Everything wrong with my MILLION MILE Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 4x4

  • Published on Dec 9, 2021
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Comments • 2 053

    KYLE DEXTER 5 months ago +1525

    This was a total classic Hoovies Garage episode.
    Back in the office in the chairs. Looking at stuff to buy. The good old days. 👍🏻

    • NICK
      NICK 5 months ago

      Professional Auto Detailers will make any old car look like a million bucks. Well worth the $150 price...

    • Chthonian121
      Chthonian121 5 months ago

      An interesting car we can all relate to... not some insane supercar

    • GMCJay_lly Jason Heinrich
      GMCJay_lly Jason Heinrich 5 months ago

      @Rara Elizabeth 🤣

    • Alex S
      Alex S 5 months ago +4

      he needs to go back to this.. this is what we want!!!!

    • Matt Rubin
      Matt Rubin 5 months ago +1

      This is the good shit. Dopeamine release for sure.

  • Tech 13
    Tech 13 5 months ago +401

    Front crank seal is leaking. You need to remove the cover to replace anyways. The harmonic balancer will have a groove worn into it. If you only replace the seal it will still leak. Dodge sells a seal with a sleeve it's a kit the seal is oversize matches the sleeve. You press onto the balancer. To press on the sleeve use the tone ring and the 4 balancer bolts to press it on. No special tools needed. Everything on the front of the truck has to be removed, radiator, etc. At that time the PS pump will be easy to replace as well. Use 3bond from Dodge to reseal the timing cover. Don't use any other sealer you will thank me when you use this sealer and you see how good it is. Dodge tech 29 years and counting.

    • Dylan Houser
      Dylan Houser 4 months ago

      Sometimes it's the timing case, and not the cover. Pulling the cam is fun.

    • Christopher L
      Christopher L 5 months ago

      @98 12 valve will the harmonic balancer goes On the Crank. It's kind Of What came first the Chicken Or the Egg? Unless I'm missing something. I've done this to various model's for years.

    • Jon Smithers
      Jon Smithers 5 months ago

      Is 3bond a magic rtv on steroids for all things rtv would do, or is it some special sauce for diesels/front covers/etc specifically?

    • MrRaf34
      MrRaf34 5 months ago

      Agreed. Never used the 3bond. Motorcraft TA-31 seals well. Was made to reseal the 7.3 😁

  • Mark
    Mark 5 months ago +114

    I know someone that has a mid 1990’s ram 2500 cumins, the auto trans was replaced at 250,000 with a manual 6 speed. The original motor has 1,525,000 miles and still going.

    • Itsyoboiivan 325
      Itsyoboiivan 325 3 months ago +1

      @Ricky Rudd 28 Texaco Havoline Ford that ain't nothin my power wheels f1fiddy has 2738274826373838 (definitely not a number that I spammed) miles on the fake odometer that I drew.

    • Ricky Rudd 28 Texaco Havoline Ford
      Ricky Rudd 28 Texaco Havoline Ford 5 months ago +7

      My buddy has a ‘99 Dodge 1500 w/ 354,421 miles on it. Smokes a bit on startup but runs great. Just keep oil in crankcase. 👍😁🍺

  • UrbanJungle
    UrbanJungle 5 months ago +129

    I really hope Hoovie keeps this truck going, well maintained and repaired when needed- it’s quite an achievement to get a vehicle with a million miles and it will be great to see how far it can keep going.

    • pancho
      pancho 5 months ago +1

      🎵🎵 How high does the mileage grow?
      If you scrap it now, then you'll never know 🎵🎵

  • bigdaddytwingirls
    bigdaddytwingirls 5 months ago +208

    I managed a maintenance shop for years and I can tell you from experience, that proper maintenance is everything on any vehicle. A $300 transmission service is cheaper than a $3-10k transmission. Same with differentials, power steering, fuel system etc...

    • JG
      JG 3 months ago

      @Lil Buddy Motorsports L

    • B
      B 4 months ago

      @brich2929 More issues are caused by changing the fluid no matter what the mileage. I’d maintain the proper level and forget about changing it.

    • B
      B 4 months ago

      @TheCamaro5 The transmission will last longer on the original fluid. The dirty fluid contains clutch particles which are needed to keep the old transmission from slipping.

    • B
      B 4 months ago

      @bigdaddytwingirls Transmissions should be left alone. More issues are caused by changing the fluid. The transmission may shift smoother after a fluid change, but it will start to slip. It needs the clutch particles to keep it from slipping as it ages.

    • Lil Buddy Motorsports
      Lil Buddy Motorsports 5 months ago

      @TheCamaro5 2 out of 3 of our 3rd gens the transmissions made it over 300K hauling at least 8K-15K every week 1200 mile round trips 3 times a week. One is at about 320K with the stock transmission and the other blew out the input shaft pulling a 13K lb fifth wheel with a driver that probably was a little too hard on it. That happened at about 347K miles. I burned up the one in my ‘06 backing a camper up a hill I had no business backing up and knew it. I guarantee your dads Ford couldn’t hold up to what we put our trucks through. Those trucks don’t really have the power to break anything honestly. Probably why it’s lasted. Not trying to be a dick but you can’t compare any motor, gas or diesel, that would’ve been factory in a ‘99 Ford to a CR 5.9. Night and day.

