RPG Maker MV Tutorial: 5 Helpful Tips to Start & Finish Your Game!

  • Published on Jun 20, 2016
  • These are some things that've helped me start, continue and finish projects in the past... and present! And probably future:P
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    Music by Jewelbeat.com, used with permission from EndlessGaming.Today
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  • Joel
    Joel 6 years ago +24

    That's absolutely true. Never feel boxed in by the software. "RPG Maker makes better adventure games than Adventure Game Studio does." - One of my favourite RM-related statements.

  • Rhodan
    Rhodan 6 years ago +19

    I find working with the built-in Database pretty inconvenient, so i decided to do all Skills, Weapons , Armors, Items and Enemies in an Exel sheet beforehand. This let's me collect Ideas for a while before i eventually carry over everything

  • Hatsuka Raigeki
    Hatsuka Raigeki 5 years ago +41

    you're an inspiration for people. always looking at things differently and in a positive way. god bless.

  • GoldLight64
    GoldLight64 3 years ago +100

    It seems we're opposites. I love making fun battles and mechanics. But drawing and map making is such a paaaaain.

    • KingNinja
      KingNinja 2 years ago

      GoldLight64 same

    • The Ultimate McNugget Nagi
      The Ultimate McNugget Nagi 2 years ago +3

      I dunno, I am more into writing the dialogue and making skits.

    • Spicy Lemonade
      Spicy Lemonade 3 years ago

      i can relate to you

    • KotCR
      KotCR 3 years ago +2

      Haha same as me. I want to get an actual game done but my very first project over 15 years ago now was the only one I ever finished.
      Since then I just spend so much time prototyping different mechanics and combat styles that I never settle on anything for long enough to get something playable out.
      The only completed project was RM2k, and the only other one I've got in a playable content-amount-viable state is an RM2k3 one...and this is probably more to do with the limitations of those engines simply forcing me not to experiment too much as there is only so much that can do.
      But with RMXP, VX/Ace or MV? Scripting means there is so much cool stuff you can do, I just spend all the time developing mechanics and never actually getting into the maps and graphics and whatnot ^_^.

  • LunarcomplexDev
    LunarcomplexDev 6 years ago +2

    Hey Echo! Thanks for some of these awesome tips! I was hoping you could help me with a problem I'm dealing with, it's about transferring players from map to map, mainly while being in an outside section of the game, and was wondering what do you think is better? 1. To keep the player in the middle of the screen and have them transfer via an event? (I could see this really helping players who are on a touch screen and wouldn't have to move their finger over to the edge of the screen while not being able to see the player that well) Or 2. Walk to the edge of the screen (which forces them to move away from the center of the screen) and maybe transfer through the use of a plugin?

  • Robert Slaid
    Robert Slaid 5 years ago +1

    #4 resonated with me. I'm pretty bad when it comes to planning ahead, you have to you the word 'cluster' to describe how I have things set up, but I like how you have each character's skills with their respective section. I saw that monster, random encounter enemies I imagine, are all lumped together.
    Would you place boss skills with them, or separate them since they tend to be characters of their own?
    Either way, great video. So glad I subscribed.

  • lightbitcloud
    lightbitcloud 6 years ago +2

    i have to say thanks a lot, these videos you make are a big help to me, i am still a newbie with it but each step is one step closer
    to getting done.

  • Hiko Sake Archives
    Hiko Sake Archives 5 years ago

    Very helpful video I can definitely say! I myself am just starting up my second project in RPG Maker VX Ace. MV looks good but I feel like I can get it done in ACE and seeing all these tips you've got has actually really inspired me. When I finish the project I'll be sure to send you a link and give you a special thanks in the credits.

  • phecez
    phecez 6 years ago

    echo is like the rpgmaker oracle, she tells us exactly what we need to hear, at the precise moment we need to hear it, and not a word more.

  • Shemulator
    Shemulator 5 years ago

    1) Thank you for having great video skills (not just editing, but presentation).
    2) I didn't have all my skills planned out, but I did have my cats, dogs, and EVEN the muffins planned out.
    3) Seriously. Don't forget your muffins RPG Makers!

