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  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Use this guide for all of your meal prep needs!
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Comments • 736

  • 歐誒歐
    歐誒歐 9 hours ago

    好棒 …跟著做真的好好吃 …

  • Burrito Ninja
    Burrito Ninja 20 hours ago

    this is a powerful video

  • cyka blayt
    cyka blayt 22 hours ago

    The real reason we kept watching was because of the music

  • m x
    m x Day ago

    what's the song please

  • Olallo
    Olallo 2 days ago

    Spends 2 weeks doing dishes

  • Augusto Del Rivero
    Augusto Del Rivero 3 days ago

    im gonna send this video to my wife

  • Artūrs Kiseļevskis

    Is the soy sauce with salt? Or does that even matter?

  • Sabin Sovrea
    Sabin Sovrea 3 days ago

    Sriracha has tons of sugar

  • Fa1nt
    Fa1nt 4 days ago

    pretty clean

  • Angelott Vallejo
    Angelott Vallejo 4 days ago

    But what's the name of the song????

  • James Bond
    James Bond 5 days ago

    Damnnnn i want the name of the song

  • Edmund Choy
    Edmund Choy 6 days ago

    The radiation from the microwave would have killed most after a decade....

  • casselamericanista
    casselamericanista 7 days ago +1

    Good, good, just missing the nutritional info. You know, for those who are counting calories and watching the macros. 😒

  • Daniyal Munawar
    Daniyal Munawar 8 days ago


  • Paulino Fuentes Jr
    Paulino Fuentes Jr 9 days ago

    Please recipes without 🥜 butter

  • AssassinCat
    AssassinCat 11 days ago

    at this point i’m just watching this for the music

  • Prabh Singh
    Prabh Singh 11 days ago

    can u please name the background music pleaseeeee

  • PinkNightmares91
    PinkNightmares91 11 days ago

    that was so relaxing

  • Lali Khussanova
    Lali Khussanova 12 days ago

    Freezing up till 1 month???wtf

    • R C
      R C 7 days ago

      They mean that you can keep the food in the freezer for up to one month because that's how long it'll last. But you of course take it out and eat it during that one month.

  • Toby dog
    Toby dog 13 days ago +1

    Hi (to all my 100% loyal family)
    This is just another one of my stupid “mild ocd” posts lol.
    (Meaning, “mild ocd” is the reason why I “felt the need” to post this.)

    I just wanted to state that. I know that now I’ve begun to read “some” of the “Releases and Affirmations” out loud for enneagram type 7. (Since I have two 7 wings)
    I just wanted to say this, this is ONLY for the purpose of my fitness goals.
    I am a committed and loyal loving and etc person.
    That is all (to all my 100% loyal family)
    Thanks for reading!

  • ちんちん☆
    ちんちん☆ 14 days ago +1

    i’d make some of these, if i knew how much of each ingredient to put in

  • baby girl
    baby girl 16 days ago

    I won’t fw first on 🤮🤮

  • Oliwia
    Oliwia 20 days ago

    Do you need to defrost the breakfast thing before heating it?

  • DistortedV12
    DistortedV12 20 days ago


  • Daniel Luna
    Daniel Luna 21 day ago

    I know I'm never doing any of this but I still watched the whole video

  • Champagne Sylvie
    Champagne Sylvie 21 day ago +2

    *Hello, hello* I 'am French and I prefer American meal preps ! you are more inventive ! thank you so much for the ...culinary trip ;)

    1MOM2BOYS 23 days ago

    Can you guys do a meal prep to gain weight... I need to gain 20 pounds ASAP!!!

  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 23 days ago

    It says half cup carrot. But it puts only a handful of carrots

  • Nicko Vox
    Nicko Vox 23 days ago

    Quick diet for gaining tons of weight

  • singerliljermz
    singerliljermz 23 days ago

    What can I use in place of bacon? cause I don't eat that.

