Hydrophobic Water Makes Dry Water

  • Published on May 20, 2021
  • I make hydrophobic water and turn it into dry water
    Watch the full video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbNF8...
    And here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4bVP...
    My main channel: thexvid.com/channel/UC1VL...
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  • Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 Year ago +11776

    This video reminds me of:
    “How do you wash waterproof socks”
    “With waterproof water”

  • Lank
    Lank Month ago +1056

    When you give Gordon Ramsay some water and he says it’s dry:

  • Nam Hoang
    Nam Hoang 21 day ago +313

    Me: How do I clean these waterproof shoes?
    Google: Use a towel

  • IcySkullRBLX
    IcySkullRBLX Day ago +1

    “I’m hydrophobic”
    “BOY SHUT YO-“

  • Kaila Mattingly
    Kaila Mattingly 20 days ago +66

    And makeup company’s just figured out how to make “wet powder“

    • Kaila Mattingly
      Kaila Mattingly 49 minutes ago

      @ESDigital we’re on social media I don’t care about spelling, maybe in my resume maybe in a job interview maybe something that actually matters, also I speak everything into my phone and it spelled it like that so I don’t care what you say 😂 weirdo

    • ESDigital
      ESDigital 20 hours ago


  • Existing
    Existing Year ago +5459

    Ah, yes, the age old question finally answered. "Is water wet?" Not anymore.

  • Maxim Longoria
    Maxim Longoria 6 days ago

    This reminds me of “I don’t wanna go in the pool!”
    “Why don’t you wanna go in?”
    “Because the water is wet!”
    “So you prefer the dry type of water?”

  • POV You Read My Comment

    "Is water wet?"
    "No the real question is, is water dry?"
    "You're both wrong the real REAL question is, is water a marble?"

  • Onichichi_USSR
    Onichichi_USSR 16 days ago +36

    “The smaller it gets the harder it is to-“ me: I’m just gonna pause-

  • My Life is a Complex Pastiche

    Him: “If you completely surround the hydrophobic water with water, it still won’t mix.”
    Me: *”water egg”*

  • Sc4r4byte
    Sc4r4byte Year ago +3387

    The internet: "Water is Wet"
    Also the internet: "Water is not Wet"
    The Action Lab: "...so I created Dry Water."

    • Paranormal Investigator
      Paranormal Investigator  14 days ago +1

      The Internet: "Water is wet"
      Also the Internet: "Water is not wet"
      The Action Lab: "... so i created dry water"
      *Me*: "Actually I always knew that water is dry, molecular pov: they can't be wet, they are dry. So the water is ofc." Check Mate ! 😎

    • Shootahfied
      Shootahfied 11 months ago

      @Eiden do me a favor go on google type in “is water wet” and come back with an answer

    • Eiden
      Eiden 11 months ago

      @Shootahfied Um no? It toasts, not dries. Unless it was in the freezer and there was ice on it or something. Just cause it gets harder dont mean it gets dryer? Even if im wrong ill repeat this, which you ignored, something thats fully dry cant get dryer, theres a limit at one point. If it can get dryer its not fully dry, and if its not fully dry then its not 0% wet either

    • Shootahfied
      Shootahfied 11 months ago

      @Eiden it actually does get drier when you toast it??? If you have a piece of bread, and you toast it, it dries up. But it wasn’t a wet piece of bread to begin with.

  • Heven Hei
    Heven Hei 26 days ago +6

    I am learning more from him that my science class that feels more like biology

  • A.K.E.E
    A.K.E.E 4 days ago

    I swear, this guy can make DRY WATER. I guess you can make lots of stuff in a lab

  • Willem
    Willem 27 days ago

    Similar thing happens with malt powder, I've noticed. Super weird to see stuff like this happen while making a malt at an ice cream place.

  • AndySixxStalker AngelofTragedy

    This man made HYDROPHOBIC water AND *DRY* _WATER._
    He's defying logic with SCIENCE. 👏👏👏👏

  • Sam Keiser
    Sam Keiser Year ago +26638

    “Yes I am water, yes I am hydrophobic, we exist.”