  • Andrea Florini
    Andrea Florini 5 months ago +1157

    Those are not oil leaks, it's the chassis self lubrication system. How did a truck survive with minimal rust without it

    • cstrut90
      cstrut90 4 months ago

      @Autobot Avenger Fireball XL5 3001 sure that's the broad definition. But the specific act of heating metal while making a blade and then dipping it in oil to harden the steel, as in the above example, is in fact, called oil quenching. Rookie

    • Autobot Avenger Fireball XL5 3001
      Autobot Avenger Fireball XL5 3001 4 months ago

      @cstrut90 Heat treatment involves the use of heating and chilling, normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve the desired result such as hardening or softening of a material. ps it's also called hardening rookie

    • cstrut90
      cstrut90 4 months ago

      @Autobot Avenger Fireball XL5 3001 it's actually called oil quenching...rookie

    • Robert Matecka
      Robert Matecka 5 months ago +1

      My audi has a oil leak and my mechanic was like "we can fix it oooor hear me out" and took me into the shop to show me and said "with the way the air dam is it has been coating the whole under body so while it may be an oil leak its also why it has no rust" haha

    • Kernelpickle
      Kernelpickle 5 months ago

      If it was working in the oil industry and found it’s way to Hoovie, then it was probably from Texas, where they don’t see snow or salt like we do in my neck of the woods.

  • Andy O.
    Andy O. 5 months ago +36

    I remember when I was 16 (2004) I drove a 1996 3/4 ton 12 valve dodge for a local asphalt company that had 250,000 on the clock. Fast forward to 2018 and that same truck still owned by the same company came into a shop that I worked at to get ready for a DOT inspection with 1.1 million miles on the clock. I now work for that company again, and the truck has 1.3 million miles on it as of the last time I drove it in August 2021.

    • yugiohluv1
      yugiohluv1 5 months ago

      what state? just want to know if it’s salt country or not

  • David Barnsley
    David Barnsley 5 months ago +133

    Maintenance is absolutely everything especially with Diesel engines
    And there was not one speck of rust underneath it 👍👍

    • Sarah Hays
      Sarah Hays 7 days ago

      @Cooe It's not *all* flat. There's the Chisos, Monahans' sand hills, and Palo Duro Canyon (not to mention the Caprock itself). But ... it is all dry, and this year, depressingly so.

    • Cooe
      Cooe 7 days ago

      @Sarah Hays It tis very dry haha. This is true lol. Unlike Northern Utah, you guys don't even get any real moisture during the winter either (which we obviously get as our world famous light & fluffy/powdery snowfall).
      That said, if I really wanted "ABSOLUTELY F**KING DRY, ALL YEAR LONG!!!", Southern Utah is nearly just as dry as West Texas, but while also remaining 100x more beautiful & environmentally diverse (+ also not depressingly flat either). Sorry, not sorry. 🤷‍♂️😋🤣
      And lol I also wouldn't pick Phoenix or El Paso over say St. George or Moab either. IMO, Phoenix in particular ABSOLUTELY F**KING SUCKS!!! I don't know if a more absolutely, soul-suckingly miserable place exists than Downtown Phoenix in the middle of summer lol.

    • Sarah Hays
      Sarah Hays 7 days ago

      @Cooe but we are dry out here. Comparatively, more dry than El Paso -- or Phoenix.

    • Cooe
      Cooe 7 days ago

      @Sarah Hays No thanks haha. Driving through West Texas once was all the "Wow... I'm literally the middle of BUTTFUCK NOWHERE!" that I need for one lifetime. 🤣
      And I love the snow & mountains WAAAAAAY too damn much to just up & leave Northern Utah (which literally has the country's best economy atm, making the 2.5 million & rising like CRAZY "Wasatch Front" [metro-SLC] one of the "most popping" metro areas in the entire country right now) for the desolate, barely populated, & flat as all hell West Texas plains lol. 🤷‍♂️

    • Sarah Hays
      Sarah Hays 7 days ago

      @Cooe come live in West Texas. Same deal. Sun's terrible for the paint, tho

  • MrCarGuy
    MrCarGuy 5 months ago +23

    Emissions regulations killed current diesel engine reliability and made them so unnecessarily complex. These are nice.

    • 6.7PS1720
      6.7PS1720 5 months ago +6

      Yes but people act like they’re terrible now, they are not. If you get a delete they are light years better then the older ones. Ive owned both and new diesels are great even with emissions but wayyyyy better without. Nearing 200k on my current one with emissions and it hasn’t had a single issue

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 5 months ago +46

    I have a 2004 3500 with the Cummins. 404,000 miles on it and still going strong.
    Love that it doesn't have the emissions crap on it.

  • Pot Committed
    Pot Committed 5 months ago +823

    Wizard should have given you an automatic garage door opener by now

    • Alan Lozano
      Alan Lozano 5 months ago +1

      Tyler must be the vip customer

    • T436
      T436 5 months ago +6

      More like his own private entrance to come in.

