Jaden Smith on Releasing Two New Albums, Will Smith, Logic & ICON

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
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Comments • 395

  • Heritage Hamlet
    Heritage Hamlet 2 days ago

    Jaden!!!!! Could you just stop rocking that chair bro?

  • PVY70N6
    PVY70N6 7 days ago

    this interview is so powerfull. im inspired alot.

  • 0LolaLola
    0LolaLola 10 days ago

    what is this fucking idiot styled like our culture

  • Troy McIe
    Troy McIe 18 days ago

    super talented, the electric album is crazy as well as the visuals

    • 0LolaLola
      0LolaLola 10 days ago

      yeah raiding people´s cultures is super talented

  • xlizzmonster
    xlizzmonster 20 days ago +1

    Jaden's so smart man

  • Dipz
    Dipz 22 days ago +1

    It took 8 years. Hmmmmmmmmmmm 💀


    Text book mixed with modern methods


    Nah u have to be a boss with your business


    Don’t do drugs man it’s a dopamine thing


    Will Smith is the best


    Half my body is numb especially around my heart wish I could turn up soon as I get well


    I would be thinking about the song b what if tunes was all experience was like a Musical


    The crazy thing is if you like Jaden Willow looks just like her but if a dude date willow will he think about it

  • Tellem QShotYou
    Tellem QShotYou Month ago

    One of the best interviews EVER!!!!! I hope to be one of this guys good Homies one day....and im 35.....but its so rare what he encompasses intellectually..... Love It

  • Tony Asap
    Tony Asap Month ago


  • laylow2down 17
    laylow2down 17 Month ago

    Yoooooo jaden you gotta get on a track with NF

  • Re spect
    Re spect Month ago

    Red 40 is getting put in a lot of food now he says. Now? Now?. That's funny. The dye has been used at least since the 70's in foods. It's also known as allura red if I'm not mistaken. Facts.

  • arianator
    arianator Month ago

    he´s amazing

  • M.E. Henry
    M.E. Henry Month ago

    His music is surprising to say the least and amazing to say the most without saying much. With that said the potential for growth will be phenomenal to see cause the fact is he is so young putting out such quality music now. It only gets better.

  • coco_birdi
    coco_birdi Month ago

    to cruze jaden and lady on this yes YES YEA YEHZ @ 11:33 THEME #2020 hEALING2020 #cocoisnude #ALLOVE2018

  • Alex Solli
    Alex Solli Month ago

    He said on here the album releases July 8th.. :(

  • Nellzartworx
    Nellzartworx Month ago

    Besides Ice Cube's son, Will''s kids are the only famous black kids that we seen grow up.

  • Cecerro A.
    Cecerro A. Month ago

    Forget Netflix, drinking water and chill is the new wave🤔😂

  • Moto Sly
    Moto Sly Month ago

    Garret Ginner!!!!!!!!!!

  • JADAN Tv.
    JADAN Tv. Month ago

    I’m not ready for two albums. I hope they are as good as SYRE because that album was fire

  • Dead Dream
    Dead Dream Month ago

    His favorite artist is Cudi one of the most inspirational artists of our generation and I agree with him

  • alecs alex
    alecs alex Month ago

    Why I love humble rich people???? Maybe because I would be arogant????damn I don't get it.....

  • lizbeth maya!
    lizbeth maya! Month ago

    Wait so when is the sad album gonna come out

  • Fred
    Fred 2 months ago

    He's making me so nervous, he's an icon, right?

  • Yulema Nunez
    Yulema Nunez 2 months ago

    Me no likey that blonde no edge up hair style look

  • M. Charlotte
    M. Charlotte 2 months ago

    Does he realize HE himself is a very lovely rolemodel? He certainly is to me. He is kind, compassionate, has an open mind, serching for the truth, helps us awaken the collective concioussness... He's one of the greatest, in my opinion. An icon living.

  • Jon-Mikol Rosario
    Jon-Mikol Rosario 2 months ago +2


  • Endlessbeauty
    Endlessbeauty 2 months ago

    He's dope! ND icon IS AMAZING

  • Chris Mosley
    Chris Mosley 2 months ago

    It's so good to see the youth caring about real issues and fighting against the evil illusion.

  • E Hamilton
    E Hamilton 2 months ago

    Is Ye gone now? Asks the dude that just traveled to Wyoming for his album release??

  • Riviéres
    Riviéres 2 months ago

    Best recent jaden interview

  • Riviéres
    Riviéres 2 months ago

    My boss is 11

  • keepingitrealawesome
    keepingitrealawesome 2 months ago

    I’m excited for the new album

  • Phillip Dutcher
    Phillip Dutcher 2 months ago +1


  • Jazzy
    Jazzy 2 months ago


  • cj wins
    cj wins 2 months ago

    He's a cool dude. His parents did a great job

  • Khutso Kobela
    Khutso Kobela 2 months ago

    What you call an Icon living!

  • memzoid
    memzoid 2 months ago +1

    Two albums wow! This new rap style where you don't need to have rhythm to make a record

  • Keino O'Brien
    Keino O'Brien 2 months ago

    I'm gonna need that Logic and Jaden collab right now

  • tendai kamangwana
    tendai kamangwana 2 months ago

    Jaden experience and cool cafe were dope mix tapes.

