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  • Kristina Han
    Kristina Han Month ago

    The gum has been there for years btw

  • Johnathan Larsen
    Johnathan Larsen Month ago

    Damn I live up there wish I could of ran into yall

  • Rebecca N
    Rebecca N Month ago

    I’m from Seattle and it’s funny as fuck watching them try to explain shit

  • Sara Cysyk
    Sara Cysyk Month ago +1

    I was looking through the description and saw Category-Comedy. But is it really Elton? Think about it. Suicide Forrest Elton. It was on this "Comedy" channel Elton.

  • Godly Jay
    Godly Jay 3 months ago

    Aye my home town

  • Viva-tomapua Grooms
    Viva-tomapua Grooms 6 months ago


  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G. 6 months ago

    does anyone know the song @ 1:00

  • Thats our [Dan]
    Thats our [Dan] 6 months ago

    Ugh they even made Seattle look good wtf i love here and it’s so ugly sksksk

  • Newt Scamander Rules
    Newt Scamander Rules 7 months ago

    5:03 yes Elton I was one of the people who pressed their ear.

  • Brandys Bunch
    Brandys Bunch 10 months ago

    that's positive smash 420

  • RollerRae
    RollerRae 11 months ago

    i live in everrett

  • britt
    britt Year ago

    the beginning was like a tv show intro

  • ashleigh kiesbuy
    ashleigh kiesbuy Year ago +1

    Omg you were so close to me! Yall should come to Idaho!

  • Ella Marie
    Ella Marie Year ago

    That's the bridge troll in Once Upon A Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Candy Monster
    Candy Monster Year ago

    Omg i see my Dad's work

  • Maya Freeman
    Maya Freeman Year ago

    IT REALLY DOES !!!!!!!

  • Brey
    Brey Year ago

    Them pushing eachother at the beginning is hilarious 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😊😊😊

  • Laugh Love
    Laugh Love Year ago

    Sadly they recently removed the gum wall 🙁 so many of my pieces gone to waste. But I think they are starting a new one or something. This was a little while ago so idk. I moved out of Seattle to Port Orchard.

  • Lauren Kurth
    Lauren Kurth Year ago

    4:56 when Jay did that I did it and it was so funny when Elton said "Now people at home will do that"...I did it!

  • Pugalicious
    Pugalicious Year ago

    When they just drank so much coffee and the opening scene is Jay drinking more. Just. *heavy sigh*
    also hello from 2018

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie Year ago

    my question is WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT GIRL GO????? she started walking away and i waited to see her i the back but like she fucking disappeared

  • Luz Yera
    Luz Yera Year ago

    What song is it in the beginning??

  • Ravan Flame
    Ravan Flame Year ago

    5:07 omg I just did that! Haha lol! As soon as he said I just tried it! So funny!!

  • far from above
    far from above Year ago

    PositiveSmash420 8:30 I think she was picking up some herbs😍 lover her

  • megan oldenburg
    megan oldenburg Year ago

    Omg shes a youtuber too my favorite stoner

  • Happy Aleks
    Happy Aleks Year ago

    Never in my entire life have I ever heard someone talk to geese

  • lro 431
    lro 431 Year ago

    btw the lady you guys were talking to has a youtube channel called Positive smash 420.

  • lro 431
    lro 431 Year ago

    elton waving to the drone by the troll was so cute lol

  • KillMyVocals
    KillMyVocals Year ago

    Jay is so cute lol

  • WaterNotIncluded
    WaterNotIncluded Year ago

    You sure know how to use that drone :oBeautiful!

  • Elli Louise
    Elli Louise Year ago

    They say it's super cold but trying being on the water on that lake by gas works in a boat rowing, I live in Seattle and i used to row almost everyday in the winter and fall on that lake, rain or shine we went out in shorts and tank tops

  • Ash nb
    Ash nb Year ago

    I was screaming this entire time because I live in Seattle . I was like "OH THE SPACE NEEDLE, I KNOW THAT THING"

  • Bella Thompson
    Bella Thompson Year ago

    Low key wanted him to pick up a goose

  • joseph tapia
    joseph tapia Year ago

    what is he

  • joseph tapia
    joseph tapia Year ago

    what happend to the scary tunell

  • victoria algarme
    victoria algarme Year ago

    I'm a seattletonian .. wish I could have met you! But so cool to see you here(: come again

  • J. Lynn
    J. Lynn Year ago +3

    heyyy its Ashley from Positive Smash 420!!! 😍 I love her vids!!

  • Cya in Valhalla
    Cya in Valhalla Year ago +3

    Came because positivesmash420 :D

  • Ken Davis
    Ken Davis Year ago

    Are you using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro or just the regular Phantom 4? Love the channel man!

  • Megan Krug
    Megan Krug Year ago

    Anyone else live in or near Seattle???

  • Monroe
    Monroe Year ago

    my hometown 💖

    BLURRY FACE Year ago

    what does TFIL stand for? also can you do a 24 hour challenge in a strangers house? 😊

  • Corporal John BCSO

    Hey what's up TFIL I watch your vids everyday keep up the good work.

  • KermitSipsHisTea
    KermitSipsHisTea Year ago

    Your subcribers are at 666k the 666 though

  • boiled egg
    boiled egg Year ago

    Hmm 😒

  • Mike SoulEater
    Mike SoulEater Year ago

    Does anyone know the song during the drone footage at around 7:15?

