PS5 demo graphics

  • Published on Jan 18, 2018
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  • Harrysound
    Harrysound 12 hours ago

    Click bait titles fakes footage

  • HendrixRipoff
    HendrixRipoff 16 hours ago

    Way to res-cap a graphics demo to 720p 👎🏻

  • Faqyh Elsam
    Faqyh Elsam 22 hours ago

    Its like not cartoon... fucking awesome

  • osama
    osama Day ago

    I don't think this is ps5 graphics, consider the specifications that need to handle such things

  • Johnny Kirschner

    Wow That’s Amazing i Can’t Not wait PS5 is so Beautiful 🔥

  • KebabDoc
    KebabDoc 2 days ago

    Ps5 720p :)

  • sasa ha
    sasa ha 3 days ago

    maan these are all archviz renders....

  • Mr. Pancit
    Mr. Pancit 4 days ago

    Nah just a modded minecraft😂🤣😂

  • やました
    やました 8 days ago


    AMAZING 9 days ago

    How do these things come together does someone draw every single object its so interesting

  • JESS Official
    JESS Official 10 days ago

    Bagus banget grafiknya

  • xsavian
    xsavian 13 days ago

    This is just unreal engine 4

  • ネコ目のヒデ
    ネコ目のヒデ 14 days ago


  • Thomas D. Groesch
    Thomas D. Groesch 14 days ago +1

    If only the gameplay looks as good as the cut scenes, THEN I'll be impressed one day

  • O.H.G.M
    O.H.G.M 14 days ago

    That video was uploaded in 720p wtf

  • 888
    888 15 days ago +2


  • 人物偏見分析
    人物偏見分析 15 days ago


  • 허종완
    허종완 17 days ago

    진짜보다 더 진짜같다..

  • Black Lyfe
    Black Lyfe 17 days ago

    Ik this is on pc

    KING RUHUL 17 days ago

    Wow 4d I beat if you could go towards the TV and slap that dude in the face would be wicked

  • alma bitar
    alma bitar 18 days ago

    Nothing can beat a gaming pc

  • Román Adanza
    Román Adanza 22 days ago

    What it’s the name of the soundtrack?

  • Dew Game
    Dew Game 22 days ago

    How much GB is tht 500GB?

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast 24 days ago +9

    Now: so cool graphics are next generation
    When it gets released: this is the same as the ps4s

    • xsavian
      xsavian 13 days ago

      The graphics will be drastically improved but some players don't notice it well since they don't really care about graphics. With Ray tracing the games will look fabulous

    • The Informer
      The Informer 15 days ago

      hahaha you will just give away about 1,000 ps5 anyway.

    • Itz DD
      Itz DD 19 days ago +1

      Clinton Wansink Its not the real mr beast

    • Clinton Wansink
      Clinton Wansink 21 day ago +1

      Oh my god mr beast i love your videos bro when i have money one day i want to donate to people your good guy mr beast god bless

    • Itz DD
      Itz DD 22 days ago

      Mr Beast T moche en plus t pas le vrai et t encore moche

  • Phoenix YT
    Phoenix YT 25 days ago +1

    This vedio can be true but a Game should always depends upon the developer who made it.
    For example the ps vita. It was a great handheld console
    It was able to run games with good graphics which was good for a handheld device but for some reason the Game developers released some shit games in it. However there are a lots of Games in vita which have good graphics and frame rate.

  • joe genc
    joe genc 26 days ago

    Cant afford a virtual home either

  • dk kong
    dk kong 26 days ago +1


  • Αναστασία Πάσχου

    the ps5 is going to sold in 2020 and you make the video at 2018 lolololololol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Franco Samuel
    Franco Samuel 28 days ago

    Is not worth it

  • Mapumpum Mapumza23
    Mapumpum Mapumza23 Month ago

    This is bulleshit

  • Antony Romero
    Antony Romero Month ago


  • Trevor Green
    Trevor Green Month ago

    Gta 6 😳😍

  • 20 000 subscribers without any videos?

    These graphisme SUCK

  • Blueprint Wiring
    Blueprint Wiring Month ago

    Lmao yeah right!

  • Leon Zündel
    Leon Zündel Month ago

    this is not ps5, u dumb fuck

  • Carlin Leneker-frisch
    Carlin Leneker-frisch Month ago +1

    This was the jump in graphics that i have been waiting for.

  • Olivier Hadjah Cohen

    Mdr ! PlayStation 5 LOL

  • abdul vahab
    abdul vahab Month ago

    Nex gen games work on gtx1650super,1660,rtx 2060?

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Month ago +1

    1:25 isso ai é uma demonstração/spoiler do GTA, certrza
    1:40 da pra ver a cidade. Eu reconheço a parte do 1:42

  • Tsukiyo
    Tsukiyo Month ago +1

    We need 5G or it will take forever to download massive games

  • Diegoxxz mega v2
    Diegoxxz mega v2 Month ago

    " ()

  • David Bone
    David Bone Month ago

    Que basura de vídeo

    ZERAKURA A Month ago

    in 0:45 looks like rdr2

  • Dani Saktiawan
    Dani Saktiawan Month ago


  • Super Almight
    Super Almight Month ago

    Expectativa vs realidade

  • Fahmi Maulana
    Fahmi Maulana Month ago


  • Tyler B
    Tyler B 2 months ago +3

    Them teeth though. Them teeth.

  • MrSupermarioOG
    MrSupermarioOG 2 months ago

    The only thing good about this demo is the dragon queens sexy ass other then that Eh

  • Josh Rochon
    Josh Rochon 2 months ago

    Graphics didn’t need to improve after PS3 imo. I think technical restraints lead to developers spending more time banking on story over graphics

  • blazzee hazzee
    blazzee hazzee 2 months ago +1

    This is the same ps4 graphic demo looked like back than

  • The Rising Son
    The Rising Son 2 months ago

    I just can't wait Minecraft game on PS5!

  • louis brown
    louis brown 2 months ago

    Doubt that

  • IAmMrApplePie
    IAmMrApplePie 2 months ago +2

    Guys, it's just the real life in a big screen .

  • mohd ikram
    mohd ikram 2 months ago

    Nobody cares about the details of the face skins in videogames..

  • 시아헤라
    시아헤라 2 months ago

    2080ti로도 못 뽑을거 같은데

  • Valior Qwirtz
    Valior Qwirtz 2 months ago

    Double the graphics. Double the storage. Double the immersion.
    Double the price

  • Omkar Shinde
    Omkar Shinde 2 months ago

    I'm gonna need to cheak maa bank balance 😁

  • Pritam Banik
    Pritam Banik 2 months ago

    Ahh finally I can fuck Daenerys in a game.