The Asus ROG Mothership is a Surface Pro for gamers

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Asus’s ROG Mothership is a massive 17-inch, 10 pound gaming laptop that’s built like a Microsoft Surface, announced at CES 2019. But the Mothership’s unconventional design offers some pretty impressive gaming power, assuming you’re willing to deal with the size.
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Comments • 241

  • Ty Quinn
    Ty Quinn Day ago

    This can't be described as surface-like in any way, if it doesn't have a touchscreen

  • Dulana Wijeratne
    Dulana Wijeratne 2 months ago

    Omg they just copied Linus tech tips😂

  • HUSTLER1346
    HUSTLER1346 2 months ago

    Dude why can’t the bezels be thinner! This laptop is still dope but why?!

  • Cameron Miller
    Cameron Miller 2 months ago

    Shutup and take my money. I literally need this!

  • I am love
    I am love 3 months ago

    THIS IS THE FUTURE, I need a device like this - the only other that comes close is the acer switch 7 black edition and surface book 2, those are the only others that have low low low end video cards. I want something I can use as a tablet and as a light gaming machine. This is perfect.

  • david mcintyre
    david mcintyre 4 months ago

    Unfortunately this whould never replace my serface im both a gamer and a artist I wish people whould stop comparing this to windows serface it lacks many features that make the serface good for productively and art if this had pen and touch support then maybe but this is not a windows serface at all also as a artist I want a good display this doesn't at all met the standards to replace my gaming machine or my serface
    It's a good machine though for someone who wants to just game with some nifty features to improve that experience I'd only concider this if I wanted another gaming laptop
    Sorry your mothershp is missing a few things in my case but the second you give me a pen and a much better touch display I'll throw my serface to the curb

  • Spongesonic20
    Spongesonic20 4 months ago

    i just nutted hard... I WANT when is the release date?

  • shirofate
    shirofate 4 months ago

    finally innovation in this field, great job ROG

  • Владимир Коновалов

    Я ЗА АСУС😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Phoenix Dawn
    Phoenix Dawn 4 months ago

    I kind of like this for lanning haha. I mean, I like using my mouse and keyboard, it would be neat having this. Laptop's keyboard cover unnecessary space.

  • 正義魔狗請退散
    正義魔狗請退散 5 months ago +1

    ...... Lazy

  • K3nnyZ3r0
    K3nnyZ3r0 5 months ago

    *Steals Title idea from Linus Tech Tip*

  • Vince Latello
    Vince Latello 5 months ago

    2019 no touch screen, non mi piace.

  • M.D. F
    M.D. F 5 months ago

    Why is this considered as a niche product? Maybe people still don’t get the idea behind it. I consider this a portable desktop/AiO. Asus should make this have upgradable CPU and GPU and that would seal the deal for next generation desktop. This could easily be mainstream product with a proper pricing to it. We don’t exactly need the tower CPU much now since CPUs, GPUs, and storage (SSD, HDD) are getting more efficient. Asus really need to widen the market for these. If they can put these in the low and mid level budget pricing, people who are considering to get a new computer would definitely get this. This would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. As of right now, many people usually have 2 computers, a desktop for the computing power/performance and a laptop for portability. With this you get both of it. You actually save money by getting this. All Asus need to do is:
    1) make low and mid tier model
    2) pricing around $1500-2500
    3) upgradable CPU, GPU. (Of course memory is already upgradable)
    If they do this, properly, Asus could kill the desktop market and take a big chunk of the laptop market at the same time.

  • Patrick Bernitz
    Patrick Bernitz 5 months ago

    This is the nintendo switch for laptops

  • Amol Bansode
    Amol Bansode 5 months ago

    I don't understand some products, they don't provide touchscreen where it is needed and they provide touchscreen where it doesn't.

  • Nocturne
    Nocturne 5 months ago

    NOT 4K

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 5 months ago

    I'll wait for the 4k or 8k support

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J 5 months ago

    Portable desktops are nothing new. These design principles are done better on the Macintosh from the 80ties.

  • Columbus verɪfɪed
    Columbus verɪfɪed 5 months ago

    God what a dry "review"
    This feels like someone's mother describing new technology they know nothing about.

  • Jaxx
    Jaxx 5 months ago

    Well atleast u aren’t building it

  • Akın Özer
    Akın Özer 5 months ago

    Technology is evolving in their term of style.

  • Johnnyboycurtis
    Johnnyboycurtis 5 months ago

    4k displays are trash. More frame rates plz

  • Moonraker
    Moonraker 5 months ago

    If it had VESA mount, I'd actualy would consider it!

  • Nicholas De Pinho
    Nicholas De Pinho 5 months ago

    It really annoys me when people pronounce niche "nitch". It's a french origin word..

  • Håkon big boi
    Håkon big boi 5 months ago

    Imagine it at the price as a dekstop

  • Nick Kiragu
    Nick Kiragu 5 months ago

    Bold of you to assume that's what the Asus ROG Mothership identifies as.

