The 6 Craziest Pens We Could Find

  • In this compilation, we highlight DotsPen, Magnetips, 7-year Pen, Inkless Metal Pen, Feather Pen, and the Polar Pen.
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    Creativity is about exploring what's possible and letting your imagination run wild to create the best possible result. Sometimes that means meticulously coloring in between the lines. Sometimes that just means playing around in your work space until inspiration strikes. Magnetips let you do both at the same time.
    This set of twenty fine-line marking pens includes an array of vibrant colors with water-based ink. But what makes Magnetips truly remarkable are the embedded neodymium magnets in each end of the pens. Coupled with the hexagonal barrel, the pens can be fidgeted with, stacked, folded, reconfigured, and rearranged endlessly to unlock your creativity. Sometimes playtime is all you need to find your creative muse.
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  10 months ago +1273

    How great are Joey's drawings? We really like his "Dogtor!" #PunCity
    Want even more puns?

    • Reta Korkes
      Reta Korkes 11 days ago

      No you Can’t say 🤬

    • MeMeBigBoooi GD
      MeMeBigBoooi GD 13 days ago

      I can't believe you missed the chance to cross promo the inkless m pen video

    • Trent Teel
      Trent Teel 22 days ago

      Vat19 Ialso can Redfords pen thingy

    • ```c i n n a m m o n```
      ```c i n n a m m o n``` Month ago

      Bruh that metal pen underwater
      "I dont know why you do that(voice crack*~) but thats awsome!"

    • PeytonBlogs :3
      PeytonBlogs :3 Month ago

      Vat19 he is awesome!! I can’t believe it!
      I thought that it was a robot!!

  • Rhonda Chen
    Rhonda Chen 34 minutes ago

    Does the magnet tiles pen 🖊 work on a iPad because you didn’t say tablet but not iPad

  • harry potter
    harry potter 11 hours ago

    I had the medal pen but I lost mine

  • Jacob Suanno
    Jacob Suanno 16 hours ago

    hey vat19 i know you just still some one stuff on the first video on magnetips

  • alma Perez
    alma Perez Day ago

    Can you make mangnetlps last 7 years

  • Duana Sharp
    Duana Sharp Day ago

    We use led at school by useing greyled

  • Chloe Foong
    Chloe Foong 2 days ago

    All of the comments are hate comments why so much hate

  • Marc Downey
    Marc Downey 2 days ago

    Did anyone think that Joey’s drawings are really good? Ok just me!?

  • Tik Tok Addicted Person

    I just realized that I watched a 7 minute ad.

  • Brandon Negus
    Brandon Negus 3 days ago

    Also, a reference to the song Miracles by Insane Clown Posse was cool.

  • Brandon Negus
    Brandon Negus 3 days ago

    This company is so wholesome.

    Even with the censorex swearing. Lol

  • Jaden Nguyen
    Jaden Nguyen 3 days ago

    Narrator is Jamie

  • Emerson Bonilla
    Emerson Bonilla 3 days ago

    Soooo I bought the metal pen and I tried to write on water aaaaand somebody came and told me, “Wtf are you doing” I didn’t what to say so I just smiled as the paper started becoming weaker. At the end we became friends and still remember the time of how we met.
    So thanks? I guess?

  • Phone Guy or William Afton


    Wait isn’t that every pen?

  • CharlesTheHog IDK
    CharlesTheHog IDK 4 days ago

    It Still Sucks... It Doesn't Have A Bottle Opener :(

  • Kian Olsen
    Kian Olsen 5 days ago

    It’s a cartoon Jamey it’s a cartoon

  • Lennon M
    Lennon M 5 days ago

    My 7 year pen is still working

  • Jack Stange
    Jack Stange 5 days ago


  • Mandy Zurbuchen
    Mandy Zurbuchen 6 days ago

    I searched the colored magnet pens and nothing popped up

  • Damian Camille
    Damian Camille 6 days ago

    "I recommend this product:
    So grateful it exists in 2020."

  • Rebecca Deery
    Rebecca Deery 7 days ago

    7 years from when this was made there is the corona virus 🦠 yay😅

  • Venice Sofia Galleso

    I need the polar pen

  • Michaela Chloe Saflor

    I want the 7year pen

  • The singing brothers Chanel

    The 7 year pen every year you could buy a new one every seven years

  • Volt64bolt
    Volt64bolt 7 days ago

    This is practically an ad

  • briankulbaba
    briankulbaba 7 days ago

    Oh hamster dance 💃🏻 🐹

  • Bimalendu Bhowmik
    Bimalendu Bhowmik 8 days ago

    can you do a giveaway

  • A Potato
    A Potato 8 days ago


    MR HENBOR 8 days ago

    7 year pen vid was released 6yrs ago and look at where we are

  • Flora Newton
    Flora Newton 8 days ago

    *L.C. Sloan*

    Me: You got that right

    btw this is at 2:20

  • Cordero Raphael
    Cordero Raphael 9 days ago

    Hey vat19 can i have magneticpen im from philipines number 1 fan i also sub i watch all the vids

  • Rhianna Harroun
    Rhianna Harroun 9 days ago

    Why did you name your TheXvid channel vat19?

