Airplane Armrest Etiquette | Ear Biscuits

  • Published on Jul 27, 2017
  • Middle seat gets both? Share with the others? Micah & Colin dig into what they think is the proper etiquette for airplane armrest distribution on this episode of Crew Biscuits.
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Comments • 65

  • teghlura
    teghlura Year ago

    Hm, I don't remember if I got both armrests when I was once stuck in the middle seat for a 16-hour flight. Sure hope I did. 😳

  • Sushibomb
    Sushibomb Year ago +1

    I went to North Carolina in a car and I was stuck in the middle seat for 10 hours. Everyone refused to even switch seats for an hour. So now I'm used to sitting in the middle

  • Ross Kraszewski
    Ross Kraszewski Year ago

    Jim Jefferies did it

  • saratheteacher
    saratheteacher Year ago

    Hank and John Green already solved this: on a airplane, the person in the middle gets both, and the people on the aisle get the outside one. Movie Theaters / Auditoriums / etc, you get the left one, except the person on the right end, who gets both.

  • heypookeybearitisi

    Hank and John Green already settled this issue on an episode of their podcast a while back.

  • November Moon
    November Moon Year ago

    Window gets an armrest and a wall, middle gets two armrests, Isle gets an armrest and a little extra leg... We're not f***ing animals; We live in a society. - Jim Jefferies

  • Ramond Olive
    Ramond Olive Year ago

    Where is the full hour long earbiscut?

  • Anakin Skyobiliviator

    Yes, justice for the middle man!

  • Brissa Hulce
    Brissa Hulce Year ago

    I listened to this podcast and I enjoyed it so much!! I would listen to a Micah-
    Colin podcast, for sure! The video made it even better though.

  • Nameless
    Nameless Year ago +4

    i've never been on a plane in my life but i have about a dozen different barf bags from (i think) 9 different flights.
    There was a time in the early 2000's where i thought it would be funny to try & gather a massive collection of barf bags but never get on a plane, so i asked friends whenever they flew on vacations to save me a barf bag from each flight. i think only that lasted a couple years, but i still have the bags with the flight #'s, departures, arrivals & friend's names on an index card inside them all.

    • X Rapsons
      X Rapsons Year ago

      Raine Kaspar lol that's awesome😀

  • TSD
    TSD Year ago

    But what if there's 2 middle seats?

  • Jarod Robertson
    Jarod Robertson Year ago

    I have been on a plane twice, I just kinda pulled one knee to my chest, and hugged my leg. Boom that was my armrest. XD

  • Kell R
    Kell R Year ago

    Has anyone else never been on a plane??

  • Derpenn
    Derpenn Year ago


  • Dakoda Denton
    Dakoda Denton Year ago

    My first flight soon

  • Katie Harris
    Katie Harris Year ago +1

    When I was 14 I was forced to split from my family do to being boarded last on the plane. So we all had to look for seats meaning we all sat scattered in the plan. They sat me in between two strangers. It was 3 hours of hell.

  • El Tigre
    El Tigre Year ago

    Window seat. Middle seat gets both arm rests. Lane seat.

  • GracieZcoolkid m8
    GracieZcoolkid m8 Year ago +1

    Shout out to anyone in chicago

  • WhitePointStar Productions

    My favourite mythical team up besides Mike and Alex

  • evilkudailatina
    evilkudailatina Year ago +4

    I hate being touch by strangers in general!! I agree middle get the arm rests...I've been lucky to alway get window and if someone sits next to me I just scoot over to the window as much as I can to give them room and let them know I ain't fighting for no arm rest lol

  • Sneaky Bunny
    Sneaky Bunny Year ago +2

    Just got back from holiday and my daughter was stuck in the middle seat with a jerk in the window seat manspreading like a digesting pig ... legs spread wide into her space and at one point he put his head down on the tray and splayed his arms onto her tray. She's very young and beyond being rude it was creepy. I had to lean out into the aside to give her room so he wasn't touching her. I offered to switch with her but she said no ... so instead we just laughed, took pictures and posted them with #manspreading #whitemaleentitlementftl lol

    • That one guy
      That one guy Year ago

      Sneaky Bunny poor you that's sounds horrible

    • Chris Simmons
      Chris Simmons Year ago +5

      Lol This is the most stereotypical sjw comment I've ever seen! Most likely he was just sitting like any normal guy would (because men have something between their legs). The best thing to do is what you didn't do, ask nicely. If they still don't move (or maybe move back to the previous position without even thinking about it) then make more room for yourselves. At least y'all did do the latter, but there was no need for taking pictures of it with stupid hashtags. If that's your biggest problem, your the entitled one.

    • Nini TM
      Nini TM Year ago +1

      Sneaky Bunny Ugh, the nerve of some people.

  • Haden Pearce
    Haden Pearce Year ago +1

    Rhet should get a different hair cut

  • Inga Jones
    Inga Jones Year ago +1

    Everyone leans in toward window, the aisle rest is a non entity! Too much elbow bumpage.

