Khabib started the McGregor feud by slapping Artem Lobov - Helwani, Conor apologizes for tweets

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
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    - Conor McGregor issues an apology to fans after recent tweets about Khabib Nurmagomedov.
    - Conor McGregor continues to roast Paulie Malignaggi and calls him a Pinata
    - Ariel Helwani reacts to McGregor, Khabib's back and forth on twitter and says he feels Khabib started the feud by sl@pping Artem Lobov in Brooklyn
    - Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren added to UFC 239
    - UFC releases official poster for UFC Stockholm
    - UFC announces more matchups for UFC Stockholm
    - Anthony Smith discusses his bout with Alexander Gustafsson
    - Marlon Moraes speaks on Cejudo title bout, says TJ Dillashaw is still on of the best ever despite failed USADA test

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Comments • 854

  • mashu khan
    mashu khan 5 days ago

    Ok. Kids if u like it this way... Than khabib started it.. and khabib finished it.... By making mcgregor tap.... End of story

  • Cannabis healz
    Cannabis healz 14 days ago

    NO Artum started this by talking crap about a guy that doesnt take crap a real man.

  • Dennis Brunet
    Dennis Brunet Month ago

    No way that apology is sincere and won’t ever change the kind of person he is.

  • Zidan Mozumder
    Zidan Mozumder Month ago

    Conor started the feud by stealing Khabib's well-earned title shot against Eddie Alvarez back in November 2016.

  • Just Another Name
    Just Another Name Month ago

    The only thing "Unacceptable" is that Khabib finally called conor a RAPIST... after that Dana Fake Hype got involved, before that what that Rapist Rat was saying was fine and dandy.

  • Daud Hicks
    Daud Hicks Month ago

    Lobov started the feud, get the facts straight, he call d Khabib a bitch and coward, that’s why Khabib confronted him. And Khabib was nice about it, he just made his point and gripped him from the back of the neck. It’s not like he walked over and gave him a three piece and a soda.

  • chrissio McKenzo
    chrissio McKenzo Month ago

    Anti-semetic hes a muslin you dickhead ur the jew

  • Moe Moe
    Moe Moe Month ago +1

    Ariel you pussy

  • I wanna Fuck Ivanka

    What's him slapping artem got to do with mcgreggor? Is mcgreggor artems bitch or something?

  • Paul Howells 2
    Paul Howells 2 Month ago

    When you think Conor and Khabib can't get any worse.. your married to a towel 😂 now his causing more drama for no reason 👎🏻

  • T L
    T L Month ago

    Conor will fuck Muhamad And all the Muslim.

  • Naughty boy
    Naughty boy Month ago

    Kebab starts the new feud by insulting conor and his wife and when conor repays the compliment kebab makes death threats hahaha 😂 😂 😂 but guess what conor don't give a fuck what goat 🐐 wig says lol 😂 😂 😂

  • Mister Miyagi
    Mister Miyagi Month ago

    khabib started it, and finished it. 6 october he smashed chicken

  • yb 5k
    yb 5k Month ago

    Brhu khabib beat yo ass brhu don’t make blood do it agian Conor u gone get fucked up brhu

  • Hollow Inn
    Hollow Inn Month ago

    Ariel, you piss off Cowboy for not shit talking, and now you're crying about too much shit talking. You're an inconsistent drama queen that doesn't even fight to back up you're own shit talking.

  • mrizak
    mrizak Month ago

    muslims always start the fight

  • bent540
    bent540 Month ago


  • keione whiley
    keione whiley Month ago

    In my eyes you are aloud to give you opinion without having to worry about physical part. McGregor is no angel but he's not the one who decided to slap one of khabib's friend for an interview. That was disrespectful for Artem and Conor, but in no way I can condemne the actions that followed. Conor lost the fight and what happened at the end was just khabib pouring oil on a already very explosive situation. McGregor is a talker above all that he is... It's been a long time now, khabib is an intelligent man... So how the hell is he still going in a back and forth with McGregor after beating him so badly. That wasn't a fight that left me wanting to see another. This is the fight game, feelings are going to get shattered and expectations will wipe the floor in some cases." Your wife's a towel mate" was truly out of order on the part of McGregor (it's had me cracked for a sec....then I realized) khabib is a Muslim, the cultural differences and all... That's their tradition so it's kind of low to attack that and even worst talking about his wife. This now have the feeling of two kids in an argument trying to outdo eachother. #thisisgettingbooring

  • sam
    sam Month ago

    diz chanel supports irish rapist

  • visigoth james
    visigoth james Month ago

    It's doesn't matter who started you jewish instigator. It only matters who crossed the line.
    They're fighters and they're supposed to beef with each other... It's part of the business as long as you don't cross the line and get into religion and family. Khabib never crossed the line and beefed like any normal fighter would. Conor always crosses the line. Conor might just get murdered one day and he'll deserve it.

