Cobra Kai Ep 2 - "Strike First" - The Karate Kid Saga Continues


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  • Cobra Kai
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  • Mutlaq ALOTAIBI
    Mutlaq ALOTAIBI 4 hours ago


  • fountainhead
    fountainhead 4 hours ago

    I want Johnny yelling "QUIET!" to be my ringtone.

  • Tech 83 Studio
    Tech 83 Studio 4 hours ago

    At 35 I love my generation here's to the 80's babies

  • Travis Frost
    Travis Frost 4 hours ago

    Yeah right like those girls would pick a gook instead of him

  • Travis Frost
    Travis Frost 4 hours ago

    I would bust a big nut inside the mom...huge creampie

  • Gabriel Almeida
    Gabriel Almeida 5 hours ago

    Tinha que ter mais divulgação dessa série

    UPGRADE 5 hours ago

    that's so cool

  • Megan Phelan
    Megan Phelan 5 hours ago

    I’m learning karate in summer

  • Javier Alvarez
    Javier Alvarez 6 hours ago


  • Dominick Blando
    Dominick Blando 6 hours ago

    I see Daniel LaRusso is still a little weasel and bully. Johnny is still the same guy trying to mind his own business but keeps getting pestered by that little rat. Johnny is totally the good guy!

  • victoria young
    victoria young 7 hours ago

    Okay show I guess for pre-teens.

    DARTH MONG 8 hours ago

    Who else thinks Larusso's a bit smug? He clearly needs a little Barnes back in his life.

  • Alexandre Freitas
    Alexandre Freitas 8 hours ago

    Yeah, the rich girls do study in the public school...

  • Alena Gallagher
    Alena Gallagher 8 hours ago

    Who plays the son of Lawrence !????

  • Nick Fletcher.
    Nick Fletcher. 8 hours ago

    what a terrible mother

  • Auto MD
    Auto MD 8 hours ago

    I have a suspicion Danel's wife knows Johnny from past. How did she know he was pretty?

  • ArdoBlueMoon
    ArdoBlueMoon 9 hours ago

    I think Daniel and Samantha are so cute, I loved that he was teaching her karate and imparting Miyagi's wisdom. We need more fathers like Daniel.

  • BaneRain
    BaneRain 9 hours ago

    "I'm on level 10!"

  • 80's Boombox Collector

    "Fish sticks are dope" ah ha hahahahaha

  • Emmanull Leyva
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  • Jonel Juste
    Jonel Juste 11 hours ago

    The revenge of Johnny?

  • cionyde4rats
    cionyde4rats 11 hours ago

    The opening to this makes me want to punch Daniel right in the face.

  • Judith Rojo
    Judith Rojo 11 hours ago

    Love this

  • Jon Hohensee
    Jon Hohensee 12 hours ago

    This... is bad.

  • Alexis RosecraftTM
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  • Cam N
    Cam N 13 hours ago

    So much misunderstanding!

  • ソンナエギヲ
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  • C Wilson Sr
    C Wilson Sr 13 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Johnny's son creepy? I just dont trust him

  • Kaimi Dyreson
    Kaimi Dyreson 13 hours ago

    Skinny dips and bong rips lol

  • Desi Baby
    Desi Baby 13 hours ago

    Who's watching this in San Diego Cali??🌴🌹⚡⚡⚡⚡

  • Desi Baby
    Desi Baby 13 hours ago

    I grew up watching this movie..... 💋💄

  • Desi Baby
    Desi Baby 13 hours ago

    This is soo funny🍿.... pretty boy with the blond hair.... yea he's cute😚......💟

  • RadiationGaming
    RadiationGaming 15 hours ago

    But I’m glad he still cares a lot about mr myaugi 🤨

  • RadiationGaming
    RadiationGaming 15 hours ago

    Daniel gets on my nerves 😡

  • mydogiscrazy13
    mydogiscrazy13 16 hours ago

    The Miguel kid looks just like a young Andrew Garfield!!!

  • Nia Moore Smith
    Nia Moore Smith 16 hours ago

    Kirby Buckets

  • Jon Jonson
    Jon Jonson 16 hours ago

    Im trying to get this americans: The white man allies with the spanish/hispanic and the Italian allies with the chinese man? Lol...interesting.

  • Stephen Fogarty
    Stephen Fogarty 17 hours ago

    How does Johnny do that bottlecap flick?

  • Hippy(Bboomer)
    Hippy(Bboomer) 17 hours ago

    Opening scene. Dean Martin: Timeless

  • WTF Moments
    WTF Moments 18 hours ago

    “You Have Asthma?? WELL NOT ANYMORE!” Dying 😂😂

    SHINKAIDEN 19 hours ago

    excellent !!!!

  • mvp20014u
    mvp20014u 19 hours ago

    Said thing is he was right the kids were bullying a defensive person n he didn't want to hear the truth (Daniel)

  • Anthony Pascale
    Anthony Pascale 20 hours ago

    I'm on board...subscribing to RED!

  • Supaket
    Supaket 21 hour ago

    Possibly On par with Breaking Bad ..if it continues the talk is the moon on this ...This show could go a number of ways ,its for sure the sky is the limit on this many avenues for it to grow...very very well done

  • Inaworldoflove
    Inaworldoflove 21 hour ago

    When Johnny smiled at the end I saw the 16 year old kid from the movie :)

  • Inaworldoflove
    Inaworldoflove 21 hour ago

    I love how 3 ninjas is recommended above comments.

  • Inaworldoflove
    Inaworldoflove 21 hour ago

    Kids don’t text, they message, or snap chat.

  • Rodrigo Castro
    Rodrigo Castro 21 hour ago

    O que que a irmã do Sheldon tá fazendo aí?