  • Bass2Yang
    Bass2Yang 4 years ago

    I just recently started getting into RPG MV and am loving it so far (beginner of course). Love all the videos. Question for you - what battle engine are you using at 3:45? It looks like something that I would like to use in my game (assuming it's for MV).
    Keep up the good work! Thanks!
    - Thou

  • Volcore
    Volcore 6 years ago

    hey Echo, I was wondering, how long do you recommend a first game being, how long was your first actual game? and thanks for your AMAZING videos.

  • Vianca Martinez
    Vianca Martinez 6 years ago

    Hey, Echo. I got a question: which do you generally do first? The sprites? the maps? Or do you use a placeholder sprite first when making your game?

  • AijoBunny
    AijoBunny 5 years ago

    Hey Echo! I've been trying to do a game where the party members affections for the MC effects things in the game EX: skills and cut scenes. I understand how to make variables and how to use them but something i have been really stuck on is a system to say gift an item in return for affection points with one character. I get myself wrapped up in circles and i have tried events and scripts that just confuse me and I'm close to giving up. if you have any thoughts or ideas on this to put into a video i would appreciate it!

  • truth96130
    truth96130 6 years ago

    This is what I do.
    Focus on one game as long as it takes to perfect it to your satisfaction.
    Do not bother to worry about how long it takes to make because most actual games take years to make. If you get board just take a break and come back later.

  • PETON2000
    PETON2000 5 years ago

    hey you earn a sub and a like thanks so much for this tips they really help me to not get frustrated when i start a proyect "that´s my weakness" have a nice day and keep doing videos you're gonna go far ;) and i'm sorry if i committed some mistakes in my orthography

  • Maurice van der Wal
    Maurice van der Wal 5 years ago

    Hi there! Thanks a lot for those awesome videos!
    I'd love you to do a tutorial about getting character sets right, if possible.
    I can't find out how to apply correct sizes to the small character sprites when I import external character sets.
    Sometimes MV just uses ridiculously small or big areas, where only half an image or more than one gets displayed.
    (posted this below another video and then noticed it was from 2015)
    Hope to see more from you!

  • Karl Eclaire
    Karl Eclaire 3 years ago

    Hello there I'm new to this software and currently learning RPG Maker MV. Thanks for this upload. Please continue making more.

  • Valentine Ainsley
    Valentine Ainsley 5 years ago

    Thank you for making this video! I always say I'm gonna make a game then bail, like, the next week. I'm currently working on a Zelda fangame called The Legend of Zelda: A Broken Harmony. With an Ocarina!

  • Nathan Hall
    Nathan Hall 4 years ago

    I'm glad you're back; I keep hoping to start on MV but work hasn't let me . . . so far. When I get the time I'll be ready--thanks to you. Keep posting vids, and in the meantime I might at least find the hours to play GM

  • freetobeyou
    freetobeyou 2 years ago

    yeah there's some headscratchers when doing everything yourself, building skills in art, music, writing, programming all at once can be overwhelming so chunks works great. Do fun things that add to your project, then work through the headscratchers bit by bit.

  • Mimi Mimi
    Mimi Mimi 3 years ago

    Quick question:
    Do Sprites/characters/art have to be pixelated? Or can it just be digitally drawn out?

  • MMG Miš Maš
    MMG Miš Maš 2 years ago

    Actually. My first project had 4-6 hours of playtime. Then I released small ammount of updates and then DLC and now it is 5-8 hours XD. That project helped me a lot

  • Karley Danielle
    Karley Danielle 3 years ago

    I love all your videos they are so helpful!! Could you pretty please share how to make it so you can have enemies run around the map to battle like in 1:02 in this video? I get super frustrated with battles that drag you into a battle scene

  • harambe200
    harambe200 4 years ago +1

    Thank so much. I'm 13 years old and I just got rpg maker mv and I've been quitting a lot of projects since they were to big or to complicated.😅

    DVRK KVWV!! 8 months ago

    I love the last tip, I'm a musician, not a game dev, so my project is being built around the music I make as I go

  • Victor Reoli
    Victor Reoli 5 years ago

    can i ask what plugin/script do you use to make the action battle system? is it available for MV?

