American & British People Swap Snacks

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
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    Flag of the United Kingdom - stock illustration
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    Flag of the United States of America - stock illustration
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    Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
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    Nestle Aero chocolate bar
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    Badge - British flag
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    Badge - American flag
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Comments • 4 108

  • Scarlet Ash
    Scarlet Ash 48 minutes ago

    When Emily said Hoagie, I knew she was from PA!

  • Maddie Pindell
    Maddie Pindell 56 minutes ago

    every time my friend goes to England to visit her family i make her bring me the mint chocolate Aero

  • *fangirls screaming*
    *fangirls screaming* 57 minutes ago

    Loser i live 30 mins within it

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Hour ago

    Capri Sun = Like
    CA-PREE SUN = Comment

  • DAREAL Ninjajuju
    DAREAL Ninjajuju Hour ago +1

    In CanADa, YoU HAvE BoTh oF thEm! AmeRIcAiN AND BrITiSh fOOd
    CAnaDA IS ChEaTeR (MuHaHa)

  • Brooklyn’s Vlogs

    I love how in Canada we have aero and Hershey’s

  • suleqa
    suleqa 2 hours ago

    Why is salt and vinegar blue KMTT

  • jay22098
    jay22098 2 hours ago

    these brits arent really brits

  • Underfell Sans
    Underfell Sans 2 hours ago

    I don't like cheez its...

  • gt_GreyWizard__
    gt_GreyWizard__ 2 hours ago

    as an american i didnt know hershey was a place

  • Blast A
    Blast A 2 hours ago

    5:37, demons are real

  • jaloux
    jaloux 2 hours ago

    Omg when they acted like British people didn’t know salt and vinegar are like I don’t think that girl from Cambridge has lived

  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson 2 hours ago

    Was I the only one who thought the other american girl was a bit rude...

  • Twig
    Twig 3 hours ago

    well do you have


  • Uni Girl
    Uni Girl 3 hours ago +1

    You know what other country has aero

    🇨🇦 Canada !!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!¡

    Shout out to all my fellow Canadians

  • Debbi Burns
    Debbi Burns 3 hours ago

    Me Canadian drinking a kook aid jammer my childhood an seeing there’s made me question what I missed out on lol

  • Lila Smith
    Lila Smith 3 hours ago +1

    We have aero in Canada

  • Saoirse’s Slimes
    Saoirse’s Slimes 3 hours ago +1

    I’m from Australia and I still call it crisps. Well, my mum and dad are from Ireland so that might be why...

  • Saoirse’s Slimes
    Saoirse’s Slimes 3 hours ago +1

    Anyone from the USA? I am not, however I have a question for you if you are from the USA. Do you guys not have black currant flavoured things over there? I know we do ( 🇦🇺 ) and do you have cordial?

  • Thomas McNamara
    Thomas McNamara 3 hours ago +1

    I am Thomas and Irish and its tatoes

  • Gucci Flipflops
    Gucci Flipflops 3 hours ago +1

    Im america and im from china
    Im Trump and im from wall


    Wtf I didn’t know Capri suns were American, I live in England and I always used to drink them

  • ron gershoni
    ron gershoni 4 hours ago

    Do the same thing with Israeli people and Americans people, I'm Israeli girl so its can be good ideaaaaa

  • Lucy Dowle
    Lucy Dowle 4 hours ago

    For the crisps they should have had the same flavour.

  • Harold Reginald
    Harold Reginald 4 hours ago


  • marhsmellowx fuffyx
    marhsmellowx fuffyx 4 hours ago

    Ok some people not in England are saying we have aero we have rhibena but the thing is they are made in England and this is about England and America not the more irrelevant countries like Australia and Canada which a lot of Americans don't like

  • Khadija Ghafoor
    Khadija Ghafoor 4 hours ago

    We have capri suns in Britain

  • marhsmellowx fuffyx
    marhsmellowx fuffyx 4 hours ago

    Its English

  • Mya
    Mya 4 hours ago

    I live in Canada. Here we have like a mix of American and British candies.
    We have Aero chocolate here.