    • A Fellow Samurai.
      A Fellow Samurai. Day ago


    • It’s Myla
      It’s Myla 2 days ago


    • Pumpkin
      Pumpkin 13 days ago +1

      Hello traveler, you must’ve come a long way if you scrolled all the way to the bottom of this reply section. It’s pretty hectic up there, I know. Come, sit by the fire, rest for a moment. 🔥

    • Paranormal Investigator
      Paranormal Investigator  14 days ago +1

      @Laurent Penot LGBTQ+
      L ithium G allium B erylium T itanium QUESADILLA + !!! 💜🔥

  • P Mason
    P Mason 2 days ago

    This episode of "will it blend?" was really interesting

  • Icarus Over The Sun
    Icarus Over The Sun 4 days ago

    I wanna see a cook trying out recipes with dry water replacing normal water lmao.

  • Death The Dragon King
    Death The Dragon King 6 days ago +6

    Him: “dry water”
    Me: “moon sand”

  • Stuck
    Stuck Month ago +6

    "Damn, guess I'm water today."
    "Wait hol' up.. Holy booty crisps dude, I'm literally hydrophobi-"
    Procedes to implode and defy reality.

  • Will Burke
    Will Burke 7 months ago +11990

    You created depressed water. Water that hates itself

  • MasterOfGamezz
    MasterOfGamezz 14 days ago

    I think this solves it. This is the key information we've all been missing that definitively proves that base water is wet

  • Nota Smiler
    Nota Smiler 22 hours ago

    When you get into the “is water wet” debate

  • Rogue
    Rogue 10 days ago +14

    “Dry water” really got creative on the name there

  • maraphernalia
    maraphernalia Month ago

    There's no way this man isn't aware that he makes content for stoners. He has to know that we love him.

  • TON 618
    TON 618 Year ago +5398

    Us simpletons: "Is water wet or dry?"
    Him: "Water can be whatever I want it to be"

  • Curllum
    Curllum 11 days ago +3

    This is like humans being afraid of humans
    *oh wait that’s just anxiety*

  • Liyuan
    Liyuan Month ago

    So this would answer the question "is water wet?"
    Since this is dry water, normal water is in fact wet

  • Tillydadog🐶
    Tillydadog🐶 Month ago +14

    "I've made water hydrophobic"
    Why does this sound so illegal 👮‍♂️

  • Deoxys da2
    Deoxys da2 Month ago +1

    I have doubts in school how come a water is water reppelling or hydrophobic
    Now its clear
    This guy is teaching me way better than my school

  • soju
    soju Year ago +5058

    This is the best answer to “Is Water Wet.” We’ve gotten so far.

    • Paranormal Investigator
      Paranormal Investigator  14 days ago

      Not at all, that's not the answer. The correct answer knows only one person: Me 👈

    • originaly random
      originaly random 5 months ago

      E ..

    • Turtle
      Turtle 5 months ago

      @Toge Inumaki omg yes

    • Sourless FIX
      Sourless FIX 5 months ago +2

      @xNexlo if you search up the definition of wet you get three definitions. the adjective is when something is saturated with a liquid, the verb is to make something wet (the adjective), and the noun is a liquid that makes things damp. Water by definition is clearly wet (the noun) and I am so surprised that no one seems to just google the definition instead of arguing over something they clearly don't know the answer to. Please explain how water can't make things damp...

  • kookie
    kookie 17 days ago

    dude these are sick! who knew science was this fascinating?

  • Krishna Mante
    Krishna Mante Month ago +1

    We went from ' is water wet?' to hydrophobic water.
    Character development 100

  • AnotherHistoryFanatic

    "I hate water! Especially wet water!"
    Now I understand

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom Month ago

    This is the solution i was looking for. Thank you

  • COmplex COmpound
    COmplex COmpound Year ago +14534

    "Ive created hydrophobic water"
    The poor water is terrified by its own existence...

    • Nameless Sky
      Nameless Sky 14 days ago

      Introverts be like:

    • イカの嵐 (Storm Squid)
      イカの嵐 (Storm Squid) 17 days ago

      That water is a mood

    • Alvaro Martinez
      Alvaro Martinez Month ago


    • afshin afshin
      afshin afshin Month ago

      hey me stay away from me
      i dont know you
      stay away
      aaaaaaaaaa someone call the polis
      -hey chill chill i am you
      dont you know me
      -damn take this guy away from me
      -polis: sh€t which one
      you both are the same

    • SacredOzpin
      SacredOzpin Month ago

      @Jared Joseph Songheng Right here
      Shadow Ten O'clock
      Seize the moment
      Destroy the Nation

  • Ghost Cake
    Ghost Cake 22 hours ago

    :Makes waterproof socks
    Has a pool:
    Me: *Lets do ths…*

  • xX rar Xx
    xX rar Xx 12 days ago

    This dude is about this close to becoming a mad scientist 🤏

  • William Alexander
    William Alexander 3 days ago

    Could you have a large ball of water in a fish tank of water? Or would the ball of water float on top of the fish tank of water?

  • Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson 4 days ago

    Comedian Steven Wright:
    "I bought some powdered water yesterday, but I don't know what to add to it."

    AYUSH RAGHUWANSHI Year ago +53144

    Now I've seen waterproof water, I can die peacefully.

    • NetheriteXD
      NetheriteXD Month ago

      @I smuggle fish by putting it in my mouth How About Bulletproof Glass

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi 2 months ago

      @shriram thakare you want some warm ice

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi 2 months ago

      @Justoons oh shiť i guess my gas bills gotta become fire proof.

    • Marc Elias Segura
      Marc Elias Segura 2 months ago

      Or airproof air

  • Saei Salt
    Saei Salt 21 day ago


  • Labbit 35
    Labbit 35 13 days ago +3

    “Dry water”
    Brain. exe has shut down

  • Lemon's
    Lemon's 26 days ago +19

    "dude,When you get married,what is the most obvious thing you will do"
    *Shows this video*
    "understandable,have a nice day"

  • ~Saiya~
    ~Saiya~ Month ago

    The dry water looks like a thing we made at school when i was little called
    "Oobleck" neither a liquid or a solid

  • H123
    H123 Year ago +15368

    "Can I have a glass of water?"
    "Sure do you want it wet or dry?"
    *Visible confusion*

    • Karma_That_Furry
      Karma_That_Furry 15 days ago

      @Moxxy “I’d probably think the man was offering me alcohol” i commented this a while ago, now that I check back the comment isn’t too bad

    • Moxxy
      Moxxy 15 days ago

      @Karma_That_Furry what did they say

    • Lithoor Bayushi
      Lithoor Bayushi Month ago

      @mi boi nah, that's angry water. Tastes nothing like water, and tries to bite your taste buds off. Honestly, no idea how people like it.

    • Aslamstudio
      Aslamstudio Month ago +1

      The real question for that one is if you can eat silica

    • Emmett Animations
      Emmett Animations Month ago

      @Thanos Mom yea. Dude made fried air. Why not water

  • Kim Kim Bada
    Kim Kim Bada 7 days ago

    Quick question: where do you keep it after you made dry water? Do you just throw it away or?

  • urban offroading
    urban offroading Month ago

    Next time I offer someone water and they say no I'm gonna be like
    "Oh so youre hydrophobic"

  • Disarming Jet
    Disarming Jet 25 days ago

    What happens if you were to put the “dry water” solution in a pressure chamber?

  • Gacha_Gray
    Gacha_Gray 13 days ago +2

    That’s just called water anxiety.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache 11 months ago +10149

    Gordon Ramsay would find "dry water" to be appalling

  • Pure Vessel
    Pure Vessel 24 days ago

    Is it drinkable or edible or both? But you never know, it might be toxic

  • uživatel googlu
    uživatel googlu 3 days ago

    This reminds me my life with that hydrofobic droplet at the start

  • Locke
    Locke 27 days ago +1

    I quickly became Hydrophobic, hating on water became apart of my lifestyle

  • Kaleb (Kelly was stolen from me)


  • Mr. A. Milksnake
    Mr. A. Milksnake Year ago +9712

    "Is water wet?"
    "Yes, *but it doesn't have to be."*

    • comonhaze
      comonhaze 8 days ago

      @Drobbo So would you describe the ocean as dry.

    • short shark gaming
      short shark gaming 11 days ago

      @Drobbo As a wise man said, “a single molecule of water is not wet, but two molecules of water make eachother wet which therefore means that WATER IS MOSTLY wet.”
      idk bro but i wanna believe u more because it sounds smart

    • Paranormal Investigator
      Paranormal Investigator  14 days ago

      Tbh water is dry, from the molecular point of view it's dry and can't be wet, cuz atoms, electrons, ions etc are not wet.

    • Aiko Afton
      Aiko Afton 3 months ago

      Fun Fact: Water isn't wet until it touches a different substance.

    • Chance
      Chance 3 months ago

      water is wet because it coheres to itself. That's the long and the short of it. Everything else is nonsense.

  • Coffee
    Coffee 3 days ago

    Man, I REALLY want to touch that dry water

  • I Em A GOAT NOT SHEEP • 87y ago

    Teacher:You can't touch water!