  • Drunk Pirate
    Drunk Pirate 2 years ago

    Actually, I disagree about taking breaks and do things in chunks (For me, others might agree with what you say). Every time I take a break, I always abandon the project the day after, because I lack the motivation. When I don't want to work on my project anymore, I force myself into making it, and the motivation comes back naturally

  • David Samuel
    David Samuel 6 years ago

    This was really helpful!
    Honestly, I don't even know what to do when it comes to maps. But, I LOVE making skills and character/plot/drawing stuff. Also, my songs are... Uh... RTP.
    P. S. EA IS SO CUTE :3

  • Cuprite
    Cuprite 5 years ago +2

    I've never made a game before (Planning on getting RPG Maker MV as soon as possible).
    I'll hear or see something and I'll just have a sudden flood of ideas in my head which I can't use because I haven't made a game before nor can I at the moment. This goes for both potential RPG Maker stuff and Pokemon rom hacks.

  • Jackson Rowe
    Jackson Rowe 6 years ago +3

    Hii echo! This is kinda random... But how do you upload your custom application icon for your game? Like, instead of a blockhead guy with a sword standing on a floating block of grass?
    Also, what's that plugin/script/whatever that you had in that video where you didn't have to process a battle, and can fight on the map? Thanks!

    • Leo Velli
      Leo Velli 3 years ago

      Joshua Sekyi update, theres a bunch of those now!

    • Joshua Sekyi
      Joshua Sekyi 6 years ago +1

      For the "battle on map" thing... You'll need some plugin/script that does that... Like an ABS or Tactical Battle System. Which ever you prefer.
      I'm not sure MV has any of those yet.

    • Remix The Idiot
      Remix The Idiot 6 years ago

      I dont think you need a plugin for that... Just dont set the battleback to be anything and it will make the map the battleback

  • Shiny Shyvana
    Shiny Shyvana 4 years ago +16

    Oh man, tip #2 reminds me of how I started out with RPG Maker. I made this embarrassing little thing that was literally called "Some Disgrace of a Game" and it was just that, a disgrace of a game because I literally just used it to learn how the program worked. xD
    Ironically though, I liked the main character of that so much she got transferred over to my first real attempt at a game as a side character, and is currently my favorite character of that WIP game to boot. :P

    • Gamesfan34260
      Gamesfan34260 3 years ago +1

      Reading this kinda makes me want to see what the game was like :O

  • After Party
    After Party 5 years ago +1

    Hi Echo, nice video, thank you for sharing.
    It would be interesting if you make video about yourself and how you entered in the world of making games

  • The Gaming Paladin
    The Gaming Paladin 5 years ago

    that tip of dividing skills, weapons, armor, monsters and spells into segments was the best one of this video, least that's what i think.

  • Sinnistar - Sen Rufu Studios

    And Echo's Tip Box strikes again with 5 more tips! lol
    I'm currently on the "It's so hot in my house....I can't think straight" phase...so it's going slow atm heh but I'm still planning up stuff even during this xD. I'm like you with the mechanics part heh....I'm an artist, so I'm more into it when I can do artsy stuff (like designing the working cannon I just did and then turning it into a gold cannon and then attaching a dragon head to the top of it and then...well ya get the point heh xD I know have 5 variations of my cannon o.o)
    But seriously now, Echo you're like the community of RM's motivator lol. xD very well known and always have this positive attitude about you. You've actually driven my idea to make the first giraffe (and other safari critters) sprite for MV LOL xP this is gonna be fun to make.

  • ProKFBJJ
    ProKFBJJ 5 years ago

    thank you echo. i feel i spend almost too much time on mechanics, perhaps its time to shift to music for a bit (so much fun!)

  • Richard Urbanec
    Richard Urbanec 5 years ago +12

    I love making game mechanics, but I am not good in making graphics or music, since I can't paint... But I will definitely need to learn that, since graphic and music are another important parts of the game... :D

    • HAS Games
      HAS Games 2 years ago

      If you want I can post the project that I did this on the steam workshop

    • HAS Games
      HAS Games 2 years ago

      In order to change the variable number,you need to go to the event editor and make a event that triggers when touched and changes the variable number to something else

    • HAS Games
      HAS Games 2 years ago

      You can make it where if you have a cellphone Item in your inventory ,it will work like normal,but if you don't have a phone,it shows a special message

    • HAS Games
      HAS Games 2 years ago

      Then I used if statements to make different dialogue depending on the value of the room number variable you made

    • HAS Games
      HAS Games 2 years ago

      The way I did it is by using a plugin that allows you to map a common event to a key,I did C

  • Nikolay Doirenski
    Nikolay Doirenski 5 years ago

    What plugins are used for the battle scene in the 5th tip?