  • D.G. Blades
    D.G. Blades 5 hours ago

    Americans don’t have aeros?! Oof

  • Jess Rose11
    Jess Rose11 5 hours ago

    I like mint ero better
    Also we have capri sun in England

  • max reitshamer
    max reitshamer 5 hours ago

    when she said smore i thought she said i wish i had a smaw and i got scared

  • Scrap GamerFamily
    Scrap GamerFamily 5 hours ago

    This has taught me that i want to go to Britain and get some snacks

  • the letter k
    the letter k 5 hours ago +1

    So.... if crisps are chips... are chips crisps?

    _fish and crisps_

    • Weekorey
      Weekorey 52 minutes ago


  • DeluXe
    DeluXe 5 hours ago

    The American White girl (no racism) looks a little like teds wife ho died in how i met ur mom

  • Louis
    Louis 6 hours ago

    Capri sun is not an American thing, right?
    And I swear salt and vinegar is from the UK?

  • Yoyo Games
    Yoyo Games 6 hours ago

    Us Canadians also have aero web the minted version

  • Julia Patricia
    Julia Patricia 6 hours ago

    CA PREEEEE SUN NOT CAPRI that annoys me

  • rosey98966
    rosey98966 6 hours ago

    Anybody say caprysun and not capreesun

  • Andy Holmes
    Andy Holmes 6 hours ago

    Yasss Britain we are the best woohoo

  • rosey98966
    rosey98966 6 hours ago

    British people have salt and vinegar crisps.....

  • Hey it's Alli
    Hey it's Alli 6 hours ago

    Lol idk why that was in all caps

  • lemonpiegaming
    lemonpiegaming 7 hours ago

    everybody talkin bout the Capri suns but nobody mentioning the fact that they are literally comparing two flavours from the same brand and acting like they completely different things

  • Elizabeth Zeng
    Elizabeth Zeng 7 hours ago


  • xxgolden shadowxx
    xxgolden shadowxx 7 hours ago

    Id kill for some aero chocolate rn

  • xxgolden shadowxx
    xxgolden shadowxx 7 hours ago

    Meh didnt know hersheys was a place

  • 100% gay for Mamamoo
    100% gay for Mamamoo 7 hours ago +1

    Why do all the other videos have chill Americans and we have to get the annoying ones

  • Marley Pickett
    Marley Pickett 7 hours ago +1

    Wait I’m Canadian and I have aero but do Americans not???

  • Nyla Wang
    Nyla Wang 7 hours ago

    where are my Canadians?😂🇨🇦

  • I remix songs Send me some

    Imaginé if the Americans said at the end they were actually British

  • reeeboi
    reeeboi 7 hours ago

    All the British people (including me) be like: 'The name crisp makes sense because they are C R I S P Y'

    • Matty Is Ginger
      Matty Is Ginger 7 hours ago

      My friend called them crispies for about 1 year until I forced him to say crisp. Want some of my bacon crispies. No that's weird

  • Rob Campanaro
    Rob Campanaro 8 hours ago

    That women’s cracked

  • Sundesh
    Sundesh 8 hours ago +1

    Cut my dick and eat it 3:38

  • Isaac M-C
    Isaac M-C 8 hours ago

    Why are they not eating Cadbury’s on chocolate????

  • Mofe Banks-Alonge
    Mofe Banks-Alonge 8 hours ago

    So we British have stolen Capri sun
    I’ve had 5 boxes of Capri sun but ok

  • Lowri Fowler-brew
    Lowri Fowler-brew 8 hours ago

    Anyone else say c-A-pri-sun and not capr-I-sun?

  • Bomb Man72
    Bomb Man72 9 hours ago

    These people are ALIENS if they put water before the Ribena

  • Kyaira Anderson-Chandler

    I love how the UK 🇬🇧 snacks are better the USA 🇺🇸 snacks

  • Phantomツ
    Phantomツ 9 hours ago +1

    Aero is Canadian not British

  • Nelson Powell
    Nelson Powell 10 hours ago

    Ain’t aero but it’s dairy

  • Makenna Mourao
    Makenna Mourao 10 hours ago

    i love joyce in these videos

  • Teigan Allen
    Teigan Allen 10 hours ago +1

    England, like. America, Comment.

