Cobra Kai Ep 2 - "Strike First" - The Karate Kid Saga Continues


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  • Cobra Kai
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    You can still join the #CobraKai dojo if you’re located outside of the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia or South Korea. Here’s more info on how:

    • Hashim Haji
      Hashim Haji 22 hours ago

      Cobra Kai amzing

    • Julio Henrique
      Julio Henrique Day ago

      Onion Boring coloca o episódio 3

    • Onion Boring
      Onion Boring Day ago

      Cobra Kai wfedwsfwdws4ûdffururhhejvdjdjhdbbhxbdbfhrhdvzhs d_÷;&"&$"^^$$%##^#&#÷*^#&×€÷*/÷^÷÷$+&×^^$&×&&=^=&÷&÷&÷_÷€÷%%÷,÷^÷%ueugsnfhrbwjdbgdgdhhdhehdh

    • Julio Henrique
      Julio Henrique 4 days ago

      Cobra Kai coloca o 3 epi

  • Rubi is a goat
    Rubi is a goat Hour ago


  • Ronke S
    Ronke S 9 hours ago

    Stop lying Kyler or should I say Kylo Ren

  • Mohammed Jaffery
    Mohammed Jaffery 10 hours ago


  • Leonardo Cornejo
    Leonardo Cornejo 12 hours ago

    Dimitry is the best lol

  • toastedjambread
    toastedjambread 13 hours ago

    Johnny Lawrence is the new Mr. Miyagi. The cycle continues.

  • walid bigboss
    walid bigboss 15 hours ago

    pay for this 😂😂

  • Piero Bautista Pari

    golpea primero perra

    EL CHICKEN Day ago

    Los gringos son pendejos

  • Omar Scruggs
    Omar Scruggs Day ago

    So he lives in Encino. the place where he felt out of place dating a girl from Encino as a comes full circle

  • Era
    Era Day ago

    Lmao I’m exactly like dmitri

  • Abraham McIlhenny

    Because of this show I signed up for the 1 month free trial with TheXvid Red (now TheXvid Premium). Because of the promise of Season 2 in 2019, I’m keeping my subscription.

  • Logan
    Logan Day ago

    189 more years, and they’ll still be fighting!

  • Andy Detmer
    Andy Detmer Day ago

    Azopotamdre parece que esta vez daniel san será el villano :V

  • Better than you
    Better than you Day ago

    I hate fish but love fish sticks

  • DinamiteBarese
    DinamiteBarese Day ago

    Looks like the real Karate Kid was Johnny all along

  • Bogey the Bear
    Bogey the Bear 2 days ago

    I find it a little difficult to see Daniel buying high-end cutlery during the events of Karate Kid Part II. It would have been far more interesting if Daniel said he got the knife during his second or third trip: It would have invited us to imagine when or how those subsequent trips to Okinawa came about (a trip during his college years, or maybe the honeymoon with his wife).

  • Steve Blechman
    Steve Blechman 2 days ago

    Surprisingly good

  • homie0187
    homie0187 2 days ago

    RIP Pat Norita, AKA "Mr. Miyagi"

  • Jesse Newberry
    Jesse Newberry 2 days ago

    Just finished episode 1. So far I'm interested in the story. I thought my boys would enjoy this too but the language... Not kid friendly. Too bad y'all thought this should have vulgar language. The movie did great without it.

    XDCOMPA 2 days ago

    4:38 lol 😂😂 i like this already.

  • Cedrik Luzu
    Cedrik Luzu 2 days ago

    Thank you for this serie Barney Stinson!!!! :v

  • Alex Banuelos
    Alex Banuelos 2 days ago

    Wow...what shitty acting.

  • Christine Jones
    Christine Jones 2 days ago

    His wife used to sing with Meat Loaf,she
    has/had a beautiful voice.

  • GeeOhDee Three6ixFive

    Health Inspector - "Hello there, Mr Lawrence?"
    Miguel - "It's Sensei"
    I lost it right there lmao. Miguel is too funny. He speaks for the little bit of innocence left in all of us if any.

  • Diego Martiniello
    Diego Martiniello 3 days ago


  • The One
    The One 3 days ago

    20:50 I'm crying 😂😂😂😂😢😢😢

  • The One
    The One 3 days ago

    15:25 LMAO he lookin like "Who?" 😂😂😂😂

  • Robert DeMaio
    Robert DeMaio 3 days ago

    Its just ok nothing beyond though ..

  • Aarón Scheffer
    Aarón Scheffer 3 days ago

    Soy el único Argentino??? 🇦🇷

  • Slavik Beloous
    Slavik Beloous 3 days ago

    They haven't aged well

  • Bill Petrie
    Bill Petrie 3 days ago

    Is this show going to come out on DVD???

