Joe Weller & Behzinga select their combined Liverpool & Manchester City XI! | Saturday Social

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
    Joe Weller & Behzinga (Ethan Payne) choose their combined Manchester City & Liverpool XI ahead of the blockbuster game between the two teams on Sunday.
    From the soul of the streets, to the spotlight of the stadium. Break new Ground in FIFA 20:

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  • 3mak Ali
    3mak Ali 11 days ago +1

    spicy meat hehe yeah boi

  • Nathan Jacob
    Nathan Jacob 12 days ago

    nah i feel matip is a great player now

  • Plipzy
    Plipzy 13 days ago

    sterling > firmino

  • Kathan Gandhi
    Kathan Gandhi 14 days ago

    Well Trent's usually missing against Man Utd

  • vZefyx
    vZefyx 14 days ago


  • Danny Cutmore
    Danny Cutmore 14 days ago

    Too much ginger

  • nuclear tripod
    nuclear tripod 17 days ago

    Wijnaldum is the most underrated player in world football, he’s genuinely one of the best central midfielders in the world, fantastic with the ball at his feet can beat players, create chances, score goals and gets back to help defensively, works tirelessly all game long and yet doesn’t get a look when talking about the best cm’s

  • Markel Alvarez
    Markel Alvarez 20 days ago

    Firmino is a CF not winger pick sterling over him even though I am liverpool

  • Cypher Elite
    Cypher Elite 20 days ago

    Mane is carrying Liverpool past few games he’s a machine

  • POST Maniac
    POST Maniac 21 day ago

    Firmino over salah and sterling 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • ManLikeKez 9
    ManLikeKez 9 22 days ago

    I’d like to see them pick their best current premier league xi

  • PhantomXIX
    PhantomXIX 22 days ago

    Is this just gonna be a thing after the fight? Ethan and Joe are making some moves

  • R2 DAN 2
    R2 DAN 2 23 days ago

    I would say: Alisson
    TAA. Van Dijk. Laporte. Robertson
    De Bruyne Fabinho B.Silva
    Sterling. Ageuro. Mané

  • Magnus Tronrud
    Magnus Tronrud 23 days ago

    Henderson is underrated

  • Enervate
    Enervate 24 days ago

    can someone tell me where Ethans tops from?

  • Morgan
    Morgan 24 days ago

    Basically Man City's Attack is better but Liverpool's Defence is better

  • Morgan
    Morgan 24 days ago

    they've absoloutely done Milly here lol

  • Hydro
    Hydro 24 days ago

    Kyle Walker - 2nd best rb in the world but still can’t play for his country. Terrible time for this man to be a player 😂

  • Finn Doyle
    Finn Doyle 24 days ago +1

    Sterling bernado silva fernandinho salah

  • Mark O
    Mark O 24 days ago

    Sterling - Salah - Mane up top for me

  • Enes Elezi
    Enes Elezi 24 days ago

    Joe And Ethan... You love to see it

  • DonS Red
    DonS Red 24 days ago

    Lads were they going off fifa ratings

  • Paddy Rowley
    Paddy Rowley 24 days ago

    how can they take firmino over raheem what???

  • Der Matthias
    Der Matthias 24 days ago

    more like Joe Weller builds his team and Behz comments it

  • Owen Athey
    Owen Athey 24 days ago

    Why Salah not in the tram, 2 time golden boot winner.

  • Joe Barcas
    Joe Barcas 24 days ago

    All wrong

  • Aaron Justin
    Aaron Justin 24 days ago

    Sterling , firmino, mane and B Silva not D Silva

  • Envy Me
    Envy Me 24 days ago

    Love to see Joe and Behz working for sky

  • YaBoiSwifty
    YaBoiSwifty 24 days ago

    Van dijk
    De Bruyne
    Bernardo Silva
    Firmino (cam)

  • Arash M
    Arash M 24 days ago

    firmino up top and sterling on the right

  • CallumDoherty99
    CallumDoherty99 24 days ago

    Alison,Trent,van dijk,Laporte,Robertson,Fernandinho,De bruyne,Bernardo Silva,Sterling,mane,Aguero

  • Tom
    Tom 25 days ago

    can't believe the ox isn't in this lineup

    HALLE BTW 25 days ago

    1000th comment

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 25 days ago

    lmao are they continuing as skysport pundits?

  • Joseph Bullen
    Joseph Bullen 25 days ago

    Where’s Gini in the midfield conversation?!!!

  • Slight Unmake
    Slight Unmake 25 days ago

    Behz has it spot on firmino out for sterling then it’s perfect

  • joe butler
    joe butler 25 days ago

    We really have took over now boys

    IVORY TOAST 25 days ago


  • A5H3RZ
    A5H3RZ 25 days ago

    Turned off when they picked Fabinho over Fernandinho

  • Sam Hibbert
    Sam Hibbert 25 days ago

    Liverpool have not lost a game that Fabinho started in, there is no debate that he is in that side.

  • Team Breezy
    Team Breezy 25 days ago +1

    Cdm l have Fernandinho.
    Front. 3. LW mane. RW. Saleh. St Firmino.
    Cannot break up that attack. The chemistry is unreal

  • Mani Mania
    Mani Mania 25 days ago

    Terrible choice to put firmino on the wing

  • FaraoneStudio
    FaraoneStudio 25 days ago

    What a shitty team

  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson 25 days ago

    Joe is so out of place, he can’t seem to back up his points,
    Ethan on the other hand is outstanding, has punditry down, only disagree with his point on Joel Matip, who is an incredibly underrated player

  • ArchieTalbotFreekicks
    ArchieTalbotFreekicks 25 days ago

    How is the front free not
    RW: Salah

  • Lick Nelon
    Lick Nelon 25 days ago

    Weller is an idiot

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 25 days ago +1

    Ethan is class on sky

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 25 days ago

    Didn’t now Ethan knew that much about football tbh

  • Harry Probert
    Harry Probert 25 days ago

    Think it’s good behz and joe doing sky now

  • Super Hans
    Super Hans 25 days ago

    Van Dijk
    Alexander Arnold
    Bernardo Silva

  • Kenzie Maughan 10
    Kenzie Maughan 10 25 days ago

    Need more of these 2 joe and Ethan in sky sports top quality

  • Super Hans
    Super Hans 25 days ago

    Pretty sure Joe Weller doesn’t watch football

  • Sofe R
    Sofe R 25 days ago

    Salah is soooo good people forget how good be actually is

  • Roberto Carlos
    Roberto Carlos 25 days ago

    How the hell is Salah not in combined 11. It's taking the bloody piss! Hes world class maybe the best right winger in the world! And this idiot plays firmino there. Ksi must've punched him senseless

  • Armaan Akhtar
    Armaan Akhtar 25 days ago

    Na salah should be there

  • SIR Gametube
    SIR Gametube 25 days ago +1

    Firmino is a brilliant player but he is the glue in between salah n mane like what ethan said.
    Salah and mane don’t need firmino if they got KDB and Silva
    Prove me wrong ?

  • Fin Ley
    Fin Ley 25 days ago

    Behz now a regular on sky👌🏻

  • charrlliee
    charrlliee 25 days ago +1

    At the start you can see the players they picked on the screen but it’s quite dark

  • ZootFroot Gaming
    ZootFroot Gaming 25 days ago

    I think mane is better than salah tbh, but both are class

  • Isaac Dodds
    Isaac Dodds 25 days ago +1

    Bernardo>sterling unpopular opion