provide a full explanation of the components inside those camera. But none of them can spy and provide resources for face recognition.
    Another bbc joke.

  • Johnny Tsang
    Johnny Tsang Month ago +4

    Yes BBC all those free stuff but there's no leader, Very organics ! when everything is organised ! Haha asking a British company ? People want to protect freedom and democracy and their future? Ask the normal citizens they will tell you, they are doing the opposite ! Normal citizens don't have what they have.
    All the western media is promoting riot democracy, freedom only for the people in black t-shirt.

    • 小胜哥
      小胜哥 Month ago

      The reality of Hong Kong Societythexvid.com/video/HYXnPxoNgC8/video.html

  • Amida Fo
    Amida Fo Month ago

    Hong Kong people are the bravest people. Supposedly this leaderless "be like water" Freedom for Hong Kong Oct 07, 2019

  • keo keo
    keo keo Month ago

    Watch "How does Western media 'create' news in Hong Kong? And think really hard!

  • Jarrod Yuki
    Jarrod Yuki Month ago +1

    how about hk police kick protestors in the balls to sterilize them?

  • John Wang
    John Wang Month ago +3

    these young kids are being used

  • rcokyxu chrisitna
    rcokyxu chrisitna Month ago +1

    Seriously, if they do the destroying& burning on public in New York streets, they already get shorts hundred times, these young people brainless, they think it's exciting but they destroying other people's life, they bring this city and other people's life to in to hell with them! it's not cool... the police in hk is too soft on them, they should do it hard way!

    RAYMOND NATERLIN Month ago +1

    Wear Masks do your tech tricks and take buses and trains but Beijing knows who you are...when you lose your Hong Kong job ...forget China....Hey British dude!!!London has the same thing...who you trying to fool here....England is the first Big Brother...any Irishmen around to remind us of how England dealt with them!!!! Hypocrite...propagandist....go back in time and re do your past Sins.


    Half the protesters are news media camera men...looks stupid as hell....like ya lets encourage them by putting their violence on tv like it is super honorable.Toss a brick at me and i would machine gun you all....a brick firing gun in full auto....taste of your own medicine.

    • tray ebay
      tray ebay Month ago

      @RAYMOND NATERLIN thank you for your advice.

      RAYMOND NATERLIN Month ago

      I would say “ go for it!” But all this fighting leads NO WHERE...put that energy toward building something and you would not have to fear anything from any government but you are destroyers...any government would fear you

    • tray ebay
      tray ebay Month ago

      I will fight with you

  • yinger li
    yinger li Month ago +11


  • julia Ruva
    julia Ruva Month ago

    Supposedly this leaderless "be like water" strategy is being used on a smaller scale in AntiFa. I'd not be surprised if AntiFa learns from what is going on in Hong Kong. I wonder if these techniques are being traded back and forth from AntiFa to Hong Kong protesters too.

  • Destiny tran
    Destiny tran Month ago +1

    The communist Chinese treat people like a bunch of children, who need to be monitor 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Nobody likes to be monitor. Even children, as soon as they turn 18 or adult legal age, they mostly leave their parents and be on their own and live their lives. Imagine having parents monitor every move you make, it’s scary, creepy and oppressed

    • Banana nana
      Banana nana Month ago

      LOL like you went to China and lived there LOL

  • Destiny tran
    Destiny tran Month ago +3

    I like the drawing. Very empowering