Decorating 🌺 | Ep. 5 | KingdomCraft Factions

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
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    Welcome to a new series called KingdomCraft Factions! A Minecraft 1.13.1 adventure with my friends.
    This is our take on the classic factions we minecrafters all know and love. The server is split into different Kingdoms, we each get assigned a Kingdom randomly. We must make money, gain power and claim land to build our factions. Sorry but it's a white-listed server!
    Plugins used: Massivecore Factions, QuestCreator, LootChest, Citizens, Shop.
    This episode, I do some quests for Meredith to get decorative heads and build a giant wall around my kingdom!

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    Instagram: ldshadowlady
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  • Paola narvaez
    Paola narvaez Day ago


  • Paola narvaez
    Paola narvaez Day ago

    Q crown

  • Scarlett Gu
    Scarlett Gu 2 days ago

    0:58 why does she sound like she sucked in helium right when she said "this?"

  • Misfits Chloe
    Misfits Chloe 3 days ago

    You should build an ice castle on top of your base and move into it but your underground base is your basement where you keep all the important stuff and you need a red stone contraption to get in

  • Rubi Diez
    Rubi Diez 4 days ago

    No one

    Literally no one

    But Donald Trump

    Lizzie-“LETS BUILD A WALL!”

  • Savanna Holloway
    Savanna Holloway 4 days ago


  • Formaças
    Formaças 5 days ago

    Lizzieee could you please let the link of your texture packs in the description? pleeeeaaaseeeee?

    VV VVELASQUEZ 6 days ago

    Me:But phills not tal-
    Lizzie:SHUT UP 😠

  • Summer Heideloff
    Summer Heideloff 6 days ago

    You should do a prank on Joel and go in his base and build like a little incision into where dirt is and then start building a TNT cannon

  • X ree X
    X ree X 7 days ago

    You should make a castle instead

  • Miss Charlotte
    Miss Charlotte 7 days ago

    Can you name a pet sage \(^>^)/

  • Macayla Smith
    Macayla Smith 8 days ago +3

    Lizzie: *"let's build a wall!"*
    *Americans watching:* "ah s**t here we go again."

  • Gianna Guido
    Gianna Guido 10 days ago

    you should totally name the wolf you tamed Ghost since your in a snow biome and how john snow and ghost live in the cold!!

  • Gacha Lippy JB
    Gacha Lippy JB 10 days ago +1

    *LDShadowLady has killed meh :p*

  • Cristalxox17
    Cristalxox17 10 days ago

    Build a Elsa castel

  • Alicia Wigton
    Alicia Wigton 10 days ago

    you should put the dog plush on the side with your dog and the cat plush with the cat

  • lailagrace15
    lailagrace15 10 days ago

    Make a Christmas cabin

  • AlphaBel
    AlphaBel 11 days ago

    Lizzie probably won’t find this but if you didn’t know already cats scare away phantoms

  • Tik Tok Vine
    Tik Tok Vine 11 days ago

    Make a cool house!

  • esther thatmun
    esther thatmun 11 days ago


    THE BLACK GLOVES 11 days ago

    You should make a giant cat sculpture for the wall and make booby traps like the ones in one life

  • Jazmin Solis
    Jazmin Solis 11 days ago

    You should build a watchtower near the wall (ice tower) and have a guard

  • Cherry_Sunset 1
    Cherry_Sunset 1 11 days ago

    Doge is pronounced doje in the u.s. btw

  • portia chambers
    portia chambers 11 days ago

    I'm not sure if people know this but you take off your armor to be full invisible the invisibility potion doesn't make your armor invisible.

  • Stella And nick
    Stella And nick 11 days ago

    what mode is this

  • Shelby Corley
    Shelby Corley 11 days ago

    Did no one else hear her say
    And where is the best place to get heads 😂

  • Luna Wolfy
    Luna Wolfy 12 days ago

    Lizzie! You should make a peace island!

  • Lucas 53
    Lucas 53 12 days ago


  • Lucas 53
    Lucas 53 12 days ago

    You you still lipstick in my Valentino white bag

  • Lucas 53
    Lucas 53 12 days ago


  • DahAnimeLoaf And Bread :3

    It’s my mum and friends birthday!

  • CaramelBunz
    CaramelBunz 12 days ago +1


  • AuraSaura Team
    AuraSaura Team 13 days ago

    Build something cuute

  • Candy Huynh
    Candy Huynh 13 days ago

    Lizzy you didn't need to be afraid of the creepers at 5:48 because you have a cat creepers are scared of cats xD

  • akaisha king
    akaisha king 13 days ago

    you should add a party room and invite your friends....or just a party room

  • TheCutest Kat
    TheCutest Kat 13 days ago

    You should build a castle to go with your wall but fill it with traps

  • Mango Snake
    Mango Snake 13 days ago

    What's the texture pack she's using?

  • Maddy Buchanan
    Maddy Buchanan 13 days ago

    Who else is a human being?


  • Cassidy McBride
    Cassidy McBride 14 days ago

    You should make a house not a bace pls

  • Angie Cz
    Angie Cz 14 days ago


  • Xx SaphireGaming xX
    Xx SaphireGaming xX 14 days ago

    Best. Video. Ever!!!

  • Lily Kalb
    Lily Kalb 15 days ago

    Ik your signature color is pink but what if and bare (hahaha funny joke) with me here you found like something rlly valuable and made a wall of rlly cool stuff?

  • CallMe Keilly
    CallMe Keilly 15 days ago

    im in love with an ostrich

  • peyton cress
    peyton cress 15 days ago

    I’ve been watching fore more then 4 years now

  • Brooklyn Carson
    Brooklyn Carson 15 days ago

    6:22 lizzie=donald trump??

  • Colleen Elizabeth
    Colleen Elizabeth 16 days ago

    Lizzie, you should work for Merideth instead of Herobrine!

  • Boo&Sarah Show
    Boo&Sarah Show 16 days ago

    Can you build a mansion

  • Cookies And Cream
    Cookies And Cream 16 days ago

    build a castle pls

  • Kayleegachas Channel
    Kayleegachas Channel 16 days ago

    lizzies best moments:SHUT UP PHILL ,Jill with here pricy prices

  • Ling ling Kan
    Ling ling Kan 17 days ago

    Lizzie should you play fun craft again ep1 please 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Oscarrocks 13
    Oscarrocks 13 17 days ago

    Build a dog house for you’re dog!!!

  • Arianator Foréver
    Arianator Foréver 17 days ago +1

    You should start a store with cool things to sell that you dont need!😄 then you will Get money and Get tid of useless things!

  • Morgan Hicks
    Morgan Hicks 17 days ago

    Wow no

  • Amore Allende
    Amore Allende 18 days ago

    Build a mini starter castle

  • cyborgboy
    cyborgboy 18 days ago

    can anyone else join your faction lizzie? OWO
    or can there only be one player of a entire kingdom

  • Lily CAINE
    Lily CAINE 18 days ago

    Lizzie: Ah! Not my cat!

    Me: Lizzie..... Creepers Are Scared Of Cats... ;-;

  • Sky_Editsx
    Sky_Editsx 18 days ago +1

    Lizzy : shut up phil dont judge me >:(
    Me: what
    Lizzy : running away with good loot

  • Amelia Ebbri
    Amelia Ebbri 19 days ago

    Lizzie you should make an HUGE ICE CASTLE!!

  • itsjustelizabethh
    itsjustelizabethh 19 days ago

    Cats scare creepers so you didn’t have to jump down the hole 😂