  • sean sean
    sean sean 24 days ago

    A lot of these are terribly high in carbs and fat. It looks nice but your ingredients coupled with oils and fatty protein is the same product McDonalds and chipotle serve.

  • Barbie
    Barbie 25 days ago +4

    Do you think the serving size is too small? Pls tell me I'm not the only one

  • Marwa Um Rabby
    Marwa Um Rabby 26 days ago

    Amazi g

  • Kali S
    Kali S 26 days ago +3

    Watching this while 9months pregnant at 3:50am. Smart. Smaaart

  • Zakia Kunge
    Zakia Kunge 27 days ago

    Pressing long on the LIKE button hoping it would turn to LOVE. I LOVE FOOD! *sighs*

  • Irish Around The World

    Add some more saturated fat while your at it 🙄😷😷😷

  • Mrs H.
    Mrs H. 27 days ago

    Love love love IT 😋😋😋😋😍

  • Parth Parmar
    Parth Parmar 27 days ago

    4:15 - Umm Never add salt or onion to milk it can cause adverse effects on your body.

  • Bridget P
    Bridget P 27 days ago

    Thank you for sharing
    Never a disappointment

  • Majestic
    Majestic 28 days ago

    Thks video saved my lazy ass life

  • Billy Jean Files
    Billy Jean Files 28 days ago

    questions, what happens when i freeze it at 1-2 months?? i had frozen pizza and sausage muffins for 3 months just fine,

  • Tommy Durand
    Tommy Durand 29 days ago

    I wish Tasty would do meal prep for weight lifters. This is like meal prep for your 100 pound woman or 140 pound man. It looks yummy for sure and some good ideas but damn 57 calorie breakfast? I would actually have to eat 10...

  • Tiago TAVARES
    Tiago TAVARES 29 days ago

    Who on earth eats burritos for breakfast!?!
    And putting the sauce in the same container as the salad is a bad idea, since it would make everything oxidate...

    • Victor Carrasco
      Victor Carrasco 29 days ago

      You obviously don’t live in the Southwest, there’s breakfast burritos everywhere.

  • fantasticmoose
    fantasticmoose 29 days ago

    My depressed, suicidal, dysfunctional ass barely has enough energy to eat enough every day, let alone space to store all the ingredients needed for this

    • fantasticmoose
      fantasticmoose 22 days ago

      +Morgan Lowther
      Problem is I got the triple whammy of anxiety, depression and OCD, and cooking is one of the most energy and time-consuming tasks in my life next to part, because it involves obsessive cleaning before and after. On top of that, I am a pretty voracious eater, so I usually end up eating what I make right away, plus the space issue....yeah, it's not happening, unfortunately. I already live mostly on ready-made meals, but I am glad that it's a helpful strategy for others.

    • Morgan Lowther
      Morgan Lowther 24 days ago

      As someone with mental illness, this actually sounds like a great idea! If you can get enough energy and motivation for ONE DAY to cook a lot of easily preparable food, it'll be easier to eat good things on days you aren't feeling too hot. I totally understand the space thing though.

  • Tammy Johnson
    Tammy Johnson 29 days ago


  • Superfine
    Superfine Month ago

    Heyy it's your boy, peanut allergy

  • Bass Mainer
    Bass Mainer Month ago

    fucking hate how this channel think the shit they make is the ultimate and best. Like get a grip.

  • Bonsey
    Bonsey Month ago

    OCD ruined at 8:41

  • Erika B.
    Erika B. Month ago +1

    🥰 I love it

  • colourfully21
    colourfully21 Month ago

    Never tried to freeze eggs... Don't they taste funny afterwards? Honest question. Thinking about trying some off those meal preps.

  • BuzziMuzzi
    BuzziMuzzi Month ago

    Weird foods... very American in a way... at least what I imagine from American cuisine. Some ingredients are just... unnecessary to me.

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell Month ago

    Whats the tupperware you put the weekday taco bowls in? UK equiv?