  • Whacko
    Whacko 5 years ago +1

    Hello echo! I have been watching your channel since December and I'm happy to say you've come far! Can I please use your characters in a nonprofit TheXvid series/fanfic (whatever it turns into) anyways, see you later gamer

  • Light Maker
    Light Maker 5 years ago

    I've been working with VX Ace Lite, what advice would you give in making a good game with the limited amount of stuff it lets you do?

    • Light Maker
      Light Maker 5 years ago

      I don't WANT to stick with Lite, I just have no choice at the moment. Also i kinda suck wit the scripts...I'm better at writing the stories. Comes from the old days of my roleplaying. Currently, the game I'm trying to make, which I dubbed, Skybourne Legacy, is about an orphan boy who was adopted by a royal family, who starts having visions of a great emptyness. Eventually, he tells his mother (his father isn't around) about his visions, and his mother advises him to seek out the island protector. And when you leave the castle town, you immediately see why it's called Skybourne Legacy. The entire game takes place in the sky!

    • Richard Urbanec
      Richard Urbanec 5 years ago

      I see. I see. It's just a pity that I didn't see that earlier, because the RPG makers were on sale with 60% discount last week... That made RM 2k3 cost only 4€. If you have absolutely no money, there are still ways to get it for free, but since due to some reason I can't create projects on Windows 10 with RM 2k3, I was pretty much forced to upgrade to mv.
      However, if you really wish to stick with RPG maker vx Ace lite, then there is very little advice I can give you. Just remember that even with using these limited resources, pictures and events, you can create a good game just like if you are using scripts. As Echo said in one video: Don't think what the program can do... Think what you can make it do.
      For example in one of my projects that are unfortunately lost I have made a simple action battle system.
      Two parallel process events, one taking care of my attack readiness meter, second one taking care of my defense readiness meter.
      Then one parallel process event that took care of my key input processing (feature exclusive for 2k and 2k3). I stored the action button to variable 0003, defence button to variable 0004 and had two conditional branches.
      If attack button value is 1 (in other words if Space is pressed):
      If attack ready is ON:
      Change variable Recovery to 0
      Switch Attacking on
      Move event: Hero change sprite, turn right 4x, change sprite back (battle animation).
      He attacked all monsters around him.
      So if anyone was near (I had pages that activated with action button, collision with hero and touched by hero influenced by my attacking switches and defence switch), they jumped 2 tiles back and took damage. If I hadn't been ready for the attack, I took damage.
      I won't be giving you the full description, because I want you to explore and experiment on your own. But with knowing these basics I suddenly realized that I can do much more with the RPG maker than such a stupid action battle system. I had in mind all these crazy systems... Which in the end I couldn't create, because I am not good in making graphics :)
      All you need are graphics, events, music and imagination. For example parallax graphics (you can find tutorials on TheXvid) are what anyone can do if he has the skills. And yet they can really enhance the quality of the game if you are good in it. But you have to practice that by yourself, nobody will be able to do it for you :) A story accompanied by bad music makes it bad, but using sound effects and music well can completely change the depth and immersiveness of the story.

    • Light Maker
      Light Maker 5 years ago

      Yeah, but I don't have any money. Which is why I'm stuck with VXA Lite.

    • Richard Urbanec
      Richard Urbanec 5 years ago

      Explore the limited resources.
      For example if you hate the default battle system, then do your own through events. With events and graphics you can still do lots of stuff... I know the game mechanics, but since I am not good with graphics, this is where I am stuck. But don't think that just because it is the lite version, it is limited.
      Truth is though, without scripts the VXA lite it is even less powerful than RPG maker 2k3, my favourite. The difference is, RM 2k3 has Key input processing, while VXA doesn't, which kind of makes everything very difficult vor VXA Lite.
      Also, Power mode unlocks the RM 2k3 to its' fullest potential by allowing you the use of keyboard and mouse, your own title screen and way more :) So I would recommend degrading to RM2k3 instead of VXA Lite.

