A random PM_SLP_S4_L+ board repair

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
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Comments • 160

  • venomousbook
    venomousbook 3 months ago

    You might say you are a piece of shit, but with the work you do and the service you provide it's only inevitable that people will like you, plus if your staff can do as good a job as you then i'd say we are in good hands

  • Amiga Wolf
    Amiga Wolf 3 months ago

    SO happy we in The Netherlands do not have sick days, if your sick you get 100% of your money, also happy you cannot be easily be fired from your job.

    • Amiga Wolf
      Amiga Wolf 3 months ago

      @Louis Rossmann Yes, but it sounds also like a nightmare to have a employer who can trow you on the street (fire you) for no good reason, here the working class people who work for a employer are (still) protected, in the USA the working class people who work for a employers are not protected, most people are good people and most people who get sick cannot help it, and here you are not fired if your sick, but in the USA if your sick you can be fired because your employer do not like that.
      But great to see you talk to people here even if you have a million followers.

    • Louis Rossmann
      Louis Rossmann  3 months ago

      I wondered for a long time why my mentor, Duco, from the forum, has never bothered to start his own company or hire employees: even though he is smarter, more resourceful, and better at this than I am. Now it makes sense. If you hire an idiot, you're not able to get rid of them. That sounds like a nightmare

  • Buzzie 00
    Buzzie 00 3 months ago

    @ 8:45 Prices Law

  • Knoz
    Knoz 3 months ago

    This is seriously weird. Been watching your videos for a long time now, work in electronics myself, Power Electronics though. Well, there are so many nice ways to blow something. Thermal, overvoltage, overcurrent, maybe due to bad design choice, maybe due to some cascading malfunction related to emc, noise or other crap. Then there is a whole level of nasty shit than can happen later, like thermal fatigue of bga solder joints or cosmic ray induced failure (VERY rare, but actually a thing). But corrosion ?!?! How is some minor corrosion on some joint causing this level of failure. Why is just that corroded and the Rest is not. My roflcopter is going WTF WTF WTF. Again and again and again. WTH. Tin is actually really hard to corrode, so is copper. Or is this some phase change whisker type "tin pest" garbage caused by leadfree ?

  • Anastasios Mazis
    Anastasios Mazis 3 months ago

    You're crazy !!! Hehehehe! Gj

  • MP-Tuners Productions
    MP-Tuners Productions 3 months ago +1

    ... the moment that goes out of stock is the moment shipping person's paycheck goes out of stock... :D made my day

  • ralgor100
    ralgor100 3 months ago

    Do you know how to repair other computers besides apple?

  • Mind of Gemini
    Mind of Gemini 3 months ago +1

    Thanks to people like Louis Rossman and his videos, consumers can now know for sure if they take their beloved Apple product to a real deal AASP they're gonna get screwed with the repair bill versus 3rd party repairers where consumers are likely NOT to be screwed. Maybe not changing the world, but making a dent!

  • onderzone records
    onderzone records 3 months ago

    like you repers alwasy a good explane

  • jangelelcangry
    jangelelcangry 3 months ago

    16:06 Rossmann's Reaction to the algorithm monetizing him after swearing.

  • Wm Gilliland
    Wm Gilliland 3 months ago

    Ok, Louis you say you're a piece of shit. I beg to differ. Being demanding at work is not being an ass. You're not there to be their friends, you're there to do a job, as are they. Your actions, not your personality dictates whether or not you are a good person. And from all the videos I've watched over the last two years, every action you have made says you are a strong person and a good person, who doesn't put up with bullshit. Accept it you are a Good man. You'll never convince us otherwise.

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc 3 months ago +2

    6:33 - heard an American pronounce "solder" correctly.
    One crossed off the bucket list.

  • Trezker
    Trezker 3 months ago

    I heard a story about workers on strike in a culture where you have continuous improvement. They will go to work and do their jobs, but they wear something to show that they wont make any improvements to the process. Meaning that all workers contribute to making the company more efficient and losing this is valuable enough that striking in this manner is effective.
    This would not work in my country.

  • xXtroller13Xx
    xXtroller13Xx 3 months ago

    999k almost there

  • Ian de Windt
    Ian de Windt 3 months ago

    When are you going to buy proper glove sizes ?