    • Daniela Mb
      Daniela Mb Month ago

      Jamie Campbell the brand is called pyrex. Not sure what the uk equivalent is. But any glass container will do. I prefer ones with locking lids.

  • Jackie Toong
    Jackie Toong Month ago


  • Esmar Garcia
    Esmar Garcia Month ago

    I like all the nice recipes being cooked and they look delicious to good job on the cooking video something I actually want to cook for dinner for the week😋

  • Sem
    Sem Month ago

    Frozen food?

  • bunny
    bunny Month ago

    Oooh I'm gonna try the wet paper towel burrito method.. looks good

  • Bogdan Coman
    Bogdan Coman Month ago

    Rather then making this at home you can go at MC, cheaper.

  • The Arizona
    The Arizona Month ago +8

    Value meal prep guide, good info to note but recently i started to follow this meal plan and have already lose weight and feel myself healthy!

  • The Coin Collector
    The Coin Collector Month ago

    yea... i like this

  • Charlie Solis
    Charlie Solis Month ago

    Swear you white people put sriracha on everything how are you going to disrespect a breakfast burrito like that ?

  • Rpy Lamp
    Rpy Lamp Month ago

    Not too sure putting paper towel in high heat with food is a healthy thing to do

  • Irene Karp
    Irene Karp Month ago +1

    wish they had a printout of the recipes.

  • GCT10/31/1990
    GCT10/31/1990 Month ago

    Yo this is genius

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago +16

    Bro im moving into my own apartment on the 12th of April and when I tell you I have never cooked in my life! I'm dead serious! So I want to thank you for these videos!

  • Roberto Mon
    Roberto Mon Month ago +1

    Alright y'all. I live in the Southwest all my life. I HAVE NEVER SEEN BLACK BEANS AND CORNS IN ANY FOOD HERE EVER! Stop these lies...

  • Aiden Meakin
    Aiden Meakin Month ago

    Frozen anything is not nice

    RANDOM ADY Month ago

    Great recipes It love i thank you

  • SOsGLUTEN لا للغلوتين


  • Linda Fabiano
    Linda Fabiano Month ago

    Well, I think they are all great ideas and I cannot wait to try them out. Be a busy full time working mum, I need inspirational healthy meals and I would like to meal plan /prep better. Thank You I look forward to more!

  • Jayla Rainey
    Jayla Rainey Month ago


  • Spirit Norman
    Spirit Norman Month ago +2

    I saw this video last night, and hours ago went to buy some products to make two of the dishes. The two I chose were the breakfast egg sandwich, and the chicken plus green beans dinner. I didn't buy slices of turkey nor onions, but rather just turkey bacon. Overall the process was simple and easy. I love that the dinner is only one pan required. It was quick and easy and quite delicious. I plan on making the sandwiches again along with trying some others. I definitely suggest the two. For the people who's saying they're lazy, the dinner option is only four ingredients, one pan, and took less than ten minutes.

  • Lady Egg
    Lady Egg Month ago +1

    Is it really necessary to put all of your ingredients into their own Little bowls? It’s fucking me up

  • Mark Keith
    Mark Keith Month ago

    I noticed in the breakfast sandwich segment, there was one that was only veggie. Why? Either you're vegan or not. Why monkey around with it? Just one out of many things that don't make sense to me. That's all this is. Love the video.

  • gushanana
    gushanana Month ago +1

    I’m going to try all of these!!! Thank you! 🙏

  • Alejandro Miramontes

    Great ideas. Freaking song is horrible, almost scary.

