Advent Calendars 2021 Day 1 | Ashens & Nerdcubed

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
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    Day Two:

    After partially destroying Dan's body with the cheese calendar last year (he is now lactose intolerant. Seriously!) this year it's CLASH OF THE TITANIC PRICES. Both calendars cost over £100! Which is best? Surely they must be good? Well...

    Big up to the lovely Matt Collins for doing all the editing again this year.

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  • James Barnousky
    James Barnousky Month ago +2178

    Ashens' advent calendar is how you know it's Christmas time. It comes every year, like a reliable reindeer.

    • Sora Song
      Sora Song Day ago

      @Benderdick Cumbersnatch Are you assuming LGBT people can't get married, you bigot?

    • Benderdick Cumbersnatch
      Benderdick Cumbersnatch Day ago

      @Sora Song I thought Ashens was happily married. :(

    • Sora Song
      Sora Song 20 days ago +1

      @Benderdick Cumbersnatch Why you sad?

    • Benderdick Cumbersnatch
      Benderdick Cumbersnatch 20 days ago

      @Sora Song :(

    • Sora Song
      Sora Song 21 day ago

      @Benderdick Cumbersnatch But they probably broke up at some point.

  • AvocadoAtrocity
    AvocadoAtrocity Month ago +958

    Please never stop this. It's literally a tradition now.

    • The Runaway Kid
      The Runaway Kid Month ago +1

      @Noah Rousseau I think I saw there was one from 2016 so maybe for 5 years or possibly it has been going for longer!

    • The Runaway Kid
      The Runaway Kid Month ago

      Yeah exactly my thoughts as well the ashens and nerdcubed advent calendar opening happens every December as does for me watching the first two home alone films and polar express 😏

    • motorbiker46
      motorbiker46 Month ago

      I was wondering why it just didn't feel like december until now - I didn't have enough time to watch this yet.
      Somehow I managed to replicate the feeling of getting an advent calendar late and binging the first few days.

    • SuperDeviant666
      SuperDeviant666 Month ago +1

      Honestly this is one of the things I look forward to every year.

    • Noah Rousseau
      Noah Rousseau Month ago +1

      How many years have they been doing it now?

  • Delta Victor
    Delta Victor Month ago +312

    I am a bit disappointed there's no punishment calendar. I enjoyed watching the suffering. At least the Ashens Advent is happening!

    • Economics101
      Economics101 Month ago +2

      I think after the cheese they aren't going to want to do a punishment calender

    • TheRavenPirate
      TheRavenPirate Month ago +8

      @turntechJackson Something something spice rack advent something

    • Owlly Mannstein
      Owlly Mannstein Month ago +18

      They're both still constipated from all of last year's cheese so that was punishment enough.

    • Steve Gattuso
      Steve Gattuso Month ago +38

      I agree with NerdCubed. The past two years have had enough punishment. We need something nice to end on.

    • Delta Victor
      Delta Victor Month ago +14

      @turntechJackson We can only hope.

  • DrFreemanstein
    DrFreemanstein Month ago +310

    I can't believe nobody mentioned that the advent calendars this year are literally Nerd Cubes...well the Star Trek one is anyway...the Doctor Who one is a Nerd Cuboid

  • SsnakeBite
    SsnakeBite Month ago +111

    Nerdcubed should open his calendar out of order to simulate time travel.

    • Endless Wanderer
      Endless Wanderer Month ago +4

      Roll a d20. If 1 or 20, open the correct door. Anything else, open that number's door. If you get a number you've already done, open the correct door.

      It's D&D homebrew enough to excite me, and pretty accurate to classic Doctor Who's TARDIS reliability.

  • OfficialNerdCubed
    OfficialNerdCubed Month ago +1222

    My body is ready. Most of it anyway...

