'I LAID OUT FURY!' - Dillian Whyte hits back at Tyson Fury & lifts the lid on sparring sessions

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • ►WATCH WHYTE VS RIVAS: bit.ly/WatchWhyteRivas
    Dillian Whyte says he 'laid out' Tyson Fury in a sparring session as war of words intensifies between British rivals.
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  • AJ & his Dad
    AJ & his Dad Day ago

    Dhillion Whyte is the realist boxer right now and is getting better every fight. You can see the improvements unlike AJ who’s looked the same stiff, no defence dude he’s been all his career. People here giving whyte stick? He’s lost one fight when he wasn’t even fully fit. Yes Fury is a great fighter but this is heavyweight boxing 🥊 and one punch is all is takes to put your lights out. Whyte is a humble dude and focused on his craft, no handouts and been patiently waiting for his shot at the WBC and continued to take on all comers regardless of how risky the fights are. For me Whyte is the man and I’m backing him all the way and know he will be world champion soon. All the AJ bum bandits will get another shock later this year when he gets knocked out again by Ruiz

  • Alexander St. Hill

    Bull shit , Fury would kick your ass

  • Rankin 'Arris
    Rankin 'Arris 2 days ago

    Kugan on purposely lurking about

  • Chicken Connoisseur's dad

    Man like Dillian, always looking puzzled 🤔😂💯

  • Joseph Ashade
    Joseph Ashade 3 days ago

    Come on!! Dillian you got this we have your back bro!! It’s entertainment but we know what this means to you! WBC are cunts for not giving you your dues and if you do lose on Sat there will be uproar. WBC will have to be boycotted by British fans imo disgraceful belt.
    I think you can beat Rivas he will try and counter you and the first rounds will be cagey . I see you taking him bro!! Let’s go Champ!!!!

  • Bert Cooper
    Bert Cooper 3 days ago

    About time Dillian got a title shot (not talking worthless interim title here). Good to see a top 10 fighter that doesn't cherry-pick every opponent and gives the fans value for money.

  • De e
    De e 4 days ago

    You know...

  • gmshadowtraders
    gmshadowtraders 4 days ago

    This man always looks pissed off

  • yesyoumay
    yesyoumay 5 days ago

    I like em both. Both very good fighters and good persons mostly. Hope its a great fight! Kinda rootin for Whyte but either guy winning would be good.

  • Al Lugo
    Al Lugo 5 days ago

    How is it Fury can just over step Parker and Whyte?

    • Shane Walter
      Shane Walter 3 days ago

      They're both shite by comparison...deontay 1 trick pony is only challenge for Fury.. the rest are easy money

  • sherif rosco
    sherif rosco 5 days ago

    This is the man at the moment! Fuck Fury, he don't want this man, to dangerous, wouldn't Wana look like a cunt Infront of the world! It's a fucking fact!


    How’s this got to be a PPV Event is beyond belief whyte is a good Boxer but it should be on sky sports Main Event not ppv

  • johnlegend023
    johnlegend023 5 days ago

    He always seems high as a kite 😂 so spaced out

  • I’ll Speak
    I’ll Speak 5 days ago

    Chisora mark 2 BUM

  • Troll Hater
    Troll Hater 5 days ago

    Fuck off ya bum nobody is interested in you 🙄😴🤡🖕

  • stevie smith
    stevie smith 5 days ago

    Dillian, always speaks from the heart. Hope he gets a shot at the world title. He deserves it. Dillian should consider changing promoters. Maybe he should team up with a big American promoter cos he ain't getting nowhere in his quest for a world title shot right now. Good luck in your next fight, Dillian. Beat the man down.

  • Tony T
    Tony T 6 days ago

    Take that jersey off. Put on one of them soccer jerseys 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 #USA

    • Tony T
      Tony T 4 days ago

      @james mcgrath football is AMERICAN and AMERICAN only

    • james mcgrath
      james mcgrath 4 days ago


  • Harpal Sandhu
    Harpal Sandhu 6 days ago

    Dillian is an Animal whos got the whole heavy weight division running scared 💪🥊

    • Shane Walter
      Shane Walter 3 days ago

      Good one clown 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wilder kills him and Fury either kills him or makes him look as dumb as he is for 12 painful rounds...