  • bella m.
    bella m. 9 days ago


  • PikachuIce
    PikachuIce 9 days ago +1

    I can turn the seven year pen into a 1 day pen

  • Timmy Adventures
    Timmy Adventures 10 days ago

    1:32 the man is drawing Cartman from South Park

  • Wolfry 99
    Wolfry 99 10 days ago

    jamie are you getting old?

  • David Thibodeaux
    David Thibodeaux 10 days ago

    The dot pen is just a tattoo machine for paper.

  • Hoax
    Hoax 10 days ago

    That motorized pen is all fun & games until a kid brings that to school as a weapon. Then here come the lawsuits!

  • Clorox Bleach Or Ryan Slintak

    Cross promo! 1:59

  • Oranqe
    Oranqe 10 days ago

    I’ve not been liking the new format recently it’s just been “ COME ON GET THE VIDEO TO TEN MINUTES!!!!!”

  • MilanGames2
    MilanGames2 10 days ago +1

    What if u draw a picture on ur body with the metal pen is it a tattoo bc it’s “permanent”

  • Kelly Hinkle
    Kelly Hinkle 10 days ago

    I would be 17 with the 7 year pen

  • Pìñk_Wõłf_Gãtćhã Always pink!

    I love ads now..


    0:48 there goes the ball. Forever hidden in the land of carpets.

  • TheEnderAnimations
    TheEnderAnimations 11 days ago

    Ohhhh SWEARING

  • OogieBoogie
    OogieBoogie 11 days ago

    the 7 year pen video was made 7 years ago so im sorry about your pen, guys

  • Manuel Serna
    Manuel Serna 12 days ago

    They called him an asshole

  • Lin Mai Lin mai lain
    Lin Mai Lin mai lain 12 days ago +1

    Nooooo you could’ve done a cross promo on the second one!!!!

  • PR1SM 1
    PR1SM 1 12 days ago +1

    Vat19: ..And we have the 7-year pen!

    Covid19: I'm about to end this man's career.

  • Annika Jameson
    Annika Jameson 12 days ago


  • Wolfe snow
    Wolfe snow 12 days ago

    Why notttt

  • Car Hawk
    Car Hawk 12 days ago

    I actually already own a 7 year pen, it was given as a present to me a few years back because i collect pens.
    it's been writing to this day, so i can confirm the high quality of it.
    edit: and Several quill pens.

  • C Christodoulou
    C Christodoulou 12 days ago

    Bro I’m Responsible for a meatll pen

  • ForsakenArsenal
    ForsakenArsenal 12 days ago

    Me: Watching pen advertisements.
    Ad talking about a pencil in about 30 sec with 5 sec skip.
    Me: Skips it and watches a pen ad.
    “ Ah yes, I need a pen ad, not a pencil ad. “

  • Tom Krygier
    Tom Krygier 13 days ago +1

    No, no more puns

  • Kiyotishero Takahashi
    Kiyotishero Takahashi 13 days ago

    i want this and i like it why your all items is very cool and awsome

  • Edgar Oden
    Edgar Oden 13 days ago

    Jamie (da boss) : keep the fun going when slacking off
    Me : like ur worker Danny

  • JG Gaming
    JG Gaming 13 days ago

    When you realized you actually watched 7 mins of advertisement

  • Authentic Anything
    Authentic Anything 13 days ago

    nice video !

  • Charli Sotelo
    Charli Sotelo 13 days ago

    Hey Vat19! Can you restock the magnetips? I really liked them when I saw them,but when I went to the website it was sold out

  • Emma Woudul
    Emma Woudul 13 days ago

    Everyone: writing with normal pens
    The EXTRA girl: feather pen gift set

  • Lindsey CHA
    Lindsey CHA 13 days ago

    My dad still has a pen from when he was 7. He's 43 now. What y'all gotta say

  • Humito Mendez
    Humito Mendez 13 days ago


  • Hail Satan
    Hail Satan 13 days ago +1

    We all know people aren’t using the motorized pen for art.

  • Jeremy Huang
    Jeremy Huang 13 days ago +12

    Vat19: Advertises a pen with 7-in-one functions.
    Dollar Store: Sells those pens and gets more money for $1 each.
    Vat19: ...

  • Kyle Shepherd
    Kyle Shepherd 13 days ago

    Offensive tea

  • TheEpicsniper34
    TheEpicsniper34 13 days ago

    Me: skips ad
    Also me: Watches an ad

  • Stanley Ang
    Stanley Ang 13 days ago

    "6 craziest *of our* pen ads we could find

  • Siez Na
    Siez Na 13 days ago

    All I see is beautiful art

  • How To simple
    How To simple 14 days ago

    I’ll lose the 7 year pen in a month

  • Gudivada Nabhitha
    Gudivada Nabhitha 14 days ago

    How much???? 😭😭

  • Erik Jansson Appelqvist


  • i copy you
    i copy you 14 days ago

    The first seven year pens will run out next year

  • Lizza \vicky
    Lizza \vicky 14 days ago

    VAT19.COM IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria R
    Gloria R 14 days ago

    2:29. Whyyy Jamie

  • Adil Rahman
    Adil Rahman 14 days ago +1


  • Pratham B Sarma
    Pratham B Sarma 15 days ago

    My friend: Hey dude what are you doing?
    Me: Writing with a metal pen... underwater.
    He: Oh cool.

  • Seanne Alcano
    Seanne Alcano 15 days ago


  • Seanne Alcano
    Seanne Alcano 15 days ago

    Ink pen weird