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  • JennOscura
    JennOscura 2 days ago

    I am a vegan. So most of these recipes wont work for me. But I did get some ideas. Thanks for posting this!

  • Anna
    Anna 2 days ago

    3:22 I wish I knew what exactly they put between the beans/corn and the bell peppers? can anyone help me out?

    • Anna
      Anna 2 days ago

      and what is the green herb they put on top at the end?

  • Tig Ress
    Tig Ress 3 days ago

    The egges once cooked must be consumed please take care

  • Kinjal Amdavadi
    Kinjal Amdavadi 3 days ago

    I am so lazy to do all the prep and buy all this from grocery... I prefer takeouts.. Thanks😅

  • Joey 9
    Joey 9 4 days ago

    First time in a tasty comment section. Lol

  • Vihisha Sathe
    Vihisha Sathe 4 days ago

    R u saying u eat the food cooked 4 days back? Stale food? Don’t it loose it nutritional value also u r keeping them in a plastic container , how is that even healthy? Haven’t u heard that u shld eat vegetables and fruits in 15-20 minutes since they are cut? How unhealthy this meal prep culture is !! How hard is it to cook fresh everyday? Lazy people !!

  • Bjorvin Ironwulf
    Bjorvin Ironwulf 4 days ago

    that chickpea pasta made me gag

  • IE Compat
    IE Compat 4 days ago +1


  • lady cat
    lady cat 4 days ago

    "the only meal prep u need to follow"
    Yes,for getting obesity

  • Seez
    Seez 5 days ago

    Tried the breakfast sandwich prep. I’d recommend cutting the egg into 8 not 6 slices. Also when you reheat them they are like soggy on the bottom? The water in the paper towel needed somewhere to go...

  • Joseph Meastas
    Joseph Meastas 6 days ago

    Just called chief...this is IT

  • Kay Craite
    Kay Craite 6 days ago

    I would love love love more meal prep ideas!! I’ve been trying it consistently for about two months now but I feel like I’m running out of ideas 😭

  • amir shake
    amir shake 6 days ago

    I remember when you eat antelopes for breakfast

  • Musa Cem DEMİR
    Musa Cem DEMİR 6 days ago

    Wallet has left the chat.

  • charlene judd
    charlene judd 7 days ago

    I love you tasty !!!

  • khadija chaar
    khadija chaar 7 days ago

    Nice channel

  • Ethan Bianchi
    Ethan Bianchi 8 days ago

    Bro learn how to cook eggs wtf

  • D K
    D K 8 days ago

    All this food looks disgusting except for the breakfast burrito

  • Egle Davidsoniene
    Egle Davidsoniene 10 days ago

    So tasty recepies. Love it.

  • Bug Maniac Lynke
    Bug Maniac Lynke 10 days ago

    I'd like to see the face of the person who ate all of that siracha on that one bite of burrito.

  • Vincent Harry
    Vincent Harry 10 days ago

    How would i go about freezing some of these "refrigerate up to 4 days" meals? so if i made 4 of them, i could have a different meal each day instead of the same meal for the week? Would it be as simple as just thawing the day before, then reheating as normal?

  • bossaddict08
    bossaddict08 11 days ago

    What a freaking fantastic video!

  • Fit Lit
    Fit Lit 11 days ago

    Mmm Nyam so delicious

  • Cam N
    Cam N 13 days ago

    Anyone got the song?

  • Lauren W
    Lauren W 13 days ago

    Wait with the frozen things.... Do u let it thaw out before microwaving or microwave it straight out of the freezer?

  • Aurora Lara
    Aurora Lara 13 days ago

    yeah if you want to get fat

  • Josh A
    Josh A 14 days ago

    Does buzzfeed do nutritional values in their recipes

  • Queen onadeckofcards
    Queen onadeckofcards 14 days ago

    Those Engery balls will be my new fave snack

  • Jasmine K.
    Jasmine K. 14 days ago

    I hate the music

  • Décor Diva
    Décor Diva 15 days ago

    Lots of great ideas. Thank you! =)

  • Luv My Reborns
    Luv My Reborns 17 days ago +1

    Me typing: *junk food has entered the chat*😂😂😂😂
    ain't nobody gone stick to this bullsh*t diet lets keep it a stack I almost threw up in my mouth watching this😂✋

  • Elizabeth Draper
    Elizabeth Draper 17 days ago +1

    You know you listen to lofis hip hop to much when you immediately recognize the song in the beginning of the video

  • M M
    M M 18 days ago

    Track Name:
    Crush it By Jason Pedder & Douglas Brown
    Here the link from what Tasty mentioned in the description

  • l3erry 7Vice
    l3erry 7Vice 18 days ago

    I'll give someone a virtual quarter to help me find the name of this song.

