YG Talks 'Stay Dangerous' Album, Madden Controversy, 6ix9ine + More

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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  • Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

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  • david Valenzuela
    david Valenzuela Hour ago

    Aye mafia😂👌

  • Snooty Fox
    Snooty Fox 6 hours ago +1

    Sellout ass nigga.

  • Mike Ineichen
    Mike Ineichen 7 hours ago

    He's got the thug life sunglasses on

  • Dawayne Johnson
    Dawayne Johnson 7 hours ago

    Blah blah named you a unisex icon..YG "Is that bad"?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kandace
    Kandace 8 hours ago

    I have the same phone case. great minds.

  • Taliban Santiago Productions


  • Christopher Eagan
    Christopher Eagan 9 hours ago

    Ya blood YG on some really shit like always smh shit crazy tho

  • Christopher Eagan
    Christopher Eagan 9 hours ago +1


  • Dan Osanu
    Dan Osanu 13 hours ago

    I lose brain cells listening to these kinda dudes. Come on its 2018 its time to get articulate black man

  • Tgk Fly
    Tgk Fly 19 hours ago

    They just switch the topic once shit start getting deep with all these rich rappers if every one put they mind to it thr could change shit

  • Mvrl
    Mvrl Day ago

    Corniest nigga alive

  • karen gonzalez
    karen gonzalez Day ago +1


  • Abdullah Qaisar
    Abdullah Qaisar Day ago

    Where can buy those shades from?

    I NEED MONEY Day ago

    Dude funny

  • corey edmunds
    corey edmunds Day ago

    Nigga yg you tricking


    YG got better in his interview interactions . His first 2 breakfast clubs were real dull. Biggup YG stay dangerous !

  • Kyla Monique
    Kyla Monique Day ago

    YG drunk as hell. Envy always asking questions that he already has the answer to like STFU & spin them mf records

  • fraby811
    fraby811 Day ago

    Angela Yee lowkey got hella funny jokes

  • Salvatore Maranzano

    The only mainstream LA rapper still repping it to the fullest

  • T-Boy44
    T-Boy44 Day ago +1

    YG On 6ix9ine ! 27:02

  • erkan yunis
    erkan yunis Day ago

    I feel like Charlemagne was just mocking him the whole interview lool

  • erkan yunis
    erkan yunis Day ago

    Ayyy fiddy get the strap 😂

  • erkan yunis
    erkan yunis Day ago

    Yg seems like a humble dude

  • lastyear beingbroke

    10 times harder forreal

  • GOD
    GOD Day ago

    min six that nigga talking bout str8 haitian papis

  • Antwain G
    Antwain G Day ago

    He stay lit off the tequila

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo 2 days ago

    YG is fuckin high haha

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo 2 days ago

    "Not really but yeah, but not really" = Cali Nigga

  • TRUmente87
    TRUmente87 2 days ago

    24:45-25:17 👌👌👌

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo 2 days ago

    He like "Its blue man, oh it's black",nigga dont even know wtf he got on haha, love that dude! 4 Hunnid spruce!

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo 2 days ago

    YG be gangster, love that nigga, rep that west.

  • RobertElChuntaro
    RobertElChuntaro 2 days ago

    Aye he real for admitting he needs rehab 💯

  • Nh60dSniper 60
    Nh60dSniper 60 2 days ago +1

    Nah I'm weak How they all say "for what"? at 9:48 😭😭😭they was mad as hell he said tequila like they wanted him 2 say he smoke cracc or som shit 😂😂😂🤣

  • Mic E
    Mic E 2 days ago

    Is that bad ? Lmao

  • Ballz Deep
    Ballz Deep 2 days ago


  • Billrivas Rivas
    Billrivas Rivas 2 days ago

    He didn't even say free sad boy look! Bail him out dawg!

  • Tanous Rechwan
    Tanous Rechwan 2 days ago

    love the way yg talks

  • Zobinette
    Zobinette 2 days ago

    what brand are his shades?