    • Yeety Petey 599
      Yeety Petey 599 Month ago

      Going to watch years of your channel today. Grew up with you as my fav TheXvidr the little big planet and challenges and roller coaster tycoo and all shapes my younger self into becoming a British weeb at a young age. Thank you nerd I love you for all the enjoyment you brought me as a child and I’m sorry for not keeping up to date with ya

    • Miguel
      Miguel Month ago

      What do you put in your hair

    • Hannah
      Hannah Month ago

      Is your intestines tho

    • r3tr0gam3r89
      r3tr0gam3r89 Month ago

      Day 7 - Cheese Dalek
      Day 15 - Cheese Cyberman
      Day 24 - Cheese TARDIS

      Haha, just kidding. I'm sure Stuart wouldn't force you to eat them anyway. If this comes up at all, let's just admire the beauty of the models, hopefully they look brilliant.

    • Zoinkfwip
      Zoinkfwip Month ago

      Prepared In Various ways

  • T. Bone
    T. Bone Month ago +80

    Day 1, Log 1: A promising start for Ensign Stuart and Time Apprentice Dan, but we've all seen that before. Will they hold their bottle, or is all a house of cards?

  • Ryodraco
    Ryodraco Month ago +7

    Poor Dan, I guess he never built up the food tolerances that Ashens has.

  • Craig Rae
    Craig Rae Month ago +87

    Definitely some Dan math coming up with £2.50 a day,. Don’t ever change, mate. :)

    After a really shit year, I didn’t realize how much I was looking forward to this. Thank you both.

    • Benderdick Cumbersnatch
      Benderdick Cumbersnatch 21 day ago +1

      Well, yeah? £110 divided by 24 days = £2.50, mate. :D Dan's cheesetummy is right.

    • MJFallout
      MJFallout Month ago +1

      Well, I do enjoy the new paradigm that is 'Calendars now are expected to not be completely shit, so no extra punishment calendar will be needed (to fill up empty air time of disbelief and shame.)'

  • Sam'sTrains
    Sam'sTrains Month ago +256

    Were they £110 each or between the two? If each then it’s more like £4.50 each day... looking a bit steep so far lads 😨

    • Caldella
      Caldella Month ago +1

      I found the TARDIS one and it's $140 USD, so it's definitely each. 😨

    • Neil Williams
      Neil Williams Month ago

      @Zootopia96 Yes exactly. Either they were 'both' (as if bought together) in total over £100 or both (individually) were over £100.

      both -
      predeterminer · determiner · pronoun
      used for emphasis to refer to two people or things, regarded and identified together.

      "both his parents indulged him"


      used before the first of two alternatives to emphasize that the statement being made applies to each (the other alternative being introduced by ‘and’).

      "the film has won favour with both young and old"

    • Zootopia96
      Zootopia96 Month ago

      Both over 100 pound.

    • Neil Williams
      Neil Williams Month ago

      @Magma Hot Designs That can be read two ways though???

    • MegaVikingen
      MegaVikingen Month ago +3

      We must also consider the value of the boxes themselves. Sure it's "just cardboard" but it's rather solid, nicely detailed, licenced and thus quite collectible cardboard. I bet they would look nice on a shelf, especially as bookends for your sci-fi literature.

  • potatosordfighter666
    potatosordfighter666 Month ago +22

    The first "Hello ho ho" of the year is always the sweetest. 25 days of comedic content.

  • RighteousWeevil
    RighteousWeevil Month ago +15

    At this point watching these videos is probably my longest-standing Christmas tradition

  • kronos6948
    kronos6948 Month ago +7

    This is the one thing I look forward to every year during Christmastime. I'm still not used to shaved head Ashens!

  • Charlie Dobbie
    Charlie Dobbie Month ago +9

    Remembrance of the Daleks is an amazing story if you like Daleks. Warring factions, heavy weapons platforms, rampant exterminations... Plus it was the episode that once and for all answered the "Can Daleks climb stairs?" question. Great stuff!

  • Claudia Jenrich
    Claudia Jenrich Month ago +16

    Kinda feel like I say a version of this every year, but here goes: These videos do wonders for my mental state every December. Thanks!