  • visigoth james
    visigoth james Month ago

    Khabib slapped Artem and trash talked without crossing the line that's normal for fighters. Even Conor's bus incident was okay in my opinion.
    But talking about a man's family, religion, and wife is crossing all lines and asking for a death sentence.
    Don't equate the between the two you freakin Jewish instigator.

  • LoneRider27
    LoneRider27 Month ago

    Conors a cunt acting like a wet bitch to keep himself famous and to keep people talking about him. Once a little thug always a little thug. Fuck ufc. Fuck conor. Fuck dana the biggest conor fanboy white. Conor makes things personal and then when someone reacts its everyone elses fault and "just business" verbally abusing peoples families and religions. Whats that saying about people who talk too much?. He backed it up, now he just keeps talking and talking and talking and. . . . . Talking.. im from the uk. Always knew he was an arrogant piece of shit and never liked the cunt. Cant wait until someone shuts him up once and for all!!

  • Devin Mounce
    Devin Mounce Month ago

    I truly don’t understand how Ariel thinks Conor’s tweets were anti Semitic. Khabib is Islamic not Jewish.. so yeah there’s that.

  • Devin Mounce
    Devin Mounce Month ago

    Nobody cares what Ariel says... I like Helwani and what he has done for MMA journalism but he whines a little too much..

  • Gerard Murphy
    Gerard Murphy Month ago

    In my opinion Helwani is in competition with uncle Dana to see who gets Conor’s balls on their chin
    Guy is s scumbag , they want all the trash talk to put asses in seats but when it goes sour they all cry like babies .
    Khabib has every right to be pissed at McGregor and it was lobov and co that started it Facts !

  • Kimberlee Ellison
    Kimberlee Ellison Month ago

    artem called khabib a pussy, that why he was slapped..........

  • John Bradford
    John Bradford Month ago

    And u brought his wife in to it u fucking sad man.

  • IXIRob_MarleyIXI
    IXIRob_MarleyIXI Month ago

    Conor is gonna get himself killed ... didn’t Khabib already teach you a lesson ... Tap Machine #UseToBeAFan #LeaveFamilyandReligionOutOfIt

  • Football Legends
    Football Legends Month ago

    Connor is Cancer! Khabib rertired him now STFU

  • morelli tech
    morelli tech Month ago

    Actually Artem trashed Khabib and khabib spoke to him and slap him over it.

  • Jinn Mallik
    Jinn Mallik Month ago

    Artem picked a side going vocal it's called selling a fight self promotion included, Khabib did not slap Artem more of a tight grip a harsh warning, I got this feeling Paulie got sight of Artems opponent then figured Artem is not winning battle a excuse to duck out facing the man he slapped.
    Be gutted if Artem vs Paulie did not happen, betting Paulie ain't turning up, be sad.

  • Faaris Kahn
    Faaris Kahn Month ago

    Lol and he ended it too🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Barnum Castillo
    Barnum Castillo Month ago

    Trash talk is ok and the twitter insults are not ok... hypocrite

  • Richard Stewart
    Richard Stewart Month ago

    Khabib is.a Russian rat

  • tarooSokol
    tarooSokol Month ago

    yeah Khabib slapped him, but didnt take it to the next level to insult anyone's family, the USA, Ireland, Christianity, etc. and he will never do. Besides, what kind of bitch ass man that accept getting slapped by another man without retaliating! Its even more insulting that your friend comes to defend your honor. Ugh...

  • Over Heated EsKim0
    Over Heated EsKim0 Month ago

    Lmao khabib so dumb used the image of the girl conor got pregnant

  • Imoh Balu
    Imoh Balu Month ago

    Correction Artum was the one who started all this chaos by talking about Khabib.

  • dave jackson
    dave jackson Month ago

    Conor is a racist rapistHow has this man still got fans ?

  • Jack Scouse ///M240i


  • 357Payback
    357Payback Month ago

    Gotta disagree about Khabib starting the feud. Artem Lobov did. I remember Lobov shooting some video in his kitchen talking about how Conor would destroy Khabib. Then Khabib confronted him about it and we all know the rest of the story.

    EYECRED Month ago

    The Nose is such a disguisting human being tbh, even more than Dana.He's the biggest snake in the MMA community.

  • British Takeover
    British Takeover Month ago

    I don’t think it’s tht bad wht Conor sed considering wht kehbib sed after

  • Gibby Nik Music
    Gibby Nik Music Month ago

    He started and finished it.