  • Illuminatus Pythagoras
    Illuminatus Pythagoras 22 hours ago

    Oh hell...I am soooooo grateful for this!!!!!

  • Dick Damanik
    Dick Damanik 23 hours ago

    Does daniels daughter look like emilia clarke?

  • GG Bianco
    GG Bianco 23 hours ago

    Macchio is actually 4 years older than Zabka. This was hard to believe in the first Karate Kid.

  • lily jacobs
    lily jacobs 23 hours ago

    Man, this is sooooo good. Well done guys.

  • Steven Perez
    Steven Perez 23 hours ago

    Weird yet funny to see Will Smith get a executive producer credit to this

  • Luke Bourke
    Luke Bourke 23 hours ago

    👊 of the Warrior
    ✋ of the Scholar

  • gabino diaz
    gabino diaz Day ago

    por lo visto hasta ahora esta muy buena la serie seria genial que la pongan en español latino saludos desde jujuy argentina

  • Sean Clarence
    Sean Clarence Day ago

    I cant believe I'll sign up for youtube red just for this. This is dope!!!

  • ScentlessApprentice7

    I love them High School Girls. I keep getting older and they stay the Same Age!

  • Poopie pants
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  • Dylan J Balou
    Dylan J Balou Day ago +1

    Phone Rings* “Where is that garbage coming from? Do you hear that?”

  • J Tiso
    J Tiso Day ago

    Awesome! I'm hooked

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown Day ago

    I love the fuckin intro

  • Guadalupe Alvarez

    This is badass

  • jonathan echavarria


  • this guy
    this guy Day ago

    Kids these days.

  • Dixie Bassin
    Dixie Bassin Day ago


  • Patrick Pham
    Patrick Pham Day ago

    Time to bust out my cobra kai uniform! Seeing Johnny back in action is epic! Sweep the leg!

  • bamadeadhead
    bamadeadhead Day ago

    That’s a cool rattlesnake😂

  • Tramaine Terrance

    This show is extremely satisfying. Great start to an epic show. 👏👏👏

  • J Bennett
    J Bennett Day ago

    Now that Johnny is older he resembles Ellen

    • Ruben Perez
      Ruben Perez Day ago

      J Bennett ~very well said Bravo, you hit the hammer on the nail😈!!!

    • J Bennett
      J Bennett Day ago


    • Ruben Perez
      Ruben Perez Day ago +1

      Allen ~you hit the hammer on the head~bravo and we'll said😈!

  • DevTillDed
    DevTillDed Day ago

    If you scrub (moving the red dot) an image of a karate kid appears lol

  • tom tucker
    tom tucker Day ago

    this show is really good damn you tube im impressed.

  • Hold This L. Debarge

    we need DANIEL's DAD to pop up outta nowhere all of a sudden

  • Tran Thai Binh
    Tran Thai Binh Day ago

    Totally loved it!

  • Cristian Calderon

    I like this a lot because nobody is the bad guy I like it

  • Greek Rage
    Greek Rage Day ago

    Man this is great! Well written A+

  • R y S silverjewelry yuma az business

    Lol sensi wu is all serious XD

  • silver stream 1
    silver stream 1 Day ago +1

    oh wonder if Johnny will train his son😀

  • mark john
    mark john Day ago

    Genius TV - as a 44 yr old who grew up in the 80s this is like heaven

  • silver stream 1
    silver stream 1 Day ago +1

    witch girls eh hot five nerd

  • Teddy Kgb
    Teddy Kgb Day ago

    Team Johnny and Cobra Kai.

  • fountainhead
    fountainhead Day ago

    Do they ever address who completed Johnny's training (I've only seen the first two episodes)? After all, as far as the audience knows, he and the other Cobra Kais left Kreese in their senior year of high school. And Daniel, presumably, continued training with Miyagi for years until his death. So if they're now to be considered equally skilled again, someone else must have trained Johnny.

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye Day ago

    I have asthma, “takes inhaler and breaks it” not anymore

  • dbev
    dbev Day ago

    This is good

  • skittledog head5530

    Darn it I'm hooked on this show and I don't have TheXvid red

  • R Rabbit
    R Rabbit Day ago

    Very well done. Have to survive with just two episodes.
    Screw Red.

  • MrAnthonyramon
    MrAnthonyramon Day ago

    I hate anthony hes annoying

  • Cynical Penguin
    Cynical Penguin Day ago

    "I'll also never suffer a humiliating rejection. I'm at peace with my depression." Wow ok relax me

  • Lotus NightRain
    Lotus NightRain Day ago

    So far, don’t like it

  • Ratchet Werewolf

    One thing that they don't take into account is that after Johnny got his face kicked off, he got the trophy to hand to Larusso and said "You're alright Larusso" and smiled and shook his hand. So why is he all pissed off about it 30 years later?

  • Patrick Paul
    Patrick Paul Day ago

    'Hey Sensei, is there any particular way you want me to wash the windows???'

  • Flavi HD
    Flavi HD Day ago


  • MON STER74
    MON STER74 Day ago

    Yeeeessssss. Loving this!

  • Lost Age Comics
    Lost Age Comics Day ago

    They got this generation so right. I work with kids.

  • Abraham Limas
    Abraham Limas Day ago

    Tbh good script, i wanna learn karate now!!!

  • Sonny Kane
    Sonny Kane Day ago

    now the good guy is the bad guy

  • Henry Perez
    Henry Perez Day ago

    OMG This is an awesome SHOW! Cobra KAI!

  • Jonathan Pemberton Bey

    This show is amazing!!! Great work...

  • justin c
    justin c Day ago


  • Aaron Storm
    Aaron Storm Day ago

    Change that ring tone get some guns and roses