    • Hayden Royer
      Hayden Royer 5 months ago +6

      @Regan Mahoney I have a feeling Tyler has made the car wizard atleast that yearly since he started using his services!
      It might not be all from repairs but autotempest money, car issues, Tyler's repairs and then the other customers and I could easily see it being over 100k per year thanks to 97% Tyler

    • Regan Mahoney
      Regan Mahoney 5 months ago +7

      That happens when Hoovie gets to the 100K per year club….

    • Jim Dennis
      Jim Dennis 5 months ago +31

      No... that would be like Jerry giving Kramer a key to his apartment.

  • Rick2010100
    Rick2010100 5 months ago +12

    A compression test would be interesting, as it gives some information about the condition of the motor.

  • racerx8410712
    racerx8410712 5 months ago +116

    I used to get the publication, "Farm Show." One of the issues displayed a similar Dodge Ram with the Cummins that a well over a million miles. The owner pulled trailers back and forth from the midwest to the west racking up miles. On top of regular maintenance once a year he would have his mech change out all the fluids and use all synthetic. The only problem I recall him having was a bad head gasket but the drivetrain, at that point was still original. Sometime had passed and I saw it again, possibly in that same magazine and it had something like 2.7 million. This was a few years back. Although a great mag I stopped getting Farm Show about five years ago. I still have my stack so maybe I'll take look and see if I can find that article again.

    • dalesworld
      dalesworld 5 months ago +2

      I used to get it and it was a lot of home made vehicles and inventions, tips etc. I guess the old timers who made their own doolebugs or implements are dying out.

    • kelkev85
      kelkev85 5 months ago +1

      @Jon thats nice but I would like to see any ford beat this example of pure mopar dominance baby

    • ecidemon
      ecidemon 5 months ago +2

      @Jon My grandfather bought one new in 1992 same brown on brown, but a dualy and not a 4x4. Was like driving a bus and turned like one, 4 door long bed. It had 79k on it a few years back, and the C6 started puking transmission fluid pulling a camper, my uncle purchased it after he deceased and it sat more years and that was first pull. More than likely from sitting and not being used, but generally the IDI's seemed to last quite a long time, probably because they didn't have enough power to break itself. I'm sure the failure in this case was a seal failure from lack of lubrication.

    • Schnitzer325ci
      Schnitzer325ci 5 months ago

      Amazing 👍🏽

    • Jon
      Jon 5 months ago +32

      Some farmers take pride in maintaining what they have to make it last a lifetime. There’s a man in his late 80s that bought a 1990 Ford F-350 with a power stroke 4x4 in two tone brown and cream. A few years back it had 585,000 miles on it. I see him driving it around town from time to time. It looks like it just rolled off the show room floor it’s his work and hauling truck. He’s got a heated shop with a floor drain and a pressure washer to clean off the Wisconsin salt in the winter. He takes things to an extreme point but it does prove that maintenance and take care of something and it will last a lifetime.

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 5 months ago +36

    Hoovie’s coming back to his roots with this vehicle !! It’s always nice seeing a car/truck/van we can all truly afford(in the long run) being bought and fixed(maybe) lol.

    • 101spacecase
      101spacecase 5 months ago

      @Michael Pfaff Yeah I un-subbed him there at some point.

    • Michael Pfaff
      Michael Pfaff 5 months ago +5

      I agree with you!! His original concept is what drew me to his channel!!!! I don't care about those exotic sports cars!! Most of us can't afford those!!!

  • Kenny Oldrid
    Kenny Oldrid 5 months ago +34

    I have owned diesels for 20 plus years, and I love to buy and own high mileage examples. Previously I had a 1994 dodge cummins with 420k miles, and a 1997 mercedes 300TD wagon with 575k! If Hoovie ever wants to part with this, I would love to be the caretaker of this million miler! Tyler, please sell me this truck!!!

    • Super Model Cars
      Super Model Cars 2 months ago

      I want it...

    • Darcy Keddell
      Darcy Keddell 4 months ago +1

      Don't know how much it translates to but my dad's old nissan patrol 4.2 turbo diesel had over 750k kilometres on it, can't beat a mechanical diesel

    • Edward Peck
      Edward Peck 4 months ago +1

      Send him an email or message so you dont get lost in the comments !

  • HeyBro
    HeyBro 5 months ago +713

    I can see new and/or exotic cars anywhere, I can't recall seeing a car in THIS condition with nearly 1 million miles. Good job, Hoovie! 👍🏾

    • Nick Malone
      Nick Malone 5 months ago

      Million miles .. what bs

    • dave S
      dave S 5 months ago +1

      Good job to the mechanics that kept it on the road

    • Steven Thompson
      Steven Thompson 5 months ago +1

      All he did was buy it. Good job for what having funds to purchase the vehicle 👏

  • Aziz HACHIMI
    Aziz HACHIMI 5 months ago +43

    Tyler is just a nice, genuine and down to earth gentleman!

  • Kerry Lewis
    Kerry Lewis 5 months ago +32

    This truck should pay for itself ten times over with views. It's incredible!

