Why Juventus Selling Paulo Dybala Is A Big Mistake! | #ContinentalClub

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
    Juventus are swapping Paulo Dybala for Romelu Lukaku but will this be a big mistake they end up regretting?!

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  • Euro Football Daily
    Euro Football Daily  Month ago +52

    do you think the Paulo Dybala transfer to Manchester United will happen?!

    • andrew hardman
      andrew hardman Month ago

      Euro Football Daily can you get better microphones the peaking in the sound is horrific

    • Paulo Dybala
      Paulo Dybala Month ago +1

      James Hampington he didn’t lol...

    • Zhang Yu Huan
      Zhang Yu Huan Month ago

      since palermo's coach defending dybala for more to play in the 2 last season of serie A, I watch dybala oftenly and I pretty sure that Dybala is not messi (at all), especially this last season, his movement was easily readable by other players. He is not fit for 1st striker though he is good for 2nd striker, but his physic is below Bernadeschi. In my opinion as Juventini, it's alright to sell dybala to MU, besides he can get a chance to meet his best friend (paul pogba) & probably can be good again there. Thank you for your contribution Paulo!

    • survival gamer
      survival gamer Month ago


  • Allen Mathew
    Allen Mathew Month ago

    Can James stop being so disrespectful, why does he have to revel in every misfortune like a devil?

  • Ellis the killer Zombie

    Dyballa going to spurs.

  • devil of a red
    devil of a red Month ago

    There is no doubt that Dybala has taken a back seat to Ronaldo at Juve, but he stated that he was willing to stay and fight for his place , also if rumours are true he priced himself out of any deal and as much as i don`t like the way transfer business is being handled at United i don`t blame the club for not being held to ransom , also Dybala is not really what we need right now, we need a defensive midfielder and a playmaker .

  • Real M
    Real M Month ago

    I'm sorry but Dybala is not delivering. He has had too many ups and down during the last 2 seasons.

  • Alon Shveiky
    Alon Shveiky Month ago

    Ronaldo's gonna be 35 soon not 34 lmao he can't stay the same age for 2 years

  • Josh Dawkins
    Josh Dawkins Month ago

    People just get pissed off with lukaku because we know if he had better control he get 20 odd goals a season

  • Newton Heath
    Newton Heath Month ago

    Juve is offering Dybala + Manzukic for Romelu Lukaku... wonder how Sarri Ball made Olivier Giroud setting a new record for most goals by a French player in a single European season... Lukaku is Sarri's new Olivier Giroud in Juventus

  • Scottimus Maximus
    Scottimus Maximus Month ago

    As a Juve fan I’ve got to say I’m disgusted at how the club are treating Dybala.

  • Peter Helmore
    Peter Helmore Month ago

    dybala . why .... what does he offer . !!!!!!!!!! you must be joking . !!!!!!!!!!!!! we already have a thmb sucking sanchez . ???????don't we !!!!

  • kingof206
    kingof206 Month ago

    Juve are gonna be the best in the air if they get lukaku.. I don’t get why people think lukaku is horrible.. he’s still young.. still gonna improve and he has proven himself in the premier league already..

  • Yellowwood
    Yellowwood Month ago

    Dybala doesn't even want to go to Manchester United.

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans Month ago

    Lol Moise Kean is €29 million with no buy back clause, some of you football daily boys are so lazy

  • Nargis Bano
    Nargis Bano Month ago

    that's a very big mistake Dybala is 2nd best player of juventus

  • Mohammed Aroz
    Mohammed Aroz Month ago

    Dybala would thrive at utd as he is overshadowed by cr7 and would do great under ole.

  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense Month ago

    De-fall-a will get killled in the EPL. Bang average player.