  • JazGreenTLK
    JazGreenTLK 2 days ago

    He prolly got some shorts on with that long sleeve. Straight Cali.... those shades bony as hell.

  • Jay Vontay Swing
    Jay Vontay Swing 2 days ago

    My nicca yg roccn them Cyclops!!!😂😂😂

  • Tevin Scott
    Tevin Scott 2 days ago

    Charlamagne says on every interview that he goes to therapy lol

  • Marian Berry
    Marian Berry 2 days ago

    I love the way he talks omg I been crazy about him since he first came out 😭😩😩😩

  • Usain Bolt
    Usain Bolt 2 days ago

    Shelf and wall LED’s

  • Marioud Tv
    Marioud Tv 2 days ago +1

    “This Dick Ain’t For Freeee” 😂😂

  • Audrey Bonds
    Audrey Bonds 2 days ago

    *B* Real niggas don't move until we feel like it. 💪😂

  • Audrey Bonds
    Audrey Bonds 2 days ago

    #YG #PrayForEm #OnEm 👏💪😥

  • Donte McBride
    Donte McBride 2 days ago

    chthagod good at gettin people drunk huh?

  • Eer1e
    Eer1e 2 days ago

    real shit y’all subscribe to my channel music videos and good music on there new album coming soon

  • Eer1e
    Eer1e 2 days ago

    real shit y’all subscribe to my channel music videos and good music on there new album coming soon

  • Lipiken
    Lipiken 2 days ago


  • Carrington Phillips
    Carrington Phillips 2 days ago

    what happened to his head tatts?...clone 👀

  • Rico Rico
    Rico Rico 3 days ago

    @yg bro we got to talk to people iam just like u I dont like talking to anyone

  • Yongela Ward
    Yongela Ward 3 days ago +1

    Is the man drunk? 😂😂

  • 05justus
    05justus 3 days ago

    Charlemagne is a nut. Instigating like women do.
    He was real quiet when that baby bumping charge was over his head.

  • George K
    George K 3 days ago

    haha YG iz funny tho

  • Berry Carter
    Berry Carter 3 days ago

    He talking about the ILLUMINATI sent him a letter SMH be careful YG. I love you dadz!!!

  • Victor Wilson
    Victor Wilson 3 days ago

    Send too hit

  • Victor Wilson
    Victor Wilson 3 days ago

    Is yg like 26 or 27

  • Purified Lean
    Purified Lean 3 days ago

    lmao 8:45 he not even lookin shit up just goin back n forth on nothin 😂

    QDR MUSIC 3 days ago

    funny face

    NOLANEMUSIC 3 days ago


  • Damian Quintela
    Damian Quintela 3 days ago

    what a clown

  • manuel men
    manuel men 3 days ago

    Yg is lil Romeos twin

  • Joshua Duckens
    Joshua Duckens 3 days ago +2

    This Dick aint FREE lmao i love how you can tell all the big compton rappers are fans of each other they stay collabing and referencing each others music

  • Aiden Look
    Aiden Look 3 days ago

    18:28 you’re welcome leave likes💀

  • Najee Alexander
    Najee Alexander 3 days ago

    This nigga look like OG BoBBy Johnson Son 😭😭 I forgot his name

  • Spongebob Nigga
    Spongebob Nigga 3 days ago

    This nigga wears tapdancing shoes and claims hes gang nigga u wear tap dancing shoes u aint gang

  • Justin Ellis
    Justin Ellis 3 days ago

    This dick aint for free

  • Michal Múčka
    Michal Múčka 3 days ago

    what are those sunglasses?