  • Norm Nielsen
    Norm Nielsen 5 months ago +26

    Not a truck guy entirely, but I love this series on this truck. I'm quite curious about it's history and how it got this far. I would love to see and learn about other cars/trucks that have similar massive mileage and are still working well.

    • WickedZZzY
      WickedZZzY 5 months ago +1

      @꧁Northern Chev꧂ All the Carfax said was that there were hundreds of service records. I would expect a vehicle with 1M miles to have had a few oil changes, wouldn't you?
      The Wizard only said he thought the transmission, ac compressor, front axle, and front drive shaft had been replaced. I'm not sure how that counts as "everything". Pretty sure there are more components on the truck.

    • Hal 1000
      Hal 1000 5 months ago +1

      @WickedZZzY chebbie bois are not experienced with million mile vehicles. It just blows thier mind. It's inconceivable to them.

    • Kevin Smith
      Kevin Smith 5 months ago +1

      Every vehicle has tradeoffs made during manufacturing if they are under a certain amount. For Dodge Trucks of this age it's the transmission and SOHC gas engines. Post 2004 Dodge trucks have good rust protection, paint and frames compared to Ford or GM. Also being south of 37 degrees latitude helps.

    • ꧁Northern Chev꧂
      ꧁Northern Chev꧂ 5 months ago

      @WickedZZzY "no evidence" - aside from his explanation of the Carfax TWICE between two videos and the conversation with the Wizard under the truck explaining? ...OK.

    • WickedZZzY
      WickedZZzY 5 months ago +2

      @꧁Northern Chev꧂ You have no evidence suggesting everything on the truck was replaced. And if it was that easy, how come no other manufacturers have so many trucks with over 1M miles? You can replace parts on a Ford or Chevy too...
      Body looks original, dash is original, chassis is original, rear axle is original, most electrical looks original, etc.
      I'm not even sure what your argument is here? Clearly, these Dodge trucks are significantly better than other brands.
      I'll also point out, that all of Dodge, including vehicles that don't have the Cummins engine, has a larger percentage of vehicles still on the road than any other manufacturer.

  • Norm Nielsen
    Norm Nielsen 5 months ago +27

    I love these conversations with the Wizard in the office. We've all been there, and wondered and wanted to ask questions, object, etc... It's nice to see their friendship, banter, and ultimately his trust. I need a good mechanic.

    • fourbyfourblazer
      fourbyfourblazer 5 months ago

      The Wizard knows he is being featured on one of the most popular TheXvid channels so not a good example.

  • Dylan Webb
    Dylan Webb 5 months ago +506

    I'm just surprised the interior on the Dodge is still intact and not cracked in a million places.

    • Sarah Hays
      Sarah Hays 7 days ago

      @Damon or do what I did, when I got my 97 truck in 03. I went in 05 and got shop-grade shelf liner and covered the dash with it -- cut out for the bolts and defroster emitters, tucked it behind the instrument panel bezel and under the edges of the dash just inside the doors. I have exactly the same number of cracks in it now as then. Fixing to have to do something with my headliner, but with 230 K on the 318 ... well, she's earned a little TLC.

    • Dylan Webb
      Dylan Webb 5 months ago

      I didn't quite mean just dodges lol. I have a 04 pontiac with a dash that looks like crap with only 250k miles. Just amazing how well the previous owner took care of that truck, I wish more people took care of things.

    • alan wynne
      alan wynne 5 months ago

      3rd gen holds up super nice actually.

    • tallll70
      tallll70 5 months ago

      @Giovanni Litterini I do like Fords i use f150 for work and gave it plenty compliments over my own Ram on some details, but fleet foam steering wheel is disaster worn off to soft foam in 40k miles, but :), that was previous model, new ones might be better

    • Timothy Keith
      Timothy Keith 5 months ago +1

      Having professional window tint makes a big difference in the life of the interior

  • Caddy Daddy
    Caddy Daddy 5 months ago +5

    Kudos to the previous owner for the diligent maintenance! Dude deserves a shout out

  • Louis Leamont
    Louis Leamont 5 months ago +11

    I just love how honest the wizard is to his customers. I wish we had a wizard here in Pennsylvania to take care of our vehicles.
    God bless you Mr and Mrs Wizard and Merry Christmas!!!!!

  • William Jones
    William Jones 5 months ago +11

    My '04 GMC Sierra 2500HD is pushing 500,000 miles and it runs great! Original engine, original Allison Series 1000 transmission.

  • Alireza Hamze
    Alireza Hamze 5 months ago +13

    This actually shows how people are neglecting their cars and with proper maintenance and care we can have a lot more of these old cars running in almost perfect condition

    • Wayside Times
      Wayside Times 4 months ago +2

      @B can't fix stupid. We just have them sign the waiver saying we're not buying them a new transmission

    • B
      B 4 months ago

      @Wayside Times AWDs must be replaced in 4s only. If you get an unrepairable tire all 4 have to go. People are idiots.

    • Wayside Times
      Wayside Times 5 months ago +3

      I sell tires and 1/5 people with AWD vehicles will mismatch tires to save $50 because they want a new car in a year 🤷

    • Hayden Wiseman
      Hayden Wiseman 5 months ago

      yeah it's really kinda sad when you think about it. such a waste of good cars.

