RAF Cosford Air Show 2019 Live

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • All the flying action from RAF Cosford Air Show 2019

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    TANGO SEEKER Day ago

    wish we had a live bradcast for the Pensacola Beach airshow in july and the Blue Angels Homecoming show in November here in Pensacola Florida USA

  • Jeremy videos/volgging

    My dad used to be in the army philippines air force

  • Cristi Transporter

    Very nice dear friend. 👍
    Congratulations on making this video
    Hello from Timisoara all the best

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 2 days ago

    The Hurricane could and did take on the 109's and shot a lot down,it could outurn both the spitfire and the 109.
    Wish the commentators would do their homework.

  • Brandon Murray
    Brandon Murray 2 days ago

    I went to this last year it is amazing

  • holcroft1969
    holcroft1969 2 days ago

    Southern England loves its Chinooks.

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 3 days ago

    I wonder what ever become of the big commercial helicopter that dropped the Beatles off in a Hard Days Night movie?

  • Kevin Houghton
    Kevin Houghton 3 days ago

    Surely Gripen is Swedish for Griffin, not Czech as stated by one of the commentators??!!

  • Julian Southwest
    Julian Southwest 3 days ago +2

    20:36 you can see me behind the blue tent standing

  • mike paton
    mike paton 3 days ago

    I trained as a weapons mech at Cosford back in 1990. Good memories.

  • Andrej Ján
    Andrej Ján 4 days ago

    Good but it isn´t full record because they arent catch on camera landing of ani planes

  • Andrew Dobrochowski
    Andrew Dobrochowski 4 days ago

    Cosford was good this year.. shame there was soo much commentary. It's the same at most airshows. They should just say the basic info and let them display grrrr

  • Rafael Tzerakis
    Rafael Tzerakis 4 days ago

    Red Arrows

  • Koko Mmc
    Koko Mmc 5 days ago +3

    I'm here for the typhoon 🌪️ the sound on video will never do it justice 🦁🔥

  • pako joe
    pako joe 5 days ago +1

    This year was a let down, fair enough for the effort but the display was boring, they need more jets and exciting aircraft, like they had years ago, this shows dying out man.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 5 days ago

    Was there for the show, awesome to have it recorded guys.

  • stephen howard
    stephen howard 5 days ago

    ive seen a spitfire.................buried in the sand n sea...............i was only a kid.............but .......very sad.............those won the battle of britain..............what is dead will never die

  • Jukka Harstela
    Jukka Harstela 5 days ago

    I really do hope that Finnish air Force ll getting the Eurofighter.. It´s very flyable and skillful and also it´s beautiful.. Very multirole acft !

  • David Hall
    David Hall 5 days ago

    Red Arrows display at 3 hours 40 minutes

  • the English rocker 666 001

    I didnt even know about this channel,this is much better than the one I was part of before,great channel

  • danny obrian
    danny obrian 6 days ago

    3:50:30 gypo pass ? Ha

  • danny obrian
    danny obrian 6 days ago +1

    3:47:20 it's time for tornado " awsome
    Red arrows display

  • NEWS
    NEWS 6 days ago +1

    *3:40:36** Red Arrows*

  • splatboy38
    splatboy38 6 days ago

    no hissing here...it was better before

  • DD p
    DD p 6 days ago

    My first air show won't b my last brilliant day out

  • Martin Devon
    Martin Devon 6 days ago

    Was there also. The F18 was the best display IMHO

  • deoo iopg
    deoo iopg 6 days ago +1

    Amazing day yesterday, Thankyou to all for a your hard work .

  • Kawa Kalypse
    Kawa Kalypse 6 days ago

    I think the BF 109 is a Hispano. But the nicest plane ever is a Spitfire, saw one flying 35 years ago, or so, over here in Braunschweig, Gemany :-)

  • Jack Ellis
    Jack Ellis 6 days ago +1

    I was there,it was a great show ✌️

  • Simon Francis
    Simon Francis 6 days ago

    Did anyone go supersonic?

  • Julian Fletcher
    Julian Fletcher 6 days ago

    I was there I see myself in the crowd

  • john powles
    john powles 6 days ago

    I reckon the LMA has more action & better flying + a better day out for the money

  • Drishal MAC2
    Drishal MAC2 6 days ago +2

    Such a good airshow. Thoroughly enjoyed it with my air cadet friends.

  • ĸaιne
    ĸaιne 6 days ago

    I'm here for the typhoon 🌪️ the sound on video will never do it justice 🦁🔥

  • purple flight
    purple flight 6 days ago

    Nice to see still trending at 40 , was 17 yesterday .

  • joeh tom
    joeh tom 7 days ago

    This year was a let down, fair enough for the effort but the display was boring, they need more jets and exciting aircraft, like they had years ago, this shows dying out man.

