• Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Remember the hit TV show, Silent Library, on MTV? Well welcome to the smaller budget Silent Library by MEEE. I'm here to steal the show to bring you back the silent but deadly challenges we all loved then, and now again. This is the quietest you will ever see our friend group be. Watch us silently scream through three testing challenges for a chance to win the REALLY rewarding grand prize. Thanks for watching baby boos! Episode two, coming soon...
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    Producer: Jason Chen
    Supervising Producer: Tracy Chitupatham
    Production Assistant: Kari Gatson
    Creative Directors: Liza Koshy and Cory Pitkavish (@korywithastory)
    Videographers: Cory Pitkavish, Evan Butka, Ben Meredith
    Editors: Cory Pitkavish and Liza Koshy
    Sound: Leo Chor
    Production Designer: Ben Ralston
    Art Director: Yesha Hayes
    Set Dresser: Gabriel Gonzales
    3D Artist: Duncan Rawlings
    Music: BBGUNS (@bbgunspgh)

    Thank you for watching!
    All the love,
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  • Paige J
    Paige J Hour ago

    I feel like this episode is way more genuine than episode 2

  • Christopher Henderson
    Christopher Henderson 2 hours ago

    7:00 Zane's birthing Liza.

  • Oh Curlee
    Oh Curlee 4 hours ago

    I'm literally crying laughing..

  • Samantha Lassig
    Samantha Lassig 7 hours ago

    That cheerleader enjoyed that round

  • SlyghTly Tyghty
    SlyghTly Tyghty 7 hours ago

    this is a SHOW!

  • Nelofar K
    Nelofar K 8 hours ago

    Don’t tell me Mariah doesn’t look like Ananya Pandey

  • Livia Xavier
    Livia Xavier Day ago +2

    Someone: sooo, are your friends normal?
    They: yeah, we know the word normal

  • Savini Samaratunge

    Why did David and Liza break up

  • Aiyanna Torres
    Aiyanna Torres 2 days ago +1

    Who miss her

  • Marisa Tomaru
    Marisa Tomaru 3 days ago +1

    She spelled mariahs name wrong haha

  • pinapleistasy 28
    pinapleistasy 28 3 days ago

    At 12:56 Zane looks like manual samuel

  • Etana Carol Roses Murray
    Etana Carol Roses Murray 4 days ago +10

    Imagine if coat chest was with a girl 😯this would be a completely different video 🤨

      MONTASER SARA 6 hours ago

      Etana Carol Roses Murray IKR what would they do

  • Bodour Khoory
    Bodour Khoory 4 days ago

    So everyone is sleeping at night anddddd I laughed way loud than I thought I would andddd my mom came and got mad at me LMAOOOOO but it was worth the watchhhhh

  • JaLisa Henderson
    JaLisa Henderson 6 days ago

    They loud asf

  • Jana
    Jana 6 days ago

    I love this

  • Maddie's Land
    Maddie's Land 7 days ago

    This is like watching my class doing group work when we have to be silent 😂😂😂

  • John Martinez18
    John Martinez18 8 days ago

    Liza is with the Illuminati

  • Yara H
    Yara H 8 days ago +1

    Anyone realize she spelled Mariah last name wrong in the intro 🤣

  • Aisha Alhouti
    Aisha Alhouti 8 days ago

    Hooooo you need to do a part 2

  • Danielle Victoria
    Danielle Victoria 9 days ago

    I’ve never laughed so hard before until I was Zane and Liza velcro together

  • saphora jong
    saphora jong 9 days ago


  • Geyl Bacs
    Geyl Bacs 9 days ago +8

    I'm trying to laugh as quietly as possible even though I'm not in the game.

  • Isabella Sky
    Isabella Sky 10 days ago

    Why the cards though?

  • Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas 10 days ago

    I can’t be the only limelight who thought I saw Gabriela Gonzalez in the credits but it was Gabriel

  • Allison Sankbeil
    Allison Sankbeil 10 days ago +10

    Why was I trying to be silent with them? Whole episode = Silent stifled laughter or seizure???