  • Alex Harcombe
    Alex Harcombe 6 days ago +3

    Why does he speak out the side of his mouth doe 🤷‍♂️

    • Lobe
      Lobe 2 days ago +2

      Alex Harcombe init he looks like he’s trying to talk to someone next to him 😂

  • Barry Price
    Barry Price 6 days ago

    Aj is dead

  • Paul Loman
    Paul Loman 6 days ago +1

    Salute to all the UK boxing fans I enjoy reading your lingo in the comments.

  • Luke Boycott
    Luke Boycott 6 days ago

    Bellew wants to get home to his wife and kids and dillian wants to get home to his dogs

  • Douglas Freer
    Douglas Freer 6 days ago

    Emanuel Steward stated in a video from the heavyweight factory that he rated Derrick Chisora highly. I was taken aback.

  • لمصلحة احفادكم اسب السعود *

    Dillian likes to slap rivals at press converance 😂😂😂😂👋

  • princerudynasim
    princerudynasim 7 days ago

    Whyte will lay out both Wilder and Fury

  • BMode32
    BMode32 7 days ago

    Bro get your hair cut 😂

  • Loca Music Official
    Loca Music Official 7 days ago

    Real warrior

  • Boss 245
    Boss 245 7 days ago

    01:14 Mc Chippy be like.😂😂

  • AsLi RAJA
    AsLi RAJA 7 days ago

    Like Tyson Fury said....
    Dillian has had 2 wars with Derick Chisora, who is 10 years past his best..
    And he got knocked the spark out by AJ.
    Tyson will school Dillian so badly he would come out with Diploma in 🥊 boxing!

  • Rizbnz
    Rizbnz 7 days ago

    Dude speaks out the side of his mouth😂

  • William Farrow
    William Farrow 7 days ago

    Dillian blubbergut will get a rude awakening when n if he steps in the ring with either of the worlds top four heavyweights ? Fury wilder ruiz n ortiz are on a higher n different level to any fighter hes ever fought n that includes the overated no natural ability robot joshua ?? Whites just a boxing booth brawler at the end of the day

  • Hassan Syed
    Hassan Syed 7 days ago

    Sparring sessions don't mean SHIT. Gorman supposedly had the upper hand against Dubois in sparring and he got laid out in their actual fight.

  • callum corcoran
    callum corcoran 7 days ago

    Ur lieing just saying that so fury hits back and a fight is set up dillian white is dieing to make a statement for himself after chizora and it's best to have a shot at the top u fight fury and u will be outboxed simple 😂

  • Jaya365
    Jaya365 7 days ago

    Give this man a title shot

  • Red
    Red 7 days ago

    Fury would finish him inside 6 rounds, even though whyte has improved he’s not on fury’s level he’s more on the level of Tom Schwarz, good but just not world champion quality

  • Stephen Duignan
    Stephen Duignan 7 days ago

    Nice guy....the best heavyweight in the uk

  • Conroy
    Conroy 7 days ago

    the only thing whytes laid out was stock for the shelves in tesco

  • hupra72
    hupra72 7 days ago

    He laid out AJ as an amateur. Gorman schooled Dubois as an amateur, but what happened when they fought as pros. Sparring stories mean nothing. Whyte has got better, but Tyson has improved a lot more than Dillian. Dillian can’t live off those sparring sessions.

  • Shawn Miller
    Shawn Miller 7 days ago


  • Markus Krist
    Markus Krist 7 days ago

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    motiviert ebenfalls Kampfsport Videos im deutschen raum zu machen 💯 Wenn du Zeit hast wäre Ein Kommentar
    zu meinem neuen Video echt nice 🙏🏾💪🏾

  • bigdog scarborough
    bigdog scarborough 7 days ago

    Tarkin rubbish

  • Afolabi725
    Afolabi725 7 days ago

    What is the likelihood of Tyson Fury, with his biscuit hands, and 24oz gloves, and headgear, dropping Dillian. Tyson hit Tom with about 20 punches, and he was still on his feet.

  • burke16bomany
    burke16bomany 7 days ago

    Looks like the guy from GTA San Andreas

  • M D
    M D 8 days ago

    Most overrated heavyweight out there, sparked out by aj, awful against helenius, lost the first chisora fight and chisora is awful, life and death with Parker who’s beyond average. Overhyped bum.

  • Adrian Blazevic
    Adrian Blazevic 8 days ago

    volume too low!

  • michael bowler
    michael bowler 8 days ago

    Whyte is the true peoples champ. Realist man in the HW division.

