Nines - I See You Shining

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
  • 'I See You Shining' Out Now. Stream it
    IG: @csbnines
    Twitter: @Nines1ace
    Produced by Steel Banglez & Zeph Ellis
    Director - Oliver Jennings
    Production Company - Partizan
    Producer - Henry Napier-Brown
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  • sam balllin
    sam balllin 8 days ago

    Lool man's seen paid in full too many times

  • K Hussain
    K Hussain 11 days ago

    You got it

  • sammyp
    sammyp 17 days ago


  • Guled Ismaiel
    Guled Ismaiel 20 days ago

    See you shining hey

  • Marny J
    Marny J 20 days ago +1


  • Bee Dee
    Bee Dee 20 days ago

    His crew got indicted for that Murder with KKoke’s crew. They just recently stated it was related to the Nines stabbing in retaliation. Nines stabbing was recorded by the individuals that did it, and in return “allegedly,” Nines got the older head of the crew that was responsible for his stabbing shot in the head dead on arrival (also on film). Months later Nines crew got indicted for the murder. Specifically Nines right hand man Skrapz, crazy stuff yea. Skrapz then got stabbed in jail in retaliation. If you don’t know now you know, Nines laying low due to implication and indictments himself.

  • Phantom_ Beast
    Phantom_ Beast 22 days ago +3

    Whose here January 2020?

  • Beza 34
    Beza 34 23 days ago

    This is one we always come back to let the years

  • Marny J 2
    Marny J 2 25 days ago +1

    Yo Nines, it's upcoming rapper, Marny J. I'm on lock down in a mental facility right now.....just managed to barely get the WI-FI again....PLEASEEE visit Redwoods in Shrewsbury Uk and ask for Jordan Evans.....they are keeping me here for "up to 28 days" apparently. I KNEW you were alive when the whole world thought you died. I'm still praying for you fam. You've been my FAVOURITE rapper since I heard Can't Blame Me in 2015 or something....I appreciate you're a busy man but it would mean EVERYTHING to me if you even so much as glanced at this comment. Thanks. Respect fam

  • Mo Anees
    Mo Anees 26 days ago

    A million of dem views locked by me uno

  • Bubba 20
    Bubba 20 Month ago

    After pride

  • Konagh Brennan
    Konagh Brennan Month ago

    Big tune🔥

  • ?
    ? Month ago +37

    0:27 steel banglez in the studio while dot rotten made the beat

  • AKPositivePathways
    AKPositivePathways Month ago

    Make up

  • ILove games
    ILove games Month ago

    When you was inside watching Netflix I was in the crop house wiring electric 🔥

  • GeordieMark
    GeordieMark Month ago +29

    Whos here in 2020?? 🔥🔥

  • Hajj Ezzo
    Hajj Ezzo Month ago

    Ahhhhhh my nigga said " I stay strapped like some lesbos"!! Dkm

  • Sara T
    Sara T Month ago

  • Vithu K
    Vithu K Month ago +1

    imagine being nines daughter

  • ExtraTimeDevils
    ExtraTimeDevils Month ago +2

    His daughter started smoking burn aged 3

    • ExtraTimeDevils
      ExtraTimeDevils Day ago

      @The North Face you are the dumb wally for not getting a joke.

    • The North Face
      The North Face Month ago

      ExtraTimeDevils rolly as in Rolex watch u idiot

  • A Ali
    A Ali Month ago +1

    Insha Allah AJ wins again bro, my Nigerian brothers!

  • RiNOEditz
    RiNOEditz Month ago +2

    Everyone commenting giving this guy support but he won’t ever see the TheXvid comments

  • RiNOEditz
    RiNOEditz Month ago

    A father who is a druggie? what a good job your doing

    • RiNOEditz
      RiNOEditz Month ago

      Smokes weed, which is a drug, he amokes regularly. D R U G G I E

    • TAPPZ
      TAPPZ Month ago

      He's not a druggie you fan

  • Amjad Ali
    Amjad Ali Month ago

    Who here after the stabbing😢😢

  • DaRealWill
    DaRealWill Month ago +39

    i caught a little case that’s a slight loss cause my lawyers like harvey and mike ross 0:48 SUITS

  • Bethanie chandler
    Bethanie chandler Month ago

    Still waiting for crop circle 2...