  • Iluvlittenanimations2.0

    I’m focused on the story personally, and I’m making the rest of the game serve the story.

  • LUKE lcs
    LUKE lcs 2 years ago

    The last tip is probably the best, with doing things in chunks, and switching between the parts you like and the parts you don't.
    I'm literally watching this video practically everyday lol.

  • Keeys
    Keeys 2 years ago

    Holy crap I'm more into drawing than making a game, but these tips helped me with art more lol

  • Stefan Boer
    Stefan Boer 4 years ago

    Your videos are very motivating :)

  • Werner Lopes
    Werner Lopes 4 years ago

    Your tips are great! Congratulations!

  • El husky plateado
    El husky plateado 6 years ago +130

    the hardest thing is draw and paint all the animations, specially when you dont know how to draw or paint lol

    • sK8erryd4y
      sK8erryd4y 5 years ago +2

      Morxplays if you practice in pixel art more you will get better I started when I was 10 I'm now 14 and I can make professional sprites

    • El husky plateado
      El husky plateado 5 years ago +1

      @Morgan S Im using the toon shader on unity with single colored textures and it adds the lighting, shadows and lines :)

    • Morgan
      Morgan 5 years ago +2

      I've decided since I don't have a tablet, I'd make all my assets in Blender. It's honestly a lot easier for me, I don't have to be a master of coloring and shading as long as the texture material is decent.

    • -Aku -
      -Aku - 6 years ago +4

      Honestly it feels like this is what I spend most of my time doing. I can be really indecisive about the appearances of my main characters and I keep redesigning them. Over a year into my project and I am finally satisfied with them lol. I just use Gimp to draw everything

    • isaac3002
      isaac3002 6 years ago +1

      @Morxplays I see, thank you very very much!!!

  • T.Vampiro
    T.Vampiro Year ago

    Good advice. I always had RPG maker for years. but I could never finish anything.

  • Jonathan Clarke
    Jonathan Clarke 5 years ago +2

    Hi Echo! I was just curious if you know of a way to have an event occur every 5 minutes or so?

  • Keegan Mackey
    Keegan Mackey 5 years ago

    My biggest problem is having a lot of cool ideas, but not having enough skill and/or knowledge to be able implement them. It's like knowing exactly how to defeat a boss, but not being high enough level to do so.

  • NonamTheFool
    NonamTheFool 5 years ago +2

    it just so happens that i enjoy doing the pretty stuffs as well :v map designing and character designing :p i find understanding events and other things a real pain :|

    • Hawa777
      Hawa777 Year ago

      I enjoy creating character but map, not so much

  • Susanna Peca
    Susanna Peca 6 years ago +2

    i have a tip! before you start making your game, know how it ends, or else you will end up having to change so much about it :)

    • Aaron
      Aaron 6 years ago +1

      Something i found that works for me in this regard (for those that aren't a fan of coming up with a solidly defined end, before actually making the game), is come up with your characters, who they are and where they come from, and then start asking the "Why's" - why is character A motivated to go on this adventure, why is character B following him, why is Villain A planning to eat all the pies? what did the pies do to him? how are they all linked? etc
      I find this method helps greatly when struggling to "connect the dots" as it were, for a story driven game.
      Edit: The beauty of this method is that there is pretty much nothing you cannot ask a why for, it helps you come up with new stuff you may have missed when creating your main cast of characters, and can really help you bring them to life for the player, as well as deal with those pesky continuity errors (plot holes) in your story.

    • Susanna Peca
      Susanna Peca 6 years ago

      +Orenjiboy135 Great example :)

    • Kurenai
      Kurenai 6 years ago

      You can compare it to a tightrope; Both ends need to be defined, and must be able to handle whatever it can support.

