Dennis Rodman Burns the Whole Dais - Roast of Bruce Willis - Uncensored


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  • little Do
    little Do Month ago

    i mean hes not a comedian so it was not that bad.

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell Month ago

    Martha and Dennis prison fuck buddies for life and we are glad neither of them are hosting this roast it would be a bomb. and sanitation would be cleaning more than shit off the streets. speaking of shit Dennis keep your junk to yourself alright. really Jeff Ross is funny in his own mind he is able to get laughs. in sixth sence it's embarrassing the kid gets the movie award for it. I think expendables should have Dennis Rodman in it so we never see him again in anything else. Nicky is attractive it's true she is funny but fucking some asshole can ruin everything. sadly that's what happened with Martha Stewart.

  • Rayne12x
    Rayne12x Month ago

    We've all established that Mike the Situation is still the worst piece of shit roaster in Roast history.

  • Nennie C
    Nennie C 2 months ago

    He needs to have an interpreter with him if he’s going to be talking on Tv.

  • ethem erdogan
    ethem erdogan 5 months ago

    Rodman lowkey the best part of the Roast

  • Kee Xiong
    Kee Xiong 5 months ago

    Lol am I the only one that likes Bruce Willis movies??? Red was great! Die Hard was great! Just me? :/

  • Ashitaka
    Ashitaka 5 months ago

    probably the realest and kindest on that stage

  • omgwtfbbq
    omgwtfbbq 5 months ago

    i found that really funny, but i am high on cocaine

  • marcelo vintino
    marcelo vintino 5 months ago +1

    Dennis you are one mumbling stupid fuck .

  • Aaron Sievers
    Aaron Sievers 5 months ago

    Where are my podcast ufo friends?

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool 5 months ago +1

    Every roast has that one guy that sucks.

  • niknatural
    niknatural 5 months ago +1

    He should run for President. Great guy

  • You're An Idiot
    You're An Idiot 5 months ago

    I laughed a few times. People just hating.

  • lg junior
    lg junior 6 months ago +1

    Cocaine is one helluva drug!

  • michael Jacobs
    michael Jacobs 6 months ago

    He was actually pretty funny the rest were shit

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 6 months ago

    I’d prefer to hear about Dennis suckin Kim off again than his jokes cuz he’s better off choking.

  • x rmz88
    x rmz88 6 months ago

    I'm gonna lick him for twenty minutes ... ha haha ha that was pretty good

  • Val A.
    Val A. 6 months ago


    CRYPTO BASTARD 6 months ago

    That quivering lip Piece of Shit Fucked up Big time.

  • David Davenig
    David Davenig 6 months ago

    Rodman was awful. Didnt belong there.. Dom was the best with the "id like ta beat the fuck out of em" line.. Classic..

  • Harsh Bhandari
    Harsh Bhandari 6 months ago +1

    who's the girl at 1:16?

  • Hey, Wanna Play?
    Hey, Wanna Play? 6 months ago

    Bro, I heard you we're doing gay porn now, stick to it. You're not funny dude

  • Sheena Jackson
    Sheena Jackson 6 months ago

    Dennis Rodman wasn't as horrible as people say. He wasn't great, but not horrible. I chuckled a few times, which is more than I can say about the Situation at the CC roasting of Donald Trump years ago.

  • John Yang
    John Yang 6 months ago

    Who's that sexy blond sat all the way in the back.

  • John Haigh
    John Haigh 6 months ago

    Rodman was shit,the funnies was that little fat Italian fella

  • Ben
    Ben 6 months ago

    If only his jokes were as good as his rebounds

  • Aiden Allen
    Aiden Allen 6 months ago

    That last joke was kinda awkward, with him being friends with Kim and all 😂

  • Aaron
    Aaron 6 months ago

    I'm crying here and not because he was good.

  • Ambient Muffins
    Ambient Muffins 6 months ago

    Was waiting for ross to come out and go 'i too am a neet guy' :D

  • lukas v
    lukas v 6 months ago

    Thank god rodman is a ex basketball player....not a stand up comedian......fucking retards....