  • l3erry 7Vice
    l3erry 7Vice 20 days ago

    Literally rewatched a bunch of times just for the song. Anyone know the name?

  • Nikolas Murasaki
    Nikolas Murasaki 20 days ago

    What are you doing cooking this bullshit, we have to stop the crocodile from attaining white male power!

  • Tasha Lackey Hoffman

    Where's the link for the recipes? Did I miss it

  • DeadYuki
    DeadYuki 21 day ago

    Idk why I’m watching this
    I eat 1 pound of meat each day

  • Amber
    Amber 21 day ago

    What’s the song called?

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali 21 day ago

    What about Friday?

  • Sirine Kobrosli
    Sirine Kobrosli 21 day ago

    Who wants to eat the same thing every day for a whole week?

    • Bethany Lade
      Bethany Lade 16 days ago

      You generally prep a few different meals and alternate. If I were single, I would definitely do this sort of thing.

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 21 day ago

    For the chicken beans and cherry tomatoes we have to microwave then after taking out of the fridge?

    • Bethany Lade
      Bethany Lade 16 days ago +1

      It would probably taste better hot.

  • rootsm3
    rootsm3 21 day ago

    Everything looks delicious but there’s no way I’m doing that

  • Tanjana Hossain
    Tanjana Hossain 22 days ago

    If you could just give calorie count for every single dish it would be very very helpful

  • ThePlayMaker
    ThePlayMaker 22 days ago

    Tasty! You never fail to disappoint! 👏

  • Tony Tornado
    Tony Tornado 22 days ago

    Loved it

  • Haytham Magdi
    Haytham Magdi 22 days ago

    Shelf life of rice is 24 hours. Happy food poisoning 😁

    • Bethany Lade
      Bethany Lade 16 days ago

      ?? You're definitely wrong about that.

  • AriesMale88
    AriesMale88 23 days ago

    Water fast, the best and cheapest diet!

  • Rebecca E. Webber
    Rebecca E. Webber 23 days ago

    Looks delicious, but it's these videos that remind me just how few ingredients I can eat. I saw cabbage, lettuce and onions that would be fine...

  • Ale Najarro
    Ale Najarro 23 days ago

    Make a vegetarian edition!

  • s99bf0c8
    s99bf0c8 24 days ago

    Breakfast burritos look amazing

  • MajesticPanda
    MajesticPanda 24 days ago

    came for the video, stayed for the music.

  • Ciara Wetherell
    Ciara Wetherell 24 days ago

    Who else is looking at the pasta, English muffins, and tortillas thinking, that’s not clean??? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Ciara Wetherell
      Ciara Wetherell 16 days ago

      Bethany Lade if it’s man-made, it’s processed, and therefore not clean. Period. I’m not adding any other clickbait words to it. That is all.

    • Bethany Lade
      Bethany Lade 16 days ago

      +Ciara Wetherell "Clean" means different things depending on who you talk to. Are you saying it's too processed? It's not Kosher? It has dairy in it? Or grains? Or it's not vegan? Or not paleo? Or it's not organic? Which obsessive food hype have you bought into?
      Is it generally healthier to cook at home from scratch? Yes. Are whole grain choices more nutritious? Yes. But "clean" gets used by a lot of different people, in a lit of different ways, so it's pretty meaningless.

    • Ciara Wetherell
      Ciara Wetherell 16 days ago

      Bethany Lade have you studied clean eating?

    • Bethany Lade
      Bethany Lade 16 days ago

      Why do people do this? You understand that this type of thing is *exactly* why most people don't take you seriously, right? Also, "clean" has no actual definition in regards to food.

  • My Time
    My Time 24 days ago

    Step 1. Put on chill music
    Step 2. Make random food
    Step 3. Put food in boxes and freeze it
    Step 4. Repeat

  • Felicia Sheppard
    Felicia Sheppard 25 days ago

    This video is my favorite video!! Excellent Ideas!!

  • kai ndaki
    kai ndaki 25 days ago

    0:53 I know Tiffany didn’t just call ground beef sausage

  • Simply Frugal
    Simply Frugal 25 days ago

    The pesto chicken & veggies looked pretty good.

