RICH SHEIKH joins MY GAME and THIS HAPPENED... (Pet Simulator X)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2022
  • Rich Sheikh joins my game and we do a HUGE TRADE in Pet Simulator x
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    If you want to play Roblox with me, click one of my profiles so you can join me in game! My joins are open and I have all my profiles listed on my TheXvid about page. LcLc
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  • TryHardObbiest
    TryHardObbiest 4 months ago +1849

    6:50 it never get old

  • EYYCHEEV’s bro
    EYYCHEEV’s bro 4 months ago +76

    Hi lclc, I’ve been watching you all day since you made pet sim x videos and I’m really enjoying it! You always make my day bright

  • Anium
    Anium Month ago +12

    So good keep up the good work and appreciate this man by subbing to him and getting him to one mil subs

  • Zhonglisolos
    Zhonglisolos 20 days ago +1

    6:49 never gets old

  • IamNotHalo
    IamNotHalo 12 days ago +3

    1:47 is the funniest part but 6:50 never gets old

  • Jake YT
    Jake YT Month ago +1

    Yo you got some pretty good trades there like I never get any good trades in pet sim x so thats also why I dont play it that much to be honest. I still play it.

  • Al3xify_Playz
    Al3xify_Playz 4 months ago +18

    Hey lclc! I am a huge fan and I'm always subbed since you started, keep up the good work bro!

    • BABI
      BABI 4 months ago +1

      HELLO CatPumpkinHuge_Playz

    • zed gamez
      zed gamez 4 months ago


  • Melisa roblox
    Melisa roblox Month ago +4

    Congratulations on hitting 1 million subs!

  • dani wrightson
    dani wrightson 19 days ago +4

    6:49 never gets old

  • Tsareena
    Tsareena Month ago +8

    11:13 if you would have traded all your huge Santa paws and they had a royalty it would be better but since you got a great trade that's enough

  • Sara Drinkwater
    Sara Drinkwater 13 days ago

    Your videos are good keep the hard work

  • DogBlox
    DogBlox 4 months ago +20

    hey bro, i'd just like to say that I've been watching a lot of your vids recently, and I've figured, that you are an amazing youtuber with the kindest heart.
    Love your vids :D.
    Keep it up man
    Im subbed and i got the merch!

  • kaidens brotherJaxson
    kaidens brotherJaxson 12 days ago +1

    6:50 it never get old

  • Nitekefs _joking
    Nitekefs _joking Month ago +1

    Congrats to 1 Mil!👍🏻

  • Search
    Search 25 days ago

    3:03 you missed the mysterious merchant :/

  • Ramdevi Shukal
    Ramdevi Shukal 14 days ago

    Yep lclc casually selling a 80b worth pet for 16b what a legend lol

  • akapower45
    akapower45 4 months ago +8

    Keep the work up! I love your videos! It makes my day luckier

  • Biggle Chez
    Biggle Chez 12 days ago

    I’ve traded with someone like that cause I actually couldn’t trade it so I put through bank and he took it and didn’t pay me

  • Hanniel Ananiah Lintag

    LcLc always makes my day

  • Unicorn Splash
    Unicorn Splash 27 days ago


  • Tim tomaten soep
    Tim tomaten soep Month ago +1

    You so good in pet simulator x

  • Christine Lamb
    Christine Lamb 4 months ago +56

    you cant trade exclusives that you bought in the current update so it has to trade through bank. you can only trade exclusives in trades from the previous update

    • kerog13
      kerog13 Month ago

      you can and I did it'

    • admino
      admino Month ago

      @John Springett my dude if no one asked then don’t comment like who gives a shi

    • Gaming Channel
      Gaming Channel 2 months ago

      @Ash yea

    • Jim
      Jim 2 months ago

      @Asta Gaming what in the world are u saying

    • Asta Gaming
      Asta Gaming 2 months ago

      @Jim your such a sensitive, defensive, twitter user

  • Sreejan Sinha
    Sreejan Sinha Month ago +1

    the first part, when he says he cant trade exclusives... u cant do that on mobile

  • sunny pixelz
    sunny pixelz 2 months ago +6

    1:07 He knows your lclc because you have pets named "LcLcYT"

    • Taffooi
      Taffooi Month ago

      no its cus there are game to mske u join ytbers

  • Budoms
    Budoms Month ago +1

    Imagine scamming 🤡🤡

  • Ryan Hakey
    Ryan Hakey 2 months ago +1

    I love how he said Pokémon machine😂

  • Awa Sylla-mel
    Awa Sylla-mel 12 days ago +1

    HI LCLC im really itreasted in ur vid there amazimg and can i have a huge it would be my first pet better then mythic and i used ur star code

  • Francis Angelo Pantalla

    7:59 true. Trading is so fun

  • George Mason
    George Mason 24 days ago

    #2:23 when you call him a scammer, he was not you could not put on trade because it was a new exclusives.