  • Jordan Montgomery
    Jordan Montgomery Month ago +2

    Martial, Dybala, Greenwood
    Pogba, McTominay
    Shaw, Maguire, Lindelöf, Wan-Bissaka
    de Gea

    • Spencer Heeney
      Spencer Heeney Month ago

      Jordan Montgomery pretty spot on. Definitely going to be playing 4231, next season will be going for sancho for sure at that rm spot. I do believe we will start lingard in the cam with Dybala and him swapping throughout the game

  • Imdafish !
    Imdafish ! Month ago

    Man united need a rw
    Malcome is a rw
    Why is there no talk about that???

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez Month ago

    Dybala is there Top Goal scorer since He Joined
    They Sold Kean Now
    Dybala And Cancelo
    Our Managements are Smoking good Crack
    Dybala cant play as a RW
    He has to Play CF or Attacking Midfield to get the Best out of him Sarri can get the Best out Of Him but He Smoking good Crack Right Now

  • Super Saber
    Super Saber Month ago +1

    Every single year in history people knew EXACTLY what to make of the nations league or ANY other competition that isn't the EC, WC or Copa America. It means NOTHING. It's GARBAGE. It does not mater IN THE SLIGHTEST.
    That used to be the case until "CR7 won it" (Portugal won, like the Euros, thanks to defensive discipline and tactical organisation from 10 players on the pitch

  • golazo
    golazo Month ago

    8:45 f

  • Joe Burns
    Joe Burns Month ago +1

    Alisson had to make the top 10 got 3 golden gloves motm in the champo final and won champo and copa america

  • Jezz Bish
    Jezz Bish Month ago

    No Juventus are not making a mistake selling Dybala, he is a luxury player and doesn't really suit their system. They are desperately looking for a striker to lead the line and get them 30 goals plus a season. Ronaldo wants to play on the left and Costa or Bernadeschi on the right.Dybala is a world class player, but Juve fans get annoyed with him dropping deep, very much like Rooney used to do "us Utd fans would shout, GET UP THE FIELD!" but he kept dropping deeper and deeper to affect the game. Dybala does that all the time, his ideal position is number 10, dropping deep and dictating tempo. Juve don't want that, but they desperately want a scorer of goals to join Ronaldo.Lukaku would be a sensation in Serie A, they will hate him. It's a deal that works well for both sides as Dybala on Man Utd's right wing works better than any of our other right wingers currently (Lingard has been terrible, Mata poor) an interchanging Rashford, Dybala, Martial is a very interesting choice, and Pogba (if he stays) linking up with him again, could be a game changer.

  • Sean Graven
    Sean Graven Month ago

    De ligt is better than de jong

  • Track Stunt
    Track Stunt Month ago

    Dybala?? Is juve retarded?

  • MUFC Empire
    MUFC Empire Month ago +1

    If you don’t watch United play you will never understand why United fans want Lukaku to leave.

    • Umair Arif shaikh
      Umair Arif shaikh Month ago

      MUFC Empire it's because united fans are dumbfucks. Aguero and Kane would struggle to score goals at united. United doesn't create any chances at all! Lukaku has scored bucket loads of goals, everywhere he's been, including fricking west Bromwich. He's the least of United's problems.

  • Mark Molumby
    Mark Molumby Month ago

    Backing track is a bit too loud lads. Gets annoying after a while

  • Roberto Zerbini
    Roberto Zerbini Month ago

    Kean is the new Balotelli, he is difficult to manage he has been excluded from the under 21 national team for his behaviour

  • 21Youngstars ZH97
    21Youngstars ZH97 Month ago

    FFS Dougie, stop saying United should replace Fellaini...it seriously makes you lose all credibility😂😂😂😂

  • Jason Gilbey
    Jason Gilbey Month ago

    If Leroy Sane is sold to Bayern, do you think City should try and get Dybala in as a replacement?

    • Jason Gilbey
      Jason Gilbey Month ago

      A sterling, aguero, Dybala combo, or sterling aguero Bernardo with Dybala being able to come on for any of them?

  • lisa martins
    lisa martins Month ago


  • Mncedisi Mhlongo
    Mncedisi Mhlongo Month ago

    Dyabala is future club captain if he stays plus Man U is in Europa league...