  • SweenyLand
    SweenyLand Month ago +6

    I love this positive spin on the calendar series. Surely the grass masks won't let this stand

  • Emma George
    Emma George Month ago +4

    Honestly, the sheer joy I felt when I remembered it was time for Ashen's advent calendar got me more excited for Christmas than the Christmas songs and adverts they started showing a month ago

  • NitexKnight
    NitexKnight Month ago +15

    Wow did not remember it was the 1st! Last year you guys really helped me get through the worst of my gastritis flare up. I lost about 50 lbs with a very restrictive diet and was in pain daily. These advent uploads gave me a bit of daily enjoyment and it's emotional for me realizing it's been a whole year and I'm finally almost back to normal. So thank you for doing this every year, it probably means a lot to others as well.

  • srynh
    srynh Month ago +20

    This series is genuinely the thing I look forward to most every Christmas :)

  • Richard Coleman
    Richard Coleman Month ago +5

    I love that these guys always do unusual calendars - this year's is no different with the choice of advent's from two destroyed franchises. So funny! :)

  • Harry Talbot
    Harry Talbot Month ago +8

    YESSS!!!! My favorite yearly tradition has started. Please never stop this. It makes us all so happy :)

  • Useful Engine
    Useful Engine Month ago +18

    Rabbit is from the episode Shore Leave, where crew of the Enterprise goes to a planet.. on a shore leave, and every though the crew of the entreprise think, will come "reality"

    Dr. Mccoy comments how the planet makes him think of Alice in Wonderland and then the rabbit suddenly appears

  • Snip Snap Doggo
    Snip Snap Doggo Month ago +74

    Dan: has lactose intolerance from cheese

    Stuart: Is still bald from cheese, probably

  • Raludom Rellim
    Raludom Rellim Month ago +2

    I've seen all the Doctor who ones and it's pretty good, so I'd imagine the ST one will be just as nice, this is going to be a tough contest.

  • Reptile
    Reptile Month ago +3

    The best thing about the last few Christmas seasons for me have been these videos.


  • Ayrton Da Silva
    Ayrton Da Silva Month ago +4

    I am really hyped for this year´s advent calendar, is unbelievable that I has made this series a part of my Christmas traditions for all these years!

  • Unapol Ridlow
    Unapol Ridlow Month ago +5

    I'm glad you two are enjoying the calendars this year.

  • KamatsuKyoto
    KamatsuKyoto Month ago +319

    Looks like all of Ashens hair was successfully transferred to Dan

    • Benderdick Cumbersnatch
      Benderdick Cumbersnatch 22 days ago +1

      Big, egg shaped head............ The combover was better.

      I have a big head too, for my body. And hope I never go bald.

    • squidracerX
      squidracerX Month ago

      Hair vampire

    • Ian Honour
      Ian Honour Month ago

      @ianstarcroft never be "merciless" with a minge.

    • Ian Honour
      Ian Honour Month ago

      @ianstarcroft never be "merciless" with a minge.

    • ianstarcroft
      ianstarcroft Month ago

      Minge the merciless. Nerdcubed I'm bored, what plaything can you offer me today?

  • Crooked_Mermaid
    Crooked_Mermaid Month ago +35

    This will be fucking fantastic!

    Cheers for the Doctor who one, wanted to get it but don’t have the money (and it did not look worth the money) so it would be nice to see what’s in it.

    • L
      L Month ago +3

      Well I doubt any of it would be worth more than a single loot-crate's worth. lol

  • AdmiralKirk
    AdmiralKirk Month ago +2

    “Spock, what are the odds of getting a Royal Fizzbin?” “I have never computed them, Captain.” Still one of the best Star Trek lines.

  • Elliott Gould
    Elliott Gould Month ago +2

    Ahhhh Christmas time has arrived. Thank you for continuing this tradition. This series makes me feel so excited for December every year.