  • Nicolas Gaming
    Nicolas Gaming 3 days ago


  • Steven Worther
    Steven Worther 4 days ago

    What a great show

  • Idrees Raja
    Idrees Raja 4 days ago

    12:13 *_-i wish you were here to give me some of that miyagi wisdom now-_*

  • Idrees Raja
    Idrees Raja 4 days ago

    who did he marry in the end

  • Julio Henrique
    Julio Henrique 4 days ago

    Coloca o 3 el

  • Bean Coffee
    Bean Coffee 4 days ago

    the first 5mins is funnnny😅

  • USS Voyager
    USS Voyager 4 days ago

    @Ahloveyafuhso "back in the day". As if the primitive era you grew up in is relevant anymore.

  • USS Voyager
    USS Voyager 4 days ago

    @Christine Wolf "my Dad would have fired the game boy off the wall and made me go outside". Lol Because your dad (like a lot of baby boomers) was a primitive idiot. Everyone, including a kid has a preference when it comes to entertainment. A kid that hates outdoor activities shouldn't be expected to enjoy them just because an adult wants him to.

  • Ben the Human
    Ben the Human 5 days ago

    I love how the roles are reversed. Johnny, the former jerk, has to deal with the underdog loser, while Daniel's interactions are with the same preppy rich kids that gave him a hard time. And then the cleaning- rather than Mr. Miyagi's sage muscle memory training and 'clockwise, counter-clockwise', Johnny's just all 'screw off so I don't have to do the work'.

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 5 days ago

    Hahahaha the dojo part, is a real crash of generations LOVE IT!!!💕❤❤

  • Ok Susceptible
    Ok Susceptible 5 days ago

    the first good utube red show

  • tucutumbelo desertito
    tucutumbelo desertito 5 days ago +1


  • Devyn Zuniga
    Devyn Zuniga 5 days ago

    17:02 “I’m at peace with my depression; last thing I need to be is suicidal”
    That pretty much sums up my life😂

  • Omkar Keskar
    Omkar Keskar 5 days ago

    Watched all episodes... great show.... Ralph machio and William zabka great performance.... looking forward to second season

  • Armani Lurkin
    Armani Lurkin 5 days ago

    Love this show hurry with season 2

  • Mr. Moon
    Mr. Moon 5 days ago

    Kind of lame that thumbs-up/down are disabled on episode 3 because it's pay-to-watch. It's like you expect people to be hating on you. Don't be so Cobra Kai about your business, TheXvid. ;)

  • Patrick's Crazy Place

    "We were at the store to pick up Protein Bars"
    Okay, Daniel, you can't possibly be dumb enough to believe that, lol.

  • Lee Herron
    Lee Herron 5 days ago

    Sadly I can't get into it

  • Troy Baker
    Troy Baker 6 days ago

    Those dirty martinis were clear af

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy 6 days ago

    Lol whoa just whoa

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy 6 days ago

    Man Yasmin is a mean butch tf

  • Pato Moon
    Pato Moon 6 days ago

    larusso debió haber Sido el protagonista

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy 6 days ago

    Man whoaaaa

  • LowG Vacation
    LowG Vacation 6 days ago

    "weakness is not allowed in this dojo" haha best line

  • pepetronjap
    pepetronjap 6 days ago

    exelent youtube

  • Rosane Godoi
    Rosane Godoi 6 days ago

    Muito bom. Obrigada ❤👏👏👏👏

  • Uncle Freddy
    Uncle Freddy 6 days ago

    Hey, I was just thinking that if these guys just held hands and jumped of the "Freedom" Tower that they wouldn't have to fight each other any more or pretend to be karate "kids" at the young age of 50. Am I the only one that has that thought?

  • Sean Lastiheard
    Sean Lastiheard 6 days ago

    Absolutely the best!!! Get some guns and roses

  • b4 jamoss
    b4 jamoss 6 days ago


  • FreakyBros
    FreakyBros 6 days ago

    does it cost to watch this?

  • abdalmlk abdalmlk
    abdalmlk abdalmlk 6 days ago


  • Lenin V. Moreno J.
    Lenin V. Moreno J. 6 days ago

    What happened to the rest of the chapters?

  • Evan Le
    Evan Le 6 days ago +1

    Wat kinda Asian don't eat fish

  • Surfersideb
    Surfersideb 6 days ago

    Christ these guys should let the past go

  • Ruby Wright
    Ruby Wright 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the dad didn't over react at all?

  • Ciro M.
    Ciro M. 7 days ago

    Amazing work!! great series!

  • N Y
    N Y 7 days ago +1

    Awesome series, it’s fresh!!!

  • ice man
    ice man 7 days ago

    Daniel Sam
    Sempre teve cara de cuzao kkkkkkkk

  • los ang
    los ang 7 days ago

    i like the wife of la russo

  • Penny Battle
    Penny Battle 7 days ago

    I'm really enjoying this, i like the fact Johnny is the good guy now following the footsteps of Miyagi and Daniel from first film. Daniel seems to be the bad guy as hes rich and cockey, but hes caught in the middle of his daughter and Kyler. I'm loving this story, I'm so glad they made it :)

  • hbc586
    hbc586 7 days ago

    Me & my daughter are hooked on this show, we can’t wait for season 2...

