• Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Remember the hit TV show, Silent Library, on MTV? Well welcome to the smaller budget Silent Library by MEEE. I'm here to steal the show to bring you back the silent but deadly challenges we all loved then, and now again. This is the quietest you will ever see our friend group be. Watch us silently scream through three testing challenges for a chance to win the REALLY rewarding grand prize. Thanks for watching baby boos! Episode two, coming soon...
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    Producer: Jason Chen
    Supervising Producer: Tracy Chitupatham
    Production Assistant: Kari Gatson
    Creative Directors: Liza Koshy and Cory Pitkavish (@korywithastory)
    Videographers: Cory Pitkavish, Evan Butka, Ben Meredith
    Editors: Cory Pitkavish and Liza Koshy
    Sound: Leo Chor
    Production Designer: Ben Ralston
    Art Director: Yesha Hayes
    Set Dresser: Gabriel Gonzales
    3D Artist: Duncan Rawlings
    Music: BBGUNS (@bbgunspgh)

    Thank you for watching!
    All the love,
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  • Yassy D.
    Yassy D. Hour ago

    Happy birthday David

  • Halston Emery
    Halston Emery 4 hours ago

    I died when Liza told Heath to not fart then 5 seconds later Zane farts. 😂😂

  • Baerry
    Baerry 7 hours ago

    I need more of this knock off show xD

  • prachita shah
    prachita shah 10 hours ago


  • foxy gamergirl
    foxy gamergirl 13 hours ago

    I'm omg

  • Neelagh-Louise M
    Neelagh-Louise M 17 hours ago

    who else died of laughter. its 2 am and I wheezed so loudly and woke up all my friends then we where all thirsty so we went downstairs and this is how we acted XD

  • Karialys Echevarria
    Karialys Echevarria 20 hours ago

    Hi I am the most biggest fan of the fan Group love ya pls shotout

  • Mariana Saavedra
    Mariana Saavedra 22 hours ago

    Is it me or did the cheerleader enjoy throwing the footballs at them way to much😂

  • Ebony Armster
    Ebony Armster 23 hours ago +1


  • Lance Otero
    Lance Otero Day ago

    They should’ve lost that last round 😂😂

  • Stanka Prce
    Stanka Prce Day ago

    I cant stop laugh i watch this in 2 am😂🤣

  • sas stip 2008
    sas stip 2008 Day ago

    I lauged so hard😂😂

  • Katelea Brown
    Katelea Brown Day ago

    OMG Liza finally cussed😮😮😮😮

  • Emma va
    Emma va Day ago

    I love them together to much

  • Emma va
    Emma va Day ago

    liza getting the kids this week 😂

  • cheetahgen
    cheetahgen Day ago

    I love this

  • SM L
    SM L Day ago

    I miss David

  • маска
    маска Day ago

    Почему я пытаюсь тихо смеётся?! 😂

  • Apollobear _11
    Apollobear _11 Day ago

    I've laughed way to much seeing this and it's 1:29 in the morning

  • Chloe Bee
    Chloe Bee 2 days ago


  • destiny.
    destiny. 2 days ago

    Liza koshy's asmr video!

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright 2 days ago

    love this sketch that you guys are doing but I'm pretty sure the goal of the game is to be quiet and you guys were in the red light most of the time if y'all were on the TV show y'all would have lost

  • Keirslee gallant
    Keirslee gallant 2 days ago

    Liza was straight up hanging

  • Torrin Berry
    Torrin Berry 2 days ago


  • iamjech Cardano
    iamjech Cardano 2 days ago +2

    Liza u are my most favorite TheXvidr love ur vids :D

  • Adwoa D
    Adwoa D 2 days ago


  • Benny and the Cats
    Benny and the Cats 2 days ago

    This is great Liza, job well done.