  • vijay singh
    vijay singh 8 days ago +16

    Dillion Whyte’s lingo is SO street. He’s a proper man from the ends innit!!

  • Ziiko Bon
    Ziiko Bon 8 days ago +1

    Give this man a world title fight

  • Blast The Beat TV
    Blast The Beat TV 8 days ago +3

    Mate wtf is that mullet Kugan is rocking?

  • Charlie Bruce
    Charlie Bruce 8 days ago

    I really don’t like that kurgan he never ever asks frank warren difficult questions he’s such a toser getting in the camera. so predictable what a clown

  • TheEndlessWaves
    TheEndlessWaves 8 days ago

    Joshua laud you out

  • Phil Gomeze
    Phil Gomeze 8 days ago

    Lol man like Kuugs

  • E T
    E T 8 days ago


  • Steven Johnstone
    Steven Johnstone 8 days ago

    Furys a Lineal bum anyway. Wilder will smash him in rematch too fook the furys 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eddshotorwot
    Eddshotorwot 8 days ago

    AJ maybe fury 😂💦

  • bieron bowe
    bieron bowe 8 days ago

    Man had a stroke or suttin the left side of his mouth ain't working properly

  • Iosua Patolo
    Iosua Patolo 8 days ago

    I reckon he deserve a title shot

    DANTE DIABLO 8 days ago

    This guy ain't the sharpest tool in the box is he? lol tell us about your dogs Dillian

      DANTE DIABLO 6 days ago

      @mathew roberts I take it all back. Multi million dollar deals!! that sounds like some complicated mathematics right there only a man like Dill could figure that out.
      But go on tell us about his dogs, I'm genuinely interested now cos they probably making 50 k a year

    • mathew roberts
      mathew roberts 7 days ago

      smarter than you hes negotiating multi mill deals where your negotiating work experiance down the local kebab house.

  • i am me
    i am me 8 days ago

    fury is a fat joke, with his bipolar mentle head, dont really rate him he only fights binmen and cannot do k.o

  • 254OOPS
    254OOPS 8 days ago

    Whyte is lying

  • Dsharp Shotz
    Dsharp Shotz 8 days ago

    id pay to see dw smash that gypsy twat again

  • rulsey23
    rulsey23 8 days ago

    Boxing's Tony Ferguson

  • David Varey
    David Varey 8 days ago

    Del Boy beat him first time and had him beat 2nd time one big punch changed that but he can’t put up a fight with fury he was saying this shit about aj then he was to scared to hit back when they fought.

  • Killa Gill
    Killa Gill 8 days ago

    Fury would kill this guy, if they fought, always talking shit, and AJ knocked him the fuck out, shut up

  • Big fat Tosser
    Big fat Tosser 8 days ago

    Dillian whyte better shut the fuck up. If you want to talk all that shit and have hatred, offer the gypsy King a fight you fucking dribble

  • Dia Dhuit
    Dia Dhuit 8 days ago +1

    Go on the Dillian White rocking the Boston Celtics jersey vest 🍀

  • Mamun Rashid
    Mamun Rashid 8 days ago

    Whyte is building his craft, always improving and taking a hard route upwards.

  • Aleks Martini
    Aleks Martini 8 days ago

    I try I try I try I try I try I try I try I try I try

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 8 days ago +25

    Proper monster of a man. Animal.... I've said it from day dot. The most improved boxer of all time..hardest worker.

    • grey alien
      grey alien 4 days ago

      Just said something similar if he had been better trained and fitter he would have beaten AJ first time round this Whyte beats AJ early hes exposed big punchers will go for him now

    • Jay TB
      Jay TB 4 days ago

      Improved over the last few years since his aj fight yes 1000%

      SPOCKSHAKESPEARE 7 days ago +2

      Dan Smith that’s quite a statement

  • Reedem Nweep
    Reedem Nweep 9 days ago

    Whyte can’t go in there for a brawl with fury or Wilder. He better not play around with Rivas cause he’s going look to get inside with more leverage and power shots. Let’s see how whyte acts he needs to show his technique use the jab not get in to a brawl. If he play it smart he can win but at times as we see he try to trade shout and take blows straight on his face cause lack of head movement. Guys like Ortiz or Ruiz can sit there in the pocket gota be able to move but that’s y he ain’t take the fight with Ortiz and that’s why AJ got knocked out. Wilder going to knock fury out next time to that’s why he’s running. But nobody else can beat fury except wilder.

