What Does She Think Of My New Tattoo?

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
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Comments • 231

  • ItsForce 12
    ItsForce 12 Year ago +314

    I thought the eye and heart meant "I love pb club" double meaning I guess!

  • Martine-Sofie Bakkeli
    Martine-Sofie Bakkeli Year ago +48


  • Renée
    Renée Year ago +285

    Your dad is so lovely...

  • Josephine
    Josephine Year ago +230

    omg yes I loved this vlog and Alfie im a huge fan but I don't really like your new way to film or edit sometimes I think this is not authentic anymore but this one is great I love when it's simple and when you talk to the camera

  • kristen alexandra
    kristen alexandra Year ago +212

    Alfie, your content - along with Zoe's - are some of my favorite on youtube. Maybe it's because I have been watching you guys for so long but everytime I come back to one of your videos, it brings me to this really comfortable and almost nostalgic place. I love sitting down to watch one of your videos, it's always been something that makes me really happy. Please keep up with the awesome stuff. Your fans love you! #ThePBClub

  • Caitlin Bowhay
    Caitlin Bowhay Year ago +181

    Is there a reason behind the tattoo if so what

  • Olly Spencer-littlewood

    You can build up not acros so the will of done the biding once parked

  • Amy Idem
    Amy Idem Year ago +49

    I think mine and my husband's getting together anniversary is more important. We never celebrate our wedding one. We've been together 4 more years than we've been married so it's more important to me. Happy wedding anniversary to your parents Alfie. They are couple goals 😊

  • shemah35
    shemah35 Year ago +20

    Happy birthday O-G (original gangster 🙃)

  • Arina
    Arina Year ago +37


  • alisongeorge75
    alisongeorge75 Year ago +77

    I live in a house boat and you can actually take the top square but down

  • Mintare S.
    Mintare S. Year ago +11

    Yes I don’t...

  • Kayla Botha
    Kayla Botha Year ago +11

    Lbw club also pB just could👼💅👸

  • Traci_Angels
    Traci_Angels Year ago +44

    React to joe💕bryon 💕connor 💕 new song with Zoe

  • Dawn GRICE
    Dawn GRICE Year ago +38

    aww the things that you do for Zoe are so cute Alfie.

  • Nic Xxx
    Nic Xxx Year ago +11

    LBW club 😆

  • Colleen Ameliaa
    Colleen Ameliaa Year ago +14

    I love how he is dropping everything 😂

  • Nic Xxx
    Nic Xxx Year ago +7

    Love you Alfie 💖💖💖

  • Emily Madeline
    Emily Madeline Year ago +35

    Your dad is so adorable!

  • Chloe Barry
    Chloe Barry Year ago +3

    amsterdam is my fav

  • Charland Brain
    Charland Brain Year ago +19

    Omg the pop socket is clever x

  • mqstics
    mqstics Year ago +13

    This has made me more excited to go to Amsterdam as I am going next year on a cruise for my auntie and uncles 50th 😊

  • Solveig Leblanc
    Solveig Leblanc Year ago +5

    I love it ! I really missed your vlogs !! ❤

  • eliza larke
    eliza larke Year ago +40

    13:52 for the title x

  • Amy Hughes
    Amy Hughes Year ago +5

    Lbw club💘💘

  • Nikki Dumee
    Nikki Dumee Year ago +4

    Loved the vlog i never bein to amsterdam itself only to schiphol i am from the netherlands but from the southpart of the netherlands called Limburg and its stunning! Not so busy asnAmsterdam:)
    Ppl are even more friendly here and weather is awlays 2 degrees warmer ^^ And also colder now :)
    I love youre vlogs and youre so kind to youre dad
    Ive bein married for almost 5 years on halloween and yes the wedding anniversary is more importent then when you got to getter its also importent but not so much as the wedding anniversary
    Happy birthday and happy wedding anniversary to youre parents xxx