  • Lexus Carter
    Lexus Carter 2 months ago +1

    Wow he’s awesome

  • Dona Donna
    Dona Donna 2 months ago

    finally the world is ready

  • Ethan Hernandez
    Ethan Hernandez 2 months ago +1

    Y'all check this out thexvid.com/video/MlrpV1Pe_fU/video.html

  • Nixbest
    Nixbest 2 months ago

    1:47 about Logic #rattpack

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2 months ago +4

    Jaden hairline pissing me off this whole video

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White 2 months ago

    I have not heard on Logic song lmao soo... superhero. I’m not sure.

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White 2 months ago +1


  • Emma Bunch-Benson
    Emma Bunch-Benson 2 months ago

    will smith better drop those albums

  • Peter K. Nørgaard
    Peter K. Nørgaard 2 months ago

    He looks like a drug bird in the thumbnail

  • Zukinu12 Gaming
    Zukinu12 Gaming 2 months ago

    I’m hype for that will smith album

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy 2 months ago

    This is another icon

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy 2 months ago

    Yes !

  • Leo Kelly
    Leo Kelly 2 months ago

    Not much people know this but there is a forgotten smith brother

  • Christina Douglas
    Christina Douglas 2 months ago

    He’s so dope!

  • X.E.X
    X.E.X 2 months ago


  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen 2 months ago


    THE CHIPI 2 months ago

    His hoodie looks neat.

    • 0LolaLola
      0LolaLola 10 days ago

      he looks a bit up our arse

    SSORTY 2 months ago

    Get the show on, please!

  • Ethan Ulrich
    Ethan Ulrich 2 months ago +3

    "Do you smoke" "uhhhh no" yeah right jaden ahhaha

  • ava c
    ava c 2 months ago


  • ItsDerekWolf
    ItsDerekWolf 2 months ago

    When he talked about role models.. man i felt so connected to him. Hes so freaking real this guy.

  • Cristian Reynaga
    Cristian Reynaga 2 months ago +7

    Logic watched this and was like this fool just told the world i got 7 albums when i told them im retiring after 4

  • Kwame Blake
    Kwame Blake 2 months ago

    i have been fucking with this nigga from he dropped coolest

  • Astroworld Stormi
    Astroworld Stormi 2 months ago

    13:11 thank me later

  • Astroworld Stormi
    Astroworld Stormi 2 months ago

    13:11 thank me later

  • The Woodz
    The Woodz 2 months ago

    lol Jaden definitely smokes by the way

  • Mystic Odyssey
    Mystic Odyssey 2 months ago

    Love him.

  • TAHJ - Become Your Best Self

    My guy JADEN!!!

  • Themba Mnyele
    Themba Mnyele 2 months ago

    What a cool kid :)

  • Krs silvah
    Krs silvah 2 months ago

    It’s cuz you suck

  • Melissa Penaloza
    Melissa Penaloza 2 months ago +7

    Pretty scared asf that they were talking about how bad hot cheetos and all this stuff we eat is bad for us while I’m currently eating a bag of hot cheetos 😩😭😭😭

  • Quynton Simpson
    Quynton Simpson 2 months ago

    Jaden Said Logic Has 7 Unreleased Albums2:05

  • Tune lovers
    Tune lovers 2 months ago +1

    jaden is still cute. damnn

  • Ryan comerford
    Ryan comerford 2 months ago +4

    Oh wow. Logic has 7 unreleased albums and a possible song with Jaden.

  • Who knows
    Who knows 2 months ago

    Kid is a wierdo

  • Zachary Wilson
    Zachary Wilson 2 months ago

    We need more people in hip-hop with a chill demeanor like Jaden

    • 0LolaLola
      0LolaLola 10 days ago

      why are you styled like our generation

  • Baiden Mars
    Baiden Mars 2 months ago

    I miss the old Jaden

    • Aye Jake
      Aye Jake 2 months ago

      Baiden Mars why he seems the same

  • Chi qc
    Chi qc 2 months ago

    One of my fav people

  • BouksTV Barry’s
    BouksTV Barry’s 2 months ago

    Very smart

  • Toppy Joe
    Toppy Joe 2 months ago

    i like how he moved right passed that kanye question. Salute

  • Juan Macias
    Juan Macias 2 months ago

    Stop! Just Stop!

  • Ray Floyd
    Ray Floyd 2 months ago


  • Sean K.
    Sean K. 2 months ago +2

    "i have been in the studio every single day since 11 and people have not liked one single one of my songs until this year"
    Keep going man!

  • Aggressive Banana
    Aggressive Banana 2 months ago +1

    yo is it just me or does he look like pale? for a black man? not there's anything wrong with it but why is that?

  • 8supersaiyan
    8supersaiyan 2 months ago

    Muchdank please

  • Bobby Snake
    Bobby Snake 2 months ago

    Cruz probably one of my last favorite interviewers right next to zane lowe

  • ocdedic
    ocdedic 2 months ago

    Yo lil jaden really spillin all the sauce on Logic and Big will

  • Blue Splice
    Blue Splice 2 months ago

    Jaden Smith XD

  • Melissa Gardner
    Melissa Gardner 2 months ago

    The fact that Jaden doesn’t smoke!... A+++

  • Niki & Edson
    Niki & Edson 2 months ago

    PCH was my jam!!!

  • Urban Género TV
    Urban Género TV 2 months ago

    Lit interview 🔥️🔥️🔥️

  • Rashad McDuffie
    Rashad McDuffie 2 months ago

    Syre is a very good album, I appreciate the fact that Jaden Smith beats to his own drum, as his journey as a musician is also a reflection of his individuality.

  • Bryan gomez
    Bryan gomez 2 months ago

    watching this right off the bat to start off my day has put me in a great mood

  • Twalumba Malembeka
    Twalumba Malembeka 2 months ago +4

    Much dank?