  • Natei
    Natei 3 months ago

    A RANDOM borard repair. How nice!

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer 3 months ago +1

    11:19 Usually everybody is.

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer 3 months ago +2

    9:17 In Germany you always need a doctors notice. The first 4 weeks of sick leave the owner has to pay ... after that the health insurance (who everybody has ... and the business owner has to pay the half of it) does ... I think it was 75% or so.
    You also can't fire someone while he is on sick leave.

  • VariableEddie
    VariableEddie 3 months ago

    If your alarm clock doesn't ring at 9 in the morning then it's more like AM_SLP_S4_L!

  • 8strings
    8strings 3 months ago

    Hi Louis, Love your vlogs and I don't know where you take the time to produce these informative videos. I would love to replace my Lenovo T440s with a larger Thinkpad, featuring more and brighter screen 'real estate'. I know that the P73 no longer features an easily swappable battery, but would you see this model as an acceptable compromise in the 17 inch market? Thank you for a reply, if you could spare a moment.

  • Gamebattles1946
    Gamebattles1946 3 months ago

    You're so close to 1 mill subs 999k oof

  • Rob Goodsight
    Rob Goodsight 3 months ago

    Louis you are not a piece of rubbish as you saying.
    You are an entrepreneur, you fought worked and sweat blood to be at the position you are. You want things run smoothly and in a correct and planned way. You put rules...and expect those rules to be respected. Actually very simple. Also finding good tecnicians as in good people is hard.

  • Trent
    Trent 3 months ago +4

    911, what is your emergency?
    Hannah was making threatening gestures to me online at 5:15! I feel unsafe in my own home.
    OK, where is she now?
    She's in New York City and I'm at home in Minnesota...
    Sir, please do not misuse the 911 system.

  • Toran
    Toran 3 months ago

    One thing I've learned, from watching Louis' videos, is that (from the language he uses) he really doesn't care about monetisation, lol!

  • chris simmons
    chris simmons 3 months ago

    sounds like garden ridge lol i was fucking assistant store manager and got sick for 3 days and got written up then fire for that

  • LittleZakie
    LittleZakie 3 months ago

    MUHAHAHA Corrosion! I found you!

  • Dan Swinehart
    Dan Swinehart 3 months ago

    With ears like mine, you don't need any new equipment. I can't hear a thing out of sorts.

  • Tranquil The Cat
    Tranquil The Cat 3 months ago

    Confirmed Anel is working the Zaho mao when he gets back

  • Kyle Briggs
    Kyle Briggs 3 months ago

    i came for board repair.
    i left a new man.

  • Firestorm Danger Dash
    Firestorm Danger Dash 3 months ago

    There is no I in Rossmann, but there is an eye in Louis.

  • Ricovali
    Ricovali 3 months ago

    777 7

  • Lycerion
    Lycerion 3 months ago

    Tell your stock person to get more crest 1200s :)

  • jmparks0
    jmparks0 3 months ago

    I mean I get your whole self deprecation "I'm a piece of s**t" bit and all but I think you just run a tight ship, and have high expectations for your employees... which you back-up with taking care of them through crappy situations like Anel is going through. You care about your people and that puts you in a class above the rest man - you realize your people make the business. I think there's a lot of high-performing people that would KILL for a boss like you =)

  • Dave's Unbranded
    Dave's Unbranded 3 months ago

    I honestly can't even recall him fixing anything. All I remember is the rant about a shitty delivery company.

  • Ed ash
    Ed ash 3 months ago +1

    Witht he Smbargo, something specail is happening...
    The Wood Companies CANT sell to China, as China cant make money from it....
    SO they dropped lots of prices....

  • Dimitri Theodor
    Dimitri Theodor 3 months ago

    hi bro i have a macbook air a1932, can help me to fix error -1005f

  • Ed ash
    Ed ash 3 months ago

    I cannot figure how you get THAT much corrosion in those laptops.. Iv seen insides of 10+ year old Intel laptops and NOT a problem..
    Perchance, are they pushing JUST a tad to much power threw the circuits?? as well as Salt on the systme boards.