  • Stevie Butla
    Stevie Butla 9 days ago +1

    Don't think white will be top 3 but he has the power to k.o any heavyweight that's a fact

  • high calling
    high calling 9 days ago

    Mad Dog Dillon you gota love em. When I was a kid we used to drink ( M-D 20 20 ) Mad Dog . Dillon needs some more Prozac a Higher Dose like 900 or a 1000 mills., MMMadaaddd DDDogooggg DDDiiilllooonnn

  • FO. TV
    FO. TV 9 days ago

    Whyte v fury
    Aj v wilder when aj deals with snicker boy 😂

  • Cosmic Serpent
    Cosmic Serpent 9 days ago +1

    Imagine Whyte vs Ruiz, that'd be a crazy fight

  • fez s
    fez s 9 days ago

    Dillians heads really filled out..... It's safe to say he's a seasoned pro now.

  • JR
    JR 9 days ago

    His style reminds me a bit of Bowe.

  • MC 0_0per
    MC 0_0per 9 days ago

    Fury 3:50

  • Louis Clayton
    Louis Clayton 9 days ago

    The people’s champ

  • The_Artistic Big_Kamy

    And we now know

  • The Unspoken Truth
    The Unspoken Truth 9 days ago

    Laid out his dinner table maybe

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark 9 days ago

    In the ring, when it matters, fury would outbox this guy everyday of the week and twice on a Sunday .. Fury is to big and too fast for this guy who is world class but not elite

  • ilprofessore
    ilprofessore 9 days ago +3

    Joshua left him with brain damage the way his mouth is closed to his left...i know for sure

  • Icy_cool
    Icy_cool 9 days ago

    Dills alwight but step in ring with Deeeonntayy and it's lights out!!


    Dillian whyte is cool AF....move out the ghetto....ghetto don't move out the heart...🙏

  • 2007zodiac
    2007zodiac 9 days ago +1

    You know what!.. I’ve never liked the Guy.
    But!, The Guy is Humble... AJ has now been found out, and Dillian Did take a shit load of chisora-Haymakers, But came through, unlike bodybuilder AJ.. Respect to The Guy.....

  • jake taylor
    jake taylor 9 days ago +2

    Fury is the man anyone who has a clue about boxing knows this, the others don't matter

  • Jamie Howarth
    Jamie Howarth 9 days ago

    That sparring wasnt either of them he hasnt knocked fury out hes chatting bare shit

  • ManBearPig
    ManBearPig 9 days ago

    the fact people think this clown would beat fury shows how little they know about boxing.

  • Ken T
    Ken T 9 days ago

    Fury would smoke u

  • JA B
    JA B 9 days ago

    Dillian definitely wouldn't have been able to keep his mouth shut for this long if it were true. Utter bollocks, the guys a dreamer.
    He's after a big fight, a pay day. He's another Chisora, decent at his level but the second they step up they haven't got a hope.
    The only reason sky are getting onto this so much is they're desperate to build another big fight now the golden goose has been chinned.

  • chiang rai
    chiang rai 9 days ago

    Of course, of course...Fury would make you look like a right mug😂

  • Ellis James
    Ellis James 9 days ago +8

    Kugan in background with his reverse Camber legs 😉🤣

  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 9 days ago

    Brits always talking but they consistently kiss the canvas ...all of them, Johusa, whyte and fury lmaoooooooo

  • Uzi 1600
    Uzi 1600 9 days ago +5

    You laid him out but he got right back up. Fury will run circles around you again and again and again.

  • Ronny Bravo
    Ronny Bravo 9 days ago

    Eddy Hearn a joke dillion should off had the big fights he just been don King on dillion should go on and sign frank

  • Shane Round
    Shane Round 9 days ago +2

    My favourite fighter, most improved fighter, bashes joshua up in a rematch.

  • Stev3
    Stev3 9 days ago

    I dont believe it lol

  • italnational
    italnational 9 days ago

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  • Dank Youtuber
    Dank Youtuber 9 days ago +3

    Only half of his mouth moves when he talks

  • jimmy hopkins
    jimmy hopkins 9 days ago +1

    I like Whyte but I don’t see what problem he causes fury. Both have fought Chisora and Fury played with him the second time whereas whyte vs chisora was life and death.