  • Christina Taylor Kinney

    Why the heck you are calling the salad Thai?! There is nothing Thai in it

  • Jahova’s Witness
    Jahova’s Witness 26 days ago +1

    I was today years old when I learned how to fold a burrito properly

  • Luke Beckstrom
    Luke Beckstrom 26 days ago +1

    Don’t make the egg sandwich. Trust me, you will regret it. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Nathan Olsen
    Nathan Olsen 26 days ago

    My partner is allergic to soy and peanuts

  • Jean Patton
    Jean Patton 26 days ago

    This seems less like a cohesive guide and more like just a collection of meal prep recipes.

    PKTEK 26 days ago

    Meal prep will not only save you time and money, but your sanity from time to time as well.

  • mizzzelly69
    mizzzelly69 27 days ago


  • Mr. Stano
    Mr. Stano 27 days ago

    Thank you so much😊
    God bless.

  • Born Free81
    Born Free81 27 days ago

    Tortillas are terrible for u

  • Naga Raj Shenoy
    Naga Raj Shenoy 27 days ago

    Definitely not for a student.

  • Roberto Lozano
    Roberto Lozano 27 days ago

    Your freezer must be massive.

  • lovehopefaith1987
    lovehopefaith1987 27 days ago

    The music is very annoying.

  • Jose Villanueva
    Jose Villanueva 27 days ago

    This will not satisfy me hunger for even a day

  • tranceone11
    tranceone11 27 days ago

    OMAD. Thank you

  • Cody Cuppy
    Cody Cuppy 27 days ago

    You had me at breakfast burritos

  • Sean Bailey
    Sean Bailey 27 days ago

    Tasty assume I own a lot of herbs and stuff... I do not lol.

    • Bethany Lade
      Bethany Lade 16 days ago

      If it's because of a small grocery budget, I promise it's worth it to get even the $1 containers of basic seasonings. Even if you can only pick up 1 every week or two, you'll eventually build a spice rack.
      If it's because you lack experience cooking - just jump in! Spices/herbs are freaking amazing!

  • Randall Greynolds
    Randall Greynolds 27 days ago

    great video very helpful

  • shineyalight
    shineyalight 28 days ago

    Amaziiing 💕👏 i was just needing some inspiration to cook, gonna try most of these 🙋‍♀️ thank youu sm

  • Chris S
    Chris S 28 days ago

    Horrible music

  • Any Asp
    Any Asp 28 days ago +1

    I think people in the comments have mixed the terms of diet and healthy

  • Purplecell
    Purplecell 28 days ago

    Bold of you to assume I know how to follow directions.

  • Hyesun Choi
    Hyesun Choi 28 days ago

    I already know the peanut protein balls taste really good, and I truly am interested in all the other recipes. Thanks Tasty!

    • Hyesun Choi
      Hyesun Choi 27 days ago

      +R.B. Johnson

    • R.B. Johnson
      R.B. Johnson 27 days ago

      What are the measurements?

  • philovesarthz
    philovesarthz 28 days ago

    Do u guys have a written recipe to go with this?

  • RP RP
    RP RP 28 days ago

    Is this lowkey fat shaming lol?

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G 28 days ago

    This music is awful. But great recipes!

  • milkagem
    milkagem 28 days ago

    No macros? Ok. Next.

  • hannah
    hannah 28 days ago

    Best recipe at 2:48

  • German Martinez
    German Martinez 29 days ago

    Why use damp paper Towel?

  • the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    i’ve just been doing chicken salads to help my body while i tone up because i’m broke

  • Nikhil Verma
    Nikhil Verma 29 days ago

    Of course I will remember all of this!

  • Eswar Lakshminarayanan
    Eswar Lakshminarayanan 29 days ago +20

    Who wants a vegetarian / vegan meal prep video from tasty?

    • Millonna Hairs
      Millonna Hairs 5 days ago +2

      Actually, I veganize the recipes they share. I watch thinking what I can use in place of any animal products I see or anything I don't like. I watch them for new ideas and just customize them to my liking.

  • Shashank Kumar
    Shashank Kumar 29 days ago

    we want more such videos please

  • Domagoj Mitrovic
    Domagoj Mitrovic Month ago +10

    been meal preping for 2 years straight, and the key for sustainability is simplicity, and this isnt simple

    • Domagoj Mitrovic
      Domagoj Mitrovic 8 days ago

      +David Cho Weather its easy or not depends on what kitchen appliances you have at your disposal. If you dont have any, In my opinion, the best way to start is with some sort of a stew that will last you for a whole week, like goulash or something similar, and a cold salad to go either with it or as a standalone meal, whatever the one you like, because it can stay in a fridge for a longer time, and some snack as an emergency meal like protein/granola bars if you find yourself in a situation that doesn't let you to sit down and eat. But to break it down to detail, first you have to assess your own life style, whats your goal, working hours, work intensity, how hardcore you plan on doing it, eating habits, food preferance, how much time you got for cooking, everything. Its highly personal and you have to give in the work to figure out what works best for you.