  • Diante Meek
    Diante Meek Month ago

    Yep and I accidentally gave the scammer my huge pixel cat that I work so hard for

  • Sean
    Sean 4 months ago +24

    2:24 even though he may scam you you actually cannot put the new exclusive in a trade so you either have to wait or do it through bank.

  • okaylokay
    okaylokay 17 days ago

    “the lower the damage the older the pet is” “i’m trading for the oldest pet!” pterodactyl: my damage is lower than the noobortuus what

  • The Gaming Lion
    The Gaming Lion 21 day ago

    LcLc didnt know that the values of the pets will rise in the future lol

  • Hannah Patterson
    Hannah Patterson 22 days ago

    2:16 never will be old :)

  • Billy Robinson
    Billy Robinson Month ago

    LcLc i love your videos

  • lord lem
    lord lem 4 months ago +13

    Lclc always makes my day better when he posts videos!

    • gameify
      gameify 3 months ago

      Copied comment

  • Gaming with Sage / Sage Gaming

    no, the chest mimic was from when it was released, the game was released

  • Donnacha Vlogz
    Donnacha Vlogz Month ago +1

    Lclc I'm kinda poor so can I get some pets pls I watched you since 2020 everyday aswell and you are a great TheXvidr

  • Betina Fleming
    Betina Fleming 2 months ago +2

    1:47. Love this this is the best thing ever

    • Betina Fleming
      Betina Fleming 2 months ago +1

      So pls can I offer 1b gems for a storm algony

  • Josiah Wherry
    Josiah Wherry Month ago

    I love your vids

  • BloodGamer
    BloodGamer 4 months ago +147

    Lclc always makes my day better when he posts videos!

  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith 25 days ago

    i wish i had huge, how do you get so many?

  • mitzuu
    mitzuu Month ago +1

    6:22 the best moment for romanians😂

  • Joseph MacJohn
    Joseph MacJohn Month ago

    Wow it actually worked

  • Naaz Chopra
    Naaz Chopra Month ago

    Wow, 3K more subs till you get 1 million :) congrats

  • No_OneKnowsLess
    No_OneKnowsLess 3 months ago +22

    I love how LcLc is so chill when he says “drop a like to save LcLc”

  • ElectricalRuler
    ElectricalRuler Month ago

    There was an Secret in the rich player's TRADE It was an early Storm Agony

  • Harley Han
    Harley Han 9 days ago

    hey LCLC first thing i want to give you a huge pet that i spent 100k rbx to get and the trade you did you got riped of

  • Callum123 YT
    Callum123 YT 19 days ago

    0:38 it’s like he’s going to nuke himself 😂

  • kent bryan roblox
    kent bryan roblox Month ago +1

    6:49 i lught so hard

  • Gamingturtle
    Gamingturtle 6 hours ago

    Nice video’s love em

  • William Atkins
    William Atkins 7 days ago

    Hi can I friend you bc I don’t have many and you seem like a good person.

  • Djdabest9
    Djdabest9 Month ago

    LcLc pls can I have a huge cat I’m huge fan I like ur vids keep it up there very good

  • noahy fn
    noahy fn 24 days ago

    hi lclc you have inspierd me to play pet sim and i have some ok pets and i just want to say thank you my best pet is a sock corji

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 4 months ago +3

    Hey LcLc! Love the video/channel like always! Keep it up stay safe hope you reach 650K subscribers and have an amazing night! 😁👍

  • Rene Rose Patron
    Rene Rose Patron Month ago +1

    lclc your voice is chill and amazing

  • Hajdar Vorfaj
    Hajdar Vorfaj Month ago +1

    omg did lclc really say that the chest mimic came out in hell update?! the dj forgot that the chest mimic came out in the first update of pet sim x😂😂

  • BeatrixGaming
    BeatrixGaming 2 months ago

    So when lclc made the nooburtus trade for 16B gems, in the latest update now, it costs 30b gems so its either he got ripped offf on that trade because the pets values increases throughout the updates

  • A m o g u s
    A m o g u s Month ago

    “Some holes I need to fill”
    LcLc 2022

  • IldKattenDK
    IldKattenDK 4 months ago +13

    8:32 never gets old

  • Sky YT
    Sky YT Month ago

    With now's values, he got a 100b win with the Sheikh's trade

  • Mathisdujardin
    Mathisdujardin 26 days ago +1

    You said that the otter guy was a scammer but you can’t trade otters so he’s not a scammer

  • Elain powers
    Elain powers Month ago

    9:56 taking me hours and hours

  • BoyfriendGamesYT
    BoyfriendGamesYT Month ago

    Lclc can u please give me a huge Santa paws I’ve been hunting for one for so LONG every time u got the Easter fox I was like “fantastic

  • XG
    XG 4 months ago +12

    the reason the first person knew you were lclc is cause you changed your display name not username so if they click on the card in the top right corner they can see your username which is not randomnoob1

  • pa h
    pa h Month ago

    And I subscribed liked and put all post notifications on

  • XMelon
    XMelon Month ago

    The dude who said I cant put it on trade is telling truth because in the Christmas update the exclusives bought were unable to be traded.