  • Charles Herring
    Charles Herring 5 months ago +6

    I had 04.5 high output just like it I loved, planned to run in forever. But at 100k and 2 payments from being mine was stolen taken to Mexico. Dps caught it coming back. After 100 miles of pursuit including offloading in king ranch it was a loss. I'd still be driving it, if it hadn't been stolen.

  • JavierCR25
    JavierCR25 5 months ago +4

    Damn… for a truck that’s been worked so hard it’s amazing how good it is. I mean, gaskets getting hardened it’s totally normal.

  • Alex Matthews
    Alex Matthews 5 months ago +2

    This is great! I have to recommend removing that k and N filter and using an S and B they are much more effective at keeping dirt out!

  • Jon
    Jon 5 months ago +6

    I had a hand me down 1992 ram 250 with the Cummins in high school in 2006. I got 800k miles out of it. The transmission went out and I couldn’t afford to fix it. I parked it on the parents farm, it fired up last time I tried. My grandpa had a 1992 non turbo 7.3 power stroke ford that he got a million miles out of. They delivered new camper trailers across the US and lower Canada to dealerships.

  • Bill B
    Bill B 5 months ago +272

    When it hits a million miles get the minor rust fixed and psint touched up . The old workhorse deserves the love. The previous owner did a great job with keeping her going.

    • Doug Hermesch
      Doug Hermesch 5 months ago

      @Wocy According to Al on Married with Children it starts over again at 0 - at least it did on his Dodge.

    • Central Tire
      Central Tire 5 months ago

      Absolutely, that truck is a trophy!! Cummins power!

    • Brent Boswell
      Brent Boswell 5 months ago +4

      Yeah, he needs to save the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills the money that they'll need to put it on display. I'm betting that that's where this one ends up 😉

    • mad max
      mad max 5 months ago

      Great idea 💡 👍

    • Philip Seegert
      Philip Seegert 5 months ago +2

      @XTI9 I'm sure he will film it rolling over. Hopefully he takes it on some road trips so it happens soon.

  • itsnotme07
    itsnotme07 5 months ago +10

    Very cool! Nice to see my former co-workers work hit the 1 million mile marker! On the newer diesel engines having more issues....it's also a "built in obsolescence" issue. The mission isn't to see if you can get a million miles anymore out of an engine. It's to sell more stuff and engines. Unfortunately. $5000 on an office chair? Of course, the Car Wizard already has 3 yachts and just bought a cool Scion tC 6 speed. haha.

    • Jack PRick
      Jack PRick 5 months ago

      Built-in obsolescence is completely false! It's emissions requirements that are making the trucks less reliable. The drivetrain in these light duty 250/350, 2500/3500 are also used in medium duty 4500/5500 trucks. A company would be really stupid to develop products with short life spans for this market. The current emissions requirements for diesels are a challenge, similar to what we saw in the early 70's where a big block gas engine of 400 cid would make about 150 hp. Over the years, manufacturers (engineers) eventually figured out how to meet those requirements while making much more HP, even more than in the hot rod golden years of the 60's. The same will happen again, where engineers figure out how to meet the goal while making the drivetrains more reliable and probably more efficient again.

  • Tisha Hayes
    Tisha Hayes 5 months ago +3

    My first car had so many bad oil leaks that it was a quart every 2-3 days; I just kept a case of oil cans in the trunk (before oil was in plastic bottles). The car never rusted out because the chassis was dripping oil and it even sprayed up in the wheel wells and on the back bumper. On the interstate people did not like driving behind me because they were in a fog of oil droplets. It should of been called the 1976 Mustang II- Valdez.

  • Nick
    Nick 5 months ago +2

    I sold my 330k mile LBZ Duramax a couple months ago. Dry as a bone underneath. No leaks, no rust, Idaho rig. Injectors were noisy but balance rates were within spec. Absolutely fantastic truck, and the guy I sold it to is enjoying it.

  • tallll70
    tallll70 5 months ago +6

    I really miss the body style, i like the newer models too, but i almost cried when they were towing my 3th gen after tree fell on it, 6speed was excellent smooth, hemi sounded like new no exhaust or lifter ticks ever and tree walked over it... i did change radiator, water pump, transmission solenoid relay and ball joints

  • Jeff Boyer
    Jeff Boyer 5 months ago +4

    Love the non emissions diesel engines they run so much better and more efficient.

  • Baja Boater
    Baja Boater 5 months ago +2

    Purchases like this make this show, honestly the best channel on TheXvid
    Keep up the great vids Tyler

  • Waveluth
    Waveluth 4 months ago

    I absolutely love this channel!! I’ve said this before but I MUST say it again. Hoovie sounds exactly like Jeff Goldbloom when he speaks. He could easily have a successful TV career with his show. The Wizard is THE MOST knowledgeable mechanic I have ever seen. How lucky you are to have someone so smart and above all HONEST.
    THANKS for another super episode. Being retired would suck even more than it does if I didn’t have this great form of entertainment to keep me from going batshit crazy. Thanks again boys!!!✌🏻❤️and beads!!🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Johnny Deville
    Johnny Deville 5 months ago +1

    I serviced cars for a living for 8 years and saw several very high mileage GM trucks! Highest mile one I saw was a 1988 GMC 2500 4x4 with the legendary 454V8.......955K miles! Engine was overhauled at 500K miles, but was the original engine! Also remember a '94 Silverado 2500 4x4 6.5 diesel with 424k miles and owner said it was original and not a rebuild!