  • Sparky Gaming
    Sparky Gaming Year ago +3

    I'm the PB Club and LBW Club

  • Samantha H
    Samantha H Year ago +13

    Lol idk why but it’s so weird that your mums a twin

  • Darya Birch
    Darya Birch Year ago +9

    Aw www x you got the bee tattoo which looks like the manchester bee xx

  • Ruby White
    Ruby White Year ago +24

    Alfie you Brighton my deyes

  • Oliver
    Oliver Year ago +16

    I think you'd really like the dutch fashion brand Scotch and Soda (please like so Alfie can see)

  • alyssa jasmin b
    alyssa jasmin b Year ago +9

    Your mum is on famous birthday and is classed as an Instagram star , she got style

  • Aspie Answers
    Aspie Answers Year ago +6

    Like the merch.
    Wedding anniversary is important due to showing that you've been committed, faithful and that to your partner as it's your life and promise to the other person. Looked you enjoyed Amsterdam as well.

  • Ro x
    Ro x Year ago +14

    YOUR MUMS TWIN?????!!! Omd this is news to me

  • Alyssa .n_.x
    Alyssa .n_.x Year ago +1

    #lbwclub 😂❤️

  • I. Randle
    I. Randle Year ago +14

    14:11 Zoe sees his tattoo🤪

  • Elijah O’ Donoghue

    I miss alfs vids

  • Camerons transition journey

    I like the tattoo

  • Ro x
    Ro x Year ago +9

    Of course wedding anniversary is more important 😂

  • Joe Marchant
    Joe Marchant Year ago +5

    We all know why you went to Amsterdam😉

  • Ana Santos
    Ana Santos Year ago +8

    Your hair looks great 👍 you don’t need a hat !

  • Angel-summer x
    Angel-summer x Year ago +5

    I love zalfie 😘😍

  • Brenda's Pampered Kitchen

    That cake is insane!! Happy Birthday Mr. Deyes:)

  • chaekooks
    chaekooks Year ago

    can someone tell me what the intro song is?????

  • Camelia
    Camelia Year ago +6

    I love the logo idea I was a bit confused at first and though you liked illuminate or something lol 😅
    But anyways am part of the lbw squad!! 💕

  • Jess Bilsby
    Jess Bilsby Year ago

    Thumbs this up of your a lbw club member! 🤩💛

  • maya t
    maya t Year ago +4

    but what’s the meaning behind his tattoo??

  • Akay Brown
    Akay Brown Year ago +177

    11:32 the answer is they lower the water by cutting the water from the sluice gate which lets the water level drop which lets the boat pass through underneath I hope that makes sense 😂

  • Aisling Byrne
    Aisling Byrne Year ago +27

    Once my Mam got her coffee in literally a bowl it had no handle or anything 😂

  • Andy Ortega
    Andy Ortega Year ago +8


  • Jungkook, Seulgi & Baekhyun

    Lbw squad 😍

  • Samuel Finn
    Samuel Finn Year ago +10

    Hey Alfie as soon as i heard that u were selling that mercy i immediately bought it

  • Hollimae :p
    Hollimae :p Year ago +10

    Hi Alfie! Hope you've had a great day today💕😜

  • Eveline K
    Eveline K Year ago +17

    you should do some more exploring of the Netherlands and come to Utrecht :D

  • Syeda Shakila Islam
    Syeda Shakila Islam Year ago +19


  • Hayley Brewer
    Hayley Brewer Year ago +8

    Love you Alfie

  • Erin Huntington
    Erin Huntington Year ago +6


  • sophia stanton
    sophia stanton Year ago +26

    Nick is so freaking adorable,hope he had a good birthday💝

  • Emily Cox
    Emily Cox Year ago +17

    I've been planning to get almost exactly the same tattoo in the same place for the past 5 months...

  • Romina B
    Romina B Year ago +22

    does the tattoo have a meaning ? xx