    • David Cho
      David Cho 9 days ago

      +Domagoj Mitrovic Mind sharing some of your favorite easy recipes? Trying to get into meal prepping but am noob

    • Domagoj Mitrovic
      Domagoj Mitrovic 9 days ago

      +Chelsea Mae exactly!

    • Chelsea Mae
      Chelsea Mae 9 days ago +2

      I agree. There is a lot of prep work for some of these meals.. it just looks easy because that's all been done prior to filming, so they're just dumping things in. When I meal prep, it's usually just meat and pasta or rice that I'm cooking.. then I add canned beans or frozen veggies. I'm not going to sit there and spend 30 minutes dicing and chopping 10 different things. Personally, I'm totally fine with my meals being simple because it takes less time, and is usually less expensive. I do add spices and sauces, so they're not boring, but my main goal is to have 6 days worth of meals done in an hour or two.. I used to spend all day cooking different things and whatever, and I got so sick of it haha. I just have a few things I really like and switch it up every few weeks. Some people are perfectly fine eating the same thing every day.. and some people aren't. Whatever works for you, your taste, your schedule, etc.

    • Miyuki
      Miyuki 10 days ago +2

      If it's simple you'll get bored easily and tend to give up.

  • Jeri Villalba
    Jeri Villalba Month ago

    The best video you guys have ever made!

  • James Isaac
    James Isaac Month ago +1

    When I saw bacon in this diet I clicked off the video right away

    • Any Asp
      Any Asp 28 days ago

      +James Isaac a bacon slice with fried eggs with measured quantity good quality oil is 100 times better than Mac. 10 eggs cost 0.90 pounds, at least 10 slices of bacon cost 1.60 pounds and half a litre of oil costs 3 to 4 pounds (if pan is non-stick you can even skip the oil). Now except the oil which will last for a month with correct use and assuming you will use 2 eggs and 2 slices per serving this adds up to 1.25 pounds per meal. That more and better than a mac

    • James Isaac
      James Isaac 28 days ago

      +C. Harr when meal prepping.... I only assume it is healthy. Why waste your time on prepping unhealthy foods when you can go to McDonalds and get a big Mac for $4?

    • C. Harr
      C. Harr 28 days ago +3

      James Isaac where does it say diet? 😂😂 it’s a meal prep video, doesn’t inherently mean all the recipes are good for you, they are good for not having to spend hours in the kitchen+ lots of money on takeout/ordering

  • ExtMusician
    ExtMusician Month ago

    Yep, very small portions offered, unfortunately not for me, 3000+ kcal per day needed
    Would be happy about something for people that need to eat more

    • Amber
      Amber 21 day ago

      ExtMusician double the recipe

  • EmJay's Cove
    EmJay's Cove Month ago

    Well, of course I'm hungry and watching food videos at 4am. Now I'm going to have to very quietly cook a seven course meal.

  • Daniel Mewcha
    Daniel Mewcha Month ago

    5:22 🐓

  • Sandy Bigara Arts & Entertainment

    3:59 angry balls.......

  • That Vegan Hippie
    That Vegan Hippie Month ago

    Okay most of this is SUPER unhealthy and unsustainable though.

    • R.B. Johnson
      R.B. Johnson 27 days ago +1

      Send me the link to watch *YOUR* healthy meal prep video!

    • Any Asp
      Any Asp 28 days ago +1

      what was the healthy meter you used in order to come to this decision???? and don't tell me because it included meat.

  • Betina Carteze
    Betina Carteze Month ago

    Why don't these types of videos ever include a shopping list?

    • Betina Carteze
      Betina Carteze 27 days ago +1

      +R.B. Johnson that's a good point! Ugh

    • R.B. Johnson
      R.B. Johnson 27 days ago

      This one doesn't even include measurements.

  • Learn Languages With Yogee

    This won't work in most Indian houses

    • Bethany Lade
      Bethany Lade 16 days ago

      True. But the primary audience is in the US, and this is useful for a lot of people in this culture.

  • Shauna Arnold
    Shauna Arnold Month ago

    Do they not have a bigger spoon?