  • jimmy egg
    jimmy egg 3 days ago

    Fk yg clout chasing

  • Mayowa Ogunlade
    Mayowa Ogunlade 3 days ago

    You know what am sayin lol

  • Wesley Tan
    Wesley Tan 3 days ago

    This guy is a joker very funny

  • French Urban Touch
    French Urban Touch 3 days ago

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  • Joshua Mitchell
    Joshua Mitchell 3 days ago

    This nigga look like Domino the 90s LBC rapper look that up

  • Chokedeezy
    Chokedeezy 3 days ago

    😂😆 6:54 only real ones understand

  • Rashad Jackson
    Rashad Jackson 3 days ago

    YG starting to look like Grace Jones.

  • randy broner jr
    randy broner jr 3 days ago

    YG real but humble as hell to. Great interview!

  • R1C0
    R1C0 3 days ago

    Where the picture at tho?👀

  • R1C0
    R1C0 3 days ago

    Had to click instantly Favorite rapper alert🗣😂

  • Dvs ZoneWork
    Dvs ZoneWork 3 days ago

    10x harder 4 a real Negus u pussy muthafuckas got it easy #bigfacts

  • Lan Astaslem
    Lan Astaslem 3 days ago

    YG is ass

  • Joshua Mccutchenjoshua919@yahoo.com

    I like yg!!! but this interview is wack smh

  • ASAP Flash
    ASAP Flash 3 days ago

    Kids the parts at 18:40- 19:30 lies.

  • 831. ramiro
    831. ramiro 4 days ago

    He said Angela’s last name a shitload of times..😂😂

  • Space GHost7777
    Space GHost7777 4 days ago

    Why Yg rocking a Boosie fade

  • johnie ferrusquilla
    johnie ferrusquilla 4 days ago

    YG that one gangster that walks by the park and shoots the basket ball twice and keeps walking

  • dam ble
    dam ble 4 days ago

    So complicated to listen to him- “know what I am saayyyin” 🤯

  • Westside BDVY
    Westside BDVY 4 days ago

    My negu drunk asl😂😂

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark 4 days ago

    Clown ass nigga

  • 23Shantaa305
    23Shantaa305 4 days ago

    35:25 😂😂 When he snapped lol.

  • cadetcinderely
    cadetcinderely 4 days ago

    I can’t believe they said that about him!!! thexvid.com/video/KZMoOaVDWMM/video.html

  • Jaden Washington
    Jaden Washington 4 days ago

    YG funny as hell

  • Jesus Santiago
    Jesus Santiago 4 days ago +1

    i personally dont like songs from yg but at the same time i havent heard a lot of his art but i really enjoyed this interview . hes a real cool dude id like to chill with this dude i feel we would get along due to life itself and all that comes with it, in laymen terms all that we've been through during it , separately, same as any man to the next just in different ways.. but anyways not to get all philosophical n what not bajajaj ... ive never liked a breakfast club interview in youtube until i viewed this one. and i've never made a comment this long or any comment on anything on here so u already know .. or maybe u don't . but anyways.....to sum it up i think he is a real stand up guy just based on how he carries himself. forget the music... in life our hobbies and talents as well as work are just a tiny part of who we are as individuals so for anyone to judge someone on a 'song' or for example a 'painting' is foolish. .. anyways like @yg says keep the music in the music. but all togeather my msg is that i've gained many respects to the man....... ITS YA BOI @HUSTLA-P, 100% OUT!!!!!

  • KD Ellis
    KD Ellis 4 days ago

    Why he look like a created player? Lmao 😂

  • Matthew Arredondo
    Matthew Arredondo 4 days ago

    Breakfast club some hoes, trynna put him on the spot

  • Lokstero
    Lokstero 4 days ago

    Alotta heads don’t understand why ya is answering how he is. They want the details of what’s going on in his life or drama around like shit I’d stay quiet too it ain’t your business and if I speak on any of it it’s dry snitching

  • brittlia
    brittlia 4 days ago

    I wonder why they didn’t discuss his role in that “White Boy Rick” movie 🤔

  • Jaime Huerta
    Jaime Huerta 4 days ago

    18:28 this dick ain't for free 😂😂

  • Juice
    Juice 4 days ago

    yg out here wasted at 10 am