  • roblos
    roblos 25 days ago

    that looks so fun to play with 🤩

  • ha ha
    ha ha 3 days ago

    what happens when you place the blendered silica and water in front of a fan for long periods of time?

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln Year ago +6974

    "Dude, could you imagine being allergic to water?"
    "Dude, what if water was allergic to itself?"

    • Ted Francis Casumbal
      Ted Francis Casumbal 8 days ago

      I'm allergic to very cold water that has ice in it

    • Omni Gaming
      Omni Gaming 22 days ago


    • Nowler Coaster
      Nowler Coaster 26 days ago

      thanks abe!

    • Shinzou_ _Sasageyo
      Shinzou_ _Sasageyo Month ago

      @Hailey Y
      Actually you can be allergic to yourself. It's very rare and really sad since the body sees itself as a threat and literally destroys itself.

  • Misury_Kitune!
    Misury_Kitune! 26 days ago +1

    Now, here's the real question: *Is it wet?*

  • Anything goes NEO
    Anything goes NEO Month ago

    10 yrs. ago i thought of comimg up with powdered water...and people laughed (honestly it was somewhat a joke anyway but also somewhat serious) and yet it seems slowly the idea might become a reality one day.

  • baka toaster 6000! 🍞🔥

    What has humanity come to
    First deep fried water now DRY WATER!?

  • The Poet
    The Poet Month ago +2

    Where can I get this powder I need it in my life-

  • HanibalVPhantom
    HanibalVPhantom Year ago +14521

    “Ive created hydrophobic water”
    Water: *looks at itself*
    *screaming intensifies*

    • Jesus 200
      Jesus 200 24 days ago


    • Atre Bodnárová
      Atre Bodnárová 24 days ago +1

      @A Harry Potter Fan I burst out laughing at your comment XD

    • jan
      jan 25 days ago +1


    • Cambaudio
      Cambaudio 27 days ago +1

      Every comment section has these Zoomer Humors lol

    • Samuel Oliveira
      Samuel Oliveira 28 days ago +1

      existential crisis be like

  • Elliot Roth
    Elliot Roth Month ago

    Are there any practical uses for hydrophobic water?

  • Maria :)
    Maria :) 2 hours ago

    When you’re scared of yourself:

  • myUserName
    myUserName Month ago

    The way he slammed his hand on the blender. I felt that. Done it many times

  • Chandler Carroll
    Chandler Carroll 14 days ago

    So does that mean water is wet? 😂 my family actually debated this today.

  • Insert Comma Name
    Insert Comma Name Year ago +2730

    The very concept of water that’s scared of itself is something I deeply resonate with.

    • mia
      mia 11 months ago

      @Ishmael Zachary NO LMFAO IM A GAY GIRL

    • Insert Comma Name
      Insert Comma Name 11 months ago

      ThatMan Dan no

    • ThatMan Dan
      ThatMan Dan 11 months ago

      Everything okay at home?

    • SapphireQueen
      SapphireQueen 11 months ago

      How does a person simply make water gets a panic attack through claustrophobia from being surrounded by water?

    • mia
      mia 11 months ago

      @DZ3OA no lol.

  • Church of eg
    Church of eg 7 days ago

    This guy can make anything dry 😏

  • McFloatyです
    McFloatyです Month ago

    Waiter: How do you want your water?
    Me: Dry
    Waiter: I meant hot or col-
    Me: DRY!

  • Seagull
    Seagull 4 days ago

    Man proved that normal water is wet. "Boys, we got 'em."

  • Hojojenks
    Hojojenks 4 days ago

    I can’t believe that there is still hydrophobia in society today

  • ༺V༻
    ༺V༻ Year ago +1711

    so sad to learn that even water can be hateful.. we need to put an end to this hydrophobia, all forms of water deserve to be equal.

    • Spekkio
      Spekkio Year ago

      @Kevin Monsen plain one’s worse

    • KRMN
      KRMN Year ago +1

      all water matters

    • Spekkio
      Spekkio Year ago +2

      @Jari Rishael technically water has a ph of 6.5 to 8.5 so it could be called base(d)

    • Jari Rishael
      Jari Rishael Year ago +2

      that water is based

    • Kevin Monsen
      Kevin Monsen Year ago +1

      I would like to add Flavored carbonated water to my hydrophobia list. i hate it so much

  • Balrok99
    Balrok99 7 days ago

    Water: Join the dark side
    Also Water: I Will never join you!