  • Caitlyn Braden
    Caitlyn Braden 2 days ago

    Omg I loved Silent Library ❤️

  • Naomi Nieves
    Naomi Nieves 3 days ago

    This was so funny

  • liam
    liam 3 days ago +1

    i wish i had friends to do dumb shit like this

  • Sheralle Brissett
    Sheralle Brissett 3 days ago

    U guys r just so awsome🤣🤣

  • Acee Soul
    Acee Soul 3 days ago

    Did she say lieberry? 😂😂😂

  • Oziel Landaverde
    Oziel Landaverde 3 days ago

    I’ve never seen a more forced comedy in a video...

  • Red Rose Random
    Red Rose Random 3 days ago +1

    I hate that cheerleader. I feel like she was targeting the girls.

  • Abby Dudley
    Abby Dudley 3 days ago

    no hate, but does anyone miss liza’s old videos? they were so much better in my opinion

  • khaliil
    khaliil 3 days ago

    I would’ve thrown the balls back at that woman

  • Alicia's wonderful world

    When is david going to be in this show thing

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 3 days ago

    How is the knock off version better than the original

  • Riverdale Fan
    Riverdale Fan 3 days ago

    3:16 looked like a magic trick

  • lilbunny 44
    lilbunny 44 3 days ago

    FUCK TheXvid

  • lilbunny 44
    lilbunny 44 3 days ago


  • Nite Mare
    Nite Mare 3 days ago +1

    After I remembering the original show I decided to watch it for some nice old nostalgia. I looked into the comments and saw that this video was recommended. Now, after watching the video, I have to say I was very disappointed. Not a single smile showed up on my face. I would probably laugh harder at teletubbies than this. I would be surprised if anyone above 10 actually laughed at this.

  • Masaya Naman
    Masaya Naman 3 days ago +2

    Since when did Liza started cussing online?

  • Josh Conway
    Josh Conway 3 days ago

    She really just isnt funny

  • Emmarie Reppert
    Emmarie Reppert 3 days ago

    Does anyone else just love her old videos so much more

  • Zachary Rain
    Zachary Rain 3 days ago

    3:56 should have been the thumbnail

  • Jabba Da hut
    Jabba Da hut 3 days ago

    3:00 and cochlea outfit done!

  • Melli D
    Melli D 3 days ago

    Who else was weirdly quiet with them while watching this?

  • Casually Me
    Casually Me 4 days ago +1

    7:41 my grades in middle school

  • Sarah Kelly
    Sarah Kelly 4 days ago

    I swear to f@%k if that cheerleader hit me in the ass i swear I would through a punch at her

  • Camryn Sceals
    Camryn Sceals 4 days ago +3

    When Liza stuck to Zane i lost it. 😂😂😂 i was crying laughing and couldnt stop. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Woodleen Etienne
    Woodleen Etienne 4 days ago

    Who here after fredo

  • Sophie Blackhurst
    Sophie Blackhurst 4 days ago

    this was the funniest thing HAHA

  • Memeless? Dreamless!
    Memeless? Dreamless! 4 days ago +1

    where’s david

  • Maria Garralda
    Maria Garralda 4 days ago +1

    Es mejor wismichuu

  • Sheaboo05
    Sheaboo05 4 days ago

    4:33 your welcome❤️

  • No_drama_llama _
    No_drama_llama _ 5 days ago +1

    I wish you where gay you and Kristen would be a good couple

  • wig
    wig 5 days ago

    honestly mtv needs to bring this back but with celebrities

  • The MilkyWay
    The MilkyWay 5 days ago

    r u guys ok???

  • isabella wilson
    isabella wilson 5 days ago

    I enjoy this so much

  • Arwan fatah
    Arwan fatah 5 days ago

    Where is David

  • Ava Parkerson
    Ava Parkerson 5 days ago

    I don't understand the rules can someone help me out 😂

  • GIRL MEETS WORLD biggest fan

    Challange number 3 was fun

  • Park Jimin lover
    Park Jimin lover 5 days ago

    Why i'm laughing in silence??lol

  • Sarah Duncan
    Sarah Duncan 5 days ago

    i loved this!!! plsssssssss do a lot more of these!!