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago +3

    I'm still not used to bald ashens, it always catches me off guard 😂

  • Andy Cyberleader
    Andy Cyberleader Month ago +367

    Nerdcubed and Ashens back on calendar duty, the singing reindeer is back and I'm just ignoring the fact they've gone through a whole calendars worth already 😂

    • Chaos89P
      Chaos89P Month ago +11

      All that's left is the omnipresent Grass Masks and their worshippers.

    • MisterCasket
      MisterCasket Month ago +35

      They meet up every single day, DEFINITELY!

    • Daniel May
      Daniel May Month ago +15

      Don't spoil the magic.

  • miskalisk
    miskalisk Month ago +2

    It’s my favourite time of the year! Been watching these since these were started to make, a wonderful tradition, please never stop.

  • MegaVikingen
    MegaVikingen Month ago +5

    This is kinda funny. I was at a comic book store a while back where they had an advent calendar that consisted of an X-wing model kit. This made me think "What if Ashens and Nerdcubed actually got two decent calendars this year", and apparently Dan had the same idea. Weird.

  • keyholes
    keyholes Month ago +2

    I'm so excited! I saw this in my subs and sang "It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr~" to myself. Thank you both for making my Decembers more bearable.

  • Mr.Sealman
    Mr.Sealman Month ago +3

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year: watching Ashens open up an advent Calendar

  • Charles Thoreson
    Charles Thoreson Month ago +29

    It’s so weird seeing Ashens go from looking like Simon Pegg to Simon Pegg’s felon uncle…

  • Lt Pepper Dimples
    Lt Pepper Dimples Month ago +9

    Ashens can you do a whole video about pogs that goes over their history, how the game works, that sorta thing? Maybe open some packs, talk about the rare ones (if there are any) and if there's still a collecting scene? Might make for a cool video!

    • Schreckschraube
      Schreckschraube Month ago

      I'm nobody of any relevance and I approve this message.

  • Subsonix
    Subsonix Month ago +1

    They look like quality calendars! Class episode, looking forward to the rest! Cheers guys!

  • bowsercrusher19
    bowsercrusher19 Month ago +1

    It's that time of the year again. And it's so good to have Dan and Stuart together again.

  • zbombz123
    zbombz123 Month ago +6

    I’ve been watching the advent for so long now it’s become tradition. I swear my first memory of the advent was in middle school, and I’m a grown ass adult now

  • Joe Bleasdale
    Joe Bleasdale Month ago +191

    I feel like there’s going to be a lot of disagreement in the comments this year because both the calendars are so promising.

    As someone who is not into sci-fi at all, the playing cards seem a bit more aimed at fans of the show, while the bottle opener just looks like a very nice, well-made bit of kit that I really want, regardless of whether it looks like a dalek.

    I am also an alcoholic (or just British). And my dentist told me not to do the teeth thing.

    • squidracerX
      squidracerX Month ago

      @L thats my guess. but I go bottle opener over deck of cards any day.

    • L
      L Month ago +7

      Both Calendars are from the same company, so there might be much of a sameness.

    • Joe Bleasdale
      Joe Bleasdale Month ago +10

      Opening a beer bottle with my teeth - used to at parties in my teens but was told to stop when I needed a crown

    • Jamal Tyrone
      Jamal Tyrone Month ago +6

      the teeth thing you say???

  • Humboldt HipNeck
    Humboldt HipNeck Month ago +1

    I am always so happy when this series starts. Thanks for being such reliable reindeer!

  • Jimmy T
    Jimmy T Month ago +1

    This is by far my favorite series of videos. I can’t wait to see who “wins” this year

  • MangoLaCroix
    MangoLaCroix Month ago +1

    Seeing this pop up in my feed is how I really knew it was that time of the year. Love seeing this series!

  • Haley Davis
    Haley Davis Month ago +1

    Been looking forward to this all year, love every minute of it!

  • Rejam Rejam
    Rejam Rejam Month ago +1

    I'm sooo glad you're in the same room again, this is a yearly tradition for me and last year wasn't the same

  • The Future Gamer
    The Future Gamer Month ago +1

    Please never stop doing these they have become A whole part of my Christmas celebration!