  • O r i j u n o
    O r i j u n o Month ago +2

    Let's be honest

    We're not gonna make any of this cause we're just simply plain lazy🤣

  • Colin Wendt
    Colin Wendt Month ago +258

    Thanks Tasty!
    0:07 Crunchy Thai Salad
    0:40 Frozen Breakfast Burritos
    1:46 Almond Butter Honey Oat Bars
    2:18 Egg White Breakfast Cups
    2:48 Weekday Turkey Taco Bowls
    3:43 Peanut Butter Energy Balls
    4:03 Breakfast Sandwich Meal
    5:23 Pesto Chicken & Veggies
    5:54 Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Oats
    6:18 Pasta Salad
    6:56 Slow-Cooker Sesame Chicken
    7:52 Sheet Tray Pancakes

  • Sahandra Rivera
    Sahandra Rivera Month ago +1

    all this food fireeee

  • Manuel Guzman
    Manuel Guzman Month ago

    Lol couch potatoes came up with this video. The ones with too much time on their hands. This wouldn't work for everyone, and the title is very presumptuous.

  • Manuela Alfonso
    Manuela Alfonso Month ago

    no recipe?

  • Alecca
    Alecca Month ago shook!

  • Sophia Marotta
    Sophia Marotta Month ago

    broccoli and eggs do not go together in my book lol

  • Unique193
    Unique193 Month ago

    Yess lord!!

  • Bettye's Cooking Channel

    These are some great meal prep ideas.

  • Bettye's Cooking Channel

    These are some meal prep ideas.

  • Erudessa22
    Erudessa22 Month ago

    This isn't a meal prep guide. These are ideas.

  • Barbie4U2
    Barbie4U2 Month ago +2

    Would be nice if they provided a link to the recipe.....

  • Jaylin Rose
    Jaylin Rose Month ago

    how should i reheat the egg bites ?

  • Rasmus Klåskas
    Rasmus Klåskas 2 months ago

    This is great :) It would be really really awesome if you could make a list in the video description of all the ingredients you put in the meals.

    • Rasmus Klåskas
      Rasmus Klåskas Month ago

      +Assif Taujoo Not everything is in the video. But no problem, found the recipes on Tastys website :)

    • Assif Taujoo
      Assif Taujoo 2 months ago

      Well it's already written in the video, feel free to pause it whenever needed

    CANDE MARI 2 months ago

    Sometimes you just need some bags.
    Food Bags

  • Handwriting
    Handwriting 2 months ago

    Meal prep is really good for people who always busy at work/doesn't like fast food, like me 🤭 I am trying.

  • raphael_gibus
    raphael_gibus 2 months ago

    Yall think this shit healthy?

  • JennOscura
    JennOscura 2 months ago

    I am a vegan. So most of these recipes wont work for me. But I did get some ideas. Thanks for posting this!

  • Anna
    Anna 2 months ago

    3:22 I wish I knew what exactly they put between the beans/corn and the bell peppers? can anyone help me out?

    • mrsjessi _
      mrsjessi _ Month ago

      I think cheddar will taste great with this :)

    • Anna
      Anna Month ago

      What kind of cheese?cheddar? Thanks so much!

    • mrsjessi _
      mrsjessi _ Month ago +1

      Well, next to the corn there is cheese and next to the beans there is salsa. And for herbs I’m guessing they put some coriander. Could also be parsley but coriander makes more sense.

    • Anna
      Anna 2 months ago

      and what is the green herb they put on top at the end?

  • Tig Ress
    Tig Ress 2 months ago

    The egges once cooked must be consumed please take care

  • Kinjal Amdavadi
    Kinjal Amdavadi 2 months ago

    I am so lazy to do all the prep and buy all this from grocery... I prefer takeouts.. Thanks😅

  • Vihisha Sathe
    Vihisha Sathe 2 months ago

    R u saying u eat the food cooked 4 days back? Stale food? Don’t it loose it nutritional value also u r keeping them in a plastic container , how is that even healthy? Haven’t u heard that u shld eat vegetables and fruits in 15-20 minutes since they are cut? How unhealthy this meal prep culture is !! How hard is it to cook fresh everyday? Lazy people !!

  • Bjorvin Ironwulf
    Bjorvin Ironwulf 2 months ago

    that chickpea pasta made me gag

  • IE Compat
    IE Compat 2 months ago +1


  • lady cat
    lady cat 2 months ago

    "the only meal prep u need to follow"
    Yes,for getting obesity