PS5 Price to Be $499?! / PS5 Release Date Update - December 2020?!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • PlayStation 5’s price could be set to be 499 dollars with a possible PS5 Release Date of December 2020!?

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    TCMFGamesOFFICIAL  29 days ago +40

    Would you Pay $500 for the PS5? 🤔

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  • IsraeliteJacob
    IsraeliteJacob 5 days ago

    Take My Money Sony
    Take My Money Sony
    Take My Money Sony
    500$ to a $1000 i'm willing to drop for the PS5. I've been saving long now🤣😂

  • anfull3 Not
    anfull3 Not 22 days ago


  • michael tough
    michael tough 22 days ago

    I am happy to wait I don't want another ps5 to come out in 6 months I waited for the PS4 to bring out the replacement model then the PS4 pro come out after I thought I'd waited long enough but wasn't long enough I want a system that's going to be the final version or at least be able to pick the upgrade ps5 pro for example from the start with way more cost then the standard ps5 give us the choice from the start if we want the best or the cheapest with a guarantee that they won't bring out a new version in 6 to 9 months time

  • TopHatCat1989
    TopHatCat1989 23 days ago +1

    I'd be willing to pay 499, but not much more. "TAKE MY MONEY SONY!"

  • judah boy 38
    judah boy 38 24 days ago

    399 at most

  • Mark Ferreri
    Mark Ferreri 24 days ago

    I don’t want a PS5, but I am willing to play $599 for it’s Microsoft equivalent. I would pay an extra $100 for a slightly more powerful machine and if the PS5 were in my eyesight, I’d also pay that much for it.

  • Randy Erwin
    Randy Erwin 25 days ago

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  • GodSpeed Azul
    GodSpeed Azul 26 days ago

    I'll buy easily. People buy flagship phones that cost more than that. So I'll def purchase a PS5.

  • arnold oliver
    arnold oliver 26 days ago

    $500.00 ? HELL YEAH !

  • Settiis
    Settiis 26 days ago

    Ps5 for $499 and having around $1500 pc specs will be the best deal ever.

  • Eileen Thoo
    Eileen Thoo 26 days ago +2

    Take my moneys!!! Take my moneys!!! Take my moneys!!! Take my moneys!!! Take my moneys!!! Take my moneys!!!

  • Hapa man
    Hapa man 27 days ago +1

    Sony will be losing money on PlayStation 5

  • Ghost _hyped
    Ghost _hyped 27 days ago

    Fuck yeah I'll pay $500 for a PS5

  • zanpaule polk
    zanpaule polk 27 days ago

    No not if it's over 500 I'll just wait to it lowers

  • zanpaule polk
    zanpaule polk 27 days ago

    It is it really is

  • zanpaule polk
    zanpaule polk 27 days ago


  • Fluffle Nuggit
    Fluffle Nuggit 27 days ago

    It may as well be called PlayStation 500.

  • emil lazar
    emil lazar 27 days ago

    Thank god i will start to work in two months, i will be able to buy shit nowwwww, PS5 DAYYYY ONEEEEEEE

  • hi
    hi 27 days ago +1

    it looks like a car engine

  • Oscar Clark
    Oscar Clark 27 days ago

    Hey I want to PS5 now.

  • rupin kanet
    rupin kanet 27 days ago +1

    500 perfectly makes sense. 600 max

  • David Liggins
    David Liggins 27 days ago

    £500 & £70 for games..No Thanks it’s only for gaming after all. We Are Happy With Our PRO & X & Game pass...Scarlett maybe if £399.....🇬🇧👍...Lets face it 2020 will be flooded with mostly sequels again...👎🏻

  • derec walker
    derec walker 28 days ago

    I would pay that for the 5 pro

  • Aaron polanco
    Aaron polanco 28 days ago

    I am proud to pay $499 for ps5. I am a Sony fan. I have all other consoles. Ps1 thru ps4

  • Denzel Rush
    Denzel Rush 28 days ago


  • Felipe Oliveros
    Felipe Oliveros 28 days ago

    I Wouldn't Mind Paying 1000 For It

  • Video,game Anime
    Video,game Anime 28 days ago

    Ps5, 499.99
    .ps5 pro 599.99

  • xxexclusivexx92 92
    xxexclusivexx92 92 28 days ago

    Well you know if ps5 is 499 then that means the pro will be 599...most likely the ps5 pro will release same time as ps5 and If it doesnt I am not getting the reg ps5...if I have to wait like 6 months it will be well worth the wait for something is like 100 dollars or even 150 extra than the standard version of the ps5

  • Realist92
    Realist92 28 days ago +1

    i will pay $500. im excited!! can't wait!