  • Alexis
    Alexis 10 days ago

    *this reminds me of bts...just me? ok..*

  • Kaylee Nguyen
    Kaylee Nguyen 10 days ago

    what if a girl was chosen for the first challenge?😳

  • SiYoung Lee
    SiYoung Lee 10 days ago

    When zane farted, my dog farted and it smelled really bad ;-;

  • Avinash Prabhakar
    Avinash Prabhakar 11 days ago

    Mariah Amato spelled wrong

  • Hi And bye
    Hi And bye 12 days ago


  • Hi And bye
    Hi And bye 12 days ago

    “the team has, once again, opted in for another challenge no one asked for” HAHAHAHHA 😂😂😂

  • Gatlin Greeno
    Gatlin Greeno 12 days ago

    Damn wish it was David and not you

  • wannahbaby
    wannahbaby 12 days ago

    Round 3 was the funniest

  • DWAINE Douglas
    DWAINE Douglas 12 days ago


  • rudegirl2219
    rudegirl2219 12 days ago

    Why did have take his pants off for the nipple one ? Lol

  • Olivia Nelson
    Olivia Nelson 13 days ago

    Please do this again 😂😂

  • AjayGaming. TV
    AjayGaming. TV 14 days ago +6

    I know I’m 5 months late but Alex as the speaker would’ve been perfect.

    • hannah h.
      hannah h. 13 days ago +1

      AjayGaming. TV TOO TRUE

  • omaha nebraska
    omaha nebraska 14 days ago +1

    wait whats the point if one person gets the bad card, then everyone gets punished?

    • Ari Toney
      Ari Toney 13 days ago +1

      omaha nebraska i was wondering the same thing. Someone plz answer

  • Soccer Scorer0132
    Soccer Scorer0132 14 days ago

    y does she cuss now

  • Sonia Peraza
    Sonia Peraza 14 days ago +1

    I just got this recommended and I can’t stop laughing omg please more of these now!!!!

  • Georg Rafla
    Georg Rafla 15 days ago

    What happens if one of the girl got the first challenge

  • YureOuji
    YureOuji 15 days ago


  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith 15 days ago

    EVANNN BUTKA!! MY BFF😂jk hes just some one I y’all too

  • Albert Burns
    Albert Burns 15 days ago +1

    Y’all don’t know how to play this game

  • Albert Burns
    Albert Burns 15 days ago

    Where was Scotty

  • JT 91
    JT 91 15 days ago


  • Jacob Parks
    Jacob Parks 15 days ago

    Ww needed this thank you !!!!

  • Jacob Armstrong
    Jacob Armstrong 16 days ago

    Liza & The Vlog Squad

  • Angel Chab
    Angel Chab 16 days ago


  • Brandon Woolbright
    Brandon Woolbright 16 days ago

    This was honestly the best thing I've seen in years!

  • Kaylyn Kunz
    Kaylyn Kunz 16 days ago

    she said... libary not library still love you though 😂😂

  • Michelle Soto
    Michelle Soto 16 days ago +12

    "The team is to privileged and Liza is too cheap"
    Bruh 😂

  • Draw Maw
    Draw Maw 16 days ago

    Was anyone else also remaining quiet with out noticing

  • Michael Maglaki
    Michael Maglaki 16 days ago

    another one please!!!!

  • RedPanda182 Studios
    RedPanda182 Studios 17 days ago

    Literally this makes it more funny cause it's like when you're not supposed to laugh so its funnier lawd I'm dead

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 17 days ago

    They suck at being silent 😂

  • becca perez
    becca perez 17 days ago

    liza telling heath and kristen to stfu is hilarious

  • Jax has fun
    Jax has fun 17 days ago +48

    Okay I need Liza to bring this back and be the host actually .

  • BarDenSe
    BarDenSe 17 days ago

    es una copia de wismichu o wismichu se copio de ella? no entiendo

  • DTMT527
    DTMT527 18 days ago

    Pls do a vid with Sabrina Carpenter 🙏🙏🙏