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop 5 months ago +3

    It’s amazing how long things will last if taken care of/regular maintenance!

  • InformalGreeting
    InformalGreeting 5 months ago +7

    Of all the vehicles that have come through this channel there has been one I’d want to own. Now there’s two. A Ram to 1,000,000???? It deserves to see 2,000,000.

  • Nathan420
    Nathan420 5 months ago +1

    love your dedication, tyler. all the best and happy holidays

  • Christopher Hamilton
    Christopher Hamilton 5 months ago

    Amazing truck, nice find Tyler! Great presentation of the condition by the Wizard. 👍

  • Davis Reid
    Davis Reid 5 months ago +3

    Good to see the classic Wizard searching for expensive things before Hoovie gets the price of repairs gag. Keep it up!

  • RangerNyx
    RangerNyx 5 months ago

    Having become a full time flat rate mechanic since I started watching Hoovie I now have an understanding of exactly how the Wizard tweaks Hoovie's prices and WOW

  • Eric G
    Eric G 5 months ago

    For those that don't know, most trucks (pickups and other) with a 5.9L Cummins commonly have over 500k miles and are still on the road today. Such an amazing engine. If more companies put time and effort into an exceptional engine and followed up by building a truck around that engine (instead of the other way around) we'd have a lot fewer vehicles in scrap yards today.

  • duder280z
    duder280z 5 months ago +3

    Only 3 transmissions? I would expect at least 5. He must have had them built really well. Nice!

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 5 months ago +338

    Hoovie: *sells half his cars*
    Also Hoovie: "There is another"

    • Old Man Badly
      Old Man Badly 5 months ago +10

      One of those amazing things.... Hoovie has been buying up money loser cars for years now... and then COVID and such comes along and suddenly they are all profitable! he's making hay while the sun shines, let me tell you!

    • Anthony Cassani
      Anthony Cassani 5 months ago

      It isn’t something dodge would have taught you

    • RARE pepe
      RARE pepe 5 months ago +2

      Sell one buy one

    • Niels de Bakker
      Niels de Bakker 5 months ago +11

      The name of the game is called content.

  • Benjamin Kamben
    Benjamin Kamben 5 months ago +8

    Tyler, great episode! Awesome Truck!
    One thing that I am sick of hearing about from mechanics is that you have the oil your air filter for either your short trim or full cold air intake. Most of the newer aftermarket air filter systems have a dry flow filter. I am really sick of hearing of oh this wasn't maintained because it wasn't oiled. The reason they invented the dry flow air filters is because you cannot put an oiled filter on an engine that has a MAF system otherwise the MAF sensor will be clogged to the point where you cannot clean it and you will have to replace it.

    • Sarah Hays
      Sarah Hays 7 days ago

      @Dave in MD shades of that Honda 400 Twin I had in '80-'83. Air filter under the seat was, for all intents and purposes, another piece of seat foam. Had to oil it every 120 days.

    • Dave in MD
      Dave in MD 5 months ago +7

      That is a K&N air filter that is designed to be oiled. I do agree with you about not using oiled filters on engines with MAFs but that filter is designed to be oiled. Most times the problem is not an oiled filter but the fact that people over oil them.

  • REMONA--C0me 0ver L!ve
    REMONA--C0me 0ver L!ve 5 months ago

    This was a total classic Hoovies Garage episode.
    Back in the office in the chairs. Looking at stuff to buy. The good old days.

  • AutoBrawn
    AutoBrawn 5 months ago +6

    Wow that Dodge is in amazing condition! Also cool to see another 3/4 ton Avalanche. I've owned mine for a few years now. I love it but man is it hard on fuel!

    • Mobius -1
      Mobius -1 5 months ago +1

      Hear ya on that. So is my little dodge

  • Michael Arvans
    Michael Arvans 5 months ago +8

    The clunk it makes when it's put in gear is a common issue. I've owned a lot of Dodge's and after 10-20k miles they have all made that noise. Nothing has ever given out and I've put a minimum of 100k on each one. The last Dodge I bought and still currently own is a 2004 1 ton Cummins diesel. It had 7 miles on it and now has 78k with zero problems since new. The clunk developed in it just after 10k which as I said is approximately when all of the Dodge's I previously owned started making the noise. It might have a problem with almost a million miles on it but the noise doesn't necessarily mean it does.

    • William Ginter
      William Ginter 5 months ago +1

      I think the clunk is with every dodge vehicle. Have an 18 durango with it, had a 14 charger with it, and my 2nd gen does it. They don't do it all the time, but at random times when shifting from park

    • LoneWolf
      LoneWolf 5 months ago +1

      I sold my 04.5 to a friend 2 years ago and it had the clunk too. As of now with almost 400k , it still has that clunk. Lol. My 06 and 2014 however have almost no clunk. 🤷‍♂️

  • Delta Bravo
    Delta Bravo 2 months ago

    Excellent video. The jumping out from behind a vehicle is awesome. Your energy and enthusiasm is what makes your videos enjoyable to watch.