  • JL Shannon
    JL Shannon 6 months ago

    rodman! stay out of comedy!

  • The Cloak
    The Cloak 6 months ago


  • Mr. Soxside89
    Mr. Soxside89 6 months ago

    That's how Rodman performs without MJ

  • Dale Stennett
    Dale Stennett 6 months ago

    Has Dennis Rodman had a stroke? Lol

  • The Phat Jesus
    The Phat Jesus 6 months ago

    Someone please get Dennis off the stage

  • Balin40k
    Balin40k 6 months ago

    Martha gives me a fukin boner

  • bob rail
    bob rail 6 months ago

    Load of black utter shit thinks swearing is funny to get the laugh never by funny while he was got a hole in his arse💩💩💩💩💩

  • JohnECommon
    JohnECommon 6 months ago +1


  • John Dumelo
    John Dumelo 6 months ago

    Somebody need to roast Dennis Rodman's half man half woman ass

  • Brent Pilgrim
    Brent Pilgrim 6 months ago

    So many and funny African American celebrities or comedians and you choose this dude...I’m insulted...🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Onetazien
    Onetazien 6 months ago

    Trumptards don't get it.

  • David amar
    David amar 6 months ago

    I used to see dennis at the hard casino all the time he used to kiss peoples asses just to get free drinks lol 😂

  • seif zeghic
    seif zeghic 6 months ago

    where is seth macfarlane, snoop, lisa lampanelli
    where is everyone?

  • Omar Sohail
    Omar Sohail 6 months ago

    I bet he can suck trumps ass anytime of the day.

  • CameronK 054
    CameronK 054 6 months ago

    Ay that wus funny as fuck

  • Andrew Gold
    Andrew Gold 6 months ago

    The Kim joke was pretty good not gonna lie

  • CRDR1
    CRDR1 6 months ago

    everybody keep saying how bad this whole roast was. maybe you could recommend me a good, classic even, roast, so I can compare than? please?

  • sarra hitchen
    sarra hitchen 6 months ago

    That was dry af

  • Jesus Dunks On You
    Jesus Dunks On You 6 months ago +1

    Wasn't that funny but don't disrespect my man rodman he was a fucking monster on the b ball court gave it 100% no matter what.

  • Barmander
    Barmander 6 months ago

    Dont threaten jgl with a good time!

  • Special Loser
    Special Loser 6 months ago

    Comedy Central: wouldn’t of gone far without South Park, now it has Russell Howard, the roast, rick and morty, G O O D

  • Drew Bravo
    Drew Bravo 6 months ago

    I just *caught* the Impractical Jokers for hiring actors in their skits. The main male actor in these TheXvid Bagel Bites ads is the same guy who walked out of a photography class (skit) taught by Sal and Q. *Please share this, and if we *all* do our part, maybe we can get a response from them. 😄🤣😄🤣🤣😄

  • meu02136
    meu02136 6 months ago

    The person that wrote his lines really should have said them as well. In other words, the big, irrelevant, alcoholic shambles should fuck off to Korea.

  • Mu-sec Mil89
    Mu-sec Mil89 6 months ago +5

    That Kim Jong un joke was pretty good.

  • Æhmad
    Æhmad 6 months ago

    How is this funny?

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 6 months ago

    This was great, any of you fuckers in these comments wouldn’t last 5 seconds on that stage lmao

  • Rodrigo Botti
    Rodrigo Botti 6 months ago

    Wow!! Just wow, I really feel bad for him watching this...

  • Chris T
    Chris T 6 months ago

    He’s crying because Bruce is looking at him wtf did I invite u for u make the situation look like Richard Pryor

  • 0oo0CLOUD0oo0
    0oo0CLOUD0oo0 6 months ago


  • yardi love
    yardi love 6 months ago

    Ibyc6xrbJxybx. H 8 ask v

  • Fallen Viper
    Fallen Viper 6 months ago

    What A Mess

  • juan sigala
    juan sigala 6 months ago

    he did ok!🙌

  • junfaa
    junfaa 6 months ago

    All of his lines are super contrived.