  • Calvin Mukoko
    Calvin Mukoko 5 years ago +1

    Sorry, this may be slightly off topic but it's an urgent question I wished to ask in your latest video:
    What 'zoom' plugin are you using for your Gaia's Melody HD Remake? I currently use it via scripts, but it clashes with Yanfly's Extended Message plugin, and changes the location of text. I notice that for whatever reason, it works amazingly well with your GM: HD Remake.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  5 years ago

      I'm probably using the same plugin as you. I improvised lol

  • Wolfikins
    Wolfikins 5 years ago

    Anytime i get stuck inside a project i enjoy coming here watching a video and than that usually puts me back into the mood of working. Was probably around 5 months ago that i had commented bout a game i was making called "NeverDream" My writer quit on me and since than my time has mostly went to gaming but a good amount of it went to coding. Excited to start a new game but i need a ideal on the path i want to take it so nothing like SNES rom and some Finial Fantasy's. If you got any RPG games you think would help me or just in general show me the ability that RPG maker has i would be interested in checking them out. Also with yanfly popping out so many new plugins would be great to see a top 10 plugins or maybe even a top 10 plugin's you wish was made.

  • Driftwood Gaming
    Driftwood Gaming 6 years ago

    Excellent tips Echo, many of the things you talk about are also things I've said to people countless times over skype.

  • Okabe Rintarou
    Okabe Rintarou 6 years ago

    Awesome Video. That was really motivating. :)

  • PhantoM
    PhantoM Year ago

    I already have the storyline of my project, but not in details, so, when i have free time (and not motivate to create) if an idea comes in my head, i write/draw it, then, i organize all of my ideas like: is it really a good idea? How can i bring it and what will be the consequences in the story
    (It works also with maps, ennemies, spell, tileset or even music (the last is a bit harder to write thought xD)

    INACTIVE ACCOUNT 6 years ago

    Hey Echo, uhh... I noticed that during the 5th tip, you showed a game play clip of a slime being atomized, Could you please tell us what plugin the effect is created with?

  • Air nn
    Air nn 5 years ago

    I dont know why must this video made me feel like going back to try to make an rpgmaker game, I tried a few months back but my free trial ran out cause i took too long parallax mapping each map i had xD

  • System Recovery
    System Recovery 6 years ago

    Hey Echo! I really need some help with making custom graphics!
    Anytime i do it myself I fail miserably. All i have is Paint.net. So if you could give me some
    advice i would be very grateful. TY for your time :3

    • System Recovery
      System Recovery 6 years ago

      And i'm trying to make it 8/16 bit btw.

    • BakuTex
      BakuTex 6 years ago

      Agree. It's like holding a stick that is holding a hand that is holding a mouse... That is holding a virtual pencil.

    • System Recovery
      System Recovery 6 years ago

      I'll try to. Is it free? I'm on a tiny budget

    • Joshua Sekyi
      Joshua Sekyi 6 years ago

      Get GIMP? I mean, I guess it's better than Paint.net. Closer to Photoshop...
      Other than that, people say using a tablet is helpful. Drawing with a mouse is a lot harder than drawing with your hand.

  • MrServantRider
    MrServantRider 5 years ago

    I'm not good at the art stuff, and my friend isn't good at the mechanical stuff. We're both good at story stuff but she has the better ideas and writing while I like to focus on small details (Like NPC interactions or jokes).
    So after a lot of trial and error by ourselves on VX Ace and never actually finishing any games worth showing someone... we're now working together on RMMV. XD Hopefully we get better results. :3

  • Christian Roberts
    Christian Roberts 5 years ago

    echo do you have a tutorial on changing the user interface(not the title screen) even with yanfly's plugins?

  • GabeTheChosenOne
    GabeTheChosenOne 6 years ago +2

    Haha, I've needed this for a while. Thanks, Echo! :)

  • Ashino_Kin
    Ashino_Kin 6 years ago

    What was the plugin that was used for changing the battle UI?

  • Andreu Tormos
    Andreu Tormos 6 years ago

    I'm rubbish with mapping :(
    You could do a mapping video, how to make it easy and fun. Or talking about the graphics, i want to change them like you did with Gaia's melody, but i'm an awful artist.