  • Guido Balestra
    Guido Balestra Month ago +3

    You guys probably dont watch italian football. Dybala last 18 months was terrible. He got some weight and now he is slower, less quick, he lost confidence, he is weak phisically...
    Last year he didnt play as a starter for Juventus, he has never played as a starter for Argentine... So a reason there is.
    Lukaku is perfect per competition like Champions League against offensive team. He is too fast in an open pitch, he move more than a classic 9, and that would help Ronaldo.
    Cancelo? He is one of the best to attack, but in defending he is an amator... The first game against Ajax is the perfect description for Cancelo.. First he offered a beautiful assist for Ronaldo's goal, then he made a disaster in Neres goal.
    Guardiola will love his quality in control, tecnique, dribling, crosses... but he has too much work to learn how to defend.

  • Asher B
    Asher B Month ago

    yes bros Fabregas is still playing for Monaco, this probably his last

  • someone
    someone Month ago +1

    Obviously Alisson was the bigger snub, but if there is a separate list for GKs I understand

  • Quazzi
    Quazzi Month ago

    United play 4-2-3-1 with Martial up top, Rashford off the left. It's a fluid front three so Dybala would perfectly fit in on the right, dropping deep on occasion whilst the other two make runs or offer support.

  • adamcleary14
    adamcleary14 Month ago

    #hottake Continental Club is better than Sunday vibes

  • hamza younis
    hamza younis Month ago +1

    As a united fan id plau 4-3-3 with daybala starting throw the middle greenwood on the right and martial on the left rashford has been shite and should comd of the bench and all the forwards interchanging with dyala also playing on the right playing between the lines that wood be a good front 3 for me

  • James Good
    James Good Month ago +1

    how about Everton they are making some good smart signing!

    • N Leslie
      N Leslie Month ago +1

      James Good except they sold geuye and one their starting center backs(I think mangala) who was on loan at Everton has at least at the moment gone back to his club(I think man city)

  • Joe Emm
    Joe Emm Month ago

    united should be cheeky and bin the dybala deal and aim for Douglas Costa plus 40mil for lukaku, I think that's actually a better fit.

  • Don't Let Me Down
    Don't Let Me Down Month ago

    fav trio no doubt

  • King Mate07
    King Mate07 Month ago

    another euro football daily video where dougie is giving man united hate for no reason....

  • DonChex
    DonChex Month ago

    why are guys from the UK so girly

  • Joseph Olarewaju
    Joseph Olarewaju Month ago

    Juve are recreating the Ronaldo-Benzema style partnership. Ronaldo hasn't been an out and out winger for ages

    • Guga Bastos
      Guga Bastos Month ago +2

      Well, but in what shape or form Lukaku plays like Benzema? If anything Dybala should be the one playing like Benzema as a false 9, Lukaku doesn't fit as a striker to play with CR7 neither fits Sarri quick passing system, the deal don't make sense in any perspective other than for Man United

  • Guga Bastos
    Guga Bastos Month ago

    I'm a Juve fan and moves like this one, selling Kean with no buy back clause and selling Cancelo to replace him with Danilo are ruining what once was a near perfect transfer window, this team is fucked if they get rid of Cancelo and Dybala for far less than what they are worth it

  • Electrifying 3:16
    Electrifying 3:16 Month ago +1

    The only reason Juve's doing it is because Conte wants him at Inter and they can't spend any more money . That's it. There's apsolutelly no way Lukaku can work in Sarri's system that resolves around quick first touch passes. Not to mention Sarri will have to play him regularly because you can't keep a player that you pay 9 million a year on the bench. In the end Sarri's system will fail and all the blame will go on him. Inter will see the oportunity, players will start choosing Inter over Juve and in a season or 2 Inter will win Serie A. All because of Paratici's arrogance.

    • Electrifying 3:16
      Electrifying 3:16 Month ago

      @Guga Bastos Agreed 100%. Last season Cancelo was easily our second or third best player and, with Kimmich and Alexander Arnold, was the best full back of the season. They're selling Dybala for one poor season. Then why are they selling Cancelo who had 3 bad games max last season? I'm telling you, Paratici's been taking something for the past week or so.