  • tyson dreyer
    tyson dreyer 5 months ago

    1:18 👀

  • ShrekSnav
    ShrekSnav 5 months ago

    BOO!!! You stole LMG's title

  • Phanuel Laurent
    Phanuel Laurent 5 months ago +1


  • David Ereš
    David Ereš 5 months ago

    Just go and watch the LTT review, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about..

  • Abstract Exchange
    Abstract Exchange 5 months ago

    ROG Mothership is perfect notebook, perfect desktop. It combines all features in a very STEADY DESIGN and portable design. But the main lack is large screen edge.

  • Adargi
    Adargi 5 months ago

    Its 2019 Asus and its not 4k, it doesn't look portable like many other things shown at ces this year.

  • Yardie Forlife
    Yardie Forlife 5 months ago

    Where did the verge find this guy, his personality is like a box of just want to beat him over the head with a hammer. Jesus Christ!

    TEO FONSECA 5 months ago

    Is this thing Up-gradable? like Ram or HDD, SSD or may the GPU? If is not is just a big Tablet!

  • jfkvi huey
    jfkvi huey 5 months ago

    It would be better if adding touchscreen to the display and get rid of the keyboard.

  • STOP J
    STOP J 5 months ago

    Whill u short circuit this thing too?

  • Hus 9
    Hus 9 5 months ago

    this is a good design ...

  • TheAbsoluteCool
    TheAbsoluteCool 5 months ago

    I’m gona need a really big backpack for this portable 17 inch 10 pound laptop

  • Lilly Padgett
    Lilly Padgett 5 months ago

    So y'all just gonna copy LTT's outlook like that

  • Yousuf Uqaili
    Yousuf Uqaili 5 months ago

    3ms is too slow, 1ms at 144hz is what “top of the top” should be, and is.

  • Markist Choicee
    Markist Choicee 5 months ago

    It’s definitely cool. I just don’t want if from Asus.

  • Jules Berkhof
    Jules Berkhof 5 months ago

    No touch screen? On such a high end product with this form factor. Makes it a no go for me

  • C. Glass
    C. Glass 5 months ago

    portable desktop? dont you just mean laptop? also.. how can it be both a portable desktop and a surface tablet? stick with one buzzword plz. that being said, this does NOT look portable.

    • C. Glass
      C. Glass 5 months ago

      so then a portable desktop is basically a more useless laptop....

  • Casey Weaver
    Casey Weaver 5 months ago +4


  • XOTiCiTY
    XOTiCiTY 5 months ago

    I basically commented the title on LinusTechTips xD

  • Frxnklxn Jimenez
    Frxnklxn Jimenez 5 months ago

    It would be nice if it had a detachable mouse coming of the keyboard or the back of the screen...

  • Abbas Bhaijibhai
    Abbas Bhaijibhai 5 months ago

    0:41 lol

  • ballistichydrant
    ballistichydrant 5 months ago

    Great idea!!!! Love it

  • Swift Boiz
    Swift Boiz 5 months ago

    But..... why?

  • Jehoiakim Jade Esgana
    Jehoiakim Jade Esgana 5 months ago

    Honestly I kinda like it

  • Aguini Aymen
    Aguini Aymen 5 months ago

    omg i wish if i have one, why diisabled pepole dont have one 😥😥😥

  • Mr Potes
    Mr Potes 5 months ago

    How would left handlers use the laptop

  • Diego Ramirez Rodriguez

    I like the idea, but why no touchscreen?

  • Dango Ruiz
    Dango Ruiz 5 months ago

    As a person who prefers gamepad controllers this appeals to me. Now I just have to win the lottery.

  • mahou shoujo
    mahou shoujo 5 months ago

    What a stupid device

    • existentialweeb
      existentialweeb 5 months ago

      It's not stupid, in fact, I think it's pretty nice. When you're home, put it in desktop mode, on the go put it in laptop mode

  • Cameron Proctor
    Cameron Proctor 5 months ago

    Definitely not copying Linus with the title

  • cosmicrdt
    cosmicrdt 5 months ago

    Why do so many people mis pronounce "niche"?

  • daywalker1978ab
    daywalker1978ab 5 months ago

    Everyone is reviewing this thing!! Paid commercial

  • Oscar Lee
    Oscar Lee 5 months ago

    Wow good job on not mentioning the specs at all! What an informative review.

  • Anthony Keba
    Anthony Keba 5 months ago

    "it's not 4k"
    "But uh... The 144Hz and the 3ms response time are the things that gamers are gonna care about"
    Um... I'm pretty sure that the screen is only 1080p is a pretty big deal for gamers...
    And PLEASE tell me that screen isn't a T-panel?! I see the gloss on that Screen Verge.... I'm a little worried here Verge

  • INFO
    INFO 5 months ago


  • Cole Fellner
    Cole Fellner 5 months ago

    This is so lame honestly

  • Starlogical
    Starlogical 5 months ago

    I think it would be really cool if this thing was also a touchscreen.
    At the price bracket this thing is going to be in, you may as well throw it in since you're probably gonna pay at least $2000 if not more.
    Plus it would be really good for art lol

  • neosrt10
    neosrt10 5 months ago

    Weighs 10 pounds ..Microsoft already did did this with the GTX 1060 powered surface ..and alot lighter for less money.