  • Madison Rowley
    Madison Rowley Year ago

    There used to be way more fun but they had to take a whole bunch off because of damage to the wall

  • aydan wadell
    aydan wadell Year ago

    I love how they went to Seattle like I live there and go to the farmers market all the time

  • logan playz
    logan playz Year ago

    I wish Sam and Cody were in the vlogs

  • Catey Evers
    Catey Evers Year ago

    what song is playing in the beginning?

  • Blue C. Lupei
    Blue C. Lupei Year ago

    wait, what happened to the coffee???

  • Hooded_Warrior_ 77

    What's song is that

  • Sara Hall
    Sara Hall Year ago

    That lady they were talking to was another youtuber

    LUNARPENNY 6 Year ago


  • Sarah Grace
    Sarah Grace Year ago +1

    Elton I live in Seattle

  • Siobhan Fichtner-Jack

    i went there

  • Stephanie Arce
    Stephanie Arce Year ago

    I bet $9484822229494 that you didn't even read that number. You just skipped over it. You didn't even realize I put a letter in it. No, I didn't but you went back and looked

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf Year ago

    I came here to see the drone crash not to see two retards "explain" fake things to try and be funny on video about a place


    I need 100 subs to get a custom URL can you guys help me out plz?


    I need 100 subs to get a custom URL can you guys help me out plz?

  • Inspiring themes
    Inspiring themes Year ago

    5:05 , I tried it 😂

  • Amanda Switzer
    Amanda Switzer Year ago

    It's all that guy playing guitar in he background Copyrights the video lol

  • Ash DeRo
    Ash DeRo Year ago

    the music makes me wanna get up and dance

  • Koolkid_1901 Angus
    Koolkid_1901 Angus 2 years ago

    Longest intro ever!!

  • Spicy 17 Stan
    Spicy 17 Stan 2 years ago

    The tallest building is where my step dad works

  • Carl Luther
    Carl Luther 2 years ago

    at the intro

    • 리서강
      리서강 Year ago

      Carl Luther ship of fools by Johannes Hager

  • Carl Luther
    Carl Luther 2 years ago


  • kylee Mc
    kylee Mc 2 years ago

    who else started doing the thing at 4:55

  • Kitten Lover
    Kitten Lover 2 years ago


  • Will Rice
    Will Rice 2 years ago


  • noelle
    noelle 2 years ago

    Do anonther over nightnchallenge!

  • Mitchey 222
    Mitchey 222 2 years ago

    Was he actually that dumb or was the planned

  • Cody Patino
    Cody Patino 2 years ago


  • Noiros
    Noiros 2 years ago


  • Lamija Lisic
    Lamija Lisic 2 years ago

    OMg i miss the days when Elton tortuered Heath

  • sergio nest
    sergio nest 2 years ago

    Were is heath

    MOONKNIGHT182 2 years ago

    Tanner fox was just eating gum there to

  • Panda
    Panda 2 years ago

    For wiki, they're editors and if you write something that isn't true, they will change it.

  • Alexis Mae
    Alexis Mae 2 years ago

    I wouldn't wanna live anywhere else. Thank you for visiting my city and showing everyone just how awesome it is (:❤

  • Jordan Cheng
    Jordan Cheng 2 years ago


  • Legyfix Team - Swuft
    Legyfix Team - Swuft 2 years ago +8

    Intro song is Ship of Fools by Johannes Hager

    • Funky Jesus
      Funky Jesus 2 years ago +1

      Finally someone knows it you're the only one who put the song

  • fat matt
    fat matt 2 years ago

    eltons laugh......saves my day

  • Jackson's juicy thighs

    These videos are great ,but I think Heath brought a funny , lovable side that balanced the dynamic in the videos that just made it 👌

  • Alexa Lerdon
    Alexa Lerdon 2 years ago

    What's the name of the song in the beginning?

    • 리서강
      리서강 Year ago

      Alexa Lerdon ship of fools by Johannes Hager

  • Carson Wheeler
    Carson Wheeler 2 years ago

    Where is Heath i miss him 😭

  • Julian morin
    Julian morin 2 years ago

    what was the name of the song at the beginning

    • 리서강
      리서강 Year ago

      Julian morin ship of fools by Johannes Hager

  • Lynzy Janelle
    Lynzy Janelle 2 years ago

    Geese are a dicks

  • Emma Lynn
    Emma Lynn 2 years ago


  • Sophie99
    Sophie99 2 years ago


  • Funky Jesus
    Funky Jesus 2 years ago

    what's the intro song

    • 리서강
      리서강 Year ago

      Funky Jesus ship of fools by Johannes Hager

  • Shars
    Shars 2 years ago

    I'm missing Elton and Heath,,my heart can't handle alll this change.

    • Shars
      Shars 2 years ago

      But this channel is still one hunit 👌😍

  • geoinxx
    geoinxx 2 years ago

    Are you guys going to go back to that a banded mall again please do that was a fun video

  • Anna Espinosa
    Anna Espinosa 2 years ago


  • Carys Thong
    Carys Thong 2 years ago +7

    still good to know that hes still alive from the giant coffee

  • Abc Müller
    Abc Müller 2 years ago

    rn as im watching this they have 530.530 subscribers

  • Ashlyn Baldridge
    Ashlyn Baldridge 2 years ago


  • Live Laugh Lauren
    Live Laugh Lauren 2 years ago

    24 hr challenge in chuck e cheeses?

  • devyn
    devyn 2 years ago

    im fukcing heated, first trump and now this? IF YOU WAIT A FUCKING WEEK TO POST THE CONTINUED PART I STG

  • Cheyenne Plessinger
    Cheyenne Plessinger 2 years ago

    What happend to heath