PS5 demo graphics

  • Published on Jan 18, 2018
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  • Olivier Logemend
    Olivier Logemend 15 hours ago

    Mdr ! PlayStation 5 LOL

  • abdul vahab
    abdul vahab 5 days ago

    Nex gen games work on gtx1650super,1660,rtx 2060?

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 6 days ago

    1:25 isso ai é uma demonstração/spoiler do GTA, certrza
    1:40 da pra ver a cidade. Eu reconheço a parte do 1:42

  • Tsukiyo
    Tsukiyo 10 days ago +1

    We need 5G or it will take forever to download massive games

  • Diegoxxz mega v2
    Diegoxxz mega v2 13 days ago

    " ()

  • David Bone
    David Bone 13 days ago

    Que basura de vídeo

    ZERAKURA A 14 days ago

    in 0:45 looks like rdr2

    RUMAH DANI 15 days ago


  • Super Almight
    Super Almight 15 days ago

    Expectativa vs realidade

  • Fahmi Maulana
    Fahmi Maulana 15 days ago


  • Tyler B
    Tyler B 16 days ago +3

    Them teeth though. Them teeth.

  • MrSupermarioOG
    MrSupermarioOG 16 days ago

    The only thing good about this demo is the dragon queens sexy ass other then that Eh

  • Josh Rochon
    Josh Rochon 17 days ago

    Graphics didn’t need to improve after PS3 imo. I think technical restraints lead to developers spending more time banking on story over graphics

  • blazzee hazzee
    blazzee hazzee 17 days ago

    This is the same ps4 graphic demo looked like back than

  • The Rising Son
    The Rising Son 19 days ago

    I just can't wait Minecraft game on PS5!

  • louis brown
    louis brown 22 days ago

    Doubt that

  • IAmMrApplePie
    IAmMrApplePie 23 days ago +2

    Guys, it's just the real life in a big screen .

  • mohd ikram
    mohd ikram 23 days ago

    Nobody cares about the details of the face skins in videogames..

  • 시아헤라
    시아헤라 23 days ago

    2080ti로도 못 뽑을거 같은데

  • Valior Qwirtz
    Valior Qwirtz 24 days ago

    Double the graphics. Double the storage. Double the immersion.
    Double the price

  • Omkar Shinde
    Omkar Shinde 24 days ago

    I'm gonna need to cheak maa bank balance 😁

  • Pritam Banik
    Pritam Banik 24 days ago

    Ahh finally I can fuck Daenerys in a game.

  • FBI external surveillance

    Kodzima genius!

  • しまだ
    しまだ 25 days ago


  • 다내놔
    다내놔 25 days ago

    언리얼 엔진4 야 ㅂㅅ아

  • andrew sayers
    andrew sayers 25 days ago +3

    More hype, remember this with ps4 and look currently what the majority are playing .. fortnight and minecraft 🤣

  • Yazin Alshamary
    Yazin Alshamary 26 days ago

    I swer the lairing..this is also not coming on ps6..ps5 its just like ps4 games .like gta on ps3 was it good..but in ps4 the make it petter .. so same same

  • Michael Prescott
    Michael Prescott 27 days ago

    If u see this, dont need to upgrade...

  • Muthu Nigga
    Muthu Nigga 28 days ago

    Wow this minecraft shaders look good

  • maxrockpro
    maxrockpro 28 days ago

    Giving demo LQ 720P? Seriously?

  • yuu ta
    yuu ta 28 days ago


  • Felipe Barrios
    Felipe Barrios 29 days ago

    Cuando sale?

  • Bumerang Troter
    Bumerang Troter 29 days ago

    Heavy Rain ps3??? 😂

  • Octavio Aguirre
    Octavio Aguirre 29 days ago


  • RobertsDigital
    RobertsDigital Month ago +1

    Still not as good as PC graphics...For every new console released, PCs will always remain on top as all consoles are first tested on PCs first. The PS however is comparable with Xbox and other consoles but it ranks the best among consoles.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 28 days ago

      Give this man a trophy

  • Hayden Bush
    Hayden Bush Month ago

    PS5 Graphics Demo...

    *In 720p*

  • Sanelisiwe Blou
    Sanelisiwe Blou Month ago

    Bulshit this is a pc game

  • Calabaza Gaming
    Calabaza Gaming Month ago

    Pone demo de gráficos de ps5 pero pone calidad 720 🙄🤣

  • wobz
    wobz Month ago

    Fuk off

  • tony montana
    tony montana Month ago

    Y en que se bazan?

  • patrick kelly
    patrick kelly Month ago

    Looks almost as good as the next Xbox...

  • ChunChun Maru
    ChunChun Maru Month ago

    Its actually real life footage ._.

  • nemu
    nemu Month ago

    Regardless if this is real PS5 footage or not, I can’t help but to think of Dice doing a Mirror’s Edge came that catches the ambiance and feeling of the first (not the second one).

  • odioo tirj
    odioo tirj Month ago

    They lie as usual just to attract customers!

  • Borja Oliveira
    Borja Oliveira Month ago +1

    Even if thats PS5 demo, still locks unreal if we compare whit real Life.
    I think, we need almost 20 years more to simulate the real world eficiently.
    In arround 40 years form now, i think we will be able to simulate a entire city of the real world, whit changues in his structure.

  • Heim Edwards
    Heim Edwards Month ago

    Yooo that shit crazy

  • n a
    n a Month ago


  • hifi 88
    hifi 88 Month ago

    Getaway 3 would be ideal for a ps5 launch game.

    GAME OVER Month ago +8

    Graficos: 99%

    • Armando Galindo
      Armando Galindo Month ago

      @GAME OVER si pero piensa que no todos los juegos tendrán graficos súper realistas pues, siempre habrán juegos más arcade pero hey no se si has jugado red dead redemption 2 porque ese juego es hiper realista más sin embargo es de la mejores experiencias que he tenido esta generacion

      GAME OVER Month ago

      @Armando Galindo sera divertido, tan realista que se siente como que ya lo viviste asi que no da diversion, pero gta 6 sera el mejor juego, espero que salga

    • Armando Galindo
      Armando Galindo Month ago

      Osea que si gta VI tiene estos gráficos no será divertido?

  • Jabbadaba ahhhdadaah

    who the hell was this filming my house!

  • Anderson Julio
    Anderson Julio Month ago


  • sgc962
    sgc962 Month ago

    Já filme esse filme ps3

  • Tomi Valkonen
    Tomi Valkonen Month ago

    Welcome to 2008

  • ashur
    ashur Month ago

    720p LMFAO yeah that's so ps5

  • rgth bjjhfgbr
    rgth bjjhfgbr Month ago

    Yea the wet floor is the future of graphics

  • Jason Boyes
    Jason Boyes Month ago


  • Jason Boyes
    Jason Boyes Month ago

    Title should read PC graphics demo

  • easykill_45
    easykill_45 Month ago

    Its not possible on console. They would need a REALLY good top of the line cpu to handle these graphics. Plus the graphics card would be at the very least an rtx model. My ass they would charge even 500 for the console. People would not even buy it. My graphics card alone was 700bucks. So hell nah😂😂😂

  • B!oHaZ aRd
    B!oHaZ aRd Month ago