  • RikuCotton
    RikuCotton 6 years ago

    Thanks for the vid... I struggle with rpg making really. #3 kind of helps me a little. ;v

  • aant7h- zpg
    aant7h- zpg 5 years ago

    I am going to ask a unsuspecting you tuber : for battle mechanics can you make your own powers like thunder bolt or characters that don't look like humans for the game just wondering (I'm Pokemon fan so XD)

    • PandaArmy
      PandaArmy 5 years ago

      To make your skills you go to the database and go to skills.You change the maximum amount and then in the blank ones you name them and do whatever you want for them.Though it may be hard when it comes to formulas if you are using MV.

  • Ringo Gunther
    Ringo Gunther 6 years ago

    I'm on a phase when Idk what to do xD I just finished the first cutscene of my game and now for the next part I just don't know where to begin... To finish the "Not-plot related parts base maps of that area", or doing the Parallax of the "Plot related areas", the NPC's (which is kinda boring since in that area is mostly guards :/ the important NPC's of the area are already done), work on the battle system, do the events... I just don't know where to begin hahahaha

    • Ringo Gunther
      Ringo Gunther 6 years ago

      I haven't put any dialogue yet into the guards xD the thing is I want every NPC to have their own portrait... So I must do like a ton of guards (Actually just the eyes and the eyebrows... The helmet covers the rest)
      I don't want to make them all look the same.
      But it feels like so random doing these guys portraits :c
      I'll think I'm going to get that one done and after that I'll continue with the eventing >:3!!!
      Thanks n.n

    • Akemi Homura
      Akemi Homura 6 years ago +2

      being a player i personally don't think its necessary to give every guard dialog. you could either have them say nothing or copy paste ...
      would save a lot of time. while i personally explore everything some don't and will ignore them anyway.
      as for where to begin 1 step at a time! :D
      i would personally get the most frustrating part out of the way first.
      not only would that amke the rest feel less tedious. but if in the case you're planning to do something unique that does not work. you might be less bumbed because you didn't do the other stuff first! :D

  • ElchReflex01
    ElchReflex01 5 years ago

    Hi Echo! Can you make a tutorial how on how to make this tutorial cutscence in battle? I really don't know how to do it... Thank's for your help and sorry for my bad english... I am from Germany! But I do like your videos a lot!

  • ColgateWorld
    ColgateWorld 6 years ago

    Hey Echo,can you please do the tutorial „how to make secret waterfall passage"?.I need him to my game:-(

    • ColgateWorld
      ColgateWorld 5 years ago

      I don't now how

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 5 years ago

      Just... make a waterfall... that you can walk through?

  • Rainbowhawk1993
    Rainbowhawk1993 4 years ago

    Going to try to create a spiritual successor to Golden Sun with this. How does that sound?

  • TheMonyarm
    TheMonyarm 5 years ago

    I'm the opposite, I enjoy working on mechanics and hammy characters. Like the main character of my game confronting the villain while wearing a zero cosplay, just because he can.

  • xZLuckyKingZx Gaming
    xZLuckyKingZx Gaming 4 years ago

    Hey my plugins aren't working for some reason/are there any other sites besides Yanfly and SRD that someone would recommend? I've already tried turning all my plugins off except the one and go to test but a black screen just appears.

  • Well, Alright Then.
    Well, Alright Then. 5 years ago

    How do you make your character move diagonally

  • Dead Channel 22
    Dead Channel 22 5 years ago

    How did you make your characters in gaias melody?

  • DoctorSpacebar
    DoctorSpacebar 3 years ago

    Also, I second going on walks as being a great way to relax. I distinctly remember times working on my game where I was staring at a screen for three hours, intermittently getting distracted by TheXvid, up until I took a ten minute walk and figured out what to do next about five minutes in.

  • HB MK
    HB MK 5 years ago +2

    I feel as though I can never just dive in and work at my project. I end up staring at the screen for a minute to an hour wondering what to do, then when I return I get really angry and frustrated because I haven't done anything and the project is just a bunch of presets that I haven't altered and I'm not progressing and the game isn't being made.

  • FarbenCut
    FarbenCut Year ago

    Me: I’m gonna do a game!
    Then I start a project learn something and stop
    It’s fun.

  • MyLifeForAuir87
    MyLifeForAuir87 5 years ago

    great battle systems in this video.