    • Guga Bastos
      Guga Bastos Month ago

      The worst is yet to come, swapping a RB who is crap on defense but still world class going foward for a RB that is crap on both sides, I would've understand to sell Cancelo to replace him with Wan Bissaka, but for Danilo... Danilo is a worst De Sciglio, crap but plays because can play on both LB and RB

    • Electrifying 3:16
      Electrifying 3:16 Month ago

      @Guga Bastos He was on loan for an entire season though and he'll probably get sold soon. Not to mention he has earned that paycheck in previous seasons. We goof on him a lot but he was great at Napoli and even better later on at Juventus. In 2016/17 season he truly was one of the best strikers in the world. Lukaku isn't a third of a player Higuain is.

    • Guga Bastos
      Guga Bastos Month ago

      Well, tbf Higuain gets 9 million and is on the bench

  • Lucas Dwornik
    Lucas Dwornik Month ago

    Financial fair play is strictly enforced????? Are you fucking kidding me?

  • MaNemA Parsa
    MaNemA Parsa Month ago +1

    Bayern will win the champions league

  • Zamos
    Zamos Month ago

    good deal. we don't need dybala.

  • Prince 13
    Prince 13 Month ago +1

    I also think Juventus are making a mistake selling Dybala for Lukaku...but I don't care because I'm a United fan!😁

  • k hawk 9
    k hawk 9 Month ago

    Where's Bayern on the champions League winners prediction

  • wizpers x
    wizpers x Month ago

    renaldo ask for lukaku ..google it!perhaps he knows why ..su dnt judge lukaku is the right player with the right player ...i think manchester did hold him back last season so ..give the guy a change ....one u go black u neva go back ..juv!!dum move frm dyballa great player he is...welcome lukaku

  • Davis Ray
    Davis Ray Month ago

    Not a United fan so I hope (if they sign Dybala) they get it wrong and play him on the right, BUT, he would be absolutely insane playing as a False 9 with Martial on the left and Rashford on the right. Don't see why that isn't the obvious decision to make.

    • Davis Ray
      Davis Ray Month ago

      @Muhd Nasir Rashford and Martial would essentially play as inside forwards with Dybala right behind.

    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir Month ago

      Bcoz nobody in MU squad right now can oerform well in right wing... Not Rashford, Martial, Lingard...

  • Your Dad Has A Dog Filter

    Sexy Betis shirt 😍

  • Kieran Naidu
    Kieran Naidu Month ago

    All the melts losing their shit in the comments absolutely slagging United is some of the best comedy I’ve seen the past couple days. Cheers lads

  • Nic Waycaster
    Nic Waycaster Month ago

    Not even a mention for Alisson on The Best snubs?

    • Jay Bruce
      Jay Bruce Month ago

      how would he get in getting carried van dijk

  • jezusmylord
    jezusmylord Month ago

    Italy has an Old Lady, Poland has an Old Whore.

  • Sofus Arvin
    Sofus Arvin Month ago +1

    Dougie is such a hipster with the foorball shirts. First the Boca shirt - wich i love btw... - and now the Betis one, what will be next?..

  • Theo Hoppe
    Theo Hoppe Month ago +1

    Dougie has weaseled his way into all of our hearts now he is a full blown knowledgeable lad

  • Eric Bernard
    Eric Bernard Month ago +3

    What does Dougie have against Mctominay? He's been class every time he's played, bossed Barcelona at Old Trafford and PSG away

    • Josh Hines
      Josh Hines Month ago

      Have a missed something? Mctominay is bang average. If he played for a mid table team like Everton or west Ham no one would even be talking about him, same with rashford. ManU fans are delusional to rate these guys like they do, but that's fine I'm cool with your team getting even worse than it is.

    • Chilled B3ST
      Chilled B3ST Month ago +1

      Deluted United fan Mctominay is rashford in midfield overrated and garbage but United think he's a Zidane and rashford messi