  • beckman zac
    beckman zac Month ago

    I cant even pay attention to McGregor anymore he's just annoying. And khabib would kick my ass but he should just shut up. He would look better lol

  • symbiote91
    symbiote91 Month ago

    Artem is a grown man why does Conor keep hooping in his beefs

  • Xavier Reigneau
    Xavier Reigneau Month ago

    Artem talked shit about Khabib online. When Khabib saw him in the hotel, he had a conversation with him to his face. Like a man.

  • Iam Legend
    Iam Legend Month ago

    I'm not a conor fanboy but I admire the lengths he has taken to defend his homeboy

  • lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t

    McGregor get killed by ppl in dat religion,fact.

  • Mr. Me
    Mr. Me Month ago

    Shut the fuck up Ariel we love this shit you lil bitch

  • Adam johnson
    Adam johnson Month ago

    Connor is messing with the wrong guy....100%

  • yeah tbh.
    yeah tbh. Month ago

    conor is bipolar as fuck

  • JP JP
    JP JP Month ago

    Last time i checked Antisemitism is for jews not muslims..your fired

  • R G
    R G Month ago

    Artem started it by calling Khabib a pussy.

  • algo
    algo Month ago

    what the FUCK is your accent? it's ANNOYING

  • MuMu124
    MuMu124 Month ago

    Actually artem started the fued by calling khabib a pussy and then acted like a pussy when he got confronted

  • guywhosfly
    guywhosfly Month ago

    The irony... the most talked about thing in MMA has nothing to do with the octagon.

  • Jean Lassalle
    Jean Lassalle Month ago +1

    Artem is the reason the feud started. Talking shit, not backing it up, denying it, and then getting slapped...

  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno Month ago +4

    Connor mcfuckinchild.
    Grow up before you end up in a gutter. Talking about ppls family will get you put away.
    This isnt the octagon. Dont expect refs or dana to save you.

  • Raging Warrior
    Raging Warrior Month ago

    Damn, UFC 239 is lit

  • Vincenzo Pasha
    Vincenzo Pasha Month ago +1

    Stfu ariel!! Ask him why did he slap????? Ask ur team mate why he eat slap?? Ask him

  • erik oppenheim
    erik oppenheim Month ago

    is it okay not to like jews

  • Jader Shine
    Jader Shine Month ago

    Khabib slaps Artem, Conor steps in, gets slapped too -end

  • Derek Staten
    Derek Staten Month ago

    Connor apologize lol now that’s fake as fuck!!!!!!!

  • marcus knox
    marcus knox Month ago

    Well, you are wrong Ariel. Technically, it was Artem calling Khabib a chicken that started all this. But you can't not blame Kahbib for all of Conor's fucking craziness since his altercation with Artem.

  • marcus knox
    marcus knox Month ago

    That PR person finally got to Conor. lol If Conor really just wants to move forward, just shut the fuck up and fight. Simple. Unless you are a die hard dick rider of his, you don't need at the shit talk, just fight!!!!

  • Dyg Fauziah Abg Abdullah

    fuck u pussy ..u biased

  • Dyg Fauziah Abg Abdullah

    u channel something else ..

  • Nick f
    Nick f Month ago

    Anti semitic, torwards Muslim people? What a dope.

  • Jim Assalone
    Jim Assalone Month ago

    I’m glad Helwani is confiding in his barber. I wasn’t sure if this was over the top until the barber said so.

  • Jim Assalone
    Jim Assalone Month ago +1

    The “He started it” defense is so childish it Helwani sounds like a total McGregor fanboy making weak excuses for him. Lobov is a man who should be able to handle his business without his buddy trying to get even. McGregor had a chance but got his ass handed to him in grand fashion. That should be the end of it. McGregor stepping in for his supposed friend is just an ego thing for narcissist McGregor.

  • Ramon Anaya
    Ramon Anaya Month ago +3

    Artem gets slapped every 15 minutes.

  • Peter Pettigrew
    Peter Pettigrew Month ago +1

    Khabib is a kid toucher worshipper. He keeps his wife, or rather property, covered completely, her beauty hidden to the darkness. A form of dominance, abuse within the practice of Islam.
    Essentially, Conor exposes this. Therefore Conor went to far.
    The idea that if something is religious, or more specifically Islamic, it should not be questioned is dangerous. This way of thinking sets the future up for great devastation.

    • Robert Downy
      Robert Downy Month ago

      This is an MMA channel. Keep your religion bigotism to yourself.