  • Maddie1296 %
    Maddie1296 % 10 hours ago

    Speaking form experience English chocolate is way better than American chocolate y’all fight me

  • Maddie Jayne
    Maddie Jayne 11 hours ago

    We have Capri sun and salt and vinegar crisps in the UK omg

  • Lovely Mikaelaa
    Lovely Mikaelaa 11 hours ago

    Imagine a British moving into an American college
    B: hey can u get me some chips
    A: of course! *grabs crisps*
    B: I said chips

  • Joseph D
    Joseph D 11 hours ago

    We have aero in canada

  • maya rand
    maya rand 11 hours ago

    The white British girl is sooo annoying

  • toxic xo
    toxic xo 11 hours ago

    r i bena???? it’s rIbena?!?!?!

  • toxic xo
    toxic xo 11 hours ago

    capRI?? no it’s cApri

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore 11 hours ago +1


  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore 11 hours ago +2


  • Toms Salmins
    Toms Salmins 11 hours ago +1

    Why chrips

  • ASMR Tingle Paradise
    ASMR Tingle Paradise 12 hours ago

    “WhAhAht” 😂🤪

  • Alex The Lone Anim3 Alpha

    WHY CHIP?!

    YES BRITAIN XD why do Americans call crisps 'chips'? What do you called baked.. um fries? Like... what? Chips sound soft and crisps are.. crispy.. ya know?

  • Kenny Stephen Winter
    Kenny Stephen Winter 13 hours ago

    Where’s all the boys

  • Amy Paget
    Amy Paget 13 hours ago

    what is this. we have salt and vinegar in uk and we have capri sun and water before ribena really?

  • Lou N
    Lou N 13 hours ago

    Those cheese it was like Ritz

  • AllThings Wolf
    AllThings Wolf 13 hours ago

    I’m sorry but Prawn cocktail crisps are *_disgusting_*

  • matscke alex
    matscke alex 13 hours ago

    Bro Capri Sun is from Germany

  • Krystal Tazouti
    Krystal Tazouti 13 hours ago

    I’m about an hour from Hershey too :)

  • Sonke Maseko
    Sonke Maseko 13 hours ago

    Do south Africa and I will volunteer

  • Kelsie Lauronal
    Kelsie Lauronal 14 hours ago

    I love you so much with all my heart God bless you and your family and friends 😍🤣🤗😍 beautiful oh be!

  • Ebvita A
    Ebvita A 14 hours ago

    I love Hersheys I'm from the UK

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee 14 hours ago

    I want Ribena now.

  • Deima Rim
    Deima Rim 15 hours ago +1

    British Chrisps(?) aren’t even that good try extrella or something from Europe or oho!

  • Matthew The best
    Matthew The best 15 hours ago

    Please do more English vs America

  • nadia islam
    nadia islam 15 hours ago

    Wtf Capri sun is in the UK!

  • Summer Aitken
    Summer Aitken 15 hours ago

    The Americans should have had kool aid instead of caprisun

  • Alex_ Storys
    Alex_ Storys 15 hours ago

    British food is always better.
    We have the best food!

  • Kassi Kittytuber
    Kassi Kittytuber 16 hours ago

    g'day mate im aussie

  • Jack O'Toole
    Jack O'Toole 17 hours ago

    I have ribena in irleand and capri sun

  • Shadow shalow
    Shadow shalow 17 hours ago

    You guys should let Cambodians swap snacks with Americans cause we have really weird snacks.

    EVAN MANGULABNAN 18 hours ago

    Americans:they're called chips because they are small portions in a similar shape. British:but it's crispy so it's a crisp

  • Natalia Gostynska
    Natalia Gostynska 18 hours ago

    England has the best chocolate 😂😂😂😂

  • Zoya Zozoy
    Zoya Zozoy 18 hours ago

    Ketchup chip 😂

  • spy A8
    spy A8 18 hours ago +1


  • Morganna
    Morganna 19 hours ago

    But...what about things like ginger beer, scampi fries, pork scratchings, scotch eggs, jaffa cakes, digestives, Mars/Bounty bars, Kinder eggs, wine gums, shortbread?

  • Galaxxy Gatcha
    Galaxxy Gatcha 19 hours ago +1

    I live in Britain but we still have Capri sun?

  • Ellie Martin
    Ellie Martin 19 hours ago

    So us British are just going to pretend that we don’t have caprisun.......

  • Maybe Magnolia
    Maybe Magnolia 19 hours ago

    I’m American but I live in the UK