  • Wisteria
    Wisteria Month ago +2

    I really needed the laughter today. I look forward to this every year.

  • The Runaway Kid
    The Runaway Kid Month ago +1

    This has become One of my Christmas traditions now, the annual ashens and nerdcubed Christmas calendar opening 😁 and also £110 each wowwww 😳

  • Blake Staley
    Blake Staley Month ago +1

    This is always the highlight of my holiday season. Thanks for keeping these up.

  • Thormag
    Thormag Month ago +1

    Aaah. My favorite holiday tradition. Watching Ashens and Nerd³'s Advent Calendar opening.

  • Doppa D
    Doppa D Month ago +1

    LOVE that the advent episodes are back again this year :D

  • dingoesatemymotivation

    I'm so excited for these! I really want the Star Trek one!

  • jos' stuff
    jos' stuff Month ago

    i genuinely got so excited seeing this in my recommended, these advent videos are always such a fun time

    look forward to seeing how this progressed throughout the year

  • Ian Elliott
    Ian Elliott Month ago

    Seriously this gets me ready for xmas every year here in the states. Love that you and dan have made this a tradition.

  • hjalfi
    hjalfi Month ago +1

    The last year has been rough on Nerdcubed's sanity. I approve.

  • Roebey
    Roebey Month ago +1

    2:23 I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that *he* is back, or the fact that Dan has clearly practiced the running bit

  • boxerdogg21
    boxerdogg21 Month ago +1

    I forgot this was a thing! You guys made my whole month when this appeared in my feed. Now off to watch Dan's countdown!

  • zGamerGodz
    zGamerGodz Month ago +5

    oh my god i hadnt even internalised that its that time again! last years advent was some of the best content on the damn platform

  • DarkwolfRedsoul
    DarkwolfRedsoul Month ago +1

    I am so happy that this is yet again happening. It makes the christmas season so much more fun for me. And yes. I know how sad that sounds.

  • Kane Marshall
    Kane Marshall Month ago +1

    I miss watching nerd3 this series is always really nostalgic

  • Doug Doug
    Doug Doug Month ago +1

    Watching these is the only Christmas tradition that I have, I'm so happy

  • Fizz
    Fizz Month ago +1

    Hell yeah these are one of my favorite parts of the holidays.

  • MarmaJade
    MarmaJade Month ago

    Look forward to this series every year, its part of my tradition to watch it now

  • ittybittyirishlass
    ittybittyirishlass Month ago

    Oh yes, my favourite time of year! Going to love watching every day!

  • blobbem
    blobbem Month ago +47

    They seem in high spirits now, but watch their reactions slowly dwindle across the month as the tat really comes through.

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone Month ago +13

    Moar filming ahead for these chaps, it's not like they'd do the whole lot in one day and split them up; that would be cheating!!!

  • Peg Sicle
    Peg Sicle Month ago

    The best time of year! Always excited when this starts 😂😍

  • ASMRaphael
    ASMRaphael Month ago +1

    I was waiting for the video and knew it would come eventually! :) Judging on the previous Advent will be glorious! :D

  • abrachoo
    abrachoo Month ago

    Your guys' advent calendar videos are always the highlight of my december.

  • Bekki Morris
    Bekki Morris Month ago

    It's the best time of the year I love these videos so much it is literally the one thing I wait for every year

  • FattBoy94
    FattBoy94 Month ago +1

    Well that was a lovely start to the advent calendars, and I agree with the opinions said. Let's hope the calendars both keep up the quality shown here...

  • David Guinn
    David Guinn Month ago

    Love you guys! Very much looking forward to this series again this year!

  • Sato
    Sato Month ago

    Oh, it's that time of the year again. This series is my favourite thing about advent.

  • Kira’s Life
    Kira’s Life Month ago +46

    This is one of the few things that keeps me going each year I hope the grass masks return

    • ellaisplotting
      ellaisplotting Month ago

      @llamasandanime I used to look forward to lindt guy's stories so much :(

    • Lunakit
      Lunakit Month ago +1

      @llamasandanime I know! I loved those stories!