  • Corduroy Xavier
    Corduroy Xavier 6 months ago

    Sooo bad

  • submission magician
    submission magician 6 months ago

    Hands down worst roast ever!

  • Airjordan 2425
    Airjordan 2425 6 months ago

    I thought it was really funny, laughed at everything, it's just the timing and how awkward he is up there that makes it cringe

  • Jesse Montoya
    Jesse Montoya 6 months ago

    That was good

  • Not_your_typical_cat_person

    I believe the word basic applies to this set. Holy crap that was painful.

  • Dylan Goode
    Dylan Goode 6 months ago


  • Nasir Carter
    Nasir Carter 6 months ago

    “Jeff dick is so small it look like a hat for his nutts.” 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Scott H
    Scott H 6 months ago


  • vince clary
    vince clary 6 months ago

    Get this nigga some meds...

  • FrankieMackOfficial
    FrankieMackOfficial 6 months ago

    Am I the only person who didn't find this funny?

  • Sherrie Sullivan
    Sherrie Sullivan 6 months ago

    Rodman go back to Korea

  • Ty ftcmf
    Ty ftcmf 6 months ago

    This whole roast was donkey shit

  • SuperDuty Zack
    SuperDuty Zack 6 months ago

    I have a feeling bruce didn’t get to pick the roasters. These guys suck

  • HalfHarry
    HalfHarry 6 months ago +5

    The kim Jong un joke lmao

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage 6 months ago

    First time I can truly understand what Dennis Rodman actually says.

  • realone504
    realone504 6 months ago

    Aww this coon aka trump boy was kinda funny y’all saying it was bad

  • Alex Havier
    Alex Havier 6 months ago

    Cocaine is a helluva drug!!!!

  • Beck Stein
    Beck Stein 6 months ago

    This wasn’t worse than The Situation. Cringe to the max. I actually felt bad for the guy. It was almost like the writers gave him bad jokes as a joke.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 6 months ago

    Dennis who? some unfunny retard.

  • Andrew Hornsby
    Andrew Hornsby 6 months ago


  • Chase Holstein
    Chase Holstein 6 months ago

    People keep saying this entire roast was awful.... Well you can all thank yourselves and your feelings... All the past roasts they had everyone bitched and cried and got offended by every little thing and this is now the result... Now you complain they aren't going hard enough... Make up your damn offended minds.

  • Waunga Paul
    Waunga Paul 6 months ago

    He's gay AF

  • Waunga Paul
    Waunga Paul 6 months ago

    This nigga looks weird

  • Dave Richards
    Dave Richards 6 months ago

    Best roast after Ross

  • John
    John 6 months ago

    Thst pussy comment got me good.

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 6 months ago


  • Robert Tanner
    Robert Tanner 6 months ago

    Like a turd in the wind ...

  • Silo Cy Ciscron
    Silo Cy Ciscron 6 months ago +9

    He was actually pretty funny ! made me laugh^^ all the haters are politically motivated...sad.

    • Aaron
      Aaron 6 months ago

      Silo Cy Ciscron I'm no supporter of the Clinton's or Obama. Don't mind Trump. This shit just wasn't funny. I'm a supporter of Comedy. This ain't it.

  • Jason Karnes
    Jason Karnes 6 months ago

    part of me thought he wouldn't be able to complete rational sentences like all the other times I've heard him talk but I think you did fairly well this time it was surprising

  • rock n roll
    rock n roll 6 months ago

    wearing sunglasses lol probably high

  • SYM 911 SHindeiru
    SYM 911 SHindeiru 6 months ago +2

    Only came here for the comments

  • UPostOnTheDonald
    UPostOnTheDonald 6 months ago

    No roast of Kevin Pollak?

  • C.S.R
    C.S.R 6 months ago +5

    I thought he did good!

  • Spooks McGhie
    Spooks McGhie 6 months ago


  • Care Moso
    Care Moso 6 months ago

    Killin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!

  • mickey love
    mickey love 6 months ago

    He tried. I surprised to see him crack

  • Did Ye Aye ?
    Did Ye Aye ? 6 months ago

    Beyond shit !!!