  • i4sheep
    i4sheep Year ago +2

    I know not to go on a train now, thanks guys

  • Nero8447
    Nero8447 Year ago +15

    Everyone knows middle gets 2 armrests.

  • Kira Linaris
    Kira Linaris Year ago +4

    this week was just like complaining about very minor inconveniences??

    • Nini TM
      Nini TM Year ago +1

      NobelNighthawk274 lol, my life

  • Rach31
    Rach31 Year ago +1

    Why can't you just tell him to get off the armrest? Politely.. Lol

  • Wazo
    Wazo Year ago +2

    anyone who would do that for an armrest are little weasels and would probably shit themself if you asked kindly for the armrest. so you can be nice and instill fear in the weak at the same time :)

  • Isaac Huetter
    Isaac Huetter Year ago +1

    My airplanes never have three seat per row, always two...

    • Sneaky Bunny
      Sneaky Bunny Year ago +1

      Isaac Huetter you need to travel more and/or to bigger centres ... 3 seats is fairly common.

  • Gardian Night
    Gardian Night Year ago


  • Gusgus Madrona
    Gusgus Madrona Year ago

    It's not an armrest it's a divider. Stay off it. The aisle armrest isn't viable either unless you hate your elbow...

  • Tilde
    Tilde Year ago +1

    Not having a personal bubble when you're staying at hostels is exactly the reason why I've never stayed at a hostel 🙈

  • Samia Sayed
    Samia Sayed Year ago +1

    hi I am on time but idk know what to say... so I'll just say hiiiiiiiii. like if this has ever happened to you.

  • Name
    Name Year ago +16


    • Nicolas
      Nicolas Year ago

      he sounds fabulous in this crewbiscuit.

  • Name
    Name Year ago +10

    I rarely use the armrest no matter what seat I have. I just cross my arms or leave them in my lap

  • johnnygolf
    johnnygolf Year ago +1

    It's simple, whoever gets to their seat first gets dibs on the arm rest.
    Though saying that should that person get up to use the toilet then the arm rest is up for grabs

    • johnnygolf
      johnnygolf Year ago

      Inga Jones ya gotta do what ya gotta do my friend

    • Inga Jones
      Inga Jones Year ago +7

      no way, thats jerkface moves.

  • Purple Orphan
    Purple Orphan Year ago


  • DDAA
    DDAA Year ago +4

    The arm closest to the window gets the armrest.
    If the window is on the right, your right arm gets the arm rest.
    If you have an aisle seat, you get both.

    • MeowGenics
      MeowGenics Year ago +14

      Yes, window gets to lean on the wall and one armrest, middle gets both armrests, and aisle gets one armrest and more legroom. Its the unspoken air law.

    • RBuckminsterFuller
      RBuckminsterFuller Year ago +17

      Middle seat gets both armrests. It is without a doubt most annoying to be in the middle. If you're in the aisle at least you can lean out.

  • ravensong75
    ravensong75 Year ago

    I never use there to hard and uncomfortable.

  • Ariel Shmariel
    Ariel Shmariel Year ago

    I have never flown, I would have such a hard time with the no bubble 😣 I would also worry I was being an inconvenience or a discomfort to the people next to me, I would be apologizing the whole flight😆

    • Smartchick45
      Smartchick45 Year ago +1

      Ariel Shmariel Haha. I just got back from vacation and my first flight, I got the middle with my sister at the window and a stranger on my left. I told my sister that I wanted the window for our next flight. I got it, but it was worse than the middle. So, I didn't have a choice for the other two flights and ended up on the aisle. It was so much better. I didn't have to worry about stepping over people to go to ths bathroom, but I did apologize quite a bit because the guy in the middle wanted the arm rest, but so did I. We didn't say anything. We kind of just awkwardly shared it. My elbow was in the middle and his elbow was towards the seat.

  • jose ramos
    jose ramos Year ago

    best impression of NPR??

  • British Phantom
    British Phantom Year ago +2

    Air travel is a nightmare
    It's why I'm terrified of planes

  • mel_ty
    mel_ty Year ago

    I was accidentally early

  • awoo tism
    awoo tism Year ago +47

    preventing murder mysteries on a train: put a damn light in the train

  • qwertyferus
    qwertyferus Year ago +62

    Do the right thing. Cede the armrest to the person stuck in the middle.

  • Crestfallen Waves

    Early for ONCE

  • Masked B1tch
    Masked B1tch Year ago +18

    I've never been so on time before.
    That's cool I guess.

    • katie hobbs
      katie hobbs Year ago +10

      finally someone got it right. yes, you are *on time*

  • catlover49
    catlover49 Year ago

    I've never been one of the first to comment on a This Is Mythical video.

  • iKézio Henrique
    iKézio Henrique Year ago +2

  • Amy B.
    Amy B. Year ago


  • Sophie Sheppard
    Sophie Sheppard Year ago +2

    I love you guys ♡ Always look foward to these