    • Tookish_By_Nature
      Tookish_By_Nature Month ago +3

      @llamasandanime I miss lindt guy too.

    • llamasandanime
      llamasandanime Month ago +5

      I'm sad that the guy who tells an intricate murder mystery every year seems to have stopped participating. :(

  • Sparkles 1
    Sparkles 1 Month ago

    Feel like ive been waiting for this to restart all year. Its good to see how much the top end calendars are ripping us off

  • James Clarke
    James Clarke Month ago +2

    I look forward to this every year and it surprises me that I am, every year.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui Month ago +1

    They seem in high spirits now, but watch their reactions slowly dwindle across the month as the tat really comes through.

  • Ellie
    Ellie Month ago

    Ooh I'm happy the advent calendar themes are interesting this year!

  • K C
    K C Month ago

    As happy as I am to see the advent calendars, it's really missing something without the punishment calendar. Especially since this year is nice things you'll both be happy with, the sting of the punishment calendar would be dulled by the niceness of the items.

  • Skotty8
    Skotty8 Month ago

    This is the most I've been excited for this series, and that's saying a lot after last year's cheese fiasco

  • The Weird and the Wonderful

    One of these years you two will actually do these each day instead of recording them ahead of time in bulk : P

  • sfighter00
    sfighter00 Month ago

    Happy December guys, great to see you guys back together. Now those are some rad advent calendars you got there. Those "Star Trek" Playing Cards were pretty cool, especially since the numbered cards all have the "Starfleet" logo, very unique.

  • Maui Mondo
    Maui Mondo Month ago +88

    This whole thing is a Christmas tradition for me n my partner we look forward to it every December

  • Shamra12
    Shamra12 Month ago

    I look forward to this every December, so excited!!!

  • Indigo
    Indigo Month ago

    I can't believe its time for another advent. I always enjoy watching these gives me something to look forward to. Marry crimbo m8s

  • Id
    Id Month ago

    I know I'm getting older, last Christmas was a few months ago, right?. Great joy to see this again, thanks to you both, great tradition, first thing in the morning with me first coffee.

  • Jared Griffiths
    Jared Griffiths Month ago

    Always look forward to these every year!

  • theguyishere
    theguyishere Month ago +81

    My favourite part of December returns. And its in person again!

  • Nekowolf
    Nekowolf Month ago

    Yes! It's advent time again! One of my favorite things about this time of year is to watch Ashens and Nerd^3 suffer.

  • James Brown
    James Brown Month ago

    HURRAH! Advent calendar time! I've been looking forward to this all year.
    (Yes, my life really is that sad and pathetic.)
    BTW: No punishment calendar this year or was the cheese the last straw?

  • Collin DesRoches
    Collin DesRoches Month ago

    Yes! Together again in person for this holiday tradition. Thanks guys

  • thewebspinner
    thewebspinner Month ago

    I'm so happy, this is by far my favourite xmas tradition!

  • Virtoz
    Virtoz Month ago +1

    Xmas has always haunted me broken childhood set it marks having a profession that puts you in the middle of a Christmas blitzkrieg daily for 2 months straight (Christmas tables/buffet) turned me into a real Grinch no holiday spirit or traditions until now i realized i have one tradition watching ashens and cubed fear the advent calendar of doom every year :D

  • beavis6363
    beavis6363 Month ago

    Ah, the good ole Ashens and Nerdcubed Advent event. Keeping me sane through the holidays. Like reliable reindeers.

  • Ellie Nottingham
    Ellie Nottingham Month ago

    This is actually my favourite part of Christmas. The only tradition I keep to 😂

  • Adam Till
    Adam Till Month ago

    Now it is officially Christmas! As soon as you said the price, I knew which calendars you were doing.

  • Jean Longsden
    Jean Longsden Month ago +23

    I want to see Ashens do Poundland or advent calendars from the 80's lol