  • Kendric Mbo
    Kendric Mbo Month ago

    Seems like I saw this photo of Conor and that lady a few years ago wtf

    M TURAN Month ago +3

    Khabib didnt start no fued you dck rider. ....Connor fanboy. Im Block ing this

    • aweffs
      aweffs Month ago

      M TURAN Conor didn’t go crazy until khabib put his hands physically on artem - not sure what’s so confusing

  • Dr.Salem Khalil
    Dr.Salem Khalil Month ago

    Name of sound track used?

  • C
    C Month ago

    Who the hell is ariel helwani???? He is a little bitch.... that's who he is

  • Jeff Bourke
    Jeff Bourke Month ago

    it has escalated so Conor should retire. Ah well never mind.

  • sohailali121
    sohailali121 Month ago

    Helwani it was artem pussy started this, not khabib and it was totally setup by dana nohonor mcburger's girlfriend who was the master mind behind all this things. Dana-she's drama queen!

  • sid
    sid Month ago

    i am not supporting conor for the shit he has said to khabib but khabib definitely started it by cornering artem when he was alone !

  • Dragon 100
    Dragon 100 Month ago

    Yh and khabib ended the feud by slappin u and him !! Now get over it ! Stop drinking and getting mixed emotions like a bitch on her period my gosh

  • Dragon 100
    Dragon 100 Month ago

    Yh and khabib ended the feud by slappin u and him !! Now get over it ! Stop drinking and getting mixed emotions like a bitch on her period my gosh

  • John Bones
    John Bones Month ago

    Fuck off Ariel you sanctimonious agitating prick. Connor called Khabib 'Dagestani dog shit' way before the Artem slap. You know that. Connor is a mouthy cvnt who rightfully got smashed

  • Blessed
    Blessed Month ago

    Didn't artem talk shit about khabib, then deny it when khabib approached him. So artem started it.
    His whole team are filth.

  • Gordon GG
    Gordon GG Month ago

    Never diss another man's beliefs in life # connor sort ya arse out .

  • Tony Lao
    Tony Lao Month ago

    What does Artem have to do with the feud btw the Scumbag Conor and Khabib?! STUPID! Conor apologizes my ASS, and people are going to believe that? FAKE APOLOGIES!

  • Orlando Hernandez
    Orlando Hernandez Month ago

    Lets go Marlon

  • Nathan Hodgson
    Nathan Hodgson Month ago

    Artem lets people slap him to condition his chin only the goat can do this

  • katgolds30
    katgolds30 Month ago +8

    Lobov started all this by disrespecting Khabib in an interview.

  • MadMusic
    MadMusic Month ago

    What does Ariel Helwani need a barber for? Shaving his hairy ass?

  • nimlil
    nimlil Month ago

    I wouldn't call Khabib's a slap, it was more like a cuff. Pauly's was a slap. I hope Artem pounds Pauly out. I actually feel a little bad for Artem. He seems to be the guy people want to pick on.

  • matt1618john146
    matt1618john146 Month ago

    Conor is a rapist !!!
    Conor is a rapist !!!
    Never forget that.

  • matt1618john146
    matt1618john146 Month ago +7

    That feud was settled on the last fight. Connie lost by humiliation !!!!

  • Ari ana McDavid Barrett

    Idiots. Both of them.

  • David Pizano
    David Pizano Month ago

    That is so stupid! If the problem was with lobov, why was connor defending lobov?? Lobov is a fighter, let them finish their feud.

  • Rebel Ruthless
    Rebel Ruthless Month ago

    Paulie is Not a Good Fighter..
    I dont know if he thinks people actually believe the retarted shit that he says...
    He never was exciting period.
    He says he whooped Conor but its Obvious he got his ass handed to him.
    Dude is fat with no muscle...
    Artem truely has a Legit Chance of Knocking out Paulie.
    100% FACTS. My Niggiz

  • tom nickerson
    tom nickerson Month ago

    Conor McGreggor got starched by Khabib, he needs to accept Khabib is on another level than him.

    • tom nickerson
      tom nickerson Month ago

      McGreggor got dropped, dominated and tapped out, even after cheating every round.

  • Zlatan C
    Zlatan C Month ago

    Conor needs to get of Coke. Coke is a hell of a drug 😜😜

  • Tou Lor
    Tou Lor Month ago

    Conor inserted himself into the problems of Khabib and Artem lol.

  • ajay n
    ajay n Month ago

    Connor was fun early days.. His trash talk was all fun till Khabib.. Now i feel his trash talk has gone a little overboard.. However Mr. Ariel please shut up.. Dont try to be the clever fox in between 2 GOATS.. We all know how that ended

  • Jacklyn Coil
    Jacklyn Coil Month ago

    Ariel keeps saying that Conor was kicked off the UFC 200 card because he didn't want to travel because his team mates opponent died he didnt feel right traveling. I thought Conor was in Iceland training and didnt want to stop? Am I wrong?