  • Archit Chandra
    Archit Chandra 5 months ago

    That time of year when we'll get to see dope products everyday. Thanks CES.

  • J Griff
    J Griff 5 months ago

    I like this presenter 👍🏻

  • DPhoto
    DPhoto 5 months ago

    CES stands for: Caravan of Electronic S**t

  • damn daniel
    damn daniel 5 months ago

    but can it play mario go cart?

  • Rock Smasher
    Rock Smasher 5 months ago

    Nick: Okay guys, we're starting filming in 10 seconds.
    Meat head: k lemme start a loud, stupid phone call a foot from you.
    Editor: Brilliant.
    Glad to see he has an anti static wristband on his left wrist to protect himself and the hardware though.

  • iMANTlS
    iMANTlS 5 months ago

    While waiting for a 4k ultrawide monitor .. yeah let's do a product for 7 people only would buy ( three of them are used from the other 4)

  • Just Sidd
    Just Sidd 5 months ago

    Ugliest thingh I have ever seen

  • Balthazar M.
    Balthazar M. 5 months ago

    Why did he not mention any specs? Did Asus not allow any specs to be named at this time?

  • MiniatureSoldierAnimations

    a couple thousand dollars more than a normal gaming laptop : / ......oh well its just a few thousand xd

  • AFreakingCookie
    AFreakingCookie 5 months ago

    "It's not 4k" he said it like it's a bad thing. The highest resolution screen I will ever buy is 1440p but I would rsther 1080p on a max of a 17.3" monitor.

  • Kanto
    Kanto 5 months ago

    Asus rog and rgb, name a better duo

  • Jacob Beaver
    Jacob Beaver 5 months ago

    There's already such thing as a portable desktop. It's called a laptop. Another purposeless piece of technology from CES

  • M G
    M G 5 months ago

    Nope Not even close

  • Supmotto
    Supmotto 5 months ago

    yo where stefan at?

    CEKROM 5 months ago

    Everywhere Asus ROG Mothership videos =D

    CEKROM 5 months ago

    Interesting idea =D

  • P.A.N.D.E.M.O.N.I.U.M.
    P.A.N.D.E.M.O.N.I.U.M. 5 months ago

    Stole your title from Linus.

  • Babios
    Babios 5 months ago

    Nice if they a pair it with an AND 16core cpu

  • Reza bogel4
    Reza bogel4 5 months ago

    i might just wait for the more better version in the future

  • Reza bogel4
    Reza bogel4 5 months ago

    this vid is rushing and doesnt edit well enough

  • fan2lexus
    fan2lexus 5 months ago

    The Dave 2D video about it is more informative ! 🤔 Just sayin ! 😊

  • friedyoin friedyoin
    friedyoin friedyoin 5 months ago

    Do you really need 2 kidneys?

  • jadoei13
    jadoei13 5 months ago +34

    @The Verge, you make an entire video about it yet somehow you don't once mention the reason it exists? Just go watch LTT's video and you might get it, but seriously, you look at that thing and nothing comes to mind when you think about why they made it? Just for those who can't be bothered going to LTT, Asus made this because now all the hot components have way less restricted access to cool air, no table under it anymore. Yes it is less portable than your standard laptop, but so is the ginormous laptop version of this. You can only really use that on a desk, so they just made a version which is easier to cool, so they could do with less cooling hardware and make it way more portable.

  • Aleksandar Petrović
    Aleksandar Petrović 5 months ago

    Why would anyone on earth buy this instead of a normal desktop or a gaming laptop.

  • Jahn Will
    Jahn Will 5 months ago


  • Dan Odden
    Dan Odden 5 months ago +2

    Lol they stole the title from Linus.

  • Limeon
    Limeon 5 months ago

    I wonder where you got that title....

  • ATLsF1N3ST91
    ATLsF1N3ST91 5 months ago

    "THE THINGS THAT MATTER TO GAMERS" lmao nah, if I'm paying $4k++ it better be 4k 60fps AT LEAST. Gtfo here...

  • mrbonzzai
    mrbonzzai 5 months ago

    Whoa. Please put a Wacom screen on it Asus!! I need it for on the go pdf editing and AI programming!!!

  • Cole Walker
    Cole Walker 5 months ago

    Title similarity 8/10 compared to LinusTechTips, REPOST

  • rubbers3
    rubbers3 5 months ago

    Uploaded 1 hour after the Linus Tech Tips video, with roughly the same title without any mention of the "Surface Pro for gamers" anywhere in the video... I wonder, if it's something Asus said in the reviewers guide, is this the case of two people coming up with the same idea or is it just plain title stealing 🤔🤔🤔

    FAI SAL 5 months ago

    That's an gaming surface pro

  • yarimo
    yarimo 5 months ago

    What a waste

  • Cemal Yilmazer
    Cemal Yilmazer 5 months ago

    Very smart design, a problem I had with gaming laptop was neck pain, with this computer(laptop) you can put the screen higher up. Great idea for people that don't have space for desktop computer

  • Hollis Wong
    Hollis Wong 5 months ago +2

    Every laptop, tablet should have a darn kick stand!