  • Aylinne Monroy
    Aylinne Monroy 5 days ago

    i'm a big fan!!!


    miss the hey guys what's up it's me liza
    coming at uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    and the BYEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Seth Townsend
    Seth Townsend 5 days ago

    This reminds me of school when you had to be quiet

  • Sadia Afrin
    Sadia Afrin 5 days ago

    Aww..I wish I had friends like this

  • brodam 45
    brodam 45 5 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that liza has a lock as an earring? What if she lost the key? 😂

  • J-dog Phillips
    J-dog Phillips 5 days ago

    I’m only watching this because Eliza is in it

  • Kaitlyn .A
    Kaitlyn .A 5 days ago

    Hold up is that the same Matt king that has the dance channel

  • Icelandic Girl
    Icelandic Girl 5 days ago +2

    Funniest thing ive ever seen, laughed so hard it hurt😂😂😂

  • Unicorn Goddess
    Unicorn Goddess 6 days ago

    Dude there needs to be more episodes 😂

  • XSimplyCleanProX
    XSimplyCleanProX 6 days ago

    oof that football hit Kristen right in the booty hole 😰

  • XSimplyCleanProX
    XSimplyCleanProX 6 days ago

    6:55 6th grade dance omg 😂

  • Eyvette Directo
    Eyvette Directo 6 days ago

    We have found asmr in this channel


    JESSIE TEᗩ 6 days ago

    MATT IS So TaLL 😂

  • Izzy T
    Izzy T 6 days ago

    This had me crying 😂😂😂

  • Razib Ramli Felina Farid

    So so funny

  • Lulu Page6
    Lulu Page6 6 days ago +2

    How else wants to just jump through the screen and take a football and throw it at the cheerleaders face

    • Anthony Win
      Anthony Win 5 days ago

      Lulu Page6 I couldn’t stop laughing. Like she didn’t stop lmaoooo

  • Kenzie Plays
    Kenzie Plays 6 days ago

    Liza at 6:56 should be saying quite I can’t believe I can fly

  • Wired Drama
    Wired Drama 6 days ago +1

    I LOVED TTHIS SHOW and also silent library didn't count when u were at the table just when u do the punishment

  • annaball
    annaball 6 days ago

    woah she’s still going?

  • Jada Collins
    Jada Collins 6 days ago +6

    Man I love silent library it don’t even come on no more😭😭😭but Liza get back wit David😩😩😩

  • Kaylee The_Asian_Child_19

    Man I remember watching silent library when I was little. I remember watching the Justin Bieber one

  • Serena Farook
    Serena Farook 6 days ago

    Zane and Liza are like brother and sis LOL!! 😂🤣

  • Jordan Reese
    Jordan Reese 6 days ago

    Why were Zane’s pants off😂😂😂😂

  • Ollie Will
    Ollie Will 6 days ago

    What if a girl got the coat chest???😂😂😂

  • olivia
    olivia 6 days ago

    wait do this isn’t actually by mtv cause it’s so high quality

  • Shaima Ali
    Shaima Ali 6 days ago

    I laughed so much that I started crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lolkid Is Kewl
    Lolkid Is Kewl 6 days ago

    Yes more quiet book zone please

  • Claire Make-up Guru
    Claire Make-up Guru 6 days ago +1


  • A Peculiar Limelight

    I love how they still hangout with Liza even though her and David broke up. Thats how you know they're real friends.

  • Life with Shadow
    Life with Shadow 6 days ago

    I don’t understand the point of the yellow “☠️” Card when they all have to face the same consequence.. explain pls ?

  • cupofnoodles
    cupofnoodles 6 days ago

    I miss the old liza

  • xxDream Mspxx
    xxDream Mspxx 6 days ago

    dudeive had it on mute for havlf the vid

  • Maddy and Taylor
    Maddy and Taylor 6 days ago

    Lmao Matt during the Velcro part 😂

  • ingrid enriquez
    ingrid enriquez 6 days ago

    I meant Liza

  • ingrid enriquez
    ingrid enriquez 6 days ago

    I can’t believe Lizza died in joeys escape the night after I even got to wach I like her better in the movie escape the night