  • I didnt mean to make this

    I am trying to imagine what dry water feels like

    VICIOUS IMPALER 8 days ago

    "What are you scared of?"
    Water: Myself

  • Gacha Wolfie
    Gacha Wolfie 24 days ago

    My inner child seeing dry water "I wanna see if I can buy that and play with it!! :D"

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia Year ago +5565

    This puts a whole new meaning to “Is water wet?”
    Edit: I have started a war in the replies (no regrets tho)

    • Fogmoz
      Fogmoz 10 days ago

      You really should try to avoid pronouns when you’re this late to the party.

      COBRA COMMANDER 10 days ago

      @Fogmoz your reasoning is flawed. they use comma for a reason. if it was a slash / then it's good.
      also water does not consist water, it consist of hydrogen and oxygen.

    • Paranormal Investigator
      Paranormal Investigator  14 days ago +1

      Water is dry tbh, and this is only the superposition of the water i mean kinda like it ofc: dry and wet at the same time.

    • Kiarara
      Kiarara 10 months ago


    • Mati Pedi
      Mati Pedi 10 months ago

      @enquiry info ok rep for spam and BE GONE

  • Chrislee Travis Polo

    Every day you learn something from him even you braincells can't even handle the explanation

  • Nathan Koh
    Nathan Koh Month ago

    Q: How do you wash waterproof clothes?
    A: With waterproof water

  • MrFish
    MrFish Day ago

    How to live underwater: part one
    Theory stage

  • SoS
    SoS Month ago

    Every time I see these videos I immediately google if the stuff he uses is legal to buy

  • Stormer
    Stormer Year ago +4437

    Someone once said a joke: "Is water dry?"
    This guy didn't think it's a joke.


    Now the real question is:
    Can you drink dry water?

  • Zero Kiryuu
    Zero Kiryuu Month ago

    This might sound stupid, but how safe is it for everyday use? I mean in the sense of, why don't more science classes use this as an example, for the solid/liquid/gas/plasma argument ☹️

  • Pro Taxi Driver
    Pro Taxi Driver 26 days ago

    bruh now it makes “Is water wet” even more worse 😂

  • shiftTab4019
    shiftTab4019 Month ago +1

    Yay, I can now finally clean my waterpropf socks with waterproof water

  • SloanFox
    SloanFox 11 months ago +3831

    This gives a whole new meaning to “Dehydrated water in a can”.

    • hanin _gurl
      hanin _gurl 11 months ago

      @JoeBama yes

    • Max
      Max 11 months ago +4

      "Just add water"

    • KJade Men
      KJade Men 11 months ago +3

      “Dehydrated water in a can.” Also known as Hawaiian Punch

    • Nitya
      Nitya 11 months ago +2


    • Raymond Guzman
      Raymond Guzman 11 months ago +10

      @Богдан Крименюк 🇺🇦 bruh what 🤣🤣

  • Maddy Lee
    Maddy Lee Month ago

    Did the water drops mix with the powder or did the powder coat the droplets enough to retain a high enough surface tension that it won’t mix with water?

  • Mr. SadGhost
    Mr. SadGhost 17 days ago

    You've heard about Dry Ice!!
    Now let me Introduce you to Dry Water!!

  • offxcail_lexi_luv
    offxcail_lexi_luv 2 days ago

    i finally know the answer to "is water wet"hahhaha

  • Blue Soul
    Blue Soul Month ago +1

    Huh that's how my body felt when I try to reconnect to society

  • Pedro Amaral
    Pedro Amaral Year ago +2986

    Now paint it brown and hand over to a prank channel

    • HannaNellia
      HannaNellia 11 months ago

      @Mouy Kaing 😳

    • Mouy Kaing
      Mouy Kaing 11 months ago

      @HannaNellia Chum witout the h 😳

    • Weber
      Weber Year ago

      pedrao aqui q viage

    • abhik
      abhik Year ago

      pedro you are everywhere

    • xSeveredSaintx
      xSeveredSaintx Year ago

      @Miguel Baltazar if it's anything like Silica... you don't wanna breath that shit in or you could face permanent lung issues.

  • Zehra Morshed
    Zehra Morshed 18 days ago

    Water: Ah yes, I am what I fear the most

  • CaptainAD
    CaptainAD 18 days ago +1

    This would make a pretty good stress ball

  • Wendy S.
    Wendy S. Month ago

    I hate the feel of oobleck, but would LOVE to play with that blended emulsion! 🤩

  • Cringe but free
    Cringe but free 7 days ago

    I want to know what that feels like, it must be so weird