  • Simon Spencer
    Simon Spencer 7 days ago


  • wolfie L'Ps
    wolfie L'Ps 7 days ago

    I hope in the second season they get hilary swank back as Julie, she was an amazing character and would be a great twist to have her become the sensei to Daniel's daughter.

  • McVicar77
    McVicar77 7 days ago

    Did the whole lot in one day and now can't wait for the next series.

  • Dman W
    Dman W 7 days ago

    So, where did Johnny come up with the money start his how own dojo?

  • Francesco La Penna
    Francesco La Penna 7 days ago

    Ma che cosa è sta merda! Già i film di karate kid erano una gran boiata! Ora continua la buffonata?! Ma scherziamo? Pollice verso 😖😖😖😖👎👎👎👎

  • dcosorio74
    dcosorio74 8 days ago

    This world definitely needs more Johnny Lawrence role models and father figure like him.

  • Atom Nous
    Atom Nous 8 days ago

    Idk what the hell is this, but this is free? Is it marketing? Perfectly done

  • princess_emdee
    princess_emdee 8 days ago

    Haha! Kyler parents are from Irvine! So true! I can relate... 🤭👍

  • daniel marson roberts
    daniel marson roberts 8 days ago +1

    How did he flick the bottle top like that?

  • Gabriel Mendoza
    Gabriel Mendoza 8 days ago

    Es el segundo episodio y ya me di cuenta que ésta serie trata de traumas en la infancia 🤔

  • Tarrell Freeze
    Tarrell Freeze 8 days ago

    Wow! Zabka is about as passionate and energetic as a Sloth! Somebody PLEASE buy this man a Red Bull or at least hide his Thorazine from him. Has he forgotten how to act? He was actually a decent actor when he was young and he wasn't bad in Hot Tub Time Machine either. All I can guess is that money is his motivator and I'm sure he didn't get paid much for this(if any). Also, this whole skit... If you're gonna go through the trouble of doing this, start with a funny, witty little script. Without that, it's just a waist. Your much better off with a funny 5 min skit(like Wax On, F Off), than a 30 min sketch with occasional semi funny lines. I mean, can't anyone write anymore?

  • juarez ribeiro
    juarez ribeiro 8 days ago

    "Quer que eu lave a janela de alguma forma eapecial?
    Não não, de qualquer jeito, o jeito mais fácil."
    Kkkkk legal a referência.

  • shakeel uddin
    shakeel uddin 8 days ago +2

    his kids are literally the worst, spoilt rich brats who have no discipline for even the simplest things

  • Galvatron 321
    Galvatron 321 8 days ago

    The only thing that sucked in the storyline of this episode is, is when Johnny threw that kids inhaler against the wall breaking it. I can understand that Johnny wants to mentally toughen him up aswell, but if you have asthma and need an inhaler, then you have asthma and need an inhaler. Thats not something thats a state of mind, its a medical condition that you didnt choose to have. If that kid had an asthma attack and couldent take his inhaler, Johnny would have a law suit on his hands.

  • Paul Cutts
    Paul Cutts 8 days ago

    Don't pay for youtube premium if you only want to watch this. You can watch all episode's for free on a site called okru it's like a Russian youtube. If you want premium fair enough but don't just join if you only want this

  • John Brown
    John Brown 8 days ago +1

    Fallout new Vegas song at the beginning

    FARHAN Ag 9 days ago

    Subtitle indonesian please

  • stephen kirk
    stephen kirk 9 days ago

    Hi boss not gonna be in work tomorrow iv come down with cobra Kai fever.

  • Raoul
    Raoul 9 days ago

    This is quality. Watched the original films as a kid and love the way this picks up the same characters later in life and how the characters have changed with age.
    Nice to watch something with some originality and nostalgia without just a mindless re-hash of an old classic.

  • Little Hayabusa
    Little Hayabusa 9 days ago

    Not a Karate Kid fan what so ever... but I need to see it thanks to this gem!

  • trey songhurst
    trey songhurst 9 days ago


  • Paul Merriman
    Paul Merriman 9 days ago

    Any martial art that does not teach and instill discipline aint worth jack

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 9 days ago +1

    This is the worst show ever made with the worst actors you could find. Lol

    • im batman
      im batman 8 days ago

      Mike Jones your obvs 1 of the actors then ;)

  • borgduck
    borgduck 9 days ago

    Is this serious?

  • B16 GAV
    B16 GAV 9 days ago

    3:39 How to deal with SJWs.

  • musima41
    musima41 9 days ago

    Annoying cliquey teenagers. They need serious mentoring with a good reality check

  • Sir William Wallace
    Sir William Wallace 9 days ago

    I wanted Johnny to win the first one. Ruined my childhood.