  • K.B *
    K.B * Month ago

    Still A banger 🥶💯

  • Daytona Williams
    Daytona Williams 2 months ago +1

    Nines is the greatest foreign Mc

  • Cripinub1
    Cripinub1 2 months ago

    Caught a lil case that’s a slight loss 👌🏽 drop some more bangers, streets are waiting

  • A1S
    A1S 2 months ago

    Nearly 2020 and 20 million views

  • Sim Pooni
    Sim Pooni 2 months ago


  • GBody786
    GBody786 2 months ago

    FCUK you disliked.. haters this is a serious banger ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 more beats like this in the coming 2020 🤞🏽

  • GBody786
    GBody786 2 months ago

    3.1k dislikes this real 🔥music steel Banglez makes bangers must of been some serious haters who disliked this beat must been those top of the pops old school spice girls fans 💀🤣

  • NLR
    NLR 2 months ago

    Its nines, i see you shining aye 🔥💯

  • NLR
    NLR 2 months ago

    Banger of all time 💯❤️

  • Luke’s carp fishing
    Luke’s carp fishing 2 months ago

    What an absolute banger

  • Gavin Jonez
    Gavin Jonez 2 months ago +2

    Who’s listening 1st November 2019

  • TrueGent 999
    TrueGent 999 2 months ago

    That house in London = 10 milli though!!!! Life goals. Is this where we find out it’s in Tyneside or something 😂😂☝️

  • death by pesticides
    death by pesticides 3 months ago

    Not in my town, you dont roll with me or my fam.

  • Chips Gangsterne
    Chips Gangsterne 3 months ago +1

    I just have destroyed comments 3.333.. Like if you love niggas

  • Chips Gangsterne
    Chips Gangsterne 3 months ago


  • Arsy
    Arsy 3 months ago


  • roxy hussain
    roxy hussain 3 months ago

    My uncle got me addicted to this ;3

  • chris herbert
    chris herbert 3 months ago


  • Ibrahim Kasim
    Ibrahim Kasim 3 months ago

    Come on man 💯💯💯

  • tom trickey
    tom trickey 3 months ago

    Trickey class A ryhmes

  • Charlotte Moore
    Charlotte Moore 3 months ago +1

    Funny half of you lot puttin bars in a comment an getting the bars wrong😩🤔

  • matt chew
    matt chew 3 months ago

    Very generic

  • j2 lw
    j2 lw 3 months ago

    i was well happy when he said "Harvey and Mike Ross" If you don't know its from a Netfilx series called Suits .

  • dang
    dang 3 months ago

    i see you shining ayy

  • Chosen Remnant
    Chosen Remnant 3 months ago

    "My daughter had a roll up aged 3"? Raises question. Catchy tune altho lyrics and subliminals need revising as if to say I got my shine selling snow. Don't be teaching that to youths via music please.

    • Ryan Flynn
      Ryan Flynn 3 months ago

      Rollie as in Rolex. As if he's lil girl gunna be bunning a cig , madness allow that

  • Joaquín Cassagnet Ezcurra

    For those who didn't know, Nines did a remix of this song a year ago with 3 Dutch rappers; so if you're dutch & know about this, thanks for the help.

  • Bigbenunknown 9030zz
    Bigbenunknown 9030zz 3 months ago

    Ide z mlll ok xass zo man xa set xx

  • Bigbenunknown 9030zz
    Bigbenunknown 9030zz 3 months ago

    Baz c

  • Luke’s carp fishing
    Luke’s carp fishing 3 months ago

    BANGER!!👌 legend

    BANG BANG 3 months ago

    Heavy tune Mr nines

  • T A
    T A 4 months ago

    0.48 call my lawyers like Harvey or mike Ross

  • E A
    E A 4 months ago

    0:28" I smell that jelloto from a mile away " I guess thats slang for Jollof Rice.

    • Shakeel Ullah
      Shakeel Ullah Month ago

      I dunno if ur joking or wat

    • RC
      RC 4 months ago

      Nah mate

  • Godz Son
    Godz Son 4 months ago

    When he get cut UK?

  • DMo86
    DMo86 4 months ago

    Here from the AJ vs Povetkin fight