  • pipemetal
    pipemetal 6 years ago

    Weeee, you Use my character Graphic at 4:04 Thanks yo so Much :), nice Tips like always keep the good work

  • Croatz
    Croatz 5 years ago

    Echo, what are your favorite plugins?

  • daisyfairy42
    daisyfairy42 5 years ago

    I'm terrible with this and I keep starting new projects ;-; I keep finding cool things that I want to experiment with like game mechanics and plugin.

  • Mortalis_1
    Mortalis_1 5 years ago +2

    Ever thought of doing voice over Echo? You seriously have a very unique voice that would make for pixar!

  • This_Is_Japes
    This_Is_Japes 6 years ago

    what do you use for overworld combat?

    • DetectiveBlueMask
      DetectiveBlueMask 6 years ago

      I looked this up today. It seems a person named "Quasi" is making a system like that, but the plugin isn't finished yet and the demo game seems kinda broken to me... Still, you could check that out.

    • Lucas Guimaraes
      Lucas Guimaraes 6 years ago

      +Bubble Bunny considering MV is relatively new, it's not too shocking to have an annoying time finding plugins. I know I've had my fair share of annoyances and I haven't even started implementing any yet!

    • Lucas Guimaraes
      Lucas Guimaraes 6 years ago

      Same. I'm wondering this myself.
      Also good stuff!

  • Smoldering Cosmos
    Smoldering Cosmos 3 years ago

    I always spend all my time in the database and then dread going back to the main project.

  • Nicholas Connors
    Nicholas Connors 4 years ago

    Why is your RPG Maker creation screen and stuff black, contrary to the stock white? How do you do that?

  • Fierce Deity Link
    Fierce Deity Link 25 days ago

    Hi, I know this is old. But is there a set of tips for the PS4 or would you recommend getting the PC version?

    • Echo607
      Echo607  25 days ago

      I can only recommend the PC versions. I've never used the console versions, because to my knowledge they're not really customizable :3

  • EternalRecurrence
    EternalRecurrence 4 years ago

    @1:50 how did you get rpg maker MV to use those style graphics?

    • patrick
      patrick 4 years ago

      what do you mean

  • Borderline Tragic
    Borderline Tragic 5 years ago +34

    Who else thinks that she would be perfect for a substitute peridot voice actor? xD

    • James Williston
      James Williston 5 years ago +2

      I was thinking derpy from mlp would be perfect, and then she mentioned muffins at 4:35 and I almost laughed.

  • WillLockTheDoor
    WillLockTheDoor 4 years ago +13

    I'm never using battles in my games - PUZZLES ONLY!

  • ░KenLinx░
    ░KenLinx░ 5 years ago +15

    lol I'm watching other people make games, but I don't have the patience to make my own XD

  • paul bertin
    paul bertin 5 years ago

    for little information asking the xp program is always in race to do mv program tutorials ?

  • Keoni Politeau
    Keoni Politeau 6 years ago

    I wanna hug you for helping with all this stuff.

  • Mathrador
    Mathrador 5 years ago

    Do you know any where i could find Plugins and tile sets and sprites and so on and so forth

  • Aryan Ghimire
    Aryan Ghimire 3 years ago +1

    excuse me.. please tell me how do you make your own custom spirites? thank you

  • LRN
    LRN 6 years ago

    I love your voice it sounds so adorable! it reminds me of ducky from the land before time, which is good! keep it up!

  • Thod
    Thod 4 years ago +1

    When you make a non-anime non RPG game on rpg maker...

    • Thod
      Thod 4 years ago +1

      I write a page a day then edit a page then building it in this for the visionary touch

  • BakuTex
    BakuTex 6 years ago

    Ugh... It's pretty damn annoying when I feel like making a small RPG... But then all of my inspiration goes down the drain in the middle of mapping a town... This, however. This might help. Nice video.

  • TheAkrillion
    TheAkrillion 3 years ago +2

    >mentions motivation
    >me being a massive weeb: "Foolishness, Dante, foolishness... Where is your motivation?"

  • Speechless
    Speechless Year ago +1

    How do i make custume blocks?

  • Good Old Gaming YouTuber

    echo@ why intro on gaia melody AE are so laggy...? and could you fix that, probably on original version XP or MV?