  • Matt Brewer
    Matt Brewer 7 days ago

    Thx so much for doing this, very impressive professional production. As good as being their 👍

  • Phillip Gibbon
    Phillip Gibbon 7 days ago

    Illegally invading doesn't waste enough tax payers money so have to waste it flying a plane you don't need to practice attacking syria Libya etc a novice with half hr flight time could cover it.

    • Wet Lettuce
      Wet Lettuce 6 days ago

      Syria actually has very strong anti air systems though, probably the main reason a no fly zone was never enforced there as it would make the West look a little silly when they lose jets.

  • Phillip Gibbon
    Phillip Gibbon 7 days ago

    Gonna bomb a wedding no doubt

  • Google Tracking
    Google Tracking 7 days ago

    Thanks so much for making this show available on the web... I live in Australia and rarely get an opportunity to watch the best air force in the world in action....demonstrating the skill and training they have all undertaken over many years to produce such perfection. I was fortunate enough, long before the modern era of legislation came into force, to be able to fly low over central london with a retired Red Arrows pilot in the seat of a jet and be trained by a retired WW RAF spitfire pilot in South Africa, who frequently got bored doing PPL instruction and encouraged me to learn how to fly basic aerobatics without stunt tanks..... needless to say I had a few near experiences but treasure everyone of them, knowing I have done things in aircraft few people will ever do.... as pilots your in a different league and I salute you... all.

    FRAZLES C 7 days ago

    I saw my self LOL

  • AcerYT Official
    AcerYT Official 7 days ago

    I was there :)

  • danny obrian
    danny obrian 7 days ago +1

    Can't watch it all on my phone have you got time table of arrivals

  • mlaiuk
    mlaiuk 7 days ago +1

    Very very very bad sound.

  • Daniella Stuart
    Daniella Stuart 7 days ago +1

    sorry the Mustang was not design as a long range escort fight the in 1940 the USA never coincided they needed one

    • Wet Lettuce
      Wet Lettuce 6 days ago

      You are correct, there's a reason they put so many .50 cals on the B17 that's becuase they were meant to protect themself in 1940s American doctrine.

  • craig gilchrist
    craig gilchrist 7 days ago +1

    Wireless Mic on an Airbase, nice interference.

  • purple flight
    purple flight 8 days ago

    Amazing day yesterday, Thankyou to all for a your hard work .

  • Dave Hodges
    Dave Hodges 8 days ago +1

    Great display of aircraft there, Anyone know what the large pod fitted to the Typhoon was for,??

    • Nikhil Gandhi
      Nikhil Gandhi 7 days ago +1

      Dave Hodges External secondary fuel tank

    AFRIN AKTAR 8 days ago


  • Oliver Godwin
    Oliver Godwin 8 days ago +1

    7 on trending but 30 comments
    Wtf TheXvid

  • mrstu 101
    mrstu 101 8 days ago +1

    Bring back RAF Leuchars airshow

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 8 days ago +4

    Should have top gun album on in the background

  • Fortniteninja Beam567
    Fortniteninja Beam567 8 days ago +2

    My air cadet squadron was her today

    NIKBO55GAMING 8 days ago +3

    Goodness sakes. On saturday I was walking on the streetes and all I see is 4 planes flying faster than anything I have seen. I got a heart attack but now I know that it wasnt aliens.

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 8 days ago +10

    I was there but not listening to the commentary so when that first explosion went off I thought something has gone wrong

  • LetsGo 90's
    LetsGo 90's 8 days ago +6

    This year was a let down, fair enough for the effort but the display was boring, they need more jets and exciting aircraft, like they had years ago, this shows dying out man.

    • XxxMiiSSyxxX
      XxxMiiSSyxxX 5 days ago +1

      I agree. Cosford in recent years had a good few jet displays. This year there seemed to be more small planes than anything. Plus unless I missed it there was no glider either. It was still a good day out but air show wise it was poor compared to other years.

    • LetsGo 90's
      LetsGo 90's 6 days ago

      Why won't it let me reply to that keyboard warrior, illiterate coward loooool coming from someone who looks like a peado and sounds like a cunt

    • mylifeischaos
      mylifeischaos 6 days ago +1

      I agree not enough jets for me typhoon was only time I got excited and the Apache

    • MichaelKingsfordGray
      MichaelKingsfordGray 7 days ago

      @LetsGo 90's You ARE most definitely a coward. Until you post using your real adult identity, you shall REMAIN a craven coward, no matter how vociferous your phony protests. Do not reply to me.

    • LetsGo 90's
      LetsGo 90's 7 days ago +2

      @MichaelKingsfordGray abit harsh Mikey to be called a coward??? Far from it bud trust me!!! Thankyou Robert for that I understand now as I didn't take that into consideration, it wasn't a bad show, just not as awe inspiring as it used to be, I was just comparing it to the times I went as a younger lad.

  • George Pearson
    George Pearson 8 days ago +13

    Finally something good on trending

  • ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs

    Broke trending?