  • Vanmala Chhangte
    Vanmala Chhangte Month ago +1

    Sounds Sus the start when u say I have some holes to fill

  • Christiano Ramjit09

    I love ur videos

  • Jessary Viray
    Jessary Viray Month ago

    Can you do more videos like these

  • Mark Pierre
    Mark Pierre Month ago

    You cannot actually put otter in trade I know this because I used to have otters and only actually works in Banks

  • Marco Saab
    Marco Saab Month ago

    I love the edits they are so funny 😆😆😆😆

  • claudia cardona
    claudia cardona Month ago +1

    3:39 holy gems

  • NightzSilverx
    NightzSilverx 3 months ago +76

    2:14 that guy might not be a scammer because he was equipping 3 otters and otters were new in that update. As you may know, the exclusives that come in the same update arent tradeable

    • MXC9
      MXC9 21 day ago

      How do you think it’s not?

      MOHAMMED HAMID 27 days ago

      its crazy how he said 2:14 and just swap the numbers 14 to get 41 and its kinda a coincidence

      MOHAMMED HAMID 27 days ago

      @Teaby its 2:39 not 2:41

      MOHAMMED HAMID 27 days ago

      @A GdlS its 2:39 not 2:41

    • RolexEnjoyer
      RolexEnjoyer Month ago


  • ツKoto
    ツKoto 2 months ago +1

    Rip off

  • sosoalhammdroblox
    sosoalhammdroblox 10 days ago

    That is super good news because someone subscribed to Lclc and I subscribed and use star code and link well

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin Month ago

    I get the idea of the video but couldnt u just have use an alt and traded the pets to that acc

  • Princess Alice
    Princess Alice 21 day ago

    Hey Dj lclc
    u can just trade gens for exluisives
    tip #1

  • ThExel
    ThExel 4 months ago +31

    Lclc when you upload vids it makes all of our days! Well done on getting 615k subs and happy new year!

    • Spikes
      Spikes 2 months ago

      omg LcLc ur vids so good it makes my day

      WEST GAMES 4 months ago

      @Felicitym1987 lol go play it and get a pet dont keep saying "giv mi fre pet plis i ned to pay mi pet bills buaaaa"

    • ThExel
      ThExel 4 months ago

      @LcLc I hope you get 1m subs soon good luck

  • Arvin Arvin
    Arvin Arvin Month ago

    LcLc your my favorite yt

  • Connor Eichert
    Connor Eichert Month ago

    The Santa paws one wad good 👍

  • C. CologneMiniClub
    C. CologneMiniClub 28 days ago

    Man thought 900m for 2 Pog Pets is too expensive

  • Alex Pham
    Alex Pham Month ago

    lclc can i ask why do you have storm agony in index in christmas update 11:51

  • Only Mystic76 YT
    Only Mystic76 YT 4 months ago +12

    LcLc, at the time you were playing, the exclusive he had was from the urgent update, therefore trading is disabled for that pet. You could deposit/withdraw it but if you tried to trade them, it doesn't work.Try it yourself!

  • Omair Khan
    Omair Khan Month ago +1

    LcLc has the best vids

  • Gytis Ivanovas
    Gytis Ivanovas Month ago

    6:50 the best

  • Anastacia
    Anastacia Month ago

    rip off

  • Ricardo Jungbeker
    Ricardo Jungbeker 23 days ago

    Hi lclc your the best TheXvidr ever :) can you make a new acc and go from new to ithe best

  • Sofi Ganelle
    Sofi Ganelle Month ago

    Just got scammed by my best friend for my HLC in bank check :)
    How’s your day?
    Mine sucks now

  • Zombie Thanos
    Zombie Thanos Month ago

    Dude I’ve been supporting you on Roblox for a couple months

  • SparklyNoob
    SparklyNoob Month ago


  • Mark Larry
    Mark Larry 2 months ago

    Yo 2:16 got me laughing XD

  • Bruce Quick
    Bruce Quick 2 months ago +4

    LC you make me happy
    I watch your videos all day long

  • Lps kitty
    Lps kitty Month ago

    You could of had a storm wolf because the first trade for the nobortus he also traded Ed the storm wolf

  • NafH4
    NafH4 27 days ago

    8:25 you lose 60b gems

  • SomeOneNamedNo one
    SomeOneNamedNo one Month ago

    I love the sad cat “please Preston please”

  • Metaal_Roblox
    Metaal_Roblox 2 months ago

    This voice is relax man and u also make good videos

  • Yung Console Clan
    Yung Console Clan 4 months ago +11

    Been here since apex, you're growing very fast LcLc, keep it up bro!

  • Cassius Tønner-Oldefar

    Happy 1 mil sub

  • trollBoi:)
    trollBoi:) Month ago

    me: going into the trading plaza and people say "give me a free huge"