  • IrrSinn Rainer
    IrrSinn Rainer 5 months ago

    It's nice to see a car that was cared for its whole life.

  • Fam Scott
    Fam Scott 5 months ago

    The price on nice old dodges just went up quite a bit 😅 This type of episodes (pt1 and 2) are my favourite!

  • Fuse
    Fuse 5 months ago

    Car wizard looking at expensive stuff while preparing Hoovies repair bills is just comical! Hoovies sense of humor is also great. Love you both.

  • Stubbed Toe
    Stubbed Toe 5 months ago +85

    If he actually keeps this to put on the 4500 mile to hit a million, will this make it a record for the longest and most miles he has ever put on a vehicle before he sells it? LOL
    And I actually prefer these videos about "normal" vehicles that most of us can obtain, versus the exotics super cars

    • Embermist69
      Embermist69 5 months ago +1

      Finding a clean truck like this with minimal aftermarket junk/parts. I'd say is harder then some of these super cars.

    • tconlon251
      tconlon251 5 months ago +3

      Technically that record can’t break until he sells the Mercedes convertible

  • Nathan Pardo
    Nathan Pardo 5 months ago +5

    Dude that's so funny, I saw the truck for sale 😂 the price was just crazy for the mileage. I hope you bought it at a good price

    • oZone
      oZone 5 months ago +2

      What was the truck listed for when you saw it?

  • saso yan
    saso yan 5 months ago +2

    Wizard needs to do a full go through of this truck on his channel. I love this truck…

  • greg hancock
    greg hancock 5 months ago +1

    My dad has this same 2004 Dodge Cummins (2WD though) with less than 10% of the miles - yes, only 91K miles. And yours is as nice as his is Hoovie. Great buy

  • TwamZ
    TwamZ 5 months ago

    You know you like all automobiles in general when you can watch a whole episode of the wizard just running through an old dodge ram. Whole time, I'm just like, "Oh wow. Sheesh... That's crazy. Oh, a double cardan joint. I never knew that's what it was called. I'll never forget that. "

  • jbpad22
    jbpad22 4 months ago

    The car wizard never ceases to amaze me. His knowledge is awesome

  • William 2 Glaser
    William 2 Glaser 5 months ago +3

    Manufacturers should start a thing where if your vehicle hits a million miles you get a new one

  • Fred Pilcher
    Fred Pilcher 5 months ago +1

    Kias are superbly engineered and brilliantly screwed together. I doubt that they'd use any Dodge parts which would bring down their quality.

  • S Moir8844
    S Moir8844 5 months ago

    This is the kind of content that made me a huge fan of your channel ..... 👏 great work sit.

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    Michael Thomas 5 months ago +1

    It's official... the RAM is a legend. Thanks for a great end to the week. If we all chipped in 20c, you could all have a Charles Eames chair.

  • MrJwc1234
    MrJwc1234 5 months ago

    Wizard needs to update us on that Ferrari. Also very cool ,1M miles, that’s not hard to believe being owned by an oil company that can just drop whatever dollar amount needed.

  • James R
    James R 5 months ago +2

    The thing is with cars this old is when one expensive thing goes then you have weigh it up against the rest of the components doing the same very shortly. Then it basically becomes comparable to buying a new car. And you have to factor in Hoovie gets a big discount on his repair bill!

  • Casey Gross
    Casey Gross 4 months ago

    I've got an 04 1500 with 5.7. It has just over 270k miles. I've never done anything but engine oil changes. Still has original transmission oil and drives fine. I even frequently pull a heavy gooseneck with it.

  • jean marc Giroux
    jean marc Giroux 5 months ago +78

    This truck has been well kept even with the small leaks I've seen 5 year old truck in worse shape

  • TheKnightsGamingHD
    TheKnightsGamingHD 5 months ago

    You always buy cars i have interest in at the moment haha, thank you because it's great content and lets me know if I want to buy or pass 👍

  • kingkobra
    kingkobra 5 months ago

    Nice to see a high flow exhaust on it

  • Johnny0nTheSPOT
    Johnny0nTheSPOT 2 months ago

    It looks great for a 1 million miles and you know his boss or business paid to get all that fixed and he must of liked that truck a lot to keep it up that nice

    SKIDOO RULZ 5 months ago

    The play in those rear diffs is normal. Every Dodge I have owned since 1988 to my current one does it and has done it since new

  • paul taylor
    paul taylor 5 months ago +82

    As always Hoovie never let's us down, humour with the Wizzzard, still an amazing truck to find.

    • Rara Elizabeth
      Rara Elizabeth 5 months ago

      -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NUDE.SNAPGIRLS.TODAY/AGNEZ 💜 PRIVATE S*X
      TheXvid: This is fine
      Someone: Says "help"
      TheXvid: BE GONE
      History : deleted
      Phone : yeeted
      Body :heated
      Holy water : needed
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      #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). .