  • The AcGuy
    The AcGuy 3 months ago

    The humm of the soldering station is so soothing.

  • Anthony Tam
    Anthony Tam 3 months ago +2

    p p b u s 😳

  • Insta Babes
    Insta Babes 3 months ago


  • SecretSalami48
    SecretSalami48 3 months ago

    Lousss help me my peepee bus doesbt work right

  • Tamie Hamilton-Lavoie
    Tamie Hamilton-Lavoie 3 months ago

    You're going to to have people lining up to work for you.

  • RS Siya
    RS Siya 3 months ago


  • Eric Reed
    Eric Reed 3 months ago

    Louis: *gives a broker with 0 subs a shout-out just because he was fair*
    Also Louis: "I'm a piece of shit, I really am"

  • DaveMcIroy
    DaveMcIroy 3 months ago

    998,000 subs. So close.

  • Robert Caldwell
    Robert Caldwell 3 months ago

    I prefer a company that just allows the employee to stack time and cash it out whenever they want for any reason.....employees are less likely to call out unexpectedly unless they truly are too sick for work.

  • Adamurquhart
    Adamurquhart 3 months ago +4

    If I worked there, every board would be a Paul board.

  • Brian Hillard
    Brian Hillard 3 months ago +4

    Well on your way to a well-deserved 1 million 😀

  • FarmMiner
    FarmMiner 3 months ago +5

    Why did I get 5 advertisements while Louis Rossmann swearing and showing middle fingers

    • Eduardo Avila
      Eduardo Avila 3 months ago +1

      Because Lois is descendant of italians, so he has an italian pass, thus, his swearing is considered family friendly.

  • eb b
    eb b 3 months ago

    Almost time to drop the ball in time square!!!!!

  • Covers n Tributes
    Covers n Tributes 3 months ago

    The crazy banter between you and your employees (especially Anel) makes me want to come to the store and sit all day with some popcorn. This is what makes working enjoyable, you treat your employees with respect and it’s given right back. 👍

  • ItzKarma
    ItzKarma 3 months ago +1

    One man vs a billionaire company

    • Aeroxima
      Aeroxima 3 months ago +2

      Arrr, it be not just a man, but a man an his crew!

  • Udit Gupta
    Udit Gupta 3 months ago +6

    says "mofo" and also curses 10 times in the same sentence lolol

  • TheLeathal0ne
    TheLeathal0ne 3 months ago

    Beginner's luck...

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 3 months ago

    GOD, preach, Louis! Unions are the worst! I HAVE to be part of one at my primary job, and I HATE IT. They take SO MUCH of my hard earned money EVERY WEEK, and I want to murder them. I HATE UNIONS. I don't even WANT to be part of it! I WANT MY FUCKING MONEY! But NO! And THEN they can only get a 50 cent raise PER YEAR for us when the top dogs at corporate just gave themselves literally a $3 MILLION BONUS! Sons of bitches, all of them! Can't WAIT to get the hell out! (Bless you for being so wonderful to your truck-hit employee! T___T You are the best! I got an AWFUL flu that left me bedridden for two days, and my boss at my second job told me I should find someplace else (NEVER MIND that I work SUPER hard, am always impressing him with how efficient I am, always cover shifts, come in early, stay late, all the other workers and customers love me, etc, WTF?!). UGH!)

  • David Homes
    David Homes 3 months ago +6

    anyone knows a place like Rossmann's in Texas? I'd ship to him if it wasnt for it being an imac

    • Spoiler Alert
      Spoiler Alert 3 months ago

      There is no place like Rossman. You'll go to some place, and end up having to send it in to Rossman regardless to fix the work of the first person.

  • Rex Smith
    Rex Smith 3 months ago

    Louis, you remind me of this guy, RE: How to treat employees. thexvid.com/video/8BUpF__h-IY/video.html

  • T. Hane
    T. Hane 3 months ago +4

    Best part of the video was stone cold Hannah!

  • Viggstable
    Viggstable 3 months ago

    how many people are you gonna hire when you move to new store?

  • Daniel Looks At Vehicles
    Daniel Looks At Vehicles 3 months ago +8

    when you hit 2 million I'm flying over from Germany to celebrate with you :D