  • Jordan Holland
    Jordan Holland 28 days ago

    Nah don't take my money. I'm waiting for them to get all the unexpected bugs that come after release. I'll take some time and see but my money will be waiting

  • R.E.D27
    R.E.D27 28 days ago

    I'm fine paying up to 700 for the ps5. 500 ain't nothing to cry about

  • djb presents
    djb presents 28 days ago

    Id pay 600

  • seth travis
    seth travis 28 days ago

    500 is fine. But i'm ecpecting 600. Sure hope i'm wrong.

  • Rebel's Nation
    Rebel's Nation 28 days ago

    If it’s a stronger system then the Xbox x I’ll switch and buy it but if not it’s kinda a waste.

  • Joe C
    Joe C 28 days ago +1

    $399 is more reasonable in my opinion but ik its gonna have 8k aupport so $499 should be ok

  • S. Webb
    S. Webb 28 days ago

    I would wait a year for a drop as long as my ps4 holds up

    • djb presents
      djb presents 28 days ago

      It wont cuz ps5 games aint gonna run on ps4

  • Shayne Taylor
    Shayne Taylor 28 days ago

    I would pay $500

  • lone_wolfxj9
    lone_wolfxj9 28 days ago

    Shit if it really is BC with ps1-ps4 I think it will be well worth $500

    SNEAKERFIEND 28 days ago

    Yes I would buy it for over $500

  • GamerMitch
    GamerMitch 28 days ago

    Too Much Money But Do I Have A Choice So Yes

  • Timothy Graves
    Timothy Graves 28 days ago +2

    Take my money Sony Take my money Sony Take my money Sony!!!!

  • GuerrillaGrom
    GuerrillaGrom 28 days ago

    $700 is my limit

  • Corey Lamar
    Corey Lamar 28 days ago

    What's the instrumental?🤔

  • Francois Liebenberg
    Francois Liebenberg 28 days ago

    I would pay over $500 if sony gives us the best possible hardware they have available and not downscale the console's hardware to be more consumer friendly. What happened to the rumours about a PS5 PRO launching along side the PS5?

  • Jacob McCready
    Jacob McCready 28 days ago

    As long as they don't release a ps5 slim right after.

  • Gilbert Botello
    Gilbert Botello 28 days ago


  • Shaun Penn
    Shaun Penn 28 days ago

    699.99 or better so it can be premium

  • Knights & Legends
    Knights & Legends 28 days ago

    $499 is fair for a new console. What's not fair is to keep releasing enhanced versions of the same console post launch in an attempt to make us buy the same system 3 years later just because it has HDR capability.

  • Manny Montana
    Manny Montana 28 days ago

    Meanwhile.. Xbox will release a 600 dollar console with little to no good exclusives

  • Mariozzi Foxvilla
    Mariozzi Foxvilla 28 days ago

    I belive with all the features psV is going to have 500€ its more than ok.

  • Alex Witherby
    Alex Witherby 28 days ago

    Totally fine with it

  • Matt Drewe
    Matt Drewe 28 days ago

    No i won't be buying it for anything over $400. I'll wait until it's below that. Id trade ps4 pro in for it but even then wont spend over $300 if trade in

  • Ark Gaming
    Ark Gaming 28 days ago

    Im buying it no matter what

  • Maxwell's Unearthly
    Maxwell's Unearthly 29 days ago

    I would buy a 600 PS5, no biggie.

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia 29 days ago

    I seriously thought it was going to be $600 and up. I was willing to pay

    MICHAEL PRICE 29 days ago

    Im just going to wait until the price get low.

    • djb presents
      djb presents 28 days ago

      Yea ok u be waiting for many years

  • J C
    J C 29 days ago

    I’ll do what ever it takes to get the first clout on the news channel I’m rich boy

  • chris d
    chris d 29 days ago

    Your prices are way to hight I think you need to cut it 200 bucks at lunch.

  • Rand Farris
    Rand Farris 29 days ago

    Yes good hardware is not cheep so yes I am ok with it but I have a pc that is way more then that so inam used to it