Why is an A1466 Macbook Pro taking 45-65 mA and not turning on?

  • Published on Nov 25, 2019
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    Nice touch of Dream Theater at the end.

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    Tim L Month ago

    An A1466 MacBook Pro eh? Must be a new model!

  • Soren0
    Soren0 Month ago

    @Louis Rossmann when do you plan to move to the new place? Congratulations on the new place and I plan to donate soon. :) Thanks for all you do, the world is better because of you.

  • Tidder T
    Tidder T Month ago

    Only retards buy apple product

  • Jesus Yuca
    Jesus Yuca Month ago

    I don’t own an amp meter to guess what the machine is doing or at what state it got stuck. I always just measure the big coils. 🙂

  • bhpowerup
    bhpowerup Month ago

    Louis is heavy weapons guy.

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    bhpowerup Month ago

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    Holy shit it's james labrie

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    When you said PPBus, it made my G3_HOT, but my wife said she had to PM_SLP_S4_L

    CAILZZZ 2 months ago

    Hello Louis, i just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an incredible man and a model of integrity and altruism. I watched many of your video this morning, the one where you speak about your company, your failures, your friends and family ... I know this is gonna sound crazy and i don't want to go too deep in it but i just wanted to tell you that you really helped me to get through this shitty day (more like weeks) ... you literaly saved my life by giving me hope ... i just had to tell you (that was awkward but honest ... ). Thank you very much ! This world need more people like you ! Also : your the best electronic specialist i know ! Your de-snagging method is true wisdom ! From a new subscriber !

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    Watch till the very end. Worth it 👌.

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    at this point he's just showing her off.

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    no thanks to ur shitty content

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    its a shame louis didnt remove the sign in the new store. nothing against paul but he isnt well known.
    would have been such a goog meme, louis taking down the sign

  • Toru the Red Fox
    Toru the Red Fox 2 months ago +1

    I have an iMac G5 that also refuses to turn on despite it claiming to get enough power to both be in standby and to be on (going by the diagnostic LEDs)

  • 8itfrix
    8itfrix 2 months ago

    Whahahaha, love you man! Great video's and awesome work you are doing! Keep it up! More video's :-)

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    Do New Yorkers really say "talking smack"? 🤔

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    Damn you should be a rapper 😂😂

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    Erwinjitsu _ 2 months ago +1

    You know, nothing makes sad, cold tuesday go better than a macbook board repair.
    Hope you all have a splendid tuesday and rest of the week!

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    HeZhenZhen 2 months ago

    Louis makes repairing entertaining.

  • davejom maduay
    davejom maduay 2 months ago

    I’m from Philippines I notice my iPhone 6 the game app. they remove in the setting called background app refresh can be retrieved

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    michael hartman 2 months ago

    In the Rossmann group office, no one is safe

  • The Asian Nerd
    The Asian Nerd 2 months ago

    Holy shit Louis Rossmann is a Dream Theater fan?

  • COF Study
    COF Study 2 months ago

    Where do all the small hairy fibers come from? The case was sealed right?

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    Ohhhhh is that why they are yellow...

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    Thats some 50 shades right there

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    Dream Theater plays for whatever reason -> 👍

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    Everyone needs a Paul .. but does every Paul need a Lous ? :))

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    And we don't want a filthy soul, do we?

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    It looks like an Air to me...

  • DarkWorld25
    DarkWorld25 2 months ago

    Louise: Regarding the charging chip that is proprietary, you could actually buy renewed iPhone Smart Battery cases like the one linked below, and desolder the chip that's also used there:


  • Shikhar Singh
    Shikhar Singh 2 months ago

    i am having Issues with the new Macbook Pro Baseline Model(128Gb Variant)-
    The Screen Flickers Green Intermittently while Watching Video Content.
    The whole Video playing area shakes sometimes.
    The Lower area of the Screen was showing Vertical areas of bright and shadow regions (seemed like someone has put on lamps from below the screen)
    It's in Warranty...but the service centre said there is no issue with the hardware.
    I am running MacOS Catalina... and i don't think it's a software issue.
    Anyone Else facing this issue?
    what should i do?

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    P P B U S

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  • statinskill
    statinskill 2 months ago +1

    Why is Apple XYZ it working anymore, despite X mA:
    Because it has been engineered to fail. The idea is for you to buy an overpriced doodad not just once every few years but regularly, at least once a year. That's why everything Apple makes is particularly fragile and prone to break down. And don't forget about that Apple-exclusive Intersil power management device that is engineered to be right in the failure rate and mtbf average that is most profitable for Apple. In other words, the chip nobody but Apple has access to, nobody else can get, and that dies mostly just in time for the next macbook generation.
    They say that the lottery is a tax on the stupid. I say that Apple is yet another tax on the stupid with too much money to spend.
    Why spend $2500 on a notebook that is fragile, prone to break down and specced like competing notebooks in the $800-$1300 range? Because the case is shiny? Because the guy presenting it was wearing a black turtle sweater? I really don't get why people do what they do here. I really just don't. Why give good money to Apple?

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    A1466 is a MacBook Air not a Pro

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    This is definitely a PPBUS G3 Hot certified moment

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    falconaire 2 months ago +1

    .your Genius professor, that you'll never understand forever: 6:23

  • eri
    eri 2 months ago

    Hey Rossman, I think you should start a PeerTube instance. It's sorta like TheXvid but if it was torrents. You're smart enough to make one or hire someone to do it, and it would help get people more interested in the Fediverse too

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    Isn't that the bus line next to skid row?

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    Heavyweapons Louis

  • Epstein didn't kill himself

    I think Apple intentionally makes their boards black so that your video has terrible contrast.

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    "Who shot ya?
    Separate the weak from the ob-solete, hard to creep them Brooklyn streets."

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