Bebe Rexha - You Can't Stop The Girl (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Bebe Rexha - You Can't Stop The Girl (From Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil) [Official Music Video]
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    The new single 'You Can't Stop The Girl' is available to stream or download now!
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  • Bebe Rexha
    Bebe Rexha  Month ago +12315

    #YouCantStopTheGirl video is out now! You are capable of anything and everything! Thank you to these amazing girls for running with me and supporting me 🖤

  • PhipheeDancee
    PhipheeDancee 4 hours ago

    Great song 🔥♥️

  • Rosebert Discipulo
    Rosebert Discipulo 5 hours ago +1

    Berta's Hit Chart
    Top 15
    Last: 13
    Peak: 11

  • ColonD 콜론디
    ColonD 콜론디 6 hours ago

    Baldur?? is that you??

  • Adel Alaslawi
    Adel Alaslawi 7 hours ago

    💖 This song makes my heart worm red 😊 🍒❤️

  • ikr am
    ikr am 9 hours ago


  • Milly Ratuvili
    Milly Ratuvili 9 hours ago +1 this song👍💕💕

  • Crazy Average Asian
    Crazy Average Asian 10 hours ago +1

    Who came here from Maleficent 2

  • gabi brito
    gabi brito 10 hours ago

    como assim essa música eh recente? parece que existe a uns 6 anos

  • tapas gorai
    tapas gorai 11 hours ago

    When your new song is published

  • Beth Clewes
    Beth Clewes 13 hours ago

    Follow me on Instagram, bethclewes9

  • Nouno pink
    Nouno pink 15 hours ago +1

    i really like the song❤ but the melody at first reminds me of an old song i can't remember 🤔🤔

  • OneTakeMTV
    OneTakeMTV 16 hours ago

    She blocked me on Instagram becouse of Toy Story. :(

  • no name brand look away

    Does bebe rexha look similar to Alexa bliss in WWE

  • Trivia Baws
    Trivia Baws 19 hours ago

    Her music video style is what I'm envisioning for a couple of songs...I'm trying(passively) to finish. Inspiring- more making me hopeful.

  • Trivia Baws
    Trivia Baws 19 hours ago

    ..."good enough for right now"

  • Mena Abed
    Mena Abed 19 hours ago

    Omg!! ❤ ❤❤Wow!!❤❤❤

  • I am always RIGHT
    I am always RIGHT 20 hours ago

    ffs why they had to add that disabled muslim girl? I bet she asked for premission from the family before entering the clip, dont involve religion with music.

  • simra khan
    simra khan 21 hour ago

    So happy to see a girl in a hijab 🧕🏼 Thank you for making this xxx

  • Nahidur Abedin
    Nahidur Abedin 21 hour ago

    I want to pull down that Zip😚

  • Lorelith Villarreal
    Lorelith Villarreal 23 hours ago

    I instantly fell in love with this song

  • video Tik Tok Nour
    video Tik Tok Nour 23 hours ago

    Im a boy and i can't spot lestining this song 😍😍
    From @algeria

  • Seres Kata
    Seres Kata Day ago

    First I heard it I thought it was some sort of sims 4 song xddd. Anyway I like it❤️

  • retro_ 924
    retro_ 924 Day ago

    This song sucks and is sexist

  • hChristy Bernd
    hChristy Bernd Day ago +1

    Im thinking about Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift for this song..

  • Cal C
    Cal C Day ago

    My queen

  • Cal C
    Cal C Day ago

    77 videos you lucky God bless

  • Cal C
    Cal C Day ago

  • Cal C
    Cal C Day ago

  • visi vivi
    visi vivi Day ago

    So stupid people.can be a woman with hijab but is not a muslim if is in a middle a so fucking whore like bebe bitchi texha ...

  • Dian Giri
    Dian Giri Day ago +1


  • Stephanie Easterling

    I just saw your music video! It's the best one I've seen since Shania Twain's "This One's for the Girls!" The lyrics are powerful, the rhythm is uplifting, and your voice is beautiful. I also loved how you included women from every walk of life in your video. This really sends a hopeful message to every girl and woman in the world

  • Alondra Plamad
    Alondra Plamad Day ago +1

    Who's still watching it , November 19

  • Isabella Aguirre

    I honestly love how you included different races and the one that was paralyzed

    STARLET Day ago

    if you can't stop playing this song click here already 😍😍

  • Mohammad Alif Mustaqeem Mohd Jasni

    I like this song❤️

  • Videokl0wn
    Videokl0wn Day ago

    flagpole sitta

  • Random Friction
    Random Friction Day ago

    You are a communist and you will be stopped.

  • Max Bramley
    Max Bramley Day ago

    Literally a rip-off of Bad Habit by Ben Platt.

  • Raxxt Live
    Raxxt Live Day ago

    Hi Bebe,
    I just wanna say that I love your songs, i really love ur voice,
    I would really like to hear a song with u and Andrea Boccelli,
    That will be awesome.
    Love u.

  • Maëva Tavernier Mahieu

    Il sont ou les français qui écoute sa ??❤️😂😂😂

  • Venata BG
    Venata BG Day ago

    Bebe Rexha you are beautiful 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Dennis D
    Dennis D Day ago

    Anyone else hearing a little foo fighters ( times like these ) in the melody at the start?

  • a_a_a rshuu
    a_a_a rshuu Day ago

    Ohh That Hijabi Woman.... ThankYou...🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • Linda Heredia
    Linda Heredia Day ago

    When this started playing after Maleficent I started sobbingg

  • Jasmine Hall
    Jasmine Hall Day ago +1

    The music to this song sounds like revelation song by Kari Jobe just saying lol. It would be a cool mash up tho lol

  • Gulnar Sarsenbina
    Gulnar Sarsenbina Day ago +2

    Девушка, которая поёт сердцем❤️

  • Андрей Андреев

    слишком тяжелый зад, нужно срочно худать

  • Latex Me
    Latex Me 2 days ago +1

    She is so motivating I once tried to sing in public but I got so nervous that I messed up the words!! 😱how does she do it?

  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago

    Cuts off your legs

  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago

    Your never alone

  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago


  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago

    I would do the weird shit for God stand up

  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago


  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago


  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago

    I’m safe now rubs rexhas bossom with head

  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago

    I’m Jesus ninja

  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago


  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago

    You need chemical x

  • Cal C
    Cal C 2 days ago

    You’re buddy