  • Benny Castro
    Benny Castro 4 months ago

    I just bought one of these 2 weeks ago, a 2003 2WD 4 door long bed with the 6 speed NV5600 and 311,000 miles. I was under it looking everything noticed and what got my attention the most was how great it's built. It's built better than my 2016 3/4 ton Duramax...

  • trystanidog
    trystanidog 5 months ago

    I bought the embody chair a few months ago, one of the best purchases I've ever made!

  • Sharlene Trexler
    Sharlene Trexler 4 months ago

    I have had two 1995 dodge deisel 2500, bought both used with 100k, they each have 400k. Best trucks ever. They are a beast and yes maintenance is everything 😄....and 25+ mpg if you don't mess with increasing horse power

  • jimmy chonga
    jimmy chonga 5 months ago +2

    Original owner of this truck needs to appear in a video. I want the whole story. 👍

  • Christopher Staats
    Christopher Staats 5 months ago

    I think you hit it this was well maintained and the miles were highway long runs you got gold.

  • DieselTech139
    DieselTech139 5 months ago +1

    Celebrating a million miles that you had almost zero part in is a non event 😁 as is a million miles on a properly maintained and serviced diesel engine. I have a 12 valve with 1,580,000 and I didn't think the 24 valve was as durable. I attribute the longevity on my 1st gen to the Amsoil synthetic oil that I have used since 10k... . Nice interesting content 👍🇺🇸

    • bcbloc02
      bcbloc02 5 months ago

      I would love to see the spider web of body cracks in a 1.5million mile first gen! That is a lot of flexing and beating.

  • Howard Jr. Ford
    Howard Jr. Ford 5 months ago +5

    I cracked up laughing when he said that a million miles on the Cummins was quite a feat . No it isn't , the Cummins is well known for exceeding a million miles without an overhaul , especially the 12 valve versions .

    • Goenitz Lopez
      Goenitz Lopez 5 months ago +2

      The feat is the owner(s) keeping up on the maintenance

  • Matthew Castro
    Matthew Castro 5 months ago

    I'm so happy you got a diesel. I own a LB7 but that million mile Cummins fits you.

  • Shawn S
    Shawn S 5 months ago +50

    If they ever do a toxicology test on The Wizard I think they are going to find 15% power steering fluid, 15% ATF, 15% motor oil, 50% Rolls Royce mineral oil, and 5% human blood.

  • JP32
    JP32 5 months ago

    You know your talking to a good mechanic when he tastes the power steering fluid 😂😂

  • Apollo Quinn
    Apollo Quinn 5 months ago +6

    Probably a good idea to put a cam retaining pin retainer on while the timing cover is of. #1 killer of the Cummins engine is that pin falling out into the gears

    • The Havok
      The Havok 5 months ago +2

      The dowel pin is a 12 valve issue. 98.5 and up doesnt have that issue.

  • mad max
    mad max 5 months ago

    I love you guys !!! Thanks for the entertainment

  • the305hauler
    the305hauler 5 months ago +1

    Hoovie, good job, a few upgrades and changes you'll have a beautiful hard working truck. Booyah 👊🏽😁

  • Central Tire
    Central Tire 5 months ago

    In the realm of Cummins engines, even if the front cover or crank seal leaking, that’s amazingly clean under there!!! Most with over 200k are much greasier

  • Quinton Winslow
    Quinton Winslow Month ago

    With my experience with dodges, if any of those components were not leaking oil/fluid, it means it is out. Which is bad.

  • Barry Goldwasser
    Barry Goldwasser 5 months ago

    With prices like that to fix things, I also would own anything.
    In the real world, multiply that estimate by 2, maybe 3.

  • Brad Avery
    Brad Avery 5 months ago

    You're always so much funnier on Hoovies channel Car Wizard.

  • Bolt
    Bolt 5 months ago +1

    Finally a Cummins that's not bro'd out and lifted to the moon. Beautiful truck

  • Mart Van
    Mart Van 5 months ago +1

    It's not amazing because the car has always been very, very well maintained.

  • Rick Reid
    Rick Reid 5 months ago

    It's great to see a DODGE RAM similar to mine out there Just Killin it! #neversellit

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    Sam, The Car Guy 5 months ago

    Hearing those prices make me happy that I have an 04 ram as my when I need it truck 😂

  • HappyDude
    HappyDude 5 months ago +275

    You see maintenance is everything ! Cheaping out is always expensive in the long run


    Hoovie: sells half his cars
    Also Hoovie: "There is another"

  • Matthew Brayton
    Matthew Brayton 5 months ago

    Almost 1 million miles. Go ahead and do everything hoovie!

  • Eddie Dexter Stewart
    Eddie Dexter Stewart 5 months ago

    Funny how life works! I was at a traffic light when a 2021 Ram pulled up aside me and I thought, "What happened to the original Ram? How are they holding up?" and then BOOM! You post this video!

  • Fernando Roberts
    Fernando Roberts 5 months ago

    definitely cheap repairs compared to other cars hoovie has bought 😅 really crazy how the car has that much miles and looks so good