  • Paul Morton
    Paul Morton 8 days ago +1

    I thought the commentary was excellent this year. They didn’t waffle on about anything for every second of the day. There was plenty of space left in between to hear the noise of the engines. No better piece of music than hearing those merlin engines. Great day guys. The arcades and fairground are as chavvy as ever but you can’t have it all. Lol

    • purple flight
      purple flight 8 days ago

      Yep , always disappointed to see there at this kind of show .
      Mind you there were many a bored Attendant waiting for customers.

  • Salicaz Sali
    Salicaz Sali 8 days ago

    All. My. Fucking. Yes.

  • Micheal Alvis
    Micheal Alvis 8 days ago +2

    What are the daily timings?

    IZNA MALIK 8 days ago +7

    *hey guys Pakistan shoot down two Indian jets mig 21 or su30 I love brave Pakistani pilots*

    • DD p
      DD p 6 days ago

      Fucking musrat

    • StuPony111
      StuPony111 7 days ago +4

      IZNA MALIK What is the relevance of your post about a UK Airshow?

    • MichaelKingsfordGray
      MichaelKingsfordGray 8 days ago

      @LetsGo 90's Illiterate coward.

  • pete woody
    pete woody 8 days ago +9

    A very big well done to everyone involved in making this weekends show a success, I myself having served 25 years in the Army and knowing how much planning and preparation goes in to such and event. I and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and were very pleased with the attitude and professionalism shown by all of the young service men and women, especially after knowing that they wouldn't have been volunteers to work this weekend. Once again, well done to every last one of you at the RAF Station and we look forward to visiting you again next year.

  • Gota Van
    Gota Van 8 days ago

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  • bitbatbutttiktaktuk
    bitbatbutttiktaktuk 8 days ago

    Is it posible to join the forces with visual impairment ?

    • Wet Lettuce
      Wet Lettuce 6 days ago

      Nope, maybe if we get in a really nasty war and lost all regular service men, the reserves, the second batch of reserves, conscripts, old men and children you could be considered for service.

    • bitbatbutttiktaktuk
      bitbatbutttiktaktuk 7 days ago

      Dark Diver pretty bad

    • MichaelKingsfordGray
      MichaelKingsfordGray 8 days ago

      No. One needs glue.

    • MichaelKingsfordGray
      MichaelKingsfordGray 8 days ago

      @GOLDWARRIORnine And a memory deficit. You cannot remember your own bloody name.

      GOLDWARRIORnine 8 days ago

      In my case I have a
      hearing disability.

  • Daniel Vernon
    Daniel Vernon 8 days ago +5

    I used to go here every year when i was little and it was amazing

    • purple flight
      purple flight 8 days ago

      . So did I eith my parents, now all my 4 children have been and my eldest has taken his daughter .
      Looking forward to Yeovil next .

  • Faith Andres-Barber
    Faith Andres-Barber 8 days ago +1

    I was there it was great :)

  • Danny whatmore
    Danny whatmore 8 days ago +2

    I was fishing and most flew over

  • Chilly Pandora94
    Chilly Pandora94 8 days ago +10

    I was there

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith 7 days ago

      I wasn’t so, I’m watching this video.lol

    • purple flight
      purple flight 7 days ago

      @hammad Siddiqui . Kind of obvious , you dont know me , so how would you .

    • hammad Siddiqui
      hammad Siddiqui 7 days ago

      @purple flight because I was also there with my mother wife and son... but I didn't see you

    • Syd Floyd
      Syd Floyd 7 days ago

      @purple flight Last time I went I travelled by train and that was also chaos.. with overcrowding and cancelled at the last minuet trains lol

    • purple flight
      purple flight 8 days ago +1

      @Syd Floyd . Yes there was yesterday morning but not at a standstill , we arrived just as the show started 11.30 , and purposely left late as there were ques then, but made worse by an accident , so yes and no depending on time you arrive .

  • Peter Dalling
    Peter Dalling 8 days ago +10

    Many thanks for the live broadcast, a very entertaining Sunday afternoon.

  • CDA Gamer
    CDA Gamer 8 days ago +2

    Awesome 😍😁

  • hunterxf382
    hunterxf382 8 days ago +14

    Great coverage Planes TV! Thank you for making my Sunday afternoon rather relaxing in the lounge with the live coverage via my TV :)

  • Luca
    Luca 8 days ago +3

    ah.. i was there :_D

    • danny obrian
      danny obrian 7 days ago +1

      @purple flight jamming ?

    • purple flight
      purple flight 8 days ago +1

      Me too 😊
      Trying to get s signal on my phone to do a bank transfer was impossible, had to walk up the rd to Subway. Just to get the children an ice cream 😁

    • Beth bootyman
      Beth bootyman 8 days ago +1

      Me too 😄 I loved it ❤

    • Gohan Jr
      Gohan Jr 8 days ago +2

      Same :D

  • Luca
    Luca 8 days ago +2

    oh f**k i